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I Think We Have Had Just About Enough Of Bad Mouthing The Germans.

For neither good nor evil can last for ever; and so it follows that as evil has lasted a long time, good must now be close at hand.

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote


The first step on the road to defeating evil, is to defeat the elements inside of us all, to which evil panders.” anon.



The massive crime, which has been committed against the German people, is unprecedented in world history. Never before,  have so many lies been levelled at an entire group of people, iterated by Jews, whom were themselves responsible for crimes, far more heinous, than any crime which can be laid at the door of the Germans, which turns this crime of lies, into an enormous international deception of the entire Peoples of the world.

The deception has been so deeply embedded into the consciousness of the vast majority of people, through an education system, which has given credence to quite incredible claims, unsupported by any solid evidence, which will not stand up to the slightest investigation, which we are obliged to ‘believe’ in order to not upset Jews, whom have themselves been swamped with the same propaganda and now believe their own lies.

In Germany you can go to gaol for making the slightest remark about, for example, the actual number of Jews available in Central Europe, during World War Two, to have been locked up. This is to avoid the fact that the most important element of the claims made against Germany, simply do not add up. While the wholesale rape of German women by the Allies, like the current ongoing rapes by Muslims, is never mentioned. The German people have suffered enough, its time to kick out the controlling Jews, they have had their vengeance, enough is enough.

The same media that daily uses distasteful references to Hitler to keep the subject in the mind of those whom are apt to forget the whole subject, given the opportunity, are now ridiculing Donald Trump in a manner which is deemed to be perfectly acceptable. Trump being Christian and White, is daily hounded while the lying bastard Black Obama was given free rein to carry on his wars and drone murders throughout his two terms as President of the USA, without reference to his homosexuality or indeed his love of sniffing cocaine, while Trump is often criticised for his sexual adventures, true or otherwise and his alleged racism.

We are presented with the same media blindness, when it come to the crimes of the Jew/Zionist/Bolshevik Communists and the Cheka, who slaughtered sixty-five million White Christians in Russia. The name ‘Cheka’ means nothing to most people and yet they were probably the most vicious, industrialised killing machine in history.

The same Jew Bolsheviks handled the Rape and Pillage of Germany and the starvation of ten million Ukrainians, quickly followed up with the dropping of a couple of Atom Bombs on the Christian Cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan and coup d’etat in China, which under the Bolshevik’s man Mao Zedong, murdered an estimated one-hundred-million Chinese peasants.

All of these things were controlled by Jews, in many cases using Christians Soldiers to do their dirty work. Why do we hear so little about these atrocities? More to the point why have there been no calls for reparations for the victims of the Jews?

The above clip should be openly discussed on the mainstream media, which never misses an opportunity to bad mouth the Germans, so why the reluctance to tell the truth about the violence of the Jews?

To suggest that it is a Conspiracy Theory, to question the involvement of the Jews in two World Wars, when Zionist Jews brag about having ordered their lackeys in various Governments to fight those wars, which they tell us they funded, is a fact not a theory and not in any way anti-Jew.

Hitler discovered the bestiality of the Jews in Ukraine, during Operation Barbarossa. What he found was a people being openly starved to death, using Marxism as the excuse. This system of genocide had been given its trial run in Ireland, where five million Irish people were starved to death as the British stole their food at gunpoint. This huge Jew crime, was called a Famine, while the British stole millions of tons of food and claimed not to have noticed the Irish were dying from starvation.

To this day the British deny the guilt of what they did to the Irish and what they continued to do well into the twentieth century, when having imported the Scottish Protestants into Ulster, knowing it would lead to a disastrous result, they then sliced the Country in two to suit their own ends.

That would be the same City of London, which was then as now, controlled by Zionism and Marxist Jews, which has just swamped Britain with Muslims, pretending that the result will be different from that in Ireland, where the problems continues to this day.

These same Jews are now calling for open borders, apart that is in Israel, where they spit on Christians and torture and kill Muslims. Why, one might ask, are the Jews so keen to send millions of Muslims to Europe, when they find it so difficult to live alongside them in Israel?

Why are our complicit politicians so keen to destroy Europe, which is the reality of what is being done? Why is it that the calls for a White Genocide which are being made by the Jews, not being discussed in Parliaments all across Europe?

