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Why Do We Put Up With All This Crap?



Here we are, as we have been so many times in recent years, in the middle of a “pandemic” called CoronaVirus, a drop dead version of the Winter Flu. Remember the Tamiflu scam? While some of the merchants of doom are forecasting the end of the Japanese and Chinese Industries,which will spread ruin all across the industrial world, which now, I am told now depends on “at the last minute” tooled products to complete the manufacture of European Motor Cars, which European Engineers once proudly manufactured for themselves.


The Industrialists, whom greedily sought cheaper products, through the use of Communist slave labour in China, either have had a hand in the coming “plague” like disaster, or they have all shot themselves in the foot. However one way or the other, Europe, which has allowed its industry to be deliberately decimated, along with the production of silly little items like sanitary towels for women and most of the Opium Laced MothersLittle Helpers, which have become a daily essential for millions of Europeans, not to mention simple medical needs likeAspirins.

Those whom know best, certainly chose a good moment to stack Europe to the rafters with millions of hungry immigrant mouths to feed, just as the entire world is poised for an international food famine, due to crop failures in Australia, the United States, Africa and in many places across Europe and Asia.

In the midst of this ongoing problem of starvation, “We the rich and powerful” have been busily reducing many poor countries, the likes of Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq and Syria, back into the Stone Age, unable to feed themselves but still under “sanctions” until they do as they are told.

I am ashamed to be governed by these animals, whom pump my money into “rogue states” like Israel, which is owned by the richest man in the world, who would see the whole Middle East in flames, to assist in his aim of taking control of the entire region as his Earthly Kingdom.

Those like Norman Dodd were warning us about the encroachment of Communism in the US during 1950s, while Senator McCarthy was busily digging them out as a serious threat to Democracy in the United States.

At the same time the British Communists, under the control of the Fabian Society, were busily destroying the fundamental structure of the United Kingdom, by bringing in thousands of Black and Asian immigrants, whom seventy years on, have never integrated, while at the same time British children’s education has been devalued, to suit the needs of the least capable, while ignoring those whom once formed the basis of theI industrial Revolution with their innate genius.

Having been forced to live in fear of naming those whom would destroy us, and observing “our leaders” licking the boots of a bunch of murdering scum, is there any wonder the White Christian World is falling into decay? Read this quote, made by a Jew and tell me why Germany is held responsible for World War Two, if you can:

“We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry… Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry.

We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based, we are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going.

The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance.

And we are the Trojan horses in the enemy’s fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.”

– Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of Israel, in a Speech on December3, 1942, in New York.

Add to that the fact that the “propaganda” which was used is much the same as is

the propaganda used to murder Muammar Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein in and currently against Bashar al Assad in Syria and Maduro in Venezuela, with the same murderous intent, by the scum we call “Our Leaders”.

We have leaders whom are currently either in favour of the murder of young children in Gaza, by Jews, whom murder and maim them without mercy, while politicians in the British Parliament, screech out lurid attacks against Assad in Syria, in a war which was initiated by the British, whom are even now generating the propaganda to keep the war going until the Jews get what they greed after, and we are meant to accept this nonsense even as those same Jews are calling for our elimination because we have been forced to accept the blame for the past crimes of these Jews, like the Slave Trade. They now tell us that Whiteness is the embodiment of racism, so we can no longer be allowed to be White, we must be “browned ” out of existence.

I firmly believe that every last one of those students should be slung out of that college and taken to court for provoking violence against the professor, in any work situation, you would be sacked on the spot for such behaviour.

Immigration Has Gone Too Far. Murders And Rapes Are Out Of Control.





Three ofThe Six Muslims Convicted In Huddersfield For Raping Children.


We Whites, as Europeans, are expected to stand by and keep our mouths shut, a mental state inflicted onto us by a load of bullshit called Political Correctness, even as a bunch of rapists, drug pushers and murderers are being deliberately dumped onto our shores, where they find any equally stupid bunch of controlled politicians whom will eagerly pay them to rape and murder without so much as mentioning their origins in Newspaper reports, for fear of being called racists, while we must watch our children being terrorised by these filth, whom now have the “brass” to call themselves European which apparently means we must take care of the “rights” of this scum. Am I dreaming or what?

