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Digging Out The Moles #3 Galloway Again!



Tracing the Fall of Empires teaches us that they ultimately reach a point where they are too huge to control etc,  with an indolent group of ‘philosophers’ poets and architects, all ruled over by the rich, wine swilling, oversexed, effeminate morons whom marry their horse and poison their mother and whatever.  This is the official version but is it the correct one or is it all simply fake news?

After the fall of Rome, we supposedly entered the Dark Ages, a period of misery andchaos,or was it?There are dozens of prints and paintings, of teeming masses of people, many of them lying around in city streets  dying of plagues and starvation or being stretched on the rack and burnt at the stake, while Monks in Monasteries carefully recorded events, stored on ancient documents, onto illuminated parchment, which are in many cases, now the only records available. While others suggest that they changed the information on the original documents, to suit a new agenda, the originals were then either destroyed, or stashed away in the vaults of,the Vatican, take your pick. Whatever the truth, the time-line of history, was quite definitely confused by the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar.



We are coming to an end of one such period of Empire, and we are close enough to previous fallen Empires, to find connections between the fall of one and the beginning of the next, in order to discern the similarities and to dig out those elusive connections, the connections which have not been provided by those whom write our history books.

A good example of these long term links, is to be found in the British or Brytish Empire, which we were never told at school, was an invention of a certain John Dee, who was, a Jew and an adviser to the puppet Queen Elizabeth the First. The connection passes through the Black Nobility of Venice and the Maranos’ in Spain, through the Marano Christopher Columbus, the courageous sailor who slaughtered the indigenous people of Hispaniola and replaced them with Black Slaves from Africa. Columbus was funded, many claim by the Black Nobility, that would be the banking families, whom had salted away the riches of the fallen Roman Empire.

This was quickly followed by the rape and slaughter of the Gold Rich lands of the Incas and Aztecs and other Empires, all of which appear to have followed similar routes to their own demise, through the barbarity of their ruling class, which had a fascination with human sacrifice and the drinking blood. That said a frenzied search for gold kicked off in South America, where all the ancient ruins were vandalised in search of El Dorado, the golden man and all of it shipped off towards Spain, where pirates were lurking behind every wave, to steal the booty.

There is no evidence of the fate of the builders of the gargantuan ruins all over America, they appear to have simply disappeared, as happened to the same Great Architects in Europe, whom constructed their wonders as far north as the isolated islands beyond Scotland.

Egypt is another of these great mysteries, recent discoveries present an image of a People with a technology which refuses to conform to the image of history, with which we have been presented. It becomes more evident, by the day, that the Egyptians were actually living in the midst of the remains of a previous civilisation, which built all of the wonders of Egypt, apart from the few smaller pyramids. Evidence on the ground suggests that the oldest of the Egyptian remains, dated by the number of silt levels, left by the annual floods of the Nile, to be thousands of years older than the three or four thousand years, which it has been claimed.

So in point of fact, there is no positive proof of this famous claim of the Fall of Empires, many simply disappeared, some were over-run while others, like the British and French simply masked their activities, a ploy, which continue to this day. That leaves us with China and the Moors or Saracens or whatever and that Empire of Empires, Rome which is the preferred model, which demonstrates what we are supposed to be experiencing at this moment, in the Western World’s great Empire, which should be referred to as the British French American Jew Empire, the overstretched extent of the Empire and the cost of running it. This nonsense is no more than an excuse to keep the real loot under lock and key and to bring us, to our knees in a ball of confusion, but they can be thwarted.



Instead of electing politicians with balls big enough to sort these things out, we are cursed with a bunch of scum, whom are dancing to the tune of the thieves. We know that a few people, have, through the use of the money,  which has been stolen from us the workers of this world, been allowed to corner for themselves,  95 percent of the wealth of this world, which is exactly what destroyed the Roman Empire. So if we know this, why are we allowing it to continue?



On the News today, I heard Boris Johnson, concur with a Labour Party politician, that the choice of Russia, being given the right to stage the Football World Cup, which he claimed, was an obvious fix, and that for Russia to be given this sporting prize was as bad as Hitler staging the 1936 Olympics.

This followed a remark made by George Galloway, who in his disgustingly biased documentary, about resistance to the swamping of Britain with Muslims, tried to smear every group in the UK, which dares to present a Nationalistic view, as murderous, Nazi, Fascist, extreme Right and their leaders to be like Hitler. He used every conceivable excuse to introduce the image of Hitler into his rubbish, to the point where he even included mention of the ‘six million’ whatever that has to do with British youth choosing to fight for their right to their homeland, England.


His victim, when asked what he thought about the holocaust, pointed out to George, that he was unconvinced by the evidence, and would prefer to discuss the findings of experts whom had disputed, so much as even the possibility of the claims which had been made, but sadly that is not allowed in the UK. George made no response

All through the writing of this post, one way or another I have been drawn back to the same place, the Banks and the owners of the Banks. They are common thieves and they should be arrested, on the spot. To allow this nonsense, of debt and now the Russia business to continue, what started off as a British lie about nerve gas, which has now started to shift towards a World War, a war which will not go too well for Europe, most probably leaving it in the same state as the Empire has left the Middle East,  all of which is to the benefit of the Bankers whom seek chaos, needs to be shut down. The British should take to the streets and demand the evidence of the claims made by Theresa May,before things go too far, the clowns in the EU are already ‘convinced’ by her rubbish, how and why could this be so?

