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A Serf’s View Of The Banker’s Criminal Politicians, Whom Control Democracy.



Theresa May worked for Baron Rothschild. She fully understands that the claim of a British debt, is a lie and a total nonsense. Jeremy Corbyn, who confronts her in Parliament, is referred to as the Leader of the Opposition, so why does he never expose the fact that claims of a ‘Debt’ are simply a means of robbing the British people? Worse still, claims of a ‘Deficit’ are so cynical, as to be bordering on the realms of Governmental Grand Larceny. In America the Private Federal Reserve, have control of all Income Tax including a Private Army called the IRS to collect it. The previous employer of Theresa May, also owns the Federal Reserve, along with the Bank of England.

A deficit is nothing more than a shortfall in the amount, paid annually, in a ransom, to the Bankers, whom demand that the difference be stolen from the funds, put aside to provide health care and education and other Public projects, this is called austerity measures. This is the behaviour of the same people whom refuse to pay a ransom to free a kidnap victim, telling us that to so do, would open the gates to a flood of kidnappings. I kid you not.

The claims of debt, whether personal or otherwise, could have been exposed for what they are, at anytime, during previous so-called Banking Crisis. However, despite currently having a Prime Minister in Britain and a President in France, both of whom have seen from the inside, how things really work, having worked for Rothschild’s Banking Family, a member of which proudly claimed that ‘should he have control of a Nations money supply, he would have control of that country, whoever was elected to lead it,’ are we to believe that both Macron and May, are unaware of this claim, or despite which they knowingly keep their mouths shut, or are they both too stupid to understand what was happening in front of their eyes? Or perhaps being total psychopaths they fail to spot the difference between honesty and criminality?

Bankers are no better than the Mafia, through our “Leaders” they continually “Make us an offer we cannot refuse”. Our “Leaders” are the Banker’s Enforcers, their Murder Inc. They do not work for us. When the Bankers call for war, Our Boys are sent into battle, which is why British paid killers, whether in the glamorous style of Her Majesty, or behind the mask of ISIS, they have been doing the work of the Bankers for the past seventeen years, in wars which are being fought for Baron Rothschild’s Israel, from which nothing will be gained for the British or American people, while both the debt and the deficit increase at an alarming rate, to pay for the Bankers Wars.

The Bankers, whom demand all this savagery, have a long and bloody history of the same thing and to put it bluntly, they do not give a shit how many of our lives are lost, just so long as they get what they want. Right now they want Syria and after that Iran and Lebanon, at which point they will finish off the people of Gaza and build the Las Vegas of the Middle East in its place, while the doomed United States slides inexorably into Civil War.


When Will We Ever Get The Straight Truth From Sky?

Today on Murnaghan, a man whom is, himself being propagandised by Sky as being he greatest thing since the invention of false news, today interviewed two spokesmen for the British Establishment who claimed that the illegal attack against Libya was in order to prevent a genocide. This is an outright lie disseminated by Murnaghan. There was no genocide in prospect in Libya, there was however an unprovoked attack in Benghazi, by a group of unknown terrorists in yellow helmets, which was blamed, without evidence on Gadaffi. The genocide was carried out by the British and is ongoing, hence the refugees who streaming out of Libya.

The British murderers went on to use exactly the same excuse to destroy Syria, as I have recently pointed out in a previous post.

One of these spokesmen, Boyce, suggested that ISIS are running out of money so they now need the oil-fields of Libya to boost their funds. From where has he discovered this information, has ISIS been tracked down to a bank account? Has the couturier whom designed their New Romantic uniform been discovered? Have they found the Hollywood studio which produces their false beheadings? Have they indeed managed to find any trace of ISIS anywhere and if not why not?

The next speaker a Military man General Roberts, I believe, suggested another incursion into Libya, to solve the problems created by the last visit.

Could be that the whole charade is in  fact in danger of falling apart?  Is the only purpose left for ISIS their alleged intention of sending their bombers into the West?

From where did Cameron’s boys discover the exact number of those whom left the UK to join ISIS and yet did not manage to track any one of them to their final destination?

How can it be that all of these alleged “radicalised” Muslims manage to find their way to ISIS in Syria, while not one member of the group has ever been arrested?

We are now being fed absolute garbage about Libya, claiming that even though the British left things in good order, they have since fallen apart, making way for Israel’s friends to fill the vacuum.

All of the current “wars” in the Middle East and the Maghreb are illegal WESTERN wars designed to achieve WESTERN aims. They have nothing to do with helping distressed people, they have in fact achieved the exact opposite of what they claim to have intended, when anybody with half a brain would not need to have that explained to them before they launched their Mercenaries against Syria.

Having just put up with that load of crap, I was presented with a Greenpeace spokesman, giving us all of the usual ‘theory’ as an evidential message about Global Warming, which despite the cold which we have been experiencing of late down here in the South of France, where even during what this character called the hottest year ever recorded, we all needed our jumpers in the month of July.

My understanding of this rubbish is limited by my apparent lack of brainpower and the inability of others who are far more intelligent, to explain to me how it can be that a scientist of the weather recently warned that sea levels have risen by four inches in some places, while in other places they have already risen by nine inches.

Having come to understand that water finds its own level and as all of the seas and oceans are combined, there is only one sea, how can it be higher in one place than in another?  Could that be to explain why places which should have submerged did not do so?

Every day we are fed lies and disinformation.