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The Bolsheviks Have Us By The Balls And Osborne.

David Cameron has pledged to attack corruption, head on, in the secret talks which he will be holding with a bunch of the most corrupt people on the planet at the G7 meeting in Bavaria.

During this meeting, which will be controlled by “The Men From The Mafia,”  Cameron will make no effort whatsoever to unmask the real enemies of the people, he will instead go for the throat of FIFA.

Having already pointed his Voodoo bone in the direction of the FIFA over-the-hill mob and promising to “save the game we love,” we can be sure FIFA will never again award a World Cup, to any State, such as Russia, without clearance from the Corporative Committee which controls the world.

Sebb Blatter has been bombarded with vicious allegations by politicians and Press alike and as with the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the Chemical attacks in Syria and the brutal murders of Gadaffi in Libya, no reasonable proof has ever been presented to justify the claims, all of the above along with the accusation that Osama Bin Laden carried out the 911 attack remain no more than contrived allegations,  claims which were excuse enough to justify the murder of millions, ” in order to save them,”

Sky News, the propaganda machine, which bamboozled the British people into a state of acceptance of the illegal War Crime against the Libyan people, by appalling reporting of events on the ground, were also on hand to mislead us once again about events in Syria.  Sam Kiley, an “objective” journalist, today posed the question, during an interview, “What is being done to take down Assad’s brutal regime in Syria?” Is that him speaking or Israel, from where he spreads his bile.

His foul-mouthed Sky cohort on the afternoon News, Kay Burley, completely lied about what a spokesman from Merlin,  the company which runs the fair-ground at Alton Towers;  where an accident on a Big Dipper caused some serious injuries,  had actually said, by completely ignoring his objection, when she claimed that he had admitted that the security had been lax, when he had said no such thing and he complained that she was putting words into his mouth. For the rest of the day Sky repeated this lie.

Another Sky hack, complained that he had been stopped from forcing his microphone down the throat of a FIFA official,  when reporting the “main news of the day” from Trinidad and Tobago, believing himself to be some sort of official who can demand a response from someone who has nothing to say to him.

A non-attentive Common Purpose monitor on the evening edition of the Adam Boulton show, allowed a guest to explain to the world,  i.e. whatever percentage of the world still seeks its News from Sky, that Israel was a “Terrorist State.”

Boulton completely ignored the suggestion, which should have grabbed his attention, should he not have been aware of the truth in the claim, whereas his silence confirmed his complicity in the dis-information about the Racist, Apartheid, War Criminal, State of Israel, where more than 500,000 Palestinians have been murdered since 1948, by the Polish Terrorists who carried out the original invasion and seizure of Palestine.

And now for today’s maths problem:

I would like you to explain as to how Hannah arrived at the result which was achieved.  There are 650 sweets in a bag, Red, Blue Yellow, Purple, Green and one slightly broken sweet which was Blue and White. Hannah picked and ate the broken Blue and White sweet.   What are the chances of Hannah finding at least five more Blue and White sweets in the bag? The answer involves the number 0.30%

There are a thousand and one variations  available to test the logic of this equation,  for example, the BBC prides itself on fairness and its honest and fair presentation of current events.

So what are the chances of being allowed to ask George Osborne, the Finance Minister – on the BBC flagship political show, Question Time –  which allows the man in the street, the possibility of grilling his rulers –  a question regarding his total support for the corrupt and criminal, fractional reserve banking system in the UK. A system which allows banks to print money, a facility which should be controlled by the Government and never be allowed into the hands of criminals such as the Banking Cartel?

I can guarantee that no such question would ever be broadcast by the BBC.  Why even George Galloway complained to the Beeb that they had allowed a question to be asked of him, which he had not agreed to answer, during the careful selection of subjects before the show was filmed, which exposes the total lack of spontaneity on-screen.

Cameron is in the process of renegotiating the UK’s links to the EU, despite being told that there is no possibility of changes which would affect the right to free movement within the Community.  Cameron is seeking a change  which would stem the flow of immigrants from other EU member States, but which would do nothing to stop the teeming hordes from Africa, which include those folk whom have been bombed into the Stone Age as a result of British and French War Crimes in the region for which neither country has been put on trial.