All of the anti immigrant antics in the United Kingdom, which Galloway, who admitted to being happy about the fact that the British were becoming a minority in their own land, opposed out of hand, failed to explain how his alleged support for the Muslims in Palestine, whom had themselves, been in the same position, when the invading incomers were Jews, but when the same kind of invasion, is taking place in the United Kingdom he failed to support his own people against the invasion of Blacks and others? This is seriously suspect behaviour.

Worse still, in South Africa, while the Boers were being swamped out of house and home, he was fighting against them in the company of Jews, under the control of the Bolshevik Communist, Joe Slovo and St Nelson Mandela the 33 degree, Freemason and Bolshevik Communist ANC brutal murdering terrorist leader.

While now, that a genuine Genocide is being carried by those lovable Blacks in South Africa, whom like the cold-blooded savages which they are, have openly announced that they intend to rid themselves of the remaining Boer Farmers and steal their land, without compensation, under the excuse of some sort of rubbish about Africa being for Blacks, Gorgeous George is strangely silent.

As the Muslims champion, Galloway is also one of the few remaining people on earth, who believes that theJews had nothing to do with 911, that it was all done by Muslims with box-cutters.

I’ll have to stop I seem to have lost the thread of what I set out to say. It come from trying to listen to the radio and write at the same time.

Calling Out The Real Supremacists.

George Brown, the man who sold the British Gold Reserves and then tricked the British into the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty, is still lying about the part played by the British, never mind the City of London’s part in the total destruction of the Middle East.

Brown’s last act, before handing over to David Cameron, was to pay Tata, to export the British Steel Industry to India, while lying about the ‘Fake Carbon Dioxide reduction theory,’ as the excuse, is now trying to pretend, that he and Blair were tricked into war by the Pentagon, simply because there is an available excuse of lies, about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, when in fact the British were already, illegally, in Afghanistan, which is just a little bit more difficult to justify, so let’s keep mum about that one, to avoid mention of the Heroin and the current ‘legal’ drug addiction of millions, on prescription drugs.

Gordon Brown, deceived the British people on all fronts. He was the second prong of the Deal, to which he had agreed with Tony Blair, of between them, finishing off the wholesale assault, which had been prepared, to rob the Peoples of the Western World of hundreds of billions of Dollars, Pounds and Euros, in the Greatest Heist in History, in 2008, when he allowed a problem, with an insignificant UK Loan company, Northern Rock, to deliberately spiral out of control and to then force the British Taxpayer, to allow themselves to be robbed by the Bankers, whom had conspired to set up the ‘failure’ of the so-called Sub-Prime mortgage scheme.

This robbery was allowed to take place, even as tiny Iceland, had ‘outed’ the Bankers for the thieves and liars which they were. Brown’s reward was a lucrative job with those bankers in return for his services. To date not one of the main actors in this gigantic fraud, which depended on Brown’s complicity, has been gaoled. While Brown and Blair are Millionaires. There are still dozens of allegations that Gordon Brown is a paedophile, hanging in the air awaiting investigation.

Having facilitated the above, without criticism, until after each event, those like Brown and company are slow to recognise what they have helped to inflict onto Europe and the United Kingdom. Why does Brown, a member of The Fabian Society, steadfastly refuse to disclose the ultimate aims of his friends in that Fabian Society, even as there are troubling signs of the coming to fruition of those declared aims of the Fabianists.

A while back, in the United Kingdom, the leaders of all three of the main Political Parties’ were Jews. Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. The British Parliament contains to this day, a hugely disproportionate number of Jew Members. Jews also have control of the Bar and the Legal System in the UK.

In the European Parliament, which was set up by a group of Jews, which included Jean Monnet, Winston Churchill, with input from Jew bankers in the United States and the United Kingdom plus, groups like the European Jew Parliament, European Jew Congress, the international ADL and numerous other Jew-centric organisations and lobby groups led by those Jews such as Moshe Kantor, plus, Jews are now setting up their own group within the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

In Ireland, despite having a tiny number of Jews in the country, those Jews, with the assistance of Jew Bankers and their ‘debt’ control of the ruling government, have denied the continuously voiced choice of the Irish people, against further integration with Europe and have now managed to inflict the scourge of multiculturalism onto Ireland.

The same Jew influence was apparent in France, when the Jew Nicolas Sarkozy waved the Constitution/Treaty through, against the will of the French, as did the Jew Angela Merkel, for Germany. José Socrates, who was Prime Minister of Portugal, eagerly signed up,  at the time had the Bolshevik Jew ex President of Portugal Señor Borusso, at the time he was leader of the European Parliament, at his side during the celebrations. Socrates was later gaoled for massive fraud and corruption.

Without regard, for the concealed Jews hidden behind the scenes, of the European Commission, I think it would be fair to suggest that Europe has been quietly, with the cognisance of the likes of millionaire Gordon Brown, taken over by Jew Bolshevik Communists. In view of all this, why I wonder, while we are we being inundated with cries of White Supremacy from the mouths of Jews are our Politicians doing nothing about it?