Adolf Hitler and the German people, were the last hope for White Europe and it was the White, Jew controlled world, which conspired to defeat them. That is the reason for the endless vilification of the German people, which is a vile and disgusting means of covering up the crimes of others. All of the major Crimes Against Humanity, during the past one hundred years, originated in the City of London, which is the location of what Isaac Asimov referred to as the Second Foundation.

His character called the Mule, who was quite patently based on the recently invented version of Hitler, had an urge to conquer the Universe, while the ‘maniacal’ Leaders of the Second Foundation were desperately seeking the means of installing their One Universe Order.

Asimov was of course a Jew and many of the characters in the tale were standard model Jews. The whole tale was based on psychological control, with the usual confusion of who knew what and when. Much like our modern confused state of existence.

Do Not Have Too Much Faith In Any Of Them!


Do Not Have Too Much Faith In Any Of Them!

The much maligned Donald Trump, has shown us how simple it is the destroy the Establishment, which is actually, perilously poised on a knifes edge. When, with a dismissive wave of his hand and while pointing at a man from CNN, part of the controlled media, Trump did call him ‘fake news,’ from that moment on the game was over for the controlled Press.

The rest of their edifice can be brought down in the same manner. YouTube should be next on the list and after that the control of the Peoples Internet needs to be ripped away from the grasp of the Communist United Nations.

Barack Obama had no right or justification to allow the Elite to take control of the tool, which has already served to expose the depth of the lies, of those whom lurk behind others and their cynical ‘need’ of war. Millions of uncontrollable, Free Agents who are not for sale, have now become a major threat to their aims.

The ‘Internet’ is being presented as an integral part our proposed future servitude. All of our personal details have been collected together on ‘front’ services like ‘Facebook’, Health Service dossiers and Financial and Banking accounts, all of them now online.

Suddenly a ‘secret’ means of shutting down major parts of the World Wide Web, has ‘escaped’ from the hyper-secure vaults of the National Security Agency, causing fear and discomfort to hospital patients, simply because the necessary files, holding details of their treatment, have been ‘hacked’ and frozen, files which a short time ago, could be accessed in minutes, from a filing cabinet, are now feared to lost forever, should the thing called the ‘cloud’ be hacked in a similar manner.

Being a cynic, who long ago lost faith in the morality of our ‘controllers,’ I smell a rat. I am not too sure how far this current attack has gone. However it gives an ample warning of the possibility of the mass failure of credit cards, at the checkout in supermarkets and the collapse of the cash distributors, at the same time.

This attack occurred on the day that the International Monetary Fund, warned that they were about to instruct governments to steal 10% of the savings of the poor, to once again bail out the poverty-stricken Rothschild family, who are so clever that they ‘never, ever’ spot a ‘bubble’ even as it is being inflated, right in front of their eyes.

Even as these scams are being constructed, it has been announced that due to the lack of need of manual workers, in a workforce which has currently been quietly replaced by robots, which can build cars and others which can lay bricks, twenty-four hours a day, while the driverless tractor can plough furrows ’til the cows come home and very soon, thanks to frozen food, kitchen robots will soon select and prepare a wide variety of perfectly cooked dishes, all laid out on the dining room table, as the family arrives home from their idyllic, daily promenade, in the town square park, with eyes glued to their smart-phone.

This modern form of paradise, will eliminate all classes, we will all be blended into a conformity of life, in which money will be unnecessary. One and all, will be given credits, which will be wiped at the end of the month, much like the system in France, where a telephone sim-card returns to zero, at the end of each month,  whether the credits have been fully consumed or not.

This will eliminate savings, making sure that there will be no individuality, it has been declared that only the rulers and their tribe, will be permitted to rise above the common herd.

I was laughed at,  when I claimed some years ago,  that ‘cash’ was being eliminated. When I went on to suggest that what is now being proposed, a fixed salary for everyone, friends of mine were putting their forefinger to their temple. Well think again my friends, this system is even now being tested, by paying a thousand families and single people, a fixed sum of money, each month, in order to find the perfect minimum sum, which will allow a family to subsist in a constant state of mere survival.