In Sweden  gangs of Blacks from the jungles of Nigeria are building up, in several large towns and cities, a Voodoo gang of murderers and drug dealers, they have titles like the Black Axe Gang, a group which the Swedish police describe as a Death Cult, with a form of justice which is delivered with a machete or an axe.

It has been disclosed by a certain police spokesman with the strange name Jale Poljarevius, that their activities are currently confined to silly little things like drug trafficking and prostitution but there is mounting evidence that the Black Magic side is becoming more evident. Why, one might ask,  are these filth being allowed to remain in Sweden anyway? 

There is no point in even discussing the situation in America where the Blacks are such a honed rape and killing machine that they can rape twenty-three-thousand White women a year and murder many of them when the rape fest is over and are responsible for fifty-two percent of all murders in the USA, which are carried out by a mere three or four percent of the population of America, and they are telling us that they want to import even more of this scum into our midst? Since the days of Obama couple of Jumbo Jets fully charged with sick Somalians, have been “daily” flying into the States, from Somalia, bringing along with them Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Ebola amongst other African diseases, and turned loose on the American people, without so much as a cursory check for contagious diseases like Leprosy.

What amuses me about all this, is that we have half-wits like Trudeau in Canada being hauled over the coals, for putting a bit of shoe polish on his face, when should I personally want to go to a party disguised as Michael Jackson, I would no doubt have to pretend he was White and not Black to suit those whining Black idiots, all of whom have appropriated all of White culture, having come from a land where clothes were rare.


All that matters to me and many others just like me, is to get Africa repaired into a land fit for Blacks, so that they can all go home to Black Land, from where they have driven out all the Whites and where in South Africa, the home of the Black Murderer Mandela, where they are now planning the last push to kill off all dem der Whites, without a word from the Jews whom control South Africa and whom are bringing in the Chinese whom will soon be taking total control of all of Africa and its resources out of the hands of the Blacks.

Political Correctness makes no difference to reality on the ground, however carefully you speak to an idiot it will not change his Intelligence Quota and nor will any amount of brainwashing. We Europeans have been given no choice in the swamping of our homelands, those decisions were taken on our behalf, by Politicians in the Labour Party, in the first instance, whom were also involved in the infliction of Communism on Russia and soon after that the importation of the so-called Windrush Generation into Britain. The modern day version of these traitors are now calling themselves Green New Dealers, with an open door policy to invite millions more hooligans into Europe to enrich us all.

Personally I believe, in the repatriation of people back to lands, where they will not feel in any way inferior and where they can live alongside others of the same race, which will be an enriching experience for them, having spent so many years sitting around with nothing to do, in White lands but to eat and listen to mind numbing Rap Muzak or plan for the coming Civil War, which they will lose, which is called the inevitable result of biting the hand that feeds you. It’s all a matter of intelligence. Talking of intelligence, at what point will our “Leaders” be embarrassed into doing something,  before Europe finally collapses. You can be sure that I will be marked out as a scheming racist for writing this screed, that goes without saying.







Are We All Supremacists Simply For Being White?

 After all these “ years and the bitter experience of the USA at the hands of those whom we prudently refer to as the “elite” the name of McCarthy, is still taken in vain, and his warning dismissed as being mere propaganda. McCarthy, in fact told the honest truth, however he sadly omitted to explain, that those “Communists” were all Jews.

Hollywood was crawling with Jews, the studio owners were all Jews as were most of the stars like Gary Cooper, John Wayne, James Stewart, Edward G Robinson, Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas, all of them Jews whom played a role in the hoodwinking of the people of the USA, into the belief that their wars were justifiable, which is still the message coming out of modern Hollywood, which supports all of the Bankers Wars.

There is no need to explain who owns the Banking system, the media and more or less everything else in Modern Day America, and the number of Jews in Government is extraordinary and is a tribute to the power of money and the greed of The Members of the House.”