The trade mark of these folk, is their use of Genocide’ as a means of embedding their control, a means which they are carrying out all across the Middle East, in preparation for the subjugation of the Arabs, just as they did in Russia, Eastern Europe, Armenia, Palestine, China, the Baltic States, Ukraine and Ireland.

It has been pointed out, that the biggest mistake of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi was to get rid of their weapons of mass destruction, chillingly, Fabian Society member Jeremy Corbyn, who will probably be installed as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is calling for the dismantling of Britain’s Nuclear weapons, at the very moment that the Jews are taking overt control of NATO, while the Jew controlled European Union is about to set up a Jew controlled Army in Europe. The question must surely be how, under the noses of our intelligent politicians and without a word of warning to the people, has all this come about?

Where are our investigative Journalists, have they all been gagged? Why have they never mentioned Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the founder of the 1922 pan-European movement, which he constructed with the support of B’nai B’rith, the Jew international support agency for Jew political interests? B’nai B’rith helped push forward Coudenhove-Kalergi and his aim of the destruction of Black, Arab and White Caucasian Peoples, apart that is, from White Caucasian Jews of course.

There is an unmentioned, Coudenhove-Kalergi prize, presented to the person who has done the most each year to carry out the Jew aims of genocide. Merkel and Blair have both received the prize.

The character who wrote the original document, outlining the aim of constructing a Europe wide political Union, with the aim of keeping uppity Nations like Germany, Britain and France in check, was a Jew Alteiro Spinelli, who was a member of the Italian Communist Party, who drew up his plan, in order to facilitate, exactly what is currently taking place, not only in White Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States, all of which are, as is Europe, under Jew control.

The United Nations, which stands idly by, as Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, are all cynically destroyed by Jew surrogates, it needs pointing out that the United Nations is itself under the control of the Jews who set it up, on the site of an abattoir.

The Middle East is gearing up for the final betrayal of the Arab world, as all of the strategically placed Jews, in the regions Muslim “Kingdoms”, like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, come crawling into view, ready to support Israel’s land grab, of all of the Middle East’s choicest areas, those with the richest oil reserves, by stabbing any Arab resistance in the back, while preparing them for the final countdown to complete slaughter. All of it with British, German, French and American arms and assistance. Ten million Arabs and other Muslims, have already been massacred.

A huge part of our world is being laid to waste to suit a bunch of savages and all of it is being done by idiots whom sadly appear to be too stupid to see what is going on in front of their eyes, in their name.

The Muslim Peoples have failed to notice that they have been lead by their Jew or Jew controlled ‘leaders’ as have the people of the Christian World, into the trap laid by the Zionists. This was all written and published long, long ago. Sadly it is left to those like me to bring it to the notice of the selected victims. We have all been betrayed. Hopefully instead of fighting amongst ourselves, we must wake up to the fact that we have a common enemy.

Scottish Inderpendence: All Party Deception And Avoidance Of The “Real Questions.”

Gordon Brown, the once Scottish, Socialist, Prime Minister of the “United” Kingdom, today added his voice to those who stand against Independence, as if there be anybody in Scotland, who could care less about what Gordon Brown suggests to be the best policy for Scotland.  He, along with the rest of both sides, or three sides if there be anybody who would prefer to see an option or two which would actually change the Status Quo, sees no need whatsoever to change anything.

The options on the able will change nothing for Scotland.  There will be no debate about membership of the European Union, in fact Salmond will fight his way into this Bolshevik Jewish Communist controlled Neo Soviet Bloc, without any reference to the desires of the people. Despite the more than obvious fact that it has been a total failure, overseeing the destruction of most of the smaller States which it had promised to protect.  Worse than that it enabled the handover of most of the National Assets of these countries into the hands of the Real Government, the Central Bankers and the IMF.

There is also the question of which currency will be used by the “New Scotland”  will it be the Pound Sterling or will it be the Euro?  Well whichever is chosen will leave the issuance of Scottish currency safely in the hands of Private Bankers, which will mean that every penny of taxes which are stolen from the Scottish people will end up in Rothschild’s and the Queen of England’s very deep pockets to pay the interest on this currency.

Why have we heard not a word about Nationalising the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is already part owned by the Taxpayers in Scotland and using the power which this “Private” bank already holds, that of printing money.  The power to print money was taken out of the hands of the British Government long ago. Only private bankers now have this power, which allows them to loan your deposited money ten times over, using the excuse of Fractional Reserve Banking, which means they earn interest ten times over the value of your deposit.  Salmond is preparing to take the Scottish people into this extortion racket without a word of warning.

The possibility of Scotland issuing its own currency  “Debt Free” has not even been mentioned as a possibility, such is the fear of politicians of the power of the bankers. Even the redoubtable bruiser, George Galloway, become a ball of confusion at the very mention of the “Debt” and to whom it may be owed.  “We don’t want to go down that rabbit hole do we?  We know where that leads to don’t we?”  He cries.   Yes we do George,  that would be straight to the Central Banking Families.  Who might be….well you know, oh dear it’s so difficult to spit it out!

So I will let this child explain to you once again how we are being robbed.  Perhaps someone will find a way of posing the question to Salmond before everything he decides to do becomes set in stone. There are two things to bear in mind.  A Rothschild once said something along the lines of “Give me the power to issue a States money and it doesn’t matter who is elected, I will hold the real power.”  The other thing being; “Everything is easier to get into than out of.”





















Three Weeks In A Hot Spot!