We are at this moment, watching a historical lie, being rewritten on Russia Today, where the reason for the Second World War and Russia’s part in it, has been totally distorted, to conceal the truth from the Russian People, of the part played by the Bolshevik Jews, in what has just been celebrated as ‘The Great Patriotic War.’

The view presented, in the above clip, is such a distortion of reality as to be beyond belief. The man, with a certain look, is either a blithering idiot, totally conditioned or a deliberate purveyor of total crap. There are so many lies in his mouthing that to even approach a proper criticism of his rubbish, will have to await a future post.

The most blatant of his lies concerns Ukraine, where he claims it to be unacceptable for there to be a ban on Communist paraphernalia, during recent celebrations of the Russian victory, in the Great Patriotic War, when it had been the Red Army which actually ‘liberated’ Ukraine from the Germans.

When he suggested for it to be out-of-order, to forbid the  celebration of this ‘liberation’ as the grand-children of those whom had fought against the Germans, were entitled to celebrate the victorious Bolshevik Army, he completely forgot to mention it was the same Army which a few short years earlier, had been watching the Ukrainian people starve to death,  as their grain was stolen, at gunpoint, by that same ‘liberating’ Army, I wanted to throw up.

Take a good look at these images, no more than a lifetime, before these events in Ukraine, the British had done the exact same thing to the Irish. Many of these images, were cynically presented as being of Jews, killed by the Germans. There were no Germans to carry the can in Ireland.

His cynical suggestion that only a ‘few nazis’ had continued to fight against the Bolsheviks for some years after the war had ended, was sick,  he forgot about all the reprisals, which had been unleashed against collaborators whom did not manage to get out of Ukraine. This is why there is such an effort to deny the Jew origins of this master butcher Stalin.

Putin, the current ‘hero’ of the alternative community in the West, continues the bad-mouthing of Hitler and the actions of the Germans, during Operation Barbarossa.

It would be fair to say that Russian calls for evidence of the claims made against them, asserting that they assisted in the election of Donald Trump, to be justified, so imagine my surprise on hearing, on Russia Today, claims that the Germans ‘had a plan’ to eradicate ninety-five percent of the Russian people, without being offered a shred of evidence in support of this ridiculous claim.

Perhaps having previously exterminated sixty-five million Christians, without any assistance whatsoever from the Germans, the Bolsheviks were actually contemplating the complete extermination of every Christian in the entire region.

Russia also continues to attack the so-called neo-nazis in Ukraine, the grand-parents of whom, fought courageously against the brutal, Soviet regime, which had starved to death as many as ten million Ukrainians and what is more, the wagons were actually in the railway stations, ready to remove the remaining Ukrainians to the Siberian Gulags, even as the German Army arrived on the scene to save them.

The German Command, were so disgusted with what they found in Ukraine, that they sent for International Observers, to see for themselves the results of the behaviour of those whom were fighting against Germany, alongside the Allied Forces.

The moment the same Russian Red Terror set foot in Germany, the slaughter and rape of German civilians kicked off, which was also inspected and recorded, by International Observers. There had been, beheading and crucifixion’ and the mutilation of one and all.

Why would Putin choose to continue the lies, which were fabricated by the Bolshevik Jews, even as he now finds himself confronting an identical form cruelty in Syria, with the Bolsheviks, now ensconced in Israel, pretending as is Putin that others are responsible for all the atrocities.

Meanwhile in Spain, the part played by those same ‘Butchers of Ukraine’ is still being concealed. The attempted coup d’etat in Spain, in which exactly the same type of atrocities were committed by Bolshevik Commissars, funded by the ‘Butcher of Ukraine’ himself, Joseph Stalin, is still being concealed, in order to obscure the fact that it was a victory for Christianity against ‘Satanic Forces.’

There are now calls to exhume Franco from his tomb, claiming him to be a brutal monster, responsible for attacking his own people and is unfit to remain in the Shrine of the Heroes of the fight against the Bolshevik Communist coup d’etat.

Franco actually saved the Spanish people from the Butcher Stalin, who was a renowned killer of vast numbers of Christians, he would have had a field day in Spain, had the Communists been victorious.

The Communists were attempting to take control of all of Europe, the Germans had already defeated them, even before the election of Hitler. One could say that they have now successfully taken total control of Europe, crouching, as they did in Spain, behind a curtain of deceit.

