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Digging out the Moles….part one

Yes we can!

We all know that underneath his slightly oily exterior, lies the heart of a lion. Determined to help the under dog, at whatever cost to himself. He was prepared to cringingly prostrate himself before Saddam Hussein, I guess to help some poor, unknown, motherless child. He  then had to defend his relationship with Saddam, in the US Senate.   I was transfixed by his performance, I even made my boy watch. It was a lesson in how to deal with a group of hypocrites, elected with the money of big foundations.He defended himself, as politicians do, without directly answering any of the question.

We are of course discussing George Galloway, the man who knows all the right buttons to press, and displays an ability to persistently press them, whatever the occasion.  A good example of this is his support of Gaza and the West Bank.  However during a  “Phone In”, to his show on Press TV, he cut a questioner short, as the caller started to veer off,into the swamp surrounding the religion of certain well-known world bankers, declaring, “There are enough enemies in plain sight without looking for hidden ones”.  I found that a very strange stance.  He bragged about being a good friend of the Bhutto family, generally known as the most corrupt family in Pakistani politics.  He found the so-called democratic system, that ordained the squeaky son, as the unelected party leader as if he was a prince, “Thats the way they do things over there”  On the subject of what at the time was called “Global warming”, he had “Confidence in the scientists”.  Barak,” The Long-legged Mcdaddy”, Obama, was a wonderful man, whom he fully  supported, even having his telephone number in his cell phone.  On what went into that little hole in the Pentagon, “If it wasn’t a jumbo jet, where are all the  people who were on the plane?” You tell me George, there was certainly no sign of them at the crash site.

There are lots more, and when you stack it all together, well;  it sounds a bit like tripe, doesn’t it?  So perhaps we should start a Gallowayism collection,  I’ll kick it off with,  “If there had been a massacre in Tiananmen square in Beijing, there would be photos wouldn’t there?”

Look forward to any additions you care to make.

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