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A Sinister And Alarming Decision Taken By The European Union.

Hot on the heels of my most recent posting, in which I related the tale of the deliberate irradiation of one-hundred-thousand Jewish  children,  for which the Israeli Government was paid handsomely by the US, it has now been decided by the European Commission, to allow this Satanic State, to export pharmaceutical drugs into the European Union.

I most certainly would not want find myself being injected with anything which came out of that demonic hell-hole.  Virtually  the whole of the Drug Industry is in the hands of Rothschild and Rockefeller, whom control, Bayer and Merck, along with many other lesser known companies. Bayer has already been found guilty in France, of knowingly distributing blood products which were contaminated with the Aids virus, to haemophiliacs,  contaminating and killing many users.

Those associated with Rothschild and Rockefeller have stated, quite clearly, that their intention is to cull up to ninety percent of the world’s population, by whatever means is available, including the needle.

That being so, is it a good idea, to grant the power to poison us with whatever new vaccine or other generally injectable wonder drug they may announce, which can be exported to Europe, with no checks being made on the constituents of the drug, as long as it “Conforms to EU Norms.” How this is to be verified without testing has not been explained.

This is yet another attack on the safety of our drugs and foodstuffs, which recently came under the spotlight, when it transpired that China was reinforcing baby milk with a form of powdered plastic which mimicked protein, killing an unknown number of babies to whom it was fed,  which was also given access to European Markets.

China is already forcing its way into the Organic Food Business, despite the fact that there is hardly a square centimetre of China which is not contaminated.

I use no pharmaceuticals and I will certainly not be changing my habits in  order to imbibe anything coming from Israel.