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The Two Universally Taboo Topics, Which Are Strangely, In Bed Together.

Adolf Hitler is generally accepted as the most evil man in history and he must remain so.  There is no way out for Hitler, we have all seen the Hollywood films, those poor Jews, getting out of the cattle wagons and being marched towards the place where we see their hair falling to the floor,  then the room where their cloths fall to the floor and then the room where we hear the duh duuuuuhn music and a close up of that deadly shower head.

We have never seen a film which exposes anything other than that, at least I have never seen a film which deviates from this stock version of history. To question this version is to expose oneself to a torrent of abuse and for many a term of imprisonment.

Inexplicably, there is no evidence whatsoever in support of these claims and yet there is a mountain of evidence suggesting that they are lies. Nevertheless, with what appears to be proof positive of the disinformation, with which we have been spoon-fed since the cradle, before their eyes, most people, instead of taking the trouble to check it out, search for a way of getting around this evidence.

I have never been asked the question as to why, Hitler is so hated, everybody knows exactly why he is so bad.  We have all been fed the same story.  At the same time we have been quietly deceived about the actual part played in the story of Hitler by the Jews,  a group which we all love because of the manner in which they were treated by Hitler and the Germans.

I happened to mention to a colleague a while ago that perhaps Hitler was not as bad as he was painted.  His response was to ask me if I was a Fascist.  I asked him what he meant by that.  What was wrong with Fascism? His response was to insist that all the Dictators were Fascists.  I asked him if they were Fascist despite their politics or because of their politics. He had no idea what I meant. When I explained that Fascism was a  political system which like all systems could be used for the good or for the bad and that Hitler had used them for the good he sneered at me.

 He warned  me that if I dared to suggest that after what the Fascist Hitler had done to the Jews, that his political system could be used for the good,  I would find that he would not be speaking to me again. That is the measure of ignorance even amongst the relatively intelligent sector of society.

When asked about the treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, most folk respond with the assertion that Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorist attacks. Hamas is considered to be a terrorist organisation, so in response to a bottle rocket, which may make a discernible hole in the sand, Israel has the right to kill two thousand civilians.

In France during the war, a war which along with the UK, France had declared against Germany and from which they rapidly exited by capitulating without firing a shot,  which was of course all part of the Master Plan, there arose a group called The Free French or indeed The French Resistance.  They were few in number during the war, however after hostilities ended they were numerous.

The aim of this group was to resist the occupying German forces, an objective which we can all applaud, despite the fact that in reality, it was to make sure that Hitler and Germany were not defeated before the rest of the Master Plan was accomplished. I am sure that you realise that the Master Plan was to force Hitler to take on Russia single handed, in order kill as many Germans as possible, to raze every German city and large town to the ground and to facilitate the entry of Stalin and the Russian Sector into Europe. all of which would lead on to the installation of the New Soviet Union in Europe, all of which has been accomplished.

In Palestine the Jews are an occupying force. In order to prevent any serious insurrection the Jews have incarcerated over one million souls into a vast Concentration Camp, in which they attack and destroy and murder and maim the prisoners and their hovels on a whim.  Do you get my drift?

There are many people who suggest that Hitler was in fact a Jew.  A Rothschild bastard in fact, which is how and why he became the Führer in the first place.  I once checked online to see if there was in fact any evidence of this.  I stumbled upon a site which suggested that after genetic examination it was found that Hitler was of African and Jewish origin.  Surprisingly when I checked the site from which this information arrived, I was amazed to find that it was the Holocaust Museum site.

I have been pondering ever since as to how they had managed to find a trace of Jew in a specimen of DNA. However this claim would suggest that they had either not realized that should this be so, it would indicate that the Jews themselves had carried out the Shoah, financed by Rothschild, or that they fully understood that there was no such thing.

Now there are numerous events which have taken place over the centuries, long, long, before the birth of Adolf Hitler and many more long after his death, for example the unnoticed English Revolution, the British people were not even aware of it passing.

Oliver Cromwell the sadistic animal who slaughtered the Irish, in order to finance the English Civil War was obliged to accept poisoned loans from the Jewish Dutch Bankers.  When he found himself unable to repay the debt and in need of further financing he agreed to allow the Jews back into England from where they had been banished. Part of the deal was the murder of Charles the first.  Cromwell accepted all of these provisions and the Jews flooded into England.  Within less than twenty years London was ablaze and twenty-five years after that the Jews controlled the money supply and the English Deficit had been manufactured.

A similar state of affairs was set up in France, when after the revolutionary slaughter of the intelligentsia and the Bourgeoisie including the King and his Queen, a system of finance based on a gold standard was imposed, which introduced the French to the same Deficit/Debt ridden monetary system. The heads rolled and the blood ran down the streets of Paris in order to achieve this aim.

A few decades later the City of London was already experimenting with a European Genocide in Ireland where five million souls were either starved to death or shot while attempting to grab some of the millions of tons of produce, guarded by English Troops, on its way to the Irish harbours en route to England.

In 1917, skulking behind the slaughter of the Great War, the Jews unleashed their slaughterers on Russia, under the leadership of a pack of Jews from the US and in the words of Churchill:

“This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States)… this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19 th century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”  Churchill wrote this in the Illustrated Sunday Herald in February 1920

This was written long before Hitler could be accused of any dream of World Domination or indeed domination of Europe.  The first act of these barbarians in Russia was the cull of the Russian Orthodox Christians, after that the intelligentsia and Industrialists oh! and of course the Royal Family.