Cameron, today referred to the British as being caring because they were pulling some of the victims of their naked aggression out of the Mediterranean.

Very few people understand the importance of the Treaty of Lisbon,  which was signed by Gordon Brown, with the full support of all other Parties in Parliament.

Hidden in the several hundred pages of the document, were plans to cede control of the Parliaments of all EU member States into the hands of the un-elected Politburo in Brussels.  A Politburo which is not only un-elected but which is also Communist.  This is all part of the long-term plan of the Bolshevik Communists, to install a world-wide regime,  which will be controlled from Jerusalem, the Capital City of Greater Israel.

The caring British are even as I write, arming and training ISIS, a group which is being used to destroy Syria, which will then along with Iraq, be dismembered and the best parts handed over to the Bolshevik Jews to build their dream of this Greater Israel.

However you can all relax and rest assured there is no way out of this mess for the British people.  There are strange goings on these days and it is difficult to keep up to speed with events, however one thing is sure, that should Cameron appear to fail in his efforts to disengage from certain regulations in the EU and finally calls a referendum, the result of any such referendum will be rigged to suit the new agenda.

Cameron and his one time Fag from Eton, have already started to dismantle the UK into Super City Regions, each with an elected Mayor, an idea which is not on hold awaiting the result of any referendum,  because this is a dictate of the EU Politburo,  which would suggest that the referendum result will be rigged, otherwise the total dismemberment of the UK into easily controlable zones, where most of the inhabitants would be crammed into these Super Cities,  would serve no purpose.  The aim is to create disparate groups of folk locked into their own powerless ghetto.

The reality of the EU and membership of it,  is soon to be taken out of the hands of the hidden filth behind unelected Politburo in Brussels. Every member state which was offered the chance of a referendum over the Treaty of Lisbon refused the offer and yet in France, Holland, Denmark and Ireland,  the choice of the people was ignored and the Treaty signed by traitors.

One must remember that the Treaty was originally referred to as The Constitution, which was refused by the voter, they then, in the words of Valery Giscard d’Estaing,  changed a few sentences and called the document, which is of 100’s pages,  a Treaty, the acceptance of which by the people did not warrant a vote. All of this was decided behind the curtain as they say, giving no choice to the elected retards, whom have just given themselves a 10% pay hike, with permission of course

As is the case in the current bean feast in Bavaria, which is being overseen by “The most powerful woman in Europe”  Angela Merkel – whom is afflicted with an uncontrollable urge to constantly stroke the coke sniffing, bi-sexual, Black President of the US – not one of them, including the Black President, has the power to change anything.

Merkel, pretends that she and Germany have control of the EU, because they have the strongest economy.  That may be so, however it must never be forgotten that Germany is still an occupied Country, as it has been since the end of WW2. The Jews from Eastern Europe and the US did not only carry out a genocide in Palestine at the end of the war, they also swarmed into Germany in their thousands, to retake what they had lost when the National Socialists had disinfected Germany and took back what had been stolen during the Weimar Republic, which was of course a Bolshevik Communist operation.

To round-up this sad litany of betrayal and treason, one should bear in mind,  that all of the main players, in the upper echelons of the Labour, Tory and Lib-Dem’s are members of the Bilderberg group, where they will all sit down together, George Osborne and Ed Balls plotting together  the best strategy to continue the theft of the meagre funds of the British working class, while waiting for the big boys from the CFR and the Royal Institute for International Affairs to arrive, with their “For Your Eyes Only” dossiers. Hands up all of those who voted for any of them.  Shame on you.

The only way out of this situation is to get rid of them all. There is nobody in the UK Parliament who is not controlled.  Every member has been carefully vetted, making sure that they will all tow the line.  So it is no good looking to them to make changes.


I wrote this post back in 2015, when I suggested that the UK would not be allowed to leave the European Union. British politicians are still struggling to prove me right.







Election Fever Grips The United Kingdom.

In all of the years, in which I have been interested in the farce of politics, I can not recall ever having been informed, on at least three or four occasions per day, that the coming election, can only be won, by one or the other of two men, Cameron or Miliband

The BBC and Sky News, have been inferring, that however adventurous it may be, a vote for any one of the Parties, other than Conservative or Socialist,  is a wasted vote. Is this Democracy?