My Inter-web connection was arbitrarily blocked by my ISP at the end of April. In past times it had been possible to park in any urban street and with a simple piece of software, you could find two or three open web connections. Those days have gone. Security is now paramount, apart from the NSA of course.

These days, the centre of town is a nightmare, if you find a spot to park you can spend the rest of the day scratching your head, desperately trying to remember in which back-street you had left your car.  So you take to the darkness at the edge of town, as they say.

MacDonald’s was my first stop, mainly because you could slip in and plug-in and surf away to your heart’s content, with no interference from the staff. That has all changed, around here McDonald’s has gone PC, that is Politically Correct.

Back in the day, the only problem which I had encountered in McDo’s, was the block against Infowars, this has now been extended to cover anything from The Pirate Bay, to the word Jew.

At Quick, they have installed Orange as the controller of the Web and you are now obliged to provide full name, Email address, home address and your inside leg measurement, all just to get a connection.

Cap Costières was a shade better, but I was just a little bit concerned with the message which told me the time at the very instant which my session had commenced.

Enough of that, this morning I appear to be back on-line, I hope it lasts long enough to enable me to scribble a quick response to an interview, which was carried out by Mealy Mouthed Murnaghan, with the Jew Mark Carney, the Goldman Sachs man who now has the fate of the British People in his sweaty grasp.

As usual, Murnaghan steered well clear of any question which may have discomforted Carney. Despite the fact that in the package which trailed the interview with Carney, which suggested that Canadians believed that the turmoil which had appeared in their housing market, had been as a direct consequence of the policies of Carney, while in his position at that other Rothschild controlled Central Bank in Canada, Murnaghan made no mention of this claim.

What I find intriguing  in this tale of a housing bubble, which Carney appears to be suggesting is rearing its head once again in the UK, while the Cameron government assures us, that this is not so, that only London is showing signs of huge price hikes, is that having said that “The Bank” now has ways and means of dealing with the problem, he has no intention of raising interest rates at this time, despite the looming bubble and the promise of increased rates should unemployment fall below seven per-cent.

Economists like Carney, would have us believe that too much money in circulation, leads to inflation.  I have never accepted this claim.  Inflation is created when too much money is chasing too little to purchase.  This is the problem which is a continuing irritation for those whom would like to buy a home, there are never enough homes available, this is a deliberate ploy, which is encouraged by the obscene greed of Bankers and their minions.

In “normal” times, when the housing business is booming, politicians never explain the real scam which is taking place, under our noses. Every home which is sold on the open market, is damaging for the economy and we are less well off as a result. Thanks to the price hike, which has inflated the cost of a home, even in these desperate times by more than twenty per-cent in recent years, the Bankers are licking their lips with glee.

While economists insist that the printing of money is dangerous for the equilibrium of the economy, we have been deluged with cash which has been called Quantitative Easing.  This disguises the fact that “The Bank” has been printing money by another name. I am firmly convinced, that the money, which as usual was passed directly to the Bankers and not to the people, has been used to gamble on the Stock Exchanges, which are at levels which bear no resemblance to the actual state of World economies.

I would like to suggest, here and now, that the Government is involved in a huge deception, which strips the British people of billions of Pounds, which is spirited away to the coffers of the Central Bankers, at the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, where it will forever be free of scrutiny and the liability of taxes.

It is a well-known  fact that the housing market is the true “Cash Cow” of the Bankers. What is little known is the true depth of the fraud and the complicity of the Media and Government in the crime.

David Cameron, was faced with the conundrum of how to ignite the sale of homes, which it is always claimed, to be good for the economy, without alerting the mugs whom are queuing up to be robbed, of the nature of the “Sting.”  He chose to use a scheme, which appeared to lend a helping hand to young couples, when in  fact it was designed to gee up the Cash Cow.

Quantitative Easing was always open to criticism as being no more than the printing of money, as is the modern system of housing loans, Mortgage Loans, are  the discreet way of doing the same thing but it is even more lucrative for the Bankers. Building Societies were a system of helping those whom wanted to build their own home. However, by law they could only loan out the cash which had been deposited by savers. These once local schemes, such as the Halifax Building Society and others have now become Banks, under the control of the Banking Elite and they have now given themselves the ability to loan an unregulated amount to clients.

With the sharp increase in the value of a house, the Bankers now have the ability of making huge loans to those whom seek a mortgage.  The guilty secret being that the money necessary is not in the vaults of the banks, it is simply pulled out of thin air, it is a figment of the imagination, it does not exist, which is why the bankers were so eager to sell homes to those whom could least afford them.   In that way, having received interest on the loan for several years, without a penny of reduction of the initial debt, should the debtor default the home became the property of the bank.

That same home, which had not cost the bank one single penny of real money,  which  will now, at current values, be worth thousands of pounds more in interest alone, can be sold  and any amount gained from the sale, is simply more money for nothing. All of the money gained by the bankers, is a drain on the British economy. There is more money being made by the lender, than the value of the home itself. The debtor is trapped into this system of theft by politicians, whom fully understand the criminality the scheme.

The result has been that to balance the loss to the current account of the UK, by the billions of pounds which is being sucked up by the bankers, money which should be spent into the economy, helping to create jobs, which will create more wealth for the  workers, the UK has been obliged to print money itself, money which is normally printed by creating a housing bubble, which will allow the printing of the money to be carried out by the banks, most of which are controlled by the owners of the Federal Reserve and The Bank of England.