The above is the ‘slightly altered’ content of a comment, which I attempted to post on the RT Web-Site, in response to an article which included reference to McCarthyism, a comment which apparently refused to remain visible, either for the purpose of moderation or for a more sinister reason called censorship.

I quite deliberately used the word Jew, in the comment because I am suggesting that the power of Jews in American life, is overwhelming. All of the names presented can be quickly verified as being Jews, which is how these people refer to themselves. However in view of the proposed International Law, laying out the rules of how we must treat Jews, to avoid being in any way anti-Jew, could well forbid us to call a Jew a Jew.

None of which explains why RT, which never misses an opportunity to brand any supposed opposition to the status quo, as being Fascist or Neo-Nazi, should take an exception to the word Jew, apart that is from the fact that Jews controlled Russia after the Coup d’Etat and saw to the massacre of sixty-five million White Christians and some observers claim that the Jews still control Russia and Putin, which is why Putin so readily accepted the participation of the Bolshevik controlled State of South Africa into the upcoming BRICS grouping,

South Africa was never a Black country, despite the current attempt by Blacks to convince us that they invented everything, including the pyramids and all of the other wonders of the world. There is no evidence that they ever created anything and that South Africa was an empty land, which was of no interest to the Zulus or any other bunch of cannibals whom carried out all sorts of tribal warfare farther North.

The Blacks were immigrants, whom prudently never attempted to impose themselves onto the Muslims, whom are not Black but African and they would have simply slaughtered the Blacks out of hand had they entered Muslim lands and demanded a free lunch, which is why the Blacks never claim the North of Africa to be a Black Land and only those parts settled by Whites.

Whites are being cynically slaughtered using the excuse of White atrocities in past times, which were actually caused by the overwhelming invasion of Blacks into those White lands, much like what is going on to this day all across Europe and the United States. Whites are expected to pay “guilt money” on the one hand to those brought to America “in chains” even as millions more are quite freely flowing into Europe and the States for that “Free Lunch” to escape from the bestiality of Africa, where sadistic warfare is a daily threat.

As far as I am concerned there are only two topics worthy of discussion at this time, the most important being the swamping of Europe and America with Black People, which is all part of an agenda to depopulate Africa, to the point where a relatively small number of Blacks will be available to assist the Bolshevik Chinese in the theft of all of those African resources, which have never served any useful purpose in the hands of Africans.

On top of that the Bolsheviks believe that the days of Europe are numbered, the New World will revolve around Asia and the newly industrialised China, India and Korea, which is why attempts are being made to get the Chinese hands on the Lithium of North Korea.

Europeans are being slaughtered by design. We are the only people on Earth whom are expected to open our doors to an incoming plague of refugees all of whom are arriving not having figured out a way of looking after themselves but  with hands outstretched looking for charity.

Gerald Kaufmann, in the UK and Dianne Feinstein in the USA, both of them Jews, are calling for open door immigration from all the lands which the NWO want to empty. We either go along with it or wake to reality. We are being taken down to Third World status, even the deserts of the Middle East, where the oil and gas are to be found, are now more important than is a resourceless Europe.

Asia, with its massive population will provide adequate labour and customers for the products of China, while the de-industrialised European World, is handed over to Muslims and Blacks. White customers are relatively small in number these days, thanks to our efforts to murder our own children to make room for the offspring of others. 

Later in the day, RT ran a Sophie and Co episode, which discussed White Suprematism with an ex-skinhead who claimed to know all about the Extreme Right Wing, extremist White Supremacists. I do not believe that I have ever heard the term White Supremacist uttered to describe all and every White Demonstrator on the streets of the USA, more freely than in this program, after a while it became interchangeable with neo-Fascist and Nazi and all of other hyperbolic terms used against those whom were defending the taking down of the statues of Confederate Heroes, with a police and Local government permit, despite which they are being accused of the ensuing violence and not those Antifa masked mobsters , whom turned up to deliberately provoke violence. That is the new norm in the modern USofA. I have yet to figure out what a White Supremacist actually is, as I have never met one.


