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Saint George Battles The Hitler Gene.

Having already infected many politicians and so-called Dictators, the Hitler Gene now appears to be loose in the world around us.  Luckily, the swaggering, humanitarian warriors of Saint George, the well-known slayer of dragons, are on hand, to once more go boldly into the breech, with no regard for their own  safety or comfort to rid the world of the Hitler like menace, Carbon Dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide has in past times, been thought of as being one of the most important gasses, with which the planet Earth has been blessed. It was once thought of as being the most beneficial of all the gasses for the promotion of plant  growth, Market Gardeners had pumped copious doses of Carbon Dioxide into their greenhouses to increase the yields of their crops, apparently unaware that by doing so they had created a massive change in the weather.

The United Nations invested millions of Dollars in “baksheesh,” which was liberally sprinkled amongst  scientists, whom had been instructed to declare the World to be warming, because of this alleged effect of Carbon Dioxide on the Earth’s weather. The electronic mail which had passed between these men of letters, suggested that despite a lot of manipulation, the temperature refused to rise and persisted in declining. This would suggest to those of normal intelligence, that the Carbon Dioxide could therefore not be responsible.

Well they would be wrong, apparently the mail which had passed amongst the scientists, which appeared to be quite clear, it was all in English, was not quite as clear as it appeared. It was in fact in Scientalese, a language which inverted English. For a scientist, up is down, increase is decrease, so it follows from this, that to “hide the decline,” should be read as “do not hide the decline.”

The idea that the World was warming, as we had been told, has now subtly changed, despite the fact that it had been getting colder, for many years, which it continues to do, we have to accept that it is in fact, getting warmer and colder at the same time, which is being caused by this new Hitler Gene, encased in Carbon Dioxide, which is now responsible for all and everything that is wrong with the planet.   Problems which can only be solved by wearing a sweater in bed, to reduce Carbon Dioxide production, giving up our cars and of course, paying extra taxes.

I was intrigued by this capacity of a kindly simple molecule to change, in an undetectable manner into something else. which was highly dangerous and would probably end up killing us all.

As I pondered this enigma, I was introduced to yet another example of this phenomena, of inexplicable change occurring unnoticed and without warning, when a Black women in Kenya, explained to the world that a white English woman, had been involved it an attack against a shopping Mall in Kenya. This was explained  while the attack was still in progress. A statement which was in total contradiction with a statement which had been made by the Kenyan Government.

Samantha Lewthwaite, the woman in question, is now better known by the DC Comic Cut name of The White Widow. The exact source of this nick-name is unknown, however it probably come out of the foetid depths of the CIA or Mossad.  This is the girl, who was apparently married to one of the 7-7 Patsies, whom was gunned down in London’s Docklands, probably by the same band of scum, whom pumped eleven dum-dum bullets into Jean Charles de Menezes, in the London Underground, as he lay, unarmed on the floor of a Tube Train.


Samantha was also pregnant at the time, with her second child, one of the reasons  her husband had accepted a days work for the group, which was carrying out a drill on 7-7, for which he was to earn a days pay. She was in no way involved with any group of lads from the North of England, whom were the alleged bombers on 7-7. She was just an ordinary young mother, who was about to be infected by the Hitler Gene.

Samantha, disappeared from her home in the UK, some time ago. She may have kept in touch with her family, however they do not appear to have made any comment as to her whereabouts or even whether she is still alive. Nevertheless, the award-winning liar from Sky News, Alex Crawford,  announced to the world, on the early morning News programme, that she had discovered the whereabouts of Samantha, in Kenya. Surprise! Surprise!

What is more, Samantha now has a fourth child. She was living in what appeared to be a luxury apartment, overlooking another shopping Centre, where we were assured she spent hours, mingling with thousands of people, whom were quite unaware that the “joint was being cased” for as long as eleven months, in readiness for a possible attack. Finally of course, the  Westgate Mall was selected and four men attacked it, all of whom were killed.

The Sky Liars, not only discovered the whereabouts of Samantha, they managed to dig out witnesses, whom verified, from photos which they were shown, that the woman whom had lived in the apartment, with four children, was indeed the person in the photos. We did see the photos. She then abruptly disappeared, this happened in 2011, which would be two years before the attack on the Westgate Mall.

Finally, the Coup de Grâce, Sky News found Samantha Lewthwaite’s Laptop.  And what do you suppose they discovered on her Laptop?  You are not going to believe me when I tell you. They found that she had downloaded the Mujahedeen How To Make A Bomb Book.   On top of that, Samantha, whom looked just a little bit chubby, facially that is, had downloaded weight reduction and Body Building programmes? Crawford assured us that someone had attempted to destroy the computer but had failed. I suppose they had no matches, so they chose to leave it where two years later, it was found, still intact, with all of the damning data, still available.

It appears that Samantha wanted to style herself along the lines of Taylor Swift,










Take your pick which style she was after?

We now arrive at the item which to my twisted mentality, was the most powerful piece of evidence of the total fabrication of this reportage, They claim to have found an Ode to Osama Bin Laden, which spoke of Samantha’s love for him and her assurance, which was described by the liar Crawford, to be a side-swipe at the West, that Al Qaeda was stronger than ever and that they would win in  the end.

Now I know hundreds of Arabs, from all across the Maghreb and the Middle East, yet not one of them believe that Al Qaeda is anything other than a tool of Saudi Arabia and the Israeli, USA, UK and French coalition of evil.  Now I am quite sure that having had her husband killed, after he had been contacted by the man from Al Qaeda, and having no doubt watched all of the alternative films, which are available online, Samantha Lewthwaite would not be writing an Ode to Osama Bin Laden.

