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The Final Solution For Europe.


The exposure of Jussie Smollett as a lying scumbag, on the one hand provided yet another excuse to suggest that White people and in particular those whom support Donald Trump are aggressive, racists and on the other hand that Blacks are the perpetual object of this hatred, none of which is justified.

It adds credibility to that other pack of liars whom use the claim “That Black Lives Matter” to insinuate that the Blacks are being killed in a form of modern-day lynchings and are also victims of White aggression, which ignores the hard cold facts that violence against Blacks is Black violence against Blacks, and that more Whites than Blacks are killed by the Police.

Even the Black cop in Chicago complained about the Police being occupied with Smollett’s false claim of “racism” were unable to go after real racists, which these days means White Racists as it has been declared by a pack of Jews that only White people can be racist.

There have also been complaints about the number of cops involved in this “Homo-hunt, when they could have been better occupied in other areas, well of course their were a huge number of Cops involved in this stunt because they thought they were hunting “Whites”, had they known the truth at the outset they most probably would have dropped the case.

Blacks, Jews and Women are turning the truth on its head, there are even now renewed calls for reparation for the descendants of slavery. This is sickening and the Jew controlled press refuses to mention a word of truth about the not too distant past..

The first truth being that the Blacks were in the main brought into slavery by the Jews, whom owned most of the plantations on which the Blacks worked.

Number two during the days of slavery, most of the Blacks were far better off than were millions of White people, many of whom lived in desperate circumstances, for those White immigrants, there was no job, food and shelter made available for them, and most certainly no one to blame for their situation, apart that is for the massive number of Irish slaves, whom the Jews, having starved five million of them to death in Ireland, sent a further six-hundred-thousand more Irish people into a form of slavery, which they called “Indentured Servitude”. Those Irish people, just like the Jew Eisenhower’s German “Disarmed Enemy Combatants” were shown no mercy as they attempted to work off the debt held over them by the Jews. Eisenhower did to the German POWs exactly what the Jews had done in Ireland, starved them to death, but then Jews can do that and who cares?

These days Blacks are forever calling for Racial Equality. Let’s take a look at what that means. What is “equal” about “affirmative action” a concept which is used to make it a crime to employ the best person for a job, without fear of howls of racism from Black support groups?

We all have to be equal, so I’m told and this aim involves the Whites always losing out. Equality should mean exactly that and any McDonald’s with more Blacks than Whites, flipping hamburgers, should be forced to sort out this intolerable situation as should the Jews whom control Harvard and Yale and whom should be forced to allow the Whites at least the same number of places as they allow for Jews.

Imagine a situation, should an employer be told that he must employ a certain number of half-wits simply because a couple of them chose to seek employment in a field about which they knew nothing. He would be forgiven for refusing the half-wit should they be White but should they be Black he could find himself in hot water. Why, as White people, do we put up with this crap?

In the States, it should be howled from the roof-tops that Blacks in past times were lynched for rape and murder and many were lynched by Blacks for raping Black women, others were lynched for raping White women and murdering White people. In earlier times far more Whites than Blacks were lynched, many for the crime of rustling horses. These statistics are ignored, the Blacks preferring to concentrate on the period when more Blacks than Whites were lynched, suggesting that they were hanged for nothing at all, a claim which has become fixed in the minds of the brain-dead guilt ridden Whites.

These days innocent White people are expected to feel guilty simply because Blacks are far more violent than Whites which means that justifiably there are more of them in prison and perhaps some Whites should offer themselves up as token gaol-birds just to satisfy a bunch Blacks whom daily sneer at them, rape thirty-three thousand White women annually, all while taking our earnings to feed themselves. The lies of the cynical bastard Smollett should open the eyes of White people to the Jew inspired war which is taking place against them and build Tromp’s wall, stop any more Blacks from streaming in with their begging bowls held out and start looking after our own for a change.