The same Jew, Churchill was himself responsible for the starvation of millions of Bengali during WW2, for no better reason than that he may have need of their foodstuffs to feed the British Army.  In the end he had no need of it.

Churchill’s description of this Jewish Movement, was quickly followed by the Jewish Young Turks, genocide in Armenia a genocide which was so successful that the Armenian’s were completely eliminated from Turkey.

So all in all,  during the time frame of a few decades, whatever claims the Jews may have had of persecution pales into total insignificance when compared with the slaughters for which they have been responsible, this is before we even speculate as to how many souls were eliminated in China by the Jewish puppet Mao Zedong.

So what justification can they possibly have for the stance they are maintaining over WW2 and Hitler?  Well there is one glaring difference between all of those other genocides and the “holocaust,” the evidence is on the ground, for all of the others,  whereas there is not a shred of evidence in support of the “holocaust.”  So one can only speculate as to what would be the response of the general public should there prove to be real evidence proving that it was a lie.  This is one of the clips direct from the holocaust museum video library, which we were never shown.

So there you have it, when all of the accusations against Hitler fail to hit the mark, the last and most deadly smear to his integrity is to call him a Jew.  In a strange way he has been a godsend for the Jews, who as a result of their claims of his behaviour have garnered billions of Dollars and Deutsch-marks in reparations for an act which to this day is hotly disputed.

The Case Of The Missing Ingredient.

Along with a lot of other people, I was led to believe that to eat well one should buy branded food stuffs. One could trust the major brands, unlike the products in those down market shops such as Lidl and Aldi, where apart from the odd Reindeer steak at Lidl, to add a bit of zest to Christmas dinner, it was wall to wall category 2 foodstuffs.

So imagine my surprise, when it was disclosed that my preferred frozen Lasagne, was not only not baked in Findus ovens, as I was naive enough to believe but in some back street in a French industrial cook-house, from a bubbling cauldron of various meats, no doubt including a bit of dog and a few neighbourhood cats, which was poured in to aluminium trays, frozen and packed into the appropriate boxes, whether Lidl or Findus and no doubt many other brands.

If this is the reality of Globalisation you can stuff it. It was frightening enough to find that we have been eating donkey and horse meat, the next surprise is likely to be that Fortnum and Mason Lasagne is made in China and has been “beefed up,” with some powdered plastic, which mimics protein.

Do any of these people actually manufacture, the food which is in the boxes bearing their name?  Is is not a form of fraud for Findus to be charging twice the price as Lidl for exactly the same product? Is it not true that Findus picks the peas  and freezes them so fast that they are as fresh as peas straight from the pod? Is Captain Birds-eye a sinister little prat deceiving children into eating stale fish?

It is not reassuring enough to be told that your Beef-burger does not contain horse, what I would like to know is exactly what it does contain. I still have vivid memories of a large pile of chicken meat, rotting away on the floor of a ware house, which a team of undercover investigators filmed being “reconstituted” to make it fit for human consumption, using various disgusting methods to disguise the stench of the rotting flesh. People had been eating this filth, for an unknown period of time, before the scam was exposed.

Those of you whom are partial to a rasher or two of smoked bacon, should not read on.

I have been an observer of the practices employed in the Pork and Bacon trade for some time. Some of the methods which I observed would definitely turn the stomach of most consumers.

One of the main problems in the business is flies. They are ubiquitous in the meat trade. Wherever they land, they leave an egg or two. After a while a side of bacon can be crawling with maggots and slimy and greasy, with an eye-watering stink.

The butcher is obliged to scrape the putrid filth off the carcase as best as possible, he will then cut off the Gammon and Forend, these will be sent to the canning department, where they will be cooked and Cryovaced, which is an air-tight plastic bag vacuum sealed.

He will then turn his attention to the middle of bacon, he will make sure that all of the maggots have been removed, stick a meat hook through it and carry it off to the smoking loft, where it will remain for a day or two, picking up the delicious aroma of smoky bacon.  For this joint you will expected to pay more than you would be expected to pay for Green Bacon, which will in most cases be fresher. One should never buy SAC Middle rashers, that stands for Smoked After Cutting, a sure sign of a cover-up.

One of these days, I will let you know, what I saw through a small window into the slaughtering room, believe me, despite the presence of Veterinary Officers, the cruelty involved in the kill, is beyond belief.

However, back in the real world, the British are satiating their blood-lust in Syria, where their SAS operatives and masked Mercenaries are blowing little children to meat, in their efforts to impose their preferred government onto the Syrian people.

The millions whom they have slaughtered in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, did not quite satisfy their hunger.  Cameron has just admitted “regret,” for a massacre in Amritsar, in which hundreds of peaceful protesters were gunned down, Bloody Sunday style by “Our Boys.”  He did not of course make mention of the genocide which was carried out in Bengal during World War 2, by the hypocrite,  whom made the following remark to the UK Parliament, Churchill’s genocide, with the aid of the Australian Government, starved many millions of Bengali people to death.

I mean the slaughter of nearly 400 persons and the 
wounding of probably three to four times
as many, at the Jallian Wallah Bagh on
13th April.  That is an episode which
appears to me to be without precedent 
or parallel in the modern history
of the British Empire.  
Winston Churchill. UK Parliament. 
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