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The Red Menace In The UK And Other Grand Deceptions.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s, the Communist Party in the UK was being held responsible for every industrial dispute, whatever the actual reason for the discontent may have been.

This is despite the fact that there was no need of the Communist Party for things to go wrong.  In point of fact, throughout the period, one could claim that things were perfectly normal in the UK as in SNAFU.

When the Conservatives did gain power, things did not get any better

In fact , the reality of the House of Commons, then as now, was of one side of the Chamber being Bolshevik Communist, while the other was Fabian Socialist. To this day nothing has changed.

The Labour Party had thrown off its “Sheep’s Clothing” and betrayed the gullible working man,  most of whom had trusted the likes of Anthony Wedgwood Benn and Michael Foot, to install all of the promises which had been made to those brave suckers, whom  had fought two unnecessary World Wars to further the aims of Bolshevik Communism.

It took “Milk Snatcher Thatcher” to hammer the last nail into the coffin of the working man, when she sent her militarised thugs to Orgreave, to batter the resistance out of the last remnants of Union Power in the UK.

Margaret Thatcher ruled through some of the most divisive episodes in British History, since the 19th Century, all of it with that “special feminine touch.” of course.

Who can forget the thrill of the Poll Tax Riots?  This extra tax, which as usual was more egregious to the poorest than to the richest, finally brought the average worker to his senses and out in the streets in protest.

Those few innocent souls amongst you, who genuinely believe that when TSHTF, that the Police will not break your heads, had better wake up to reality.  When Bolshevism comes to town be prepared to die.  From the very first outing of Bolshevism in Paris,  when the gloves came off,  in a very brief period,  18,000 people died.

The important item which is missing from most articles about the Commune and the struggle of the working man, who was apparently surviving on rat sandwiches, is the little secret that Napoleon 3rd was obliged to pass control of the Bank of France into the hands of Rothschild, in payment of the debt incurred during the Franco/Prussian War.  The need of a struggle to live a reasonable life,  by the people is the result of the usual imposition of Usury and the necessary “Austerity” in order to pay the deficit.  Nothing much changes and never the monetary system. A lot of French people, to this day, do not fully understand the role played by the bankers in the lead up to the Commune.

Thanks to the efforts of the aforementioned Ted Heath, which were no doubt carried out in fear of exposure and possible arrest for child murder, Social Darwinism and Bolshevik Communism have now been successfully installed across Europe and very few people have noticed.

There are a few interesting snippets in the above clip, which demonstrate the closeness of those by whom we are ruled. Wedgwood Benn was a member of the same group of incestuous families, which gave us Darwin and his misused idea of  the Survival of the Fittest, which has been the mainstay of the Bolsheviks  programme of the slaughter of the “Useless Eaters.”

Benn then informs us that Heath,  as did Orwell, go to Spain to fight on the side of the Bolsheviks,  a group which was under the control of Stalin, the greatest mass murderer in history, why would a Conservative do such a thing?

Hitler’s aims were quite clear, there had been a huge investment in Germany by the Bolsheviks, with the aim of introducing Communism into Western Europe, where they could set about the slaughter of Christians in the manner which had served  so well in Russia.

Hitler had of course divested the Bolsheviks of the German patrimony  which they had looted during the Weimar Government,   an act which had brought about the imposition of sanctions in 1933 by World Jewry.

So it would appear that it was no accident that the British fought alongside Stalin, during World War Two, they were, in reality, joined at the hip as it were,in the years leading up to the war.

I posed the question some time back as to why the Police investigate themselves in child abuse cases,


It now turns out that my question was well founded.  Jack Tasker, a well-known cop has been explaining how he was gagged by his superiors, who demanded all of his notes and warned him to keep his mouth shut, after he had unmasked Sir Cyril Smith MP and serial child molester.

Thatcher was well aware of Cyril Smith’s behaviour with youngsters, just as she must have known about Jimmy Savile.  However she would have been well aware of where any sort of disclosure might lead and not only to a member of her Cabinet but right to the top.

So I hope you are beginning to understand the grip in which we have been held since the end of the 19th Century and the character of the filth which has been driving us ever onwards into oblivion, through the medium of provoked wars and financial misery between wars.

Be sure, there has never been a trace of Democracy in Europe. When I was a child at school, the metal-work teacher explained to us as to how the British worker, during the Industrial Revolution,  was engaged in the manufacture of cannon barrels, which were sold to the French whom used them to slaughter British soldiers. They were exported in crates marked, Guttering.

The British worker is even now producing “non-lethal” weapons for any aberrant Government which has the money to pay for them.  This double act of the British worker and the British Army helped in the massive slaughter of more than 1,000,000 Iraqis, without any apparent cries of disapproval from the workers.

So when the slaughter starts in Europe, which it will, what sympathy can be shown for those who  provided the necessary means of culling Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria?  Do they believe themselves to be impervious to such treatment?

If they do, they need to wake up to reality. At any moment the Top Brass can create an emergency, whether it be a problem with the electricity grid or the availability of petrol, no matter, it takes a couple of days to empty the stock in a Supermarket, less than that,  if the panic starts straight away and then what? Who knows.  There are no plans in place for such an eventuality.