The people are being misled to believe that it is imperative for them to vote for these two Parties, because whatever you do with your vote, it is certain that one of these will win, therefore it follows, that if you do not vote in your habitual fashion, you will allow the other to win, rather than your own preferred Party. In the past one hundred years, the British have never once deviated from this rule and like sheep, they will do the same thing this time around.

Ever since 1900, when the Fabian Society, a group which was financed by the same people who gave us Communism and the brutal concept of Social Darwinism, invented Socialism, which was based on exactly the same philosophy as was Communism, introducing us to the notion of a political concept which was in support of the working man.  Ever since the UK has been dominated by the idea that Democracy was merely a battle between the rich and the poor, without noticing that there was no dichotomy whatsoever between the adversaries. A reality which is referred to as SNAFU.

I watched a strangely creepy event on Channel Four the other night, which involved the leaders of both of the possible winning parties in the coming election.  The inquisitor was Jeremy Paxman, the late attack chihuahua of Newsnight for the BBC with the assistance of the disgraceful Kay Burley a Sky News reader.

 Burley once, notoriously asked the wife of a mass murderer, if she was in some way responsible for her husbands killings of prostitutes because she had not given him enough sexual satisfaction.  More recently she felt justified in asking a Muslim his feelings about Jihad John’s beheadings of  hostages and whether he felt that British Intelligence Services were responsible for radicalizing him.

The Muslim replied in a perfectly reasonable manner, suggesting that people were not necessarily being radicalised in a simplistic manner by Clerics but more by other events which were taking place across the Muslim World.

The whole interview was a farce as the beheadings were fake and nobody died, at least not at the hand of Jihad John.


So there we were, in Bilderberg member Rupert Murdoch’s studio, with David Cameron and Ed Miliband, both members of the same Bilderberg Group, being questioned by Jeremy Paxman, which I believe is referred to as a brace of Jews.  What a coincidence in a country with such a tiny number of Jews, so we can rest assured that no reference will be made by Burley or Paxman about the Jews theft of Palestine and the genocide against Gaza, with a smirk on their faces.

The only half way decent question,posed by Paxman, was when he asked Miliband, at what point would he consider that there were enough immigrants in the UK,  Red Ed, the son of a Stalinist, refused to be drawn, illustrating that he is intent, as was Blair, on the destruction, through immigration of the British People.

Both Party leaders know full well that immigration is the hot topic at the moment, which is why these two “servants” of the British, refuse to allow the British,  what they know full well is what they want, a vote on membership of the EU, because like every other country where a vote was allowed, the people voted “NO,” as would the British,  a decision which is not allowed by the Bolshevik controllers of the EU, who now have total control of the UK, a fact which has not yet been made clear to the British people.

There is no Party running in the upcoming election, which has a manifesto which  explains the contents of the Lisbon Treaty, which was signed by alleged paedophile Gordon Brown and which allows for the complete destruction of British Sovereignty through the medium of new Regions which will  join parts of the UK to France and Scandinavia, which could mean that the coming election will be the last such election to be held in the UK, should the British choose to remain in the EU.





The Bilderberg Boys’ Bluff It Out.

Today, in London, Chancellor of the Exchequer, or is that Finance Minister? George Osborne, or is that Spanky Osborne?  No matter, made what is called his Autumn Statement.

I listened intently to his tales of progress and his promise of a continuation, of his policies, until he had paid every last cent of the British public’s money, into the bottomless coffers of the Central Bankers.

George Osborne is a member of the Bilderberg Group, from where he receives his orders.  This is against British Law,  a serving member of the Government, is forbidden to take part in discussions, which will affect the British voter, without having first asked for permission to do such a thing and having done so, he is obliged to make public, whatever may have been discussed at any such meeting.

Across the big table, in the House of Commons, sits his apoplectic, bellicose, supposed opposition spokesman, Ed Balls.  Balls is also a member of the Bilderberg Group.  He too receives his orders from the same source as does Osborne.  He too is obliged to explain his participation in these discussions to the British voter, however, along with Osborne, he refuses to even admit to having taken part in these secret discussions.

So I would suggest that these men are both in support of exactly the same programme and any apparent differences between them, is no more than cheap theatre for the benefit of the dumbed down voter.