This my friends, is what is coming to Europe. All of the current events are designed to create chaos. Hands up those whom believe that when hundreds of thousands of immigrants started to pour into Europe, that our ‘leaders’ could not foresee the disastrous results which would ensue?

Why would Merkel, encourage more and more Muslims to enter Germany and why would Emmanuel Macron, immediately, on being selected as President of France, offer the exact same invitation, to those Muslims whom wished to come to France, even as there are ‘False Flag’ attacks one after the other, all over France, in a blatant attempt to create fear of immigrants even as they are being invited in?

In view of what ‘ we have been told’ has been happening in France, to allow an open door to incoming Muslims’ would appear, on the face of it, to be a stupidity, so there must be a good reason behind these actions. No serious Government would allow such a thing, unless they were confident in the knowledge that there was no real threat of terrorism, that it was all under control.

Hitler Was Our Christian Hero And We Destroyed Him?


Hitler’s Eugenics program was in line with what was being done across the world at the time. It was mainly in the hands of what is now called Planned Parenthood. Despite which while the behaviour of others is presented as a benign attempt to improve the lives of Blacks and others, whatever Hitler did was of course described as, evil.

Hitler and the Germans were fighting for their lives, against an enemy that had become skilled in the brutal art of  sadistic slaughter, which Hitler and his allies fully understood was about to be unleashed in Western Europe. Twenty-million Germans were brutally wiped out by the ‘good guys’ and their friends during World War Two.

Remembrance Day Will Once Again Celebrate A Myth.

Well I suppose we should have expected this. It is now being claimed that WW2 was the bloodiest war in history, a claim which includes no doubt, the three million additional deaths, which were mistakenly attributed to the factory Auschwitz, while neglecting to mention the five million or so Bengali’s whom were starved to death by the Jew Churchill, or indeed the twenty million or so Germans who died, many in Jewish Concentration Camps after the war but what we can be sure of is, that the Jewish side suffered more than any other.

I watched a British Historian on Russia Today, claiming that the Germans had killed thirty-five million Russians, during Barbarossa, which involved, amongst other struggles, The Battle of Stalingrad.  Where these casualties occurred was not made too clear nor indeed, by whom they were killed. He claimed this to be a greater number of deaths than was the grand total of deaths in other warring countries.

The Germans were, of course, wrongly blamed for the deaths of twenty-seven thousand Polish Army Officers, in the Katyn Forest, whom were actually mutilated and killed by the Jewish controlled Russian Beast. That would be the same Beast, which had also slaughtered anything up to one-hundred million Russian Christians, since the Jewish controlled Bolsheviks took control of Russia in 1917.  This figure exceeds the entire death toll of WW2, so in any Top Ten List of Global Slaughters, the Jewish contenders far outstrip anything which can be laid at the door of the National Socialists.

The Jewish controlled culling continued long after the end of WW2. Sheltering behind the Iron Curtain, they continued the murder of ethnic Germans and those whom had stood with Germany, during the war. The people of Hungary suffered dearly for their support of The National Socialists, whom unlike, the Jewish controlled governments in the UK, France and the US, attempted to hold back the Russian push, to install Jewish controlled Communism across all of Europe. This aim has now been fulfilled, through the medium of the European Union and world-wide through the United Nations.

The German people were the true victims of WW2, not the Jews or the Russians the British or anybody else. Every Government in Europe knew full well what was going on in Russia and when the Germans, having seen for themselves, the build-up of the enormous Russian Military at the gates of Europe, moved to prevent an invasion, the “Allies,” quite deliberately ignored the threat and chose to support this invasion and after the war had ended they casually sacrificed Eastern Europe into the pits of Hell.

Those People’s, whom refer to themselves as the  “Free West,” would do well to remember, that what was done in Russia and Eastern Europe and of course China, will be arriving on your doorstep very soon.  There will be no mercy. The White Race is the target.

So You Think You Know About Hitler? Well Think Again.


“Hitler will have no war, but he will be forced into it, not this year but later…” (The Jewish Emil Ludwig, Les Annales, June, 1934)

I have found myself involved in several heated discussions in the recent past, simply for questioning the achievements of Adolf Hitler. The campaign against the man is out of all proportion with the reality.

