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A Tumultuous Reception For The New Age Of Rothschild’s Dynasty.

The carefully selected breeding programme which began with Princess Diana, who came from good Jewish stock and was continued through her two children Prince William whom, it is alleged was circumcised and Prince Harry, has now been taken to the ultimate pinnacle, through the inclusion of Kate Middleton, who has connections with the Rothschild Banking and Mining Family, and the birth of the future Jewish King of England, a country which still forbids a Catholic to sit on the throne.

The birth of this child created an unprecedented amount of Press hysteria and mass adulation, all that was missing was the bright star shining in the heavens.

The Sky News  Old Hen was to be seen screeching, and squawking and calling out as if still at the Olympics; “Tell me what your feeling?” “How does it feel to be here today making history?”  “He said that to me. Prince Charles said to me, “have you been here long? Play the clip again I want to hear the Prince say that to me again.”

We must not forget the feverish desire to know the name of the baby. Bets were being placed. Is it any wonder that the rest of the civilised world believe the English to be nuts. I was extremely disappointed when the poor child was not named Titus Groan, which would have been apt, in view of the rituals with which the birth was greeted.

We can only wonder if this child will be treated in the same alleged way as was his father,  by circumcision. I am unsure of the purpose of this ritual, which was apparently to give protection from heat induced problems, which were experienced by the people of Palestine in the distant past. One would expect modern day Jews, most of whom have never been anywhere near the Middle East to drop the act, which apparently engenders a fear of sex into the child.

We must hope and pray that the child’s mother will receive better treatment than did Lady Diana, whom was treated with scorn, both by Prince Charles, the favourite of his uncle Lord Mountbatten, and by the Duke of Edinburgh, her Father in Law.

Prince William must surely be aware of the fate of his mother and of the strange events surrounding  her untimely demise. He must also be aware that like his mother and father, he was an expediency, who has delivered the goods as it were, as with his mother, he may be expected to father another back-up child, after which he may well be ruled out as a possible King of England, allowing the blood-line to pass completely into another stream, which will probably provide a future King of Europe and after that the World.

In recent times many questions have been asked as to why Queen Elizabeth was so ready to sign various Treaties with the European Union, which would lead to the extinction of the British Monarchy, allowing direct government from Europe to take its place. Well it would seem that the hand which set-up the non-democratic, unelected European Commission, is apparently now a family member of the British Royal Family and will no doubt be ready and able to use his considerable power to make sure the Transmission of power will be carried through without difficulty.


Sounds very good to me, King George the First of Europe.