The Race To Hell With No Way Back.

The cries of racism and xenophobia are now sounding extremely hollow, as it becomes clearer by the day, that Europe is being invaded by so-called refugees, most of whom are young, relatively rich and Black, almost all of them from African Countries, which are jam-packed with Western trained Private Military Combatants, whom have been allowed to stream into Europe in huge numbers, by a compliant group of traitors in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Sweden, allowing Europe to be swamped from top to bottom, with trained killers, arms for whom have already been discovered in containers in Greek and Spanish ports, which are destined to be used to kick off a Europe-wide Civil War.

Claims that Europe needs these people as nurses in hospitals, to save crumbling Health Services and to pick strawberries, is total crap. These men have no intention of carrying out Social Work, they are, as do all invaders, already raping our women, which in past times lead to lynchings, but which are now being condoned because these ignorant bastards claim to have thought raping children was OK, as it is in their neck of the jungle, next they will be telling us that to eat their victim is good for their complexion.

These people have driven the Whites out of Africa, where their cousins are currently announcing that they will soon be killing off those Whites whom remain in South Africa. The Blacks inherited fully functioning States from the White Colonialists, which have now fallen into ruin, while these same Blacks now want to live in White Countries, have you ever heard such stupidity? They kick us out, while the likes of Merkel tell us, we must swamp Europe with Blacks because we must accept “diversity” unlike liberated Africa, which is for Blacks.

There is something seriously wrong with this situation and it is about time that Whitey woke up to his precarious situation. Blacks slaughter Whites, while Whites are called Racists, I find it hard to get my head around that one. These Blacks in Africa have been fed by those with an interest in using Black terror, to do to Europe and the United States, what they did in South Africa. They have invested billions of Dollars into this scheme. They have done nothing to help the Africans, apart from give them food to eat while they shagged themselves stupid and set about filling the Earth with hungry Black mouths to feed and we Whites, whom they have been trained to hate, are expected feed them, when they have already shown that they have no respect whatsoever for us.

The Black immigrants, whom were rejected by Italy, have been given shelter in Spain, where they threw away gifts of clothes from the Red Cross, before going into town to boogie, with hundred Euro notes in their wallets and Smart-Phones in the hands. Our Politicians should be rounded up, stood against a wall and treated the way we treat traitors, whom have deliberately lowered the draw-bridge and allowed the enemy to enter Europe, they have sold us down the river. They knew exactly what they were doing.




These elected puppets, are even now, attempting to pass laws which will forbid us to so much as name, those whom would do us harm, while they are arming and funding our declared enemies, with our money. They have just laid the Middle East to waste, with a pitiless campaign of terror bombing, while “We The People” watch bastardised European Football teams take part in the World Cup. We are even being forced to deny our identity and even our sex, to suit these scum, whom are even now proposing to teach little children the ‘art of Sodomy’ in kindergarten.

The ‘Authorities’ claim it to be impossible to deport these folk, I say that if these people found their way to Europe, they can find their way back to from where they came, that is their problem. The few women with children amongst them can be flown home, the rest can be dropped off on the coast of Libya. Whatever happens they must go before Merkel and her Communist cronies allow them to bring the rest of their families to Europe, to finish us off.

It was suggested on a radio program, that in fifty years or so, there will be three billion people in Africa, with no means of support, there is no way Europe can save them all. European women are being encouraged to murder their own young, while those like Nicolas Sarkozy are proposing that the White French breed with Blacks, as if Blacks are not already overdoing it without help from Whites. Why has there been no use of the abortion strategy amongst those whom have need of it and not among the Whites whom we are daily told are incapable of breeding enough children to maintain their Race? These bastards treat us as like idiots.

Black and Jew Racism Against White People

Oh how I have tried, to understand the advantage of this Block-Chain, virtual money madness. All I can see with this fast arriving technology, is a near future control of every aspect of the economic system of the entire world and by extension, control of all and everything upon it.

The Bankers are coming out of the shadows, pretending to be having a belated interest in this ‘bit’ of money system, which will in effect provide them with their much sought after World Monetary System, which will allow them to monitor every transaction, even as it is being made, which will cause a few problems for those whom trade in drugs, without the ‘legal’ permit.