David Cameron himself, never speaks to the system which allowed his own father, to set up offshore accounts, in which to deposit money which had been generated by British workers, to avoid UK Taxes, money which Cameron has now inherited.

It is a concept which seems to baffle the voter, that every pound which is gained by trading in Stocks or Shares or indeed in Currencies, is a form of theft. Any gain in value is a loss to the working person, We the People, generate all of the wealth, the rich rob us. It is as simple as that.

They try to baffle us with fancy talk. There is always more debt owed, than there is money to repay it. Which is why a National Debt can NEVER be paid off.  Once upon a time, this was called the invisible earnings, when money men made profit from money alone, when in fact it is the daily theft of Compound Interest, which our politicians force us all to pay to the Central Banking Families.

The important question, which propagandists such as Murnaghan never ask, is why this scheme is being allowed to continue, when there is not the slightest difference between Quantitative Easing and money printing  and this being so, why does the government not Quantitatively Ease Mortgages, which would ensure that the money which is lost to the Robber Banks, through Compound Interest, stays in the economy where it belongs.




Gaol The Bankers George, Don’t Help Them To Rob The People

I suppose all of you people in the UK, were glued to your television sets this morning, listening to George Osborne explaining as to how he is intending to turn the screw of austerity during the coming year, in pursuit of his efforts to pass as much of the wealth of the UK as possible, into the pockets of his fellow millionaires.

He announced that he will be making swingeing cuts to Welfare, in a country where thousands of people are already dying from hypothermia, in winter, simply because they cannot afford to eat and warm themselves.

He explained how he is still borrowing one-hundred-billion Pounds a year, fifty-billion Pounds of which is immediately paid out, in interest, on previous loans.

During the questions, which followed Osborne’s statement, I waited patiently for one of those privileged journalists, who are granted access to his Majesty,  to ask the question, from whom was he borrowing this money and to whom  was he paying the interest on previous loans? I was curious to know whether they were one and the same.  Sadly I appear to be on my own, in the dark as it were, as to why this question needs an answer at all.  The money comes from The Bank of England, to which he is also paying the interest. That is how the Central Banking system operates.

Journalist are forbidden to ask this question because the elected Politicians in the UK lie to the people about the ownership of the Bank, which means that they can never admit to paying interest on the Pound in the pockets of the people. They pretend that the Bank is owned by the people, when in fact it is the very instrument which is being used to rob the people. The fifty-billion-pounds of interest will, as is usual, go straight into the deep pockets of Baron Rothschild and the Queen, whom are the owners of the Bank.

In Iceland, which is apparently the only state in the Northern Hemisphere, which has a booming economy, when the people were instructed to adopt austerity measures, in order to pay a private debt, which had been generated by two recently “Privatised” Banks. The people of Iceland demanded proof of the debt.  They soon discovered that the debt was a fraud.

They immediately called for the arrest of the Bankers and dismissed the Government, which was in fact in league with the Bankers. Some of the Bankers are in gaol,  others are on the run.  Iceland has now set-up a fair banking system and they have taken control of the issuance of their currency.  Problem solved. Economy booms. Why are we not hearing about this miracle?

For Osborne to be borrowing, to repay a debt, which will only increase the debt, is a stupidity. Common sense tells you that there can be no end to this system except total bankruptcy. There is never enough money to repay a debt.

This is obvious to any person, even those of limited intelligence understand, that you need to earn money to repay a loan. You can borrow from friend, after friend, passing the loan from one to another, however in the end you will run out of friends to borrow from and you must pay up.

This is exactly the position which the Loan Sharks in the IMF, World Bank and the Central Bankers have in mind for us, they can now asset strip, country after country as they have already started to do in Greece, Spain and Ireland, where a deliberately generated,  fraudulent debt, has destroyed the lives of millions of people.

The only other country, which took the precaution of checking the Bankers claims, besides Iceland, was Ecuador, where they found the same fraudulent claims.  Now is it possible that the only two guilty Banksters, just happened to be the two which were checked? Your own common sense tells you no, it is not possible.

So why have other Governments not done the same thing?  Because they are in on the scheme.  They are nothing more than Tax Collectors for the Elite.  The next step will be to deny us all access to cash. They will soon be announcing the imposition of a cashless society. When this arrives, they will have control of us all.  We will be nothing more than serfs.

There is no debt.  The debt is a manufactured scheme, which is being used to reset the debt machine, which had run out of options. All of the money which was used to bail out the Bankers, has simply vanished.  You have been robbed and you do not even know by whom. Your elected politicians have made this possible.

The Political Parties are working together, in order to bring in a political system, which has long been announced, which when it arrives, will make immediate efforts to murder as many of us as they can.

You can laugh at what I am explaining and dismiss it out of hand, however, History shows quite clearly, that I am speaking the truth. What I am suggesting to be our future, has already been imposed in Russia, Eastern Europe, Germany, China, Cambodia, Ireland (Five million Irish people starved to death in the 19th Century) Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, (The slaughter in Korea is still a closely guarded secret) and it shows no sign of abating.

This does not even take into account the savage slaughter of indigenous Peoples in Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South and North America. So please do not be naive enough to believe that it is not your turn for the blood-bath.