I watched just a few minutes of Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jewish News. Listening to the hypocritical rubbish coming from the mouths, of spokes-people became intolerable. They are still talking of the greatest crime in History and we must never forget the millions of Jews whom died.

When they wheeled out the only remaining example of a Gas Chamber door, I almost gagged. These, after all, are the people whom brought us “Cast Lead” whom threw hand grenades into wells in Palestine, to silence the people whom they had thrown down.

These truly are the people referred to below:

This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus — Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire…

There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and an the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders.”

These words were spoken by that British “Hero” Winston Churchill, whom was a Jew, but preferred to describe himself as a Zionist. I disagree with his assertion that Lenin was not a Jew, I believe he was.

The Jew’s domination in the state seems so assured that now not only can he call himself a Jew again, but he ruthlessly admits his ultimate national and political designs. A section of his race openly owns itself to be a foreign people, yet even here they lie. For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.” (A. Hitler, English translation by Ralph Manheim, Mein Kampf, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, New York, (1971), pp. 324-325.)

I think we can fairly say that Hitler knew what he was talking about. Every word could be applied by any free thinking modern commentator speaking on the subject of the modern-day Zionist Cabal. In fact Hitler’s words are in keeping with those of Churchill.

Ahmed Ahmadinejad, speaking to an International group of Muslims, said virtually the same thing when describing the actions of the Zionist controlled NATO forces attempting to destroy the Muslim World.

 The League of Nations, was created to make sure that the Zionist Bankers, would receive every Sheckle of the money which they had invested in all sides fighting in The Great War. Hidden behind the war In Europe, they were also financing the overthrow and murder of the Russian Czar and his family and taking control of Russia.

Enmeshed in the middle of all of this chaotic carry on, was Germany. The War which was provoked by the shooting of  Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914,the assassination was carried out by the Black Hand Gang,a branch of the  British Secret Service. The object was force Germany into a war which could be used as an excuse to destroy the German Industrial Machine, which was becoming a threat to British domination.

It eventually turned into the general genocide of the flower of European youth. The massacres were of an immensity and cruelty never before seen in warfare.

When this war of attrition which was deliberately waged by the British, finally came to an end Germany was held to be responsible for the carnage.  The Treaty of Versailles decided that the German Nation would be carved up, which is the policy which continues to this day. It was also decided that Germany would have to pay massive reparations. They were ordered to make deep cuts in social spending, that is, austerity measures, in order to free up more money which could be passed to the Bankers.

This policy left little or no funds which could be invested in the reconstruction of the German Industrial Base. More or less what is happening in Europe today. It should be remembered that exactly the same Bankers are being paid by most European Countries at the moment.

This policy was put in place at the behest of the City of London, in order to destroy the threat of German high quality products with which the British could not compete. So to pretend that the bankers in the City of London are unaware of the results of strict austerity measures is a nonsense. What is happening now in Europe is deliberate.

When Hitler came to power, he had to cope with inflation which was completely out of control and a broken industrial base. He had to weed out certain elements in the Political Opposition in order to take full control of the financial recovery and the rebuilding of the Engineering Industries.

Within five years he had worked a miracle. He was twice named as “Man of the Year” in Time Magazine, the British Royal Family, including the King was enamoured with him, and he had transformed Germany into the richest country in Europe, while the rest of the world was still struggling with the continuing Depression.

However, along the way he had already been infiltrated by forming an alliance with the Zionists. It is not too clear whether it was this element which encouraged him to take control of the Central Bank, in order to issue his own currency and thus avoid the extortionate interest which was customary. Abraham Lincoln had the same problem, he too was destroyed.

Hitler may well have been trapped by the bankers whom have been coping with the problem of maintaining control of the banking system since the days of Napoleon. Whatever the reason, the British were already preparing for war.

When Germany was sliced up after the Great War, a large number of ethnic Germans were left isolated in Poland. The British ordered the Poles to terrorise these people.

Anthony Eden put Hitler under continuous pressure to take action in defence of his countrymen in Poland, Hitler refused. Finally it was Poland which launched an attack on German Military positions. Hitler retaliated. The rest is history, even though it has been falsified, in order to make Hitler responsible.