It will also make it impossible to live your life without carrying a load of technical junk in your pocket, to use to buy a simple cup of tea, that is until they have us all chipped up, at which point, you will simply have to wave your chip in front of the other chap’s chip, to close the deal.

I suppose when this technology comes of age, everybody on Earth will receive vital information, such as exactly what Mrs Trump had daubed on to her anorak, instantly provoking world-wide cries of disgust and calls for her husband to be impeached, through a carefully vaccinated News Chip, received at birth, none of which, though duly given widespread coverage, is of any importance to most people.

I have watched a few minutes of the World Cup, nothing much changes, only European teams are still the sole ‘rainbow’ coloured, diverse specimens, while the rest of the World has real National Teams. Why is there no diversity elsewhere, might one dare to ask?

A certain Monsieur Sarkozy, a former French President, having promised to force French women to breed with Blacks, did, when asked by a Sheik of Araby, if he intended to suggest the same fate for Arabs, stuttered oh no! deary me, no no no, only with Blacks, that way they will all end up Brown, just like Arabs.

How, I wonder, will all of the above be recorded in ‘History?’ It would appear that the more we pretend to ‘know,’ the less we understand. Even when we do understand, particularly those things which we are not supposed to understand, we can find ourselves in detention. Why are utterances of some things ‘forbidden’, while utter rubbish is being passed down as ‘truth?’

That being the case, why in this modern era of the freedom of information, which is itself severely restricted, are we forbidden to investigate certain past events, particularly those allegations, which we have been educated to believe to be fact, by those, by whom we are controlled, out of a fear of exposing a pack of lies perhaps?

There are so many things, which we ‘think’ we know all about, which are in themselves so stupid, that the fact that any moderately intelligent person is prepared to accept them as truth, brings the very concept of ‘knowledge’ itself into question.

What exactly is written history, apart from the listing of the names of the scoundrels, whom have in past times laid the world to waste, with their military campaigns, in history books which recorded their escapades, like the one-hundred-year war, or the thirty-year war etc? While those whom record these events, are at the same time, destroying other important evidence, which suggests that the whole construct of the modern world, is based on deceit?

A book, which should be on the curriculum in all schools, is the tale of Gormenghast, a truly fabulous tale of the lost direction of the Groan Dynasty, which has fallen under the control of the Master of the ‘Ritual’ which has maintained Castle Gormenghast in a state of suspended animation for an eternity.

An image of Theresa May, who was recently photographed, on bended knee, subjecting herself to the future King of England, demonstrates that in many ways, Mervyn Peake’s belief, that we are all trapped in a form of Gormenghast Castle, is chillingly accurate.




 Recent disclosures have demonstrated, what we have all secretly suspected, that the Bible, on which even the ‘Alternative Media’ is prepared to base its belief, in the prophetic announcements of yet to come situations, which ‘could’ be speaking of current events, the so-called “Mark of the Beast” being a prime example, of an announcement of the ‘chipping’ of humanity, was in fact a work of fiction, which was carefully concocted, using only bits and pieces, selected from certain scripts, while others were dismissed as being the ‘wrong sort of Gospel’, for the New Roman Version, of Pagan Christianity. The heretics, whom refused to accept the Roman version, were duly burnt at the stake.

One of the most striking things about the Bible, is the absence of the Jews. Whoever was whipped out of the Temple, by Jesus, was a group of mysterious people, whom had learned the magic of money, a secret which has never been explained to us, the long-suffering debtors, whom have been magically robbed blind by these blood-suckers for centuries. Many people suggest them to belong to a long line of criminals going all the way back to the Sumerians.

So what will be different about the ‘Bit’ money, will it be interest free perhaps? It appears to be possible to ‘Mine’ it out of nothing, I wonder where that idea came from and who or whom will grab control of those mines when the time comes? This notion has already attracted those whom make money out of money, many of whom are already ‘Bit Money Millionaires’.