The culling is already under way. We have been led to believe, by the Alternative Media, that  we will be poisoned by Chem-Trails or Vaccines or Genetically Modified Food or whatever, when in fact the killer is already amongst us. Fukushima is an example of a huge threat, which is being ignored by World Governments.  In the UK, the British have chosen to pay the French EDF, to construct a Nuclear Power Station at Hinkley Point, on the sea-shore, of course.

While here in France, the same EDF, is concealing the fact that every single Nuclear Power Station, in France, is suffering from massive radiation leaks.  All of them are situated close to Rivers or the sea, for cooling purposes, which of course means that just as at Fukushima, any leakage has a direct route to water.  You really could not make it up. After the recent bad weather, it has already been announced that greater attention will be paid to flood defences at Hinkley Point.

Hinkley Point and the surrounding country-side are part of the Somerset Levels. I think that speaks for itself.  The near-by River Parrett has recently burst its banks. This is quite normal, it is more or less an annual occurrence, however this year it is being caused by Climate Change. Yes of course it is.

The British people can relax however, because they now have the Environment Agency experts, to explain to them the size of Wellington Boot they will have need of, and on which foot it should be placed. After that they can explain which end of the shovel you hold to get rid of the mud.

I was staggered to watch a News report from the banks of a swollen river, when the reporter asked the cameraman, to pan around and show the viewers a housing estate on the other side of the river, from where the people had been unable to reside since Christmas Eve.

All of the homes on the estate, were brand new. That would be because in the far off days, when the British still retained an ounce of gumption, everybody knew that you did not build homes on the banks of  rivers.

All of the residents on this estate will now find themselves liable for a huge increase in the cost of insurance and a dramatic drop in the value of their homes. They will find themselves, in US jargon, not only under water literally but also in terms of their mortgage, which could well be more than the after flood, value of the home.

Osborne, instead of passing more and more money into the pockets of the rich, could, if it is his aim to help the economy, cancel the Nuclear Power Station and distribute the money equally amongst the British people, on the understanding that it be used to buy British made products, that is the way to ignite British industry. Sixteen-Billion-Pounds spent into the economy would be a game changer and an election winner.  Some hopes.

Where Are My Jewish Roots? They Must Be Here Somewhere. Nope They’re Not Under There.

Israeli archaeologists are scouring Palestine, searching for historical evidence of their past life in the region, in order to continue the expansion of Israel and to claim more and more land from the Palestinian people. As of now, they have uncovered not a trace of Jews in Palestine.

I can not figure out what they imagine they are going to find. Perhaps the violin of the “Fiddler on the Roof.” These Jews are not of Palestinian origin. They are not Semitic people they are Yiddish, from Eastern Europe. They speak Yiddish, which is a foreign language in Palestine.

These scavengers are involved in little more than would be the Chinese, should a few million of their people adopt Catholicism and then claim Italy or France as their rightful homeland.

There is nothing to discuss in this sad tale of arrogant aggression and the subjugation of a weaker people by a coalition of more powerful States, which is symbolised by “bottle rockets” against ballistic missiles.

Before nineteen-forty-eight there was no such country as Israel. However it had been in the planning for many years. The Jewish oligarchy, in the vipers nest which is called The City of London, where money reigns supreme, the people, whom have no history of their own, have been attempting to weld themselves to a myth from the dark past of humanity.

The Biblical Jews, whose past these Khazar’s would claim, were the same brand of scum, the Khazar’s, in fact, chose the religion which most resembles their own brand of savagery. The Biblical Jews were a people whom sacrificed their own children, to some dark satanic creature in the sky, whom could only be satiated by the blood of innocent children. Their Prophet Abraham, was quite prepared to do the same.

The State of Israel, radiated one hundred thousand of their own children, in an experiment for the US, for which they were rewarded. Thousands of the children died as a result and many more seriously injured. So you see the mentality remains the same.

It would be totally out of character for these Jews to display any form of consideration for others, they are self obsessed to an excessive degree, this is well laid out in the Talmud, for all to read.

These people should never have been allowed to set foot in Palestine. The first reason being, all of their leaders are non-religious and Judaism is not a Race, however much money they pay out in bribes to corrupt greedy politicians, will not make them into Semitic people. Not that they are worried about that, in the words of Hitler, they only want Palestine as a den of thieves where they can do as they like, while paying off the opposition.

Ever since the Bible was concocted, these people have been deceiving us all into believing them to be some sort of transcendental victim. They are no such thing. They have been evicted from every country in Europe, on many occasions, not out of any “Innate hatred of Jews,” there is no such thing,  but out of necessity, because they have created the same chaos as now, across the centuries. These people without culture, have only the sub-culture of money. Their misuse of this money has enslaved us all into a corrupt and vicious system, which benefits only the most corrupt elements of humanity.

In order to further their aims, these monsters are in the process of exterminating the African Peoples and corrupting the Muslim world into accepting rulers whom will, in the manner of the Jewish Royal Families in the Middle East, lick the boots of greed.

The Peoples of the region would do well to note that gadgets do not bring freedom, they are just another offering on the altar of avarice. Freedom should not be calculated on the value of your portable telephone, it is only a toy with which to play.

We, are given baubles by these manipulative creatures, on the other hand, our politicians, well they are mostly millionaires, thanks to corruption.