She would probably, like me, doubt the very existence of Osama Bin Laden and like me, she would probably question the apparent strategy, of attacking only those targets which served the interests of Israel. Even the attack in Nairobi, which was finished off by a Mossad team, was designed to fabricate an excuse to attack Somalia. So how does this exact any sort of revenge for the execution of her husband?  I fear for the future of Samantha Lewthwaite.  She is beginning to resemble a Patsy herself.  She is most certainly unaware that she has in fact, been hit by the Hitler Gene,

Zimbabwe, Royal Babies And Al Qaeda. Catching Up On Recent Happenings.

It has been some time now since I last posted.  One thing which has been puzzling me for a while is the business of the Royal baby.

During her pregnancy it was quite difficult to make out whether Kate was pregnant or not, now it is quite difficult to decide whether she has in fact given birth or not.

They both appear to have gained a little weight from recent experiences.

However now to more serious matters. What are we to make of the mysterious exponential growth of the CIA controlled Al Qaeda.

First question, why would a group of Muslim terrorists adopt the same name as the CIA controlled group which was used to fight the Russians in Afghanistan?

Why is the Western Media trying to convince us all that this group, which did not exist outside the confines of the CIA headquarters but was simply a list of paid mercenaries who could be made use of when necessary, are now, on the one hand still working with “us,”  in Syria, while on the other hand, in the words of Sky News, there are now, so-called “franchises” all over the map. Al Qaeda in the Maghreb, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Gulf etc. This is nonsense there is only one Al Qaeda and it is still controlled by the CIA. What we do not actually know is, who controls the CIA.

Are we to believe that the CIA, is still funding “their” Al Qaeda, while at the same time, someone else, with apparently untold riches, is financing a completely different Al Qaeda, which can apparently, when it suits, be overheard on their communication devices, planning some huge non-event, which led to the closure of US Embassies throughout the Muslim world, or as would appear obvious to even the casual observer, that both versions of Al Qaeda are doing nothing more than serving the interests of the US, which is designed to maintain the “Fear Factor.”

One thing is sure, these are not the kind of folk, which the West should continue to place in power, as they have done in Libya, claiming that it is what the people of the concerned States are asking for. These groups are controlled by the West and are being put in power to suit the West. Let us not forget that the oil wealth of Iraq is being stolen at the rate of two dollars a barrel by Western Oil Giants and shipped off through Israel to China, where these Oil Giants, have established huge refineries.

The West is now caught between a direct lie and a half truth, in their attempts to overthrow yet another maligned leader of a Middle Eastern State, without any regard for the well-being of the citizens of this State. Those, like Wild Willy Hague, have shown quite clearly that they are pitiless in their cruelty and will allow their paid scum to destroy all that is holy or sacred in Syria to achieve “their aims” not the best for the Syrian people. Should it prove necessary they will allow the  complete annihilation of the Syrian people,

One could say, that if this multi-national Al Qaeda did not exist, the West would have to invent it. No good has been done for the Muslim World by this entity, which initially provided the excuse for the declaration of the “War on Terror,” which was simply code to allow the destruction and the cohesion of the Muslims. Every act of this group has facilitated the aggressive destruction of country after country, in accordance with the plan of the Project for the New American Century.

The West’s use of blockades and other devices designed to force their will on to unwilling Governments, which prefer to retain an element of control over their own affairs, is not confined to the Muslim World, they have been doing the same thing, for more than thirty years, to the Mugabe Government in Zimbabwe, where the Government dared to take control of the patrimony of their State.

The British choice Morgan Tsvangirai, was soundly beaten in the recent Zimbabwe election, by Mugabe, which provided the opportunity, for the award-winning liar, Alex Crawford of Sky News, to discuss this latest failure of the democratic system, to produce a fair result, which of course means that the Brits are shouting foul, with the representative of the European Union. That’s right, she was discussing Democracy with the man from the “Selected” leadership of the totally non-democratic Politburo in Brussels. You simply could not make this rubbish up.

The fact that the people of Zimbabwe, appeared to be quite content with the result of the election, appeared to be some form of annoyance to the EU man, who found it to be surprising. International observers did not find much to complain of in the procedure of the election itself and the best that Crawford could come up with was a discussion with a woman who claimed that it was all a farce, simply because the name of her dead father was still on the voting list. Crawford failed to explain that exactly the same thing frequently occurs even in the UK.

However let us look again at the decision to close Western Embassies in Muslim countries. We were told that  communications between some characters with forgettable names, were intercepted by US Intelligence, at least one of these connections involved the new “Chairman” of Al Qaeda and a group of his underlings.

Now I was under the impression that all that was needed to send a smart bomb straight into the ear of anybody stupid enough to be holding a telephone, while under CIA observation, was a telephonic or other form of connection, which would provide the co-ordinations,  apparently not. In fact the CIA does not appear to be very smart at all. They can not only not send in a smart bomb, they do not apparently still have the ability to do, what they recently claimed they did, when tracking down the previous chief of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, in Pakistan, where all it took was a small lapse in the security of a mobile telephone and in came Zero Dark Thirty or whatever.

So what was really going on?  There are suggestions that it was in response to the sacrifice of US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, in Benghazi, during what I described as The October Surprise Which Became A Snuff Movie (This is a link)

Investigations into this event are ongoing in the US. Most of what I claimed has apparently been verified during the course of the enquiry. Now however other things are coming to light. It now appears that Stevens may well have been the target of the US, he was of no real importance and apparently a homo-sexual, which would add just a little more excuse for the behaviour of the men who murdered him, should it prove necessary.

The event itself now appears to have generated the necessary. pretext to launch drone attacks at will, whenever and wherever, across the Muslim World, without the need to declare war. Strangely, this is exactly what the US was after, how odd that the Benghazi affair is providing that opportunity.