The Unforgivable Shame And Cruelty Of Margaret Thatcher.

Margaret Thatcher’s callous destruction of the lives of thousands of families, in the Coal Fields of the United Kingdom, which was carried out in a blind hatred of the working man, caricatured the behaviour of her murderous allies like Pinochet in Chile.

The men whom stood against her were the children of those, whom had been sent to war against Germany, under a cloak of lies, by her hero, that well-known pervert Winston Churchill, to protect the fortunes of the Bankers and Industrialists, in the City of London.

These same “Money-Men,” whom could make a greater profit by running the generation of electricity on gas and oil, ordered Thatcher to dispense with Nationalised coal.

Thatcher, had inherited a Conservative Party, which had been packed to bursting point with perverts of all persuasions, by her predecessor Edward Heath, whom it would appear, made use of the services of her friend Jimmy Savile, in his pursuit of young children, whom he abused aboard his boat, Morning Cloud.

The British Press and the BBC, presented the Miners as intransigent, self-seeking, thugs, whom were a blot on the face of Democracy, when in fact the very opposite was true.

The British Public, to its shame, stood by watching the battles of the striking miners, on television, as if they were watching a harmless “Soap Opera.”

The Union leaders of the day, in the Miners Union and in other industries such as car manufacturing, were presented as Communists, when in reality it was the real Communists, whom had ordered their destruction.

After World War Two, the Globalists had invested huge sums of money in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, a well-kept secret is the fact that most of the well-known Japanese Brands were controlled by Globalists, SONY is an acronym for Standard Oil New York.  Thatcher and her group of perverts were used to destroy British Industry and to create a market for Globalist products from Asia.

The British Political system was set up in a particular fashion, the people believed that the Labour Party, looked after the working man, while the Conservative Party supported the rich. This dichotomy led on to the Conservative Party under both Heath and Thatcher destroying the Industrial base while Blair and Brown destroyed the Economy.

Thatcher presented herself as the champion of British interests in Europe, when in reality she took the UK deeper and deeper into the mess. Her claim to have gained a reduction in the UK’s contribution to the EU, was no more than a piece of theatre, the Commission asks for twice as much as they expect to receive, Thatcher complains, so the sum is reduced to what was wanted in the first place.

Airey Neave was allegedly Thatcher’s secret love. So there may have been more to his death than we have been told. As was usual back then, the IRA carried the can, should it happen now, it would of course be Muslim inspired.

Thatcher’s greatest claim to fame was the fact that she was the first woman to hold the position of Prime Minister of the UK. This feat was never under her control, it would be fairer to say that she was parachuted into position. As a woman she could get away with behaviour that would be unacceptable from a mere man. Her job was to sow the seeds of destruction of the British Working Class. Her second job was to destroy the Education System, preparing the young for the “checkout” jobs which they would be doing in a future UK.

Barak Obama filled the same role in the US, where he used his facility to lie to the people, to plunge the US into more wars than any previous President.  The public’s expectation of a “new politics” from a black President, was as sadly dashed, as were those of the British whom expected the “female touch” from Thatcher.

Thatcher’s other claim to fame was her decision to send a Task Force, eight thousand mile into the South Atlantic, to save the Falkland Islanders. This was not Thatcher’s decision, she was commanded to send in the Navy by the Oilmen in  the City of London. It was already well-known that there was oil around the Falklands and much more in the way of wealth in nearby Antarctica, which control of the Falklands would generate an excuse for the raping of the icy continent by the sharks from BP and Rio Tinto. Her husband Dennis, was an Oilman.

When she had served her purpose, Thatcher was taken down, without compunction, by the assorted perverts in her Cabinet, all of whom would have been susceptible to blackmail. Many of Thatcher’s men are still being investigated, as the web of paedophilia extends through Parliament, due to the Jimmy Savile connection.

We learned little of Savile’s behaviour while he was still living, we may now find out what was going on at Chequers, during the Christmas Parties which he attended at the invitation of Thatcher.

Sadly, most of the British Prime Ministers during the last seventy years, including Churchill, Eden, Heath, McMillan, Wilson, Brown, Blair and Major, appear to have been involved in some form of sexual skullduggery, which would leave all of their decisions open to pressure from both foreign States and from self-interested business-men.

The ridiculous, over the top, pantomime which accompanies Thatcher’s funeral, is not taking place due to public demand but despite public opposition. The sight of the War Criminals whom are attending the funeral, the likes of Henry Kissinger, whom should be arrested on sight is sickening.

This is the man whom described those Military Men, whom will carry the coffin of Thatcher into St Paul’s Cathedral, as “dumb stupid animals.” Blair and Brown will be attending as will the new breed of War Criminals, Hague, Cameron and Osborne, all of them, together in the “House of God” while secretly worshipping in the pit of Lucifer.

All in all, this should be a wake-up call to the British. They need a renaissance of the “Spirit of the Eighties” to pull themselves out of this mess, which Thatcher instigated. Take a good look at the types whom are in  attendance in St. Paul’s, do you believe that any of them give a toss about what is happening to you?