Having forced the Germans into a second War within a generation, the British, as with the Great War, prolonged hostilities, in order to barbarically flatten every City in Germany. Slaughtering millions of civilians in the process. These savage attacks included the attack on Dresden which is recorded as the most murderous attack in the history of warfare.

Hitler who had been in an alliance with Stalin’s Russia, suddenly concentrated a  large part of his forces in an all out war against the forces of his old ally. This has always been presented as a fatal mistake on Hitler’s part due to a psychopathic, uncontrollable, megalomaniac’s desire to conquer the world.

It was no such thing. It was Operation Barbarossa, designed to stop a Russian invasion of Western Europe. Hitler had become aware of a huge build-up of the Russian Army, on the borders of Europe, with the obvious intention of mounting an attack.

What Hitler did not realise was that this was all part of the programme of the City of London. He sent Hess off to Britain, to find out why the  British had not responded to his warnings and sent the British Army to help him repulse the Russians. When Hess did not return Hitler realised that he was on his own.

Germany, on its own, took on the might of the Zionist Russian Red Army. With incredible courage. The German Army, against all odds, despite shortages of equipment and decent clothing to protect them from the harsh Russian winter, stalled the Russian advance into Europe. Hitler was in fact a hero, he saved us from the Zionist Megalomaniacs desire to conquer Europe.

General George Patton, the legendary US Military man, like Hitler saw what the Russians were doing, he urged an all out attack to thwart their invasion. Several failed attempts were made on his life, until he was finally silenced in a minor collision between two vehicles.

Hitler and the German Army, despite their heroism, simply delayed the seizure of the Eastern European countries and of course the once more divided Germany. This was all arranged at Yalta, by the “Western Leaders” Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, Zionist Jews one and all.

Stalin was given control of Eastern Europe and East Germany including half of Berlin, which was divided in order to create a flash point, which resulted in the Berlin Wall, symbolic of the division between Communism and the “Free West.”

After the ritual slaughter of the remaining members Hitler’s Regime at Nuremberg, the City of London engineered the installation of a Zionist controlled government in West Germany, which in fact gave them virtually full control of Europe. They have long controlled the UK and France. Within a short time they had set-up the initial phase of what was to become the European Union, with its Dictatorial unelected Commission, giving them full control.

This is what we were told was the dream of Adolf Hitler. The whole of Europe was plunged into a bitter and destructive war,  to resist this form of take-over and yet here we are living in a Dictatorship.

Another Zionist Jew, Gorbachev, was given the job of realigning the Communist USSR with the rest of the Western World. Along with Boris Yeltsin, he set about presenting “The Downfall of Communism.”

Yeltsin, was given the responsibility of handing over all of the major State Industries into the hands of Rothschild’s pet Oligarchs. Gorbachev melted away into a plum job with the United Nations, where I believe he is in charge of the realigning of religion into the new “Earth” religion which is even now being force-fed to our children.

So where does this leave our perceptions of Adolf Hitler, whom was the only man with the courage to stand against this Zionist machine?

Hitler was a National Socialist, which means that the State and industry work in tandem for the benefit of the State and the people.  He based his monetary system on the value of an hour of work. This is as it should be. There is no intrinsic value in money itself, it is only a container of the value of the work which it represents.

He operated his Banking System free of interest. A simple one-off charge was made on a loan. This was the normal system until the Central Bankers took control with their Usury. The general population has been brain-washed into believing that this is obligatory, they cannot conceive of a system that does not rob them.

Hitler and his ideas had to be demonized to the point where no public discussion of what could be called “The Better Side of Hitler” was admissible. Like Gadaffi, no “Better Side’ was permitted. Hitler was condemned, as was the rest of his administration and the people of Germany, as the perpetrators of the most heinous crime in the history of the World.

The evidence of this crime, could only be discovered by Jewish investigators. The Red Cross and the US Intelligence services could find no evidence of it. US documents state that having investigated the claims, they could find no evidence of a deliberate attempt to mass kill Jews or anybody else, no Gypsies, Cripples, Homosexuals. The Red Cross using the numbers of surviving Jews, calculated 180,000 Jewish deaths.