For example, there was a contrived, world-wide, economic collapse, in 2008.  There was hardly a country which was not brought to its knees as a result.  Despite this, the Conservative Party in the UK, persistently claim, that what brought the UK down, was the mismanagement of the Labour Party, which was in Government at the time.

The Labour Party never responds, to these bogus claims, they appear to be perfectly content to accept responsibility for the crash. The result being, that they have presented the Conservatives with the perfect excuse, to install massive austerity measures, for which they blame the Opposition.

The Conservatives, as did the Labour Party, before the last General Election, have promised the electorate a referendum, to decide whether the UK remains within the European Union, after the next election, while the Labour Party, which reneged on its promise, has now adopted the position of the Conservatives, by refusing to allow a referendum, should they win the next election. The Conservatives, in the meantime, are putting in place, policies which any real  Socialist Party, would not dare to do.

So all of this would appear to telegraph a victory for the Socialists in the upcoming election, which will once again deny the British a referendum on Europe and it will of course be too late to undo all of the savage cuts and changes, which are being introduced by the governing coalition, such as the plan, which will force the British to work until they are seventy-years old, before they can demand a retirement pension. At the moment a huge percentage of pensioners are already dead before reaching their seventieth birthday.

The British, whom are quite hard of thinking, will not yet have noticed, that it has already been decided that the Socialists are the only real opposition to the sitting Conservatives. I imagine, that should you demand, of a sheep in the street, his opinion of the Real Socialist Party, he would probably have no idea of what you are talking about.  I may be wrong, however having seen reports on alternative TV, I have yet to see any mention of them on the Free British Media, they have been too occupied with the weather and Nigella Lawson and her Cup-Cake Team.

In a way, it is hardly surprising that there has been so little publicity being given to this group. They are indeed quite difficult to separate from the Labour Party, which has been referred to as the Socialist Party for generations, it may have been more intelligent take a new title, which did not have a direct route back to the Fabian Society, which would have helped to disguise, their affiliation to the Communists and the “wet dream” of World Control.

They are calling for a return to Nationalisation, which works in the interest of the people and not that of a group of Hedge Funds.  So they are apparently  still in the dark as to the “real” intentions of Communism, which is now referred to as Communitarianism. It is a strange shift in British politics, when a Real Socialist Party, is on the same side as their peers in the Conservative Party.

        Power to the People!

Is Alex Jones Nothing More Than A Tosser?

So our hero comes to London. He is strangely, offered the opportunity to appear on the BBC Sunday Politics Show, with Murdoch’s man, Andrew Neil. So what does Jones do? Well of course had it been you or me who had been given this opportunity to present our point of view to a National audience, we may well have prepared a list of pertinent questions, with the intent of forcing the men from the Ministry as it were, into a corner but Jones, well as usual, he simply left the Reservation.

Not a single question about the cost of Policing the event. Not a word about the attendance of  George Osborne and Ed Balls at the same venue. The business about the Bilderberg group issuing a press release after each meeting was garbage, which was not contested by Jones. Should such a press release have been made, it would most certainly have been ignored by the controlled media, which has itself been well represented at past Bilderberg meetings.

Listening to alleged predatory paedophile Kenneth Clark, referring to the get-together as nothing more than a chat amongst friends, was as inane as Joneses claim that it was all a Nazi Plot.

As more and more information, about the construct of the European Union is unearthed by diligent researchers, there is a concerted effort being made in the UK, to lay the blame for this mess at the door of Adolf Hitler, instead of where it should be laid, at the door of the self-proclaimed, future Masters of the Universe, the Communists, whom were aided and abetted by the Allies, in the war against Hitler and whom cast Eastern Europe into the jaws of the Russian Communist savages, which set-up the first so-called “Block” in Europe, which was most certainly not inspired by Hitler.

Listening to Jones screeching, that it was all because of Hitler, reduced him to the level of a gibbering idiot. When he was asked why he had not been killed, he claimed that it was because he would become a martyr. I would claim it to be because he is fulfilling an important role for those whom are playing around with the minds of the people. This whole broadcast had the stench of a well prepared mind control operation and Jones played his role in the manner of a Shakespearian professional.