The European Union is a central plank in the aim to destroy Europe. The man in Ireland Varadkar the declared sodomite, who was, like Macron and May quickly placed into a position to thwart “Brexit” or to at least stop the “No Deal” Brixit, using the “back-stop” as an excuse.

The No Deal is the only Deal for which the UK Brexiteers voted, simply because it is the best choice but it would expose the absolute futility of the European Union, when it all works out well for the UK, which like the rest of Europe has been laid low as has Ireland and European Industry in general.

The European Union is even now forcing through laws which will finish off that Industrial Base with so-called “Climate Change” restrictions on emissions and even on the use of gas with which to cook and to heat homes. All told more than two million immigrants have been brought into Europe during the past couple of years and now we are being told that there is a catastrophic economic collapse on the way. This will quite suddenly oblige the White Christian Peoples of Europe to take care of all of those immigrants, eighty percent of whom have never worked. This is truly the White Christians burden..

Truth And Lies About All And Everything

I was amused this morning to a hear a British Member of Parliament, discussing the kidnapping and possible murder of Jamal Khashoggi, in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. He suggested that this act was abominable and it could well be considered to be “State Funded Terrorism” Duh Dun! As a confirmed supporter of Donald Trump,I believe this to be a part of Trumps destruction of Israel, which kicked off with moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, which sparked off world-wide criticism of Israel and sparked off the ongoing demonstrations in Gaza, which astonishes those in the West whom previously supported Israel, Saudi Arabia is controlled from  the City of London, the Riyal Family are Jews and I am quite sure that Trump and his secret band of concerned military men are fully aware of this reality.

This mornings rantings of a man from The United Kingdom, which is arming Saudi Arabia to the teeth, to slaughter the innocent in Yemen and the Israeli’s to murder and kneecap children in Gaza and mercenaries in Syria whom have tortured and murdered thousands of the innocent,  and he talks about “State Sponsored Terrorism” even as the Jews are opening yet another “Poor Jew” holocaust reminder, in London which presents carefully selected items, while completely ignoring the contributions of Jews whom told a completely different tale about the time they spent in the German Camps.

People have been educated to ignore what is staring them in the face and to accept contrived tales, which are designed to deceive them into accepting lies as truth. We are forever being told that we are all immigrants, suggesting that therefore, all immigrants should be allowed the right to keep on coming, without explaining that in the United States, when immigrants arrived during the 19th and early 20th Centuries, they were on their own and obliged to find their own accommodation and feed and clothe themselves. While even back in those dark days of slavery, the incoming Blacks were as usual, the real parasites, whom were housed and fed by the Master. While out in the real world, thousands of White immigrants had trouble providing even the most basic of needs for their families. But it was the poor Blacks whom were the victims.

When slavery was abolished and the Blacks found themselves on level terms with the Whites, they longed for a return to the days of slavery, thousands of them would have willingly continued to stay with and work for the Master, which was a far better option than the life of a Hobo, scouring the United States in search of work. The Master however now had access to as many low paid workers as he needed, during the cotton harvest, without having to provide food, clothes and shelter for all those disagreeable Blacks.

We have been fed the idea that all those ‘Poor Ol’ Joes” were given twenty lashes of the whip, every morning and thrown into vats of boiling water just for fun, both of which may well have happened, but not only to Blacks, many other people suffered the same experiences just as do many Whites whom find themselves in the clutches of Blacks, like the poor youngsters whom were raped, sodomised, tortured and murdered in The Knoxville Massacre, which received hardly a mention in the “Free Press”.

In this Jew exhibition in London, which is equipped with an interactive question and answer capability, we have an eighty year old man, who when he was five years old, spent two years in a German Camp, which he quite obviously survived, answering twenty hours of questions, which are stored in this machine, about his experience in this Camp, which will clearly not be accurate but based on the tales of the holocaust which he, as have been the rest of us, exposed to, throughout his life.











It shouldn’t hurt to mention a few crimes of the Jews, just to show a bit of balance.