In the run-up to the Presidential Election in the US, the big question is, which of the candidates is getting the Jews cash? The correct answer would be, they are both in receipt of huge sums of money, all of which is connected to Jews.

The current election is claimed to be the most expensive campaign in history and in effect it is not an election at all. It is a gigantic farce. It will make not a jot of difference which of the two candidates is finally elected. However we are being fed a diet of, “hackable” voting machines, the blocking of the voting rights of those whom may vote this way or that way and now even the possibility of the cancelling of the election because of a “Frankenstorm” which is likely to hit the East Coast at the week-end. All this to give the impression that the election result is in doubt.

In this strange other-worldly country, where there are hundreds of thousands of people living in tents, having lost their homes, due to banking fraud, empty homes are being bull-dozed, in order to maintain the exaggerated value of housing.

Because of the imposition of compound interest, which throughout history has been illegal, what has now become the Jewish Banking System, gains more money from a mortgage than the value of the original house. From this usury, they will make in many cases almost three times the value.

The price of a home has absolutely nothing whatever to do with the cost of materials and labour, it is based solely on the market value. The same thing has happened to the price of building land, that too is based on an exaggerated value of the finished house. Even a small extension is not costed on the time and materials involved, it is based on the value added to the home. This is disgusting. There should be enough housing available for everyone. It should not be deliberately kept in short supply to suit greedy bankers.

I listened to a woman, whom was living in a tent, with her two children, under the Peripherique, the Paris ring road, explain how she would prefer to stay where she was, rather than move into a ZUP, a high-rise block of flats, where she would not even be able to pop outside. I recently visited a friend, whom lived in a small apartment. I was shocked, it was actually smaller than a garden shed, with a bed in the living room and kitchen and an extremely small shower and toilet. He was paying more in rent for this box, than I earn in a month.

This is the corner into which we have been forced by usury and government corruption. The French system is completely subverted by corporate interests. As in the US, Lobbyists write the legislation. Politicians understand exactly what the electorate want and they cynically ignore it.

Like the UK they are controlled by Jews. This is a simple fact. It is pointless to pretend that it is not so. It has been claimed by Jewish intellectuals, that any Jewish politician in whatever country he may hold office, at heart, his loyalty is to Israel. Should this not be so, I would prefer you to take it up with the Jew, whom claimed it to be true.

As for the Jewish controlled and paid for US Election, the result will not come as too much of a surprise. The winner will be either Obama, whom is the son of a Jewish mother and a Marxist father, whom has carried out, to the letter, every atrocity which was desired by Israel. Or it will be Romney, a Mormon, which is not a religion, it is a Theocracy, which has made some sort of pact with the devil, to destroy the United States, which it blames for the killing of Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Mormons. Romney is the best friend of mad-man Benjamin Netanyahu, so it will be full steam ahead against Iran.

The House Of Cards

When all of the “False Flag” preparations had been made, in order to justify the attack against Hitler’s regime in Germany, the Shadow Government launched the Second World War, which was designed as a means of placing the whole of Europe under their control. That was their aim then and it still is today.

The key to the declaration of war, was Hitler’s alleged invasion of Poland, this was a lie, Hitler took of control of Danzig, which had never been part of Poland, it was populated by ethnic Germans, whom were being deliberately persecuted by the Poles, in order provoke a response from Hitler. Nobody starts a World War, killing and maiming millions of people, simply because  of a humanitarian act, which had been encouraged by the British Foreign Secretary, Anthony Eden.

All of the deceptions which were used in order to plunge the World, for the second time within a generation, into a huge conflagration, are well documented, it is an open secret, all of the main players in the war, such as Sir Winston Churchill, have in their own scribblings admitted to forcing Hitler to go to war.

The British people whom voted Churchill as their favourite personality of all time, have no idea of the depravities of this man and the rest of his family. His father, whom died of syphilis, is considered by many investigators to be a prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders. Churchill himself was a cross dressing, sexual deviant. He is the man whom gave us the slaughter at Gallipoli.

Another deception is being used, even as I write about past lies, which are legion, Quantitative Easing, whatever that is supposed to mean, is in fact an enormous deception. It is simply a means of passing more money to bankers, at minuscule interest rates,which can be used to create debt, at high interest rates.

To aid the recovery of the economies of the Western World, the money should be passed to the small businessman at low or no rates of interest, bankers and their greed syphon money and value out of the economy, it is in fact a miracle that any small business succeeds with the imposition of compound interest on loans.

The Central Banking System is used to disguise the fact that there is no value in money. We were educated to believe that for a government to “Print Money” would lead to inflation. The way to reduce inflation was to raise interest rates, which would of course, increase the debt of home buyers and others whom depended on credit.

The part of the equation which was not explained to us during our years of education, was the fact that the High Street Banks, which are in the main, in the hands of the Central Banking Families, could print as much money as they liked and loan it out at interest. I will repeat that, for those whom may believe that this could not be so.

When you ask for a loan at your local bank, the money which is passed into your account, does not exist until you sign the contract with the bank. They do not give you money which is sitting in a vault somewhere, there is always more money on loan than the reserves of the bank are capable of honouring. We have all at some time or other paid interest on this “Printed Money.”