Take a good look at the manner in which the BBC Editor focused on the fat, greasy man, with the strange hairstyle, as he made the gesture that Alex Jones was a nut-case. This was an obviously well prepared scenario. Jones is not that stupid. I wish he was, as that would be an excuse for his extraordinary behaviour, which puts the efforts of us all, whom are after the truth back five years into the past.

This is Neil on his day off with a certain Michael Portillo

If the link refuses to work, check out on YouTube…Andrew Neil Amarillo Spoof Song. It’s quite amusing really, yesterday it took a lot of work to find this clip, however since I have had a few views  on the post, it has been uploaded by others, this one is the boxer Amir Khan, I hope he got the idea from my Blog. I’d like to be able to greet him as a reader.


We Are Entering The Final Lap Of The Race To Hell.

Our Zionist controlled politicians, are busily preparing the ground, in exactly the same manner in which they provoked Japan and Germany into the Second World War, which has been so named in order to bring it into line with the so-called prophecy of Zionist and Free Mason Albert Pike, whom spoke of three World Wars, in order to provide the possibility of Zionist control of the planet, to force us into a Third World War, which has been spoken of as a war against Islam.

The Muslim people are being destroyed, while we watch the spectacle, in the manner of Romans in the Coliseum watching Gladiators fight to the death.

One by one, country after country, the Muslims are being cruelly put to the sword or simply condemned to a slow and painful death by radiation poisoning. The West is of course distracted by far more important events, football, tennis, Tour de France, golf and very soon the Zionist Olympics. No wonder these caring folk have so little time to spare, worrying about others.

They seem incapable of even the slightest concern about the millions of tons of radio-active waste, which is hurtling towards us from Fukushima. Fish is still very much on the menu, despite being already contaminated. There is not a cubic metre of air on the planet which has not been contaminated with Depleted Uranium. So what! Appears to be the common reaction.

There appears to be a total lack of concern for the well-being of the paid killers, whom we refer to as “our boys,” as they are daily contaminated with this Uranium,  as they fire their weapons at those unfortunate people whom find themselves in Free Fire Zones.

The British public is extremely upset at the moment, because certain Military Regiments are being disbanded. Amongst them is the Regiment which was awarded eleven Victoria Crosses, for the courageous slaughter of Zulus’ with spears, by men with Gatling Guns.

The British have a lot for which to answer and the day of reckoning may arrive very soon. They have just voted for the second Zionist controlled Government in a row without even noticing. They will vote the first one back into power at the first opportunity and will expect a different agenda next time around.

They have been so distracted of late, by the sumptuous wedding of Kate and Wills and the lavish celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the Queen’s reign, that they have failed to notice the thousands of elderly folk whom are being starved to death in hospital wards, that is, should they have survived the winter. It would appear that death by dehydration and starvation has quietly become the most common cause of death in our hospitals. The alarming increase in the rate of Autism in children and sterility in both men and women would appear to be of little importance.

The Bankers whom have been caught cheating trillions of pounds out of other people’s pockets seem to be guilty merely of ignoring regulations, Grand Larceny is not a crime for bankers, it would appear. This is of course because the folk at the top, will have made a fortune from the deal, so we cannot expect the Queen and Rothschild to be arraigned in Court. They could of course not have been unaware of what was going on. It will be fun watching the “whitewash” live on Sky.

The Serious Crime Squad, should they want to, will not be allowed to check Rothschild’s or the Bank of England’s accounts, Rothschild demanded this right for himself, he is too important to have to answer to the Law, as the rest of us must.

So here we are once more, in the middle of all this mayhem, still trying to destroy Syria. Hilary Clinton and William Hague are vying with one another, to present the most ridiculous hyperbole and lies surrounding events on the ground and the guilt of the various parties involved, most of whom are in the pay of NATO, a Zionist controlled corporation.

There is little to choose between the group of GI’s, whom under the control of Sergeant Bales, killed and raped their way through two villages in Afghanistan, burning the bodies of the victims as they went and the paid groups of mercenaries in Syria, whom are doing the same thing. Folk like Hague and Clinton are responsible for both. They should be driven from power, not Assad, whom has invaded no country.