Judging by the above, we are already into the realms of handing over a part of the money, which you may have actually worked for, producing stuff, with value, which will be taken out of the economy and used to pay the gamblers on the Bit Trail of unearned millions of bits. Seems like the same old story to me. So from where did the disinformation about the real, false value of money arrive? It is after all merely a measure of the time and cost involved in making whatever you have to sell.

We are now rapidly approaching the Universal Salary, which will have nothing at all to do with work, as that will be seen too by Robots, so I am told, leaving the idle millions with nothing better to do than to watch television and buy cheap, Robot made crap. Even the kids over there, will find themselves out of work, and of course all of the immigrants can clear off back to their countries of origin, without fear of having to work for a living when they get there.

The Windrush Generation, whom while lacking a care about the end result of the murderous deeds of St Nelson ‘Necklace’ Mandela, in South Africa, where the Blacks, having failed miserably in their efforts to construct Wakanda, stole White South Africa, from those by whom it had been built, and whom are even now suffering the raping of White babies to death, by Blacks, in front of the babies parents, before torturing and slaughtering the parents, in fact, in keeping with all Blacks, those caring sharing  ‘Wondrushers‘, have yet to find a spare moment in their endless whinging and whining, to call for action against those Black Barbarians in South Africa, whom have already brutally murdered more Whites in the past ten years, than the number of Blacks killed by Whites in South Africa, during the past three hundred years. That is the real ugly face of Racism.

Invisible money, like ‘Bit Money’ will be perfect in this New World, which will of course be controlled by the Banking Mafia, that goes without saying, and like the Whites in South Africa, the remaining Christian Whites will soon be ‘seen too’ by those kindly folk,  whom are already calling for a White Genocide. 

 I have been reminded by readers, on several occasions, to be more circumspect in my use of the word Jew, as I am told that not all Jews are responsible for whatever some Jews are most certainly responsible, while the same rule does not appear to apply to those Jews like Ignatiev, whether he is talking about Whiteness being the cause of Racism, suggesting that I am guilty of this suggested problem as are all other White people, or indeed to Blacks who screech out endless claims of Racism against Whites, never against some Whites, we are all lumped in together by both of the groups whom claim total innocence for themselves. Well they have joined forces in America and South Africa and their target is me and you Whitey, so the big question for us, White People, must be, are we going to lie down and take it.



A statistic, which might come as a surprise to our Black whiners, is that the White Christian World has suffered far more in every way than have those poor miserable Blacks in the United States. While the African Continent, from which they were rescued, by the slavers, has been chock full of Genocidal outfits like the Zulus, since the dawn of time, which is why Africa is to this day trapped in the Stone Age. Perhaps those Blacks whom I understand created Western civilisation could go back to their roots and do the same thing for Africa, before the Chinese steal it all from under your noses.

 A final question as to the end result of a Universal Salary and a mere illusion of money, combined with hard working Robots, will that not deny the Dandy, Greedy Classes their right to untold riches, should the wealth of the world be equally spread around all Nations, or are they expecting there to be a sudden drop in the World’s population?


The Underdog White Race Is On The Run!


In the words of James Thurber, “You can fool too many people too much of the time.” Thurber nailed it and what is more, those deceived people will grimly fight, tooth and nail, for their right to be fooled. Any suggestion, which contradicts their received view of reality, is treated as being nothing more than the foolish belief of an uneducated moron, which is signified with a forefinger screwing into their temple, suggesting their interlocutor to be ‘screwy’ or brain-damaged.

An interesting facet of these strongly held beliefs, is that they do not require any evidential support whatsoever because “we all know them to be true” unlike an opposing idea, for which they demand endless amounts of evidence.

I recently posted a clip which demonstrated the collusion of the British Broadcasting Corporation, with the hidden hand, which is determined to destroy White Christian Culture. The British people are being presented, by this controlled BBC, as being completely in favour with their own destruction, through the medium of the ‘forced’ immigration, of people whom have every right to be in Europe, because like the Jews in Israel, whom claim to have ancestral links to the region, the Sub-Saharan Africans can now claim that even Friar Tuck was Black.