The banking system is a huge, criminal enterprise, which was set-up by “Royal Families,” the “Nobility,” and the Money Lenders, whom have been there since Biblical times. They are the ones whom cream off the profits which are the result of the labour of the rest of us and laugh all the way to the bank.

When the Occupy people speak of the 1% whom own most of the wealth of the world, they are speaking of our collective work, which our politicians have allowed to be stolen from under our noses. Blair, for example, a War Criminal, has stolen an estimated twenty-five million pounds from the pockets of the poor.

We are all living under the spell, or more properly the lies, of a determined group of madmen. They have constructed, over the years, a house of cards, with multiple levels. Each level is part of a gigantic lie. Each of these lies has been used to further the interests of this group, while they rob and impoverish the rest of us. This has been made possible by the connivance of our elected politicians.

One of the biggest lies in this pack, is the lie about Adolf Hitler. A guest on The Keiser Report was explaining how the dollar is likely to collapse in the near future. He made the remark that in Germany, under the Weimar government,  when confidence was lost in the currency, at a time when inflation was running wild, the loss of confidence solved the problem and the inflation vanished, more or less overnight.

It was not quite as simple as that. The guest forgot to mention the role of Hitler in this feat.

It would appear that even guests on the Keiser Report are obliged to watch their language. Hitler did, after all, commit the deadliest of all crimes, he closed down the Central Bank and issued his own currency.

911 is another card in this pack of lies. There has never been an enquiry into this event, which has led to the deaths of probably two million people, in Iraq and Afghanistan alone. No evidence was ever produced which could show that nineteen men from Saudi Arabia carried out the attack.

All of the available evidence points to them having been brought to the USA, in order to be available to carry the can. The BBC uncovered evidence that at least seven of them, including Atta, are still alive. All of the suspects whom were arrested  were Jews working for Mossad. Direct evidence such as explosives in their vehicle, does not warrant a few days water-boarding for Jews, whereas for a Muslim the flimsiest of excuses will suffice.

The 7-7 atrocity in London followed much the same pattern. An enquiry which refused to allow evidence from eyewitnesses. Refused to enquire as to the identities of three men whom were gunned down at Canary Wharf. by police marksmen. Refused to take evidence from people whom had their feet blown off, by bombs which exploded through the floor of the carriages.

The British have a long history of cynical murder by bombing. The Birmingham Pub bombings being a case in point. They arrested a group of Irishmen on their way to a funeral in Ireland. The men were beaten to a pulp in an attempt to make them confess to the crime, which they refused to do.

They were gaoled on the evidence of a trace of a substance which could have been used in the making of the bombs, which in fact was due to a substance which was used in the manufacture of playing cards, which the men had been using on their train trip.

The British Police made no attempt to track down the real killers, as with the majority of such crimes at the time, very little investigating was carried out, pointing to the fact that the source of the terrorism was well-known.

Tony Blair, whom was warned in advance of the need to clear the decks in Ireland, in readiness for the new “War on Terror” which would be against Muslims, signed the Good Friday Agreement, with the British Stooges whom controlled the IRA and prepared to take the UK into yet another illegal war in Iraq.

And of course standing head and shoulders above all of these events where the available evidence does not support the conclusions of our politicians, is the Jewish holocaust. One would imagine that the evidence of the killing of six-million people would be sticking out like a sore thumb, in unmistakable and blatantly obvious quantities. However one would be wrong. In fact the Jews whom compiled the figures, have had to revise their calculations over and over again, to the point where there is very little or no evidence left which supports their claims.

Three million of the alleged deaths vanished at a stroke, when it was found that the claim of four million deaths at Auschwitz was not possible, as there was no gas chamber or incinerator on the grounds of the factory during the war. The figure is now one million deaths.

During the war there was a pandemic of Typhus, which was responsible for huge numbers of deaths. As with the Spanish Flu which made its appearance during the Great War, killing many millions of people across Europe, the origin of the Typhus outbreak and the death toll is never discussed. Zyklon B gas was used to fumigate those whom may have become infested with fleas, which were the main propagator of the disease.

Typhus no doubt killed many Jews which would of course have made the calculation of deaths from gassing difficult for those involved in this grisly business. I have been unable to trace a figure for Jewish deaths from this pandemic.

I am quite sure that one day all of the missing evidence will come to light. Because should this one turn out to be untrue, who knows what the reaction of the German people would be.

It is fair to say that should any one of these events turn out to have been a provable “False Flag,” the whole house of cards will collapse and our politicians will stand exposed for what they are, greedy, self-seeking scum, whom allow their young people to be used as cannon fodder in illegal wars, to sell arms for the owners of the weapon shops.

Whom can believe that the United Nations does not fully understand what is really going on in Syria, as they did when the same thing was being done to Libya. Their job is to make sure that ultimate power stays firmly in the hands of the Zionist controlled Western governments, which is the purpose of the Security Council and the undemocratic Veto, which is constantly used to the detriment of weaker countries but never to the detriment of Israel.

The joke of the week must surely be the claim that Ban Ki Moon has left the reservation, gone AWOL on a visit to the NAM conference in Tehran. The US, UK and Israel are all “shocked” by his action. I am “shocked” that they imagine that folk might believe that Ban has ever made a decision off his own bat. If Ban is there it is because the whole get-together is a farce, which will come to nothing or to give the impression that it is all part of the same Agenda 21 future, which it probably is.