So should all those immigrants whom streamed into Europe a couple of years ago, intend to take care of themselves, as did immigrants in past times, that is fine, but to have millions streaming into Europe, six-hundred-thousand, into the UK alone, in 2016, where a tiny percentage of them will earn enough to take care of their own needs, is so fing ridiculous that for any politician to tell the British and other Europeans, that to protest about this is Racist, bigoted or Fascist, surely must be the most disingenuous nonsense to spew out of the mouths of these two-faced political bastards, whom are quite clearly stupid.

During the 14th October elections in Germany, it became clear that the “new” weapon of the elite is the “Green Party” they allegedly increased their share of the vote, a feat we are assured is also happening in the United States. Just listening to these “Greens” yapping about “Global Warming” and “Renewable Energy” and “Carbon Reduction” etc is a joke. While the AfD, which is considered to be “Extreme Right” and dangerous and in the grip of a bunch of ‘mouthy’ women, whom though they make great efforts, they are hardly the first choice of the tattooed harden whom come out in support of the rarely mentioned Pergida, as any publicity is good publicity, a group which attracts the “real men” whom fear not the truth and are brave enough to spell it out.

Many Germans are finally coming to understand that they have been the victims of a campaign of lies and distortions, of unimaginable proportions. They have been accused of ‘impossible crimes’ for which a whole generation of their leaders were lynched out of hand, without need of even the tiniest scrap of evidence in support of this monstrous crime.

The Green Party was established by an extremely rich Jew named James Goldsmith, he used the term ‘Ecology’. He it was who kicked off the idea of saving the Earth though the minimising of the wealth available to the masses, only a chosen few would be allowed to retain their riches. They used the disinformation campaign of Global Warming/Climate Change and Carbon Taxes, all confusingly mixrd up with ‘pollution’ which can be dealt with, to frighten the sheep into submission. This is the method which was used to subdue the German People after the war and to rob them blind for the past seventy years. These monsters would now like to impose their will on to the rest of the world. The plans were all laid out in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, both of which were eagerly signed, having never even been read, by our puppet politicians.

Donald Trump has chosen to ignore the bogus claims of Global Warming and Carbon emissions and all the other rubbish which was used as a device to destroy Western Industry a feat which was achieved by the relocation of virtually the entire manufacturing base of the United States and Europe, to Asia. This reality can only be changed by re-establishing that industrial base back to where it belongs. Trump understands this situation full well and he knows that to change this actuality is imperative to reduce the quantity of the cheap stuff coming in from China, which is disinsentivising manufacturers from reopening European and American factories, which were once perfectly capable of producing the same products. Should this aim not achieved and as quickly as possible, there will be no hope, we will all be obliged to work for peanuts in the manner of the Chinese and Indian workforces. Amazon is already hiring slaves, whom can hardly feed themselves and their families on the paltry wage which they earn.

E Commerce could well prove to be the greatest weapon in the hands of the Globalists. Amazon is intent on taking control if even Pharmacies and Health Food Stores, while driving small independent family business out of existence. The will facilitate the introduction of virtual money, which will also be under the control of the Globalists, whom will have the power to “turn you off’, instantly making you a prisoner of poverty.

The Underdog White Race Is On The Run!


In the words of James Thurber, “You can fool too many people too much of the time.” Thurber nailed it and what is more, those deceived people will grimly fight, tooth and nail, for their right to be fooled. Any suggestion, which contradicts their received view of reality, is treated as being nothing more than the foolish belief of an uneducated moron, which is signified with a forefinger screwing into their temple, suggesting their interlocutor to be ‘screwy’ or brain-damaged.

An interesting facet of these strongly held beliefs, is that they do not require any evidential support whatsoever because “we all know them to be true” unlike an opposing idea, for which they demand endless amounts of evidence.

