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A Chat With Baron Rothschild And The Balfour Declaration.

Home Of Heroes Land Of The Brave Or Simply Killers Of Kids?

There seems to be an attempt on the one hand to venerate Ed Snowden, as a “Whistle Blower” of distinction, while at the same time undermining his contribution, as nothing more than an enormous excuse to relieve the American people of a few million more Dollars.

It would appear, according to Lawyers, whom could well  be a part of the scheme themselves, that to hack into the correspondence of US Citizens, is illegal and un-Constitutional,  therefore the information which was stolen by Snowden, does not belong to the Government, it belongs to the People.

It follows from this that it would be difficult to present a case against Snowden in Court.  This has exposed the real reason for the slow-motion release of Snowden’s information, he is in the process of “selling” his cache of documents in a combine with a well-known, on-line second-hand  shop and a safe provider of internet payments. The sum mentioned, to purchase the documents, is in the order of 250 million Dollars.

The US Government will of course make the payment, channelled through the NSA, to avoid further “damaging” releases of documents. Should this be so, that a Government is in the process of paying a ransom, for no better reason than to line the pockets of a group, which has already invested into the Election funds of both Parties in the US, they must surely be eligible for Impeachment.

While we await further developments in the lucrative field of disclosures, which never actually tell us anything which we did not already know, I will leave this digression for another day, as this is Sunday, which is celebrated by the BBC, with a transmission, which is in the hands of one of its Merchants of Deceit, well-known to those whom have the courage to listen to the ‘Today,’ News programme on Radio Four, for Sundays’ he is a Religious man.

I took a quick listen, because I happened upon an EPG which announced a mention of Dieudonné, a subject in which I am interested. It all went to plan, well it would, would it not? Dieudonné was apparently an anti-Semite, he callously joked about the holocaust. He would himself be shocked, should a Jewish comic make derogatory remarks about slavery. Dieudonné would suggest that Jews are responsible for all the ills of the World. Ya-de-ya-de-yah.

This is the sort of obfuscation, for which the BBC has been responsible, since its early days, under Lord Reith. In the simple statement above, it is taken for granted, with no possibility of dispute, that Dieudonné would be shocked, should a remark be made about slavery,  by a Jew.

Well so would I, should I be given the opportunity to reply and to suggest that Jews, were the Slave Traders in Chief, they ran a virtual monopoly of slavery. This is of course absent from Spielberg films such as Amistad or indeed Lincoln, whom it is still suggested, Abolished Slavery. Which is totally untrue. There are, at this moment, in the US, probably more Black slaves, working in Private Prisons, than once worked the cotton fields? Slavery was never abolished in the US, for prisoners.

I would also make use of the chance to ask for a straightforward explanation, of the part played by the BBC, in the events of 911, which was itself responsible for such a wave of anti-Muslim emotions, which has been stoked up by the Jewish media, and which resulted in such a huge death-toll of innocent Muslim people as to dwarf anything that may perhaps have happened to Jews during WW2. It is also a more serious problem than anti-Jew sentiments. Though that is changing.

The BBC reported the collapse of Building 7, twenty minutes or so in advance of the event. They should have been OBLIGED, to conduct an in-depth investigation into this event, instead they have simply ignored it. They did exactly the same thing with the leaked Emails from the Climate Research Unit. The BBC has continued the atrocious lie, which blamed a group of Muslims for an event for which there is no evidence. Is this their job?

I would also relish the opportunity to ask for the BBC definition of anti-Semitism, which should it exist, is in fact another form of anti-Muslim and does not apply in the case of Khazar Jews, whom are the Jews whom claimed to have been targeted in WW2 but uniquely to the small number of “Real Jews” whom remain, where they have always lived, in  peace, in the Middle East alongside the “real” Semitic, People of Palestine.

William Hague today claimed that there was no point in the International Criminal Court, investigating claims of British War Crimes in Iraq, where there are thousands of claims of torture, feigned executions, sodomy, beatings and a variety of other degradations of the Iraqi people.

He suggested that the response of the ICC, should be to explain that they are quite content with the British assurance, that they are carrying out a rigorous investigation of their own, which will deal with any departure from the normal, humanitarian treatment of prisoners, by British Forces, whom he assures us belong to “The Best Army in the World.”

He could well have mentioned the fabulous efforts of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which has steadfastly refused to accept the guilt of any Police Officer, whom has been involved in the deaths of some five hundred prisoners while in Police custody and the shooting dead of any person, such as a naked man, whom they claimed had a hidden weapon, or some such garbage and a Carpenter on his way home from work, with the leg of a table in a dustbin bag in his hand.

A military man, Lord Dannatt, claimed that it was one thing to accuse the British of War Crimes but it was quite another thing to prove it. He continued that it was not in the nature of the British to engage in brutality against prisoners. Reminds me of the British claim at the end of WW2, that only the Germans could be accused of War Crimes.

In the same interview, Hague, once again inferred that in Syria, it was Assad whom was carrying out all of the atrocities, all of the murder of civilians and all of the guilt for creating the situation in the first place. He is still supporting the hired killers, whom he would have in power.

He would, in fact still prefer the exclusion of Assad from Syrian politics, while at the same time claiming that it is up to the people of Syria to choose their Government. Hague, a Friend of Israel, is in fact attempting to force Syria into the same mould as Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. Why he should have any say in the affairs of Syria is a mystery, or is it?

The British and French between them, created all of the problems in the Middle East, at the same time as the Jews, Lords Balfour and Milner, were drawing up the Balfour Declaration, with the plan of Greater Israel already floating around in the background. The same plan very carefully placed Royal Families, where they could serve the interests of Zion and Dictators, in  those Countries, which were of future interest.

Hague continues to claim that the British Army is the best Army in the World. They would never engage in an action, deleterious to the well-being of others. Well he could tell that to the Irish and many other Peoples whom are, like the people of the Middle East suffering from the policy of Divide and Rule, which is still the policy of the Jewish/British Empire, which has carved the planet into manageable pieces and they are continuing to do so to this day.

It is often said that “They have learned nothing from past mistakes.” Well believe me, they do not make mistakes, this is all according to plan. We have all been manoeuvred into a corner and if we remain silent, like naughty children, in our corner, we are done for.

There so many things happening at the moment, that I am at a loss to keep on track. I am constantly moving from one thing to another, for which I apologise, my main intention this morning was to report the claims of War Crimes against the UK, however the moment I heard the annoying, rasping, nerve grating tones, of Wild Little Willy Hague, the slightly gay but ashamed of it, Foreign Secretary of the remnants of the once Great Country of Britain, I flew off at one tangent after another. I will attempt to compose myself in a professional manner for my next post.

PS. There is good evidence to suggest, that Ariel Sharon, the vile Butcher of Beirut, has been dead for years and like Nelson Mandela, he was stored in a freezer, to avoid an Inquest which may have discovered that he had been murdered.

The man in this photo, on a drip, is dead. His death quite obviously, stopped the ageing process. It also allowed the wearing of a shirt which buttons at the front, which is impossible to remove from an obese character like Sharon, without the assistance of a crane, in order to wash him.