Before the outbreak of war there were 15,000,000 Jews in Western Europe, in 1951 there were 15,450,000. That is despite the huge number whom had left before the war.

Yet despite all of this, our intrepid Jewish investigators, managed to uncover that ,not only had there been mass killings, they found that the number, as if by magic, coincided with a figure of 6,000,000, which they had been claiming was the number of deaths suffered by Jews on several occasions in the past, which had been shown to be false.

Now, at last, after the false alerts, the prophecy had come true and the Germans had done it. But wait. 4,000,000 of these deaths took place at a factory in Auschwitz, in Poland. These people were gassed and incinerated on arrival in cattle trucks. However there were no gas chambers and indeed no incinerators at Auschwitz. Our intrepid investigators were obliged to reduce the number down to 1.200,000, having”miscalculated” by 3,000,000, it is not clear how the re-calculation was carried out, no matter.

However on Jewish Television, on Holocaust Remembrance Day the Rabbi’s were still talking of 6,000,000 and not the new figure of 3,000,000, I do not know why.

Anyway that is Hitler’s Crime. What is more, we are obliged by law to believe it. We can question nothing, despite the glaring anomalies in the figures, all of which have been reduced in recent times as apparent deceptions come to light.

Belief in the veracity of this crime is paramount. Without it the Zionist German Government could not justify massive payments to Israel, which itself was set-up using the holocaust as justification. So one can understand the importance in the almost religious belief in the event.

That is not its only purpose. Fascism, which is just another political system, is now synonymous with Nazi. It has been passed into the hands of Neo-Nazi’s, they are of course nothing more than jack-booted bully boys. Which is probably  correct.

This is to avoid any discussion of the system which was used by Hitler and the Nazi’s to achieve an economic miracle in Germany. A Fascist is now denigrated as someone whom wants to kill Jews, torture people, send immigrants back where they came from and have a desire to conquer the world. Most of these things could be charged against NATO by simply changing the word Jew for Muslim.

The BBC is even now applauding the great success of the destruction of Libya, while the country itself is descending into a hell of factional fighting, as the West pumps out the oil. Gadaffi used the same system as did Hitler and achieved the same miracle in Libya. His achievement has also been smothered out by invented atrocities which never happened.

Hitler transformed Germany in five years. We could achieve the same thing across Europe now. In Davos the criminals are meeting to decide how to keep their gravy train rolling, while the Continent is in turmoil. They all know what the problems is and they are determined that the people of the world will not be allowed to discover it for themselves.

In Brussels the EU is preparing another batch of lies to force on to the statute books of Europe, while a general strike is taking place in Belgium. Yet another country which is in two parts, with two languages.

However he has been painted, Adolf Hitler is still the most intriguing character of the Twentieth Century. I can find little difference between what we are told is the truth of Hitler and the government which has control of Israel.  Except that many of the claims against Hitler are false, unlike the crimes of Israel.

He was also a more acceptable leader than Khazar Jew, Joe Stalin. Roosevelt another Khazar Jew, deliberately allowed hundreds of American Servicemen to be needlessly killed at Pearl Harbour, having provoked Japan into an attack in the same manner as Khazar Jew Churchill, had provoked Germany. Eisenhower, yet another Khazar Jew, oversaw the open air concentration camps which were used to starve to death more than 1,000,000 German POW after the war ended. He also handed unknown thousands into the hands of Uncle Joe, never to be seen or heard of again.

In view of all this it is hardly surprising that the folk whom would have us spit on Hitler, just happen to be Khazar Jews or their Zionist collaborators.

However hard it may be to accept, Hitler, the man accused of bringing about the deaths of millions of people, did in fact kill far fewer than the powers which have now become NATO.  Germany and the German people were the real victims of the War, losing in excess of 10,000,000 of its people. After the war had ended another 10,000,000 Germans died through illness or starvation. All of this is kept hidden, in order to present a lie as the real victim.

A constant warning is given after a discussion of Hitler and the Nazi Government, that we must be careful because it can happen again. In reality, it is happening all the time and we are doing it. We are so dumb, we still believe that when we torture and kill it is somehow for the good. We, the cannon fodder for the Zionists have been doing what we did to Hitler and Germany, for generations, to many other countries, and we are responsible for the painful deaths of far more people than Hitler ever was.