I recently posted a clip which demonstrated the collusion of the British Broadcasting Corporation, with the hidden hand, which is determined to destroy White Christian Culture. The British people are being presented, by this controlled BBC, as being completely in favour with their own destruction, through the medium of the ‘forced’ immigration, of people whom have every right to be in Europe, because like the Jews in Israel, whom claim to have ancestral links to the region, the Sub-Saharan Africans can now claim that even Friar Tuck was Black.

This, combined with an effort to under-mine local authorities, by introducing a replacement Religion, Islam, with a local leadership, which reflects the religion of the incomers, even as Christianity is dying and the now almost childless European women, are being outstripped by the birth of hundreds of thousands of immigrant infants, whom are being born to parents, whom are in no position to care for them without State support.

David Cameron, who is no friend of the Muslim in the Street, having been in favour of the illegal wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, which he later claimed he would not have supported had he been aware of the deception involved by Blair, Bush and company, despite which he, Cameron then destroyed Libya, using an even more ludicrous lie as his excuse, he is now conspiring with “Conservative Muslims’ to place ever more of them into positions of authority, even as the war which he kicked off in Syria, using the exact lame excuse as he had used in Libya, has displaced millions of people, whom Cameron and his cronies in Israel, would prefer to see resettled in Europe, in order to, provide more space for Israel. None of which is ever reported by British News outlets.

When one looks at the desecration across the Middle East, where in many places hardly a building has been spared, where millions of lives have been lost and millions of people have been forced to emigrate or are living in refugee camps, while the British, French and American media, still tell us, with a straight face, that all of this carnage was as a result of ‘humanitarian’ action to ‘save’ those people from ‘evil’ dictators, one can only marvel at the true depth of their lies.

These same disgusting people, are now claiming to be accepting these teeming hordes, of severely traumatised people, into the heartlands of those by whom they have been destroyed, to ‘save’ Western civilisation from a claimed demographic disaster, which they have themselves created, through the means of ‘the pill’, abortion and the implantation into the minds of the people of Europe, that they must reduce their populations, to ‘Save the Planet’ from over-population, while the incomers are promising to breed Europe out of existence. 

New restrictions on ‘Free Speech’ will very soon deny you the right to even have these things explained to you, without the acquiescence of Google or Facebook, both of which are using ‘spies’ to block any mention of the ‘real conspiracy’. The ‘problem’, which Katie Hopkins presents, in the following clip is no more than the ‘reaction’ to the problem, of  which she has yet to suggest a solution.

Of one thing White Europeans can be sure, their own Political system is in the hands of the most extreme group of pure evil sadists, which has ever skulked in the shadows, watching as the world is being slowly strangled to death, to suit their maniacal notion, that ‘they’ whose identity must never be exposed, are the true ‘Kings of the Whole Wide World’ while their controlled Politicians, whom have been put in place, through the use of the most devious of systems of control called Democracy, which has never delivered any such thing, pretend to be unaware of what is going on, as the real target of all this mayhem, becomes more clear as the days go by and yes, it is YOU, the White Christian people, whom have had the guns of the World trained on to you and your own total extinction now looms over you.

The solution to this problem is in your own hands, the first step in the resistance, must be to stand up and confront those whom would destroy you. To continue to remain silent in the face of this onslaught of naked hatred and racism is suicidal. There is no country on Earth which treats all incomers, of whatever Race or Colour, in the manner in which White Christian countries have been duped into believing, that they are ‘obliged’ to do, because of past crimes, which are based on an idea that only White people have behaved in an aggressive manner in past times.

The Blacks in Africa, whom were not lucky enough to have been sold, by their ‘own people’, into slavery, are now conducting extreme forms of Racism, against Mixed Race “Coloured People’ in the ‘Rainbow State’ of South Africa, where all opportunities are strictly reserved for the immigrant pure Blacks, whom with the assistance of those whom would destroy the White Christian Peoples, have already stolen the ‘White’ country of South Africa, from those by whom it was built, in the manner in which Israel is being stolen from the indigenous ‘Rainbow’ people of all faiths, into the hands of a particularly brutal group of ‘mono-faith immigrants, with the assistance of Christian governments in France, Britain and America, while the United Nations, which is itself under unelected control, allows every atrocity, in both South Africa and Israel, to pass, without batting an eyelid.