Politicians in the West, apparently have the same exoneration from guilt as do bankers and industrialists, they are, after all only following orders. In the UK, the Queen is the Head of State, which makes her responsible for all of the Acts of Parliament, which have been passed under her signature. She is ultimately responsible for the carnage which is being carried out by her Military. She could stop it quite simply by ordering her Military Men to withdraw from illegal wars, in which the UK is involved. She is the guilty party in all of the illegal UK operations since nineteen fifty-two.

She has stood idly by, watching the destruction of the UK and the impoverishment of the people, without batting an eyelid. She it was whom signed into law all of the illegal EU treaties, which have destroyed the UK. She is in fact a traitor, as are all of her Prime Ministers, since the days of Churchill, that mass slaughterer of innocent people, whom helped force the world into the Second World War.

The British people have been so dumbed down, that they cannot understand the simple maxim, “It doesn’t matter for whom you vote, the Government always wins.” Which is why they have been involved in a game of Yo-Yo with the two main political parties in the UK.

This bunch of jokers in Parliament, do not even bother to read the Bills for which they vote. They will not have noticed how Blair concealed, in one of these un-read Bills, a change in the Treason and Sedition Law, in order to prevent the prosecution of himself and his co-conspirators, from the revenge of any “Free” government which may come to power.

The French have displayed an equal degree of blind faith in the political system, by voting into power François Hollande, a professional politician, a Free Mason and Bilderberg member, believing him to be trustworthy.  His first pronouncement, after election, was his willingness to support an illegal war with Syria. He then, of course, backtracked on all his “rhetorical” election pledges.

As with the war against Hitler, the City of London is mounting a coalition of the guilty, to take out the last of the debt free Muslim States. Just as with Hitler, whom believed himself to have the support of Stalin, only to discover the ulterior motives of the Russian Jews, Assad believes he has the support of Putin in the struggle to save Syria from the Zionists and the debt soaked Central Banking system, he will be sadly disappointed. Russia “collapsed” to order, it has been under Zionist control for generations.

Hitler represented exactly the same threat to the Central Bankers and industrialists as did Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi. Germany was mutilated in exactly the same manner as were Iraq and Libya. Nothing has changed in the intervening years, the tactics are the same. Germany has now become a central part of this new” Coalition of the Guilty” and under the present Zionist Government, will with zeal, deal out the same form of criminal attacks against other states, as were once perpetrated against Germany. Where are the free German people now?

When it finally dawns on these deluded disciples of Democracy that we are just cover for a dictatorial group of criminals, intent on total control of the whole patch, it will be too late to do anything about it. Despite a surfeit of evidence, they refuse to accept that they are voting the Mob into power. Take a look at a few films about the Mob, Scorsese’s “Casino” for example and ask yourself whether you can expect any sympathy or understanding from this type of psychopath. These are the type whom have already taken control of politics. Be warned, we truly are a long way down The Road to Perdition.

This clip is truly disgusting. Please be warned, if you are even slightly squeamish you will find it hard to watch.

Has François Hollande Been Struck Down With War Fever?

The recently elected Messiah of the French dozing classes, François Hollande, recently refused to rule out a military attack to free the Syrian people of the Assad regime.

He said he would be prepared to take part in a UN intervention should it be on the table. Does this mean that having just promised to bring the French military home from Afghanistan, he is about to divert them to another illegal, unnecessary barbaric attack on a Muslim State?

Is this man expecting us to believe that he cannot understand that every time an atrocity is carried out in Syria, there are blood curdling howls from the governments which are under the control of the Jews, to invade Syria? So does common sense not suggest to him that Assad would be the last person on the planet to order such an atrocity?

As President of France, is he taking for himself the power to declare war on whomsoever he chooses, under the cloak of the Jewish controlled United Nations, which is a private corporation?

Where now are his promises to put a hold on austerity measures, which are driving the French economy into the dirt? Where are the renegotiations of the Fiscal Pact? In short where is any promised measure, which distinguishes him from Nicolas Sarkozy, the most detested President in French History.

Has he not been brought up to speed on the nature of the Banking debt which he is attempting to pay off, through the means of the taxes of the French working public? Has he not noticed that there is not enough money in the world to pay off these debts? These debts are a fraud, which were deliberately generated to create exactly the situation which now exists.