In the United States and Britain, two States which were quite deliberately flooded with Blacks from Africa, where those Blacks are now responsible for a completely disproportionate amount of Rape, Murder and Robbery and yet this situation has never been openly discussed, even as these violent Black people, take to the streets, in protest against their White victims, whom are being downtrodden to suit the demands of these Black criminals, and whom are even being denied their right to protest, without coming under attack from paid assailants.


Stand Up If You’re Proud To Be White.

Now that the evidence is crawling out from under the broken bones and bleeding flesh of a million slaughtered corpses, in the Charnel-House of the multi-national butchers, the only question that remains to be answered is,  when War Criminal Tony Blair, was in Texas,  with the blessing of HM The Queen, discussing, with George W. Bush, the tactics, which they would employ, when the coming destruction of Iraq was launched, how much did the man, who screws pigs, David Cameron,  whom voted in favour of the illegal war, know of the origins of the fable, which was being invented as justification for the war, when he cast that vote?


Should there be any fool left in the United Kingdom, who believes that, however consumed with notions of his own importance, Tony Blair, did not have the power to take the United Kingdom to war, without the “nod” from the establishment.

Cameron a Jew, whom replaced Michael Howard a Jew, as leader of the Conservative Party, would have been advised in advance about every aspect of the schemes, which were being foisted on to the British people, despite huge demonstrations across the UK, against the war, to guarantee his compliance.

There are no actions of importance, allowed to pass through Parliament, which have not been proposed or at least vetted, by the men behind the scenes, whichever Party is in power.

One can only assume, that in the election for leadership of the Tory Party, that David Davis, the better man in that election, would not accept the deal or that he, was thought to be less malleable than Cameron.

In his turn, Cameron and his side-kick, Wild Willy Hague, set-up the excuses for the illegal slaughter in Libya, with alacrity, while still claiming to have been “deceived” by Blair, about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Oik! Oik!

Bullingdon boy Cameron, fully understands that he is little more than a paid killer and he has, as did Jew Michael Howard, the man whom organised the Tory vote in support of the Iraq war, before him, already announced his “retirement” before the next election.  Blair took the same decision, Hague has already gone. yet another Jew, Eton, Bullingdon boy, Boris Johnson is in line for the Tory “top job”should  George Osborne, Eton Bullingdon boy Jew, fail to excite the British public.

Not one of these men has clean hands. They are part of a vicious killing machine, which is even now importing thugs into the UK, to fulfil a warning, which they have manufactured, that men, whom they claim to have been with Daech, are now coming home to create chaos in the UK.

The very idea that up to a thousand young UK citizens had gone to Syria to join Daech, was so ludicrous as to be laughable. Are we expected to believe that British youth are not aware before going to Syria, that Daech is Israel in disguise?  This is simply a way to explain to the British how they suddenly have hundreds of “terrorists” in their midst.  You are being destroyed. Sweden and Norway and Belgium have already gone. Wake up and smell the kosher coffee.

I associate with dozens of Muslims and I can assure you that they, one and all,  are aware of the origins of Daech. So ask yourself the simple question, why are the BBC and Sky News teams cursed with such a mind block, concerning this simple reality? You are being brainwashed, pure and simple.

I recently posted a short youtube video clip, Find the White Man, It was filmed in London. If that clip did not bring home the reality of what is happening in the UK and the lies which you are being told to disguise this reality, reinforced by Political Correctness, which creates an atmosphere in which discussion is discouraged , consider yourself as being no more than a lost soul, doomed to extinction, because you have lost the will to survive.

Start to take a pride in your Race.  White Pride is NOT White  supremacy.  You are not responsible for the past crimes of the Jewish/British Empire. However you are responsible for what they are doing right now.


In case you missed it;