Does this mean that Monsieur Hollande, like his predecessor is a Zionist, Bilderberger, Free Masonic tool of Israel? Is this why he has caught the lets kill a few more Muslims while we have the excuse, sickness, which was so evident during the Sarkozy term in power? Is this what he was learning during his time with the Zionist controlled French American Foundation?  Has it all become a case of “Here we go again,” so soon after the election?

Well we did not really expect anything else, did we?

Blair At Leveson: The Lies Continue.

The charade of the Leveson Enquiry continues today, 28th May 2012, with an appearance by Anthony Blair the ex-Prime Minister of the UK.

The intention of the enquiry is to present the UK Press as some sort of loose cannon, to which politicians must  pander, in order to garner support in elections or in the presentation of policy. The main question in so far as the politicians are concerned is the too cosy relationship between the Press Barons and the Government.

Blair is the man whom stood in front of journalists from all forms of media, during the build-up to the destruction of Iraq and lied through his teeth. The media for their part presented more-or-less a united front in  favour of his aims.

As is usual, the difficult questions were asked after the event. We are witnessing a repeat of this performance with regard to Syria. Where it is clear that the UK are arming and supporting the same group of terrorists, which it made use of in order to destroy Libya.

During an interview, this very morning, on Sky News, a spokesperson from the Foreign Office, was referring to a vicious attack against women and children in Syria, as a cynical act of the Syrian Government, without a shred of evidence to support this claim. To anybody of minimum intelligence, it would be clear that this form of attack is the last thing the Syrian Government would perpetrate, while it has become par for the course, for the British paid Mercenaries. They have lynched and murdered an unknown number of Black Libyans since the murder of Gadaffi, whom can no longer be wrongly blamed for these acts.

The Sky News reporter did not so much as question the source of this “evidence,”  was this under orders from above or are Sky journalists basically stupid?

Later on Sky, they covered William Hague’s lies and deceit to the Russian Foreign Minister. The Russian, having slightly more savvy than the Sky journalist, explained to Hague that the perpetrators of the attack were unknown and before fingers could be pointed, it would be necessary to hold an enquiry.

Leveson should be asking the important questions and not the frivolous nonsense about support during elections. The most important question which will not be asked is, what is discussed at Bilderberg meetings and has Blair been involved in a group meeting at Bilderberg which included Rupert Murdoch?

Murdoch’s attitude to the attacks against Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya cannot be fairly discussed without access to the aims of a group which claims to be responsible for Political policy across the World. He, along with the Milliband brothers, Ed Balls, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Maggie Thatcher, John Major, Nick Clegg  and many others are members of this shadowy group, which would be responsible for choosing which of the UK political groups would gain the support of the Murdoch Empire.

The entire British mainstream media, whom have exclusive access to Cabinet Minister of whatever party, are in total collusion with the Government, which is why the British public are kept in the dark over such matters as the banking system and the National Debt.

All that is being investigated by Leveson is tittle-tattle. Leveson himself is no doubt a Freemason as are the majority of Establishment figures, which is why any enquiry in the UK is doomed to failure from the word go.

Sky News, which is at the heart of the Leveson Enquiry, because of Murdoch’s desire to take it under his control, is presenting a one hundred per cent support for the aggressive government attitude towards Syria. In a later bulletin they called on a spokesperson from Chatham House, The Royal Institute for International Affairs HQ, to emphasise William Hague’s threat to the Russian Foreign Minister, that if Russia and China refused to support NATO, he was prepared to provoke a Civil War, which he could expand into Lebanon.

While Blair was forced into denying his involvement in War Crimes, after being accused by a gate-crasher to the enquiry and while Jay the interrogator is asking questions about the attack against Iraq and the position of the press at the time, we are being presented with a totally one-sided view of events in Syria, by a partly owned Murdoch enterprise.

Sky News has been accused of aiding NATO attacks against Gadaffi in Libya, by passing GPS positions of targets which the “Rebels” wanted taking out. Without any regard for the people within.

I do not think the UK Government needs to lose sleep over the support which it is getting from its totally controlled media. They have a long history of lies and they all possess a copy of Editorial Rules For The Press, which is kept up to date by the Shadow Government representative in Chatham House.


The Leveson Enquiry Obscures The Issue