This, combined with an effort to under-mine local authorities, by introducing a replacement Religion, Islam, with a local leadership, which reflects the religion of the incomers, even as Christianity is dying and the now almost childless European women, are being outstripped by the birth of hundreds of thousands of immigrant infants, whom are being born to parents, whom are in no position to care for them without State support.

David Cameron, who is no friend of the Muslim in the Street, having been in favour of the illegal wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, which he later claimed he would not have supported had he been aware of the deception involved by Blair, Bush and company, despite which he, Cameron then destroyed Libya, using an even more ludicrous lie as his excuse, he is now conspiring with “Conservative Muslims’ to place ever more of them into positions of authority, even as the war which he kicked off in Syria, using the exact lame excuse as he had used in Libya, has displaced millions of people, whom Cameron and his cronies in Israel, would prefer to see resettled in Europe, in order to, provide more space for Israel. None of which is ever reported by British News outlets.

When one looks at the desecration across the Middle East, where in many places hardly a building has been spared, where millions of lives have been lost and millions of people have been forced to emigrate or are living in refugee camps, while the British, French and American media, still tell us, with a straight face, that all of this carnage was as a result of ‘humanitarian’ action to ‘save’ those people from ‘evil’ dictators, one can only marvel at the true depth of their lies.

These same disgusting people, are now claiming to be accepting these teeming hordes, of severely traumatised people, into the heartlands of those by whom they have been destroyed, to ‘save’ Western civilisation from a claimed demographic disaster, which they have themselves created, through the means of ‘the pill’, abortion and the implantation into the minds of the people of Europe, that they must reduce their populations, to ‘Save the Planet’ from over-population, while the incomers are promising to breed Europe out of existence. 

New restrictions on ‘Free Speech’ will very soon deny you the right to even have these things explained to you, without the acquiescence of Google or Facebook, both of which are using ‘spies’ to block any mention of the ‘real conspiracy’. The ‘problem’, which Katie Hopkins presents, in the following clip is no more than the ‘reaction’ to the problem, of  which she has yet to suggest a solution.

Of one thing White Europeans can be sure, their own Political system is in the hands of the most extreme group of pure evil sadists, which has ever skulked in the shadows, watching as the world is being slowly strangled to death, to suit their maniacal notion, that ‘they’ whose identity must never be exposed, are the true ‘Kings of the Whole Wide World’ while their controlled Politicians, whom have been put in place, through the use of the most devious of systems of control called Democracy, which has never delivered any such thing, pretend to be unaware of what is going on, as the real target of all this mayhem, becomes more clear as the days go by and yes, it is YOU, the White Christian people, whom have had the guns of the World trained on to you and your own total extinction now looms over you.

The solution to this problem is in your own hands, the first step in the resistance, must be to stand up and confront those whom would destroy you. To continue to remain silent in the face of this onslaught of naked hatred and racism is suicidal. There is no country on Earth which treats all incomers, of whatever Race or Colour, in the manner in which White Christian countries have been duped into believing, that they are ‘obliged’ to do, because of past crimes, which are based on an idea that only White people have behaved in an aggressive manner in past times.

The Blacks in Africa, whom were not lucky enough to have been sold, by their ‘own people’, into slavery, are now conducting extreme forms of Racism, against Mixed Race “Coloured People’ in the ‘Rainbow State’ of South Africa, where all opportunities are strictly reserved for the immigrant pure Blacks, whom with the assistance of those whom would destroy the White Christian Peoples, have already stolen the ‘White’ country of South Africa, from those by whom it was built, in the manner in which Israel is being stolen from the indigenous ‘Rainbow’ people of all faiths, into the hands of a particularly brutal group of ‘mono-faith immigrants, with the assistance of Christian governments in France, Britain and America, while the United Nations, which is itself under unelected control, allows every atrocity, in both South Africa and Israel, to pass, without batting an eyelid.

In the United States and Britain, two States which were quite deliberately flooded with Blacks from Africa, where those Blacks are now responsible for a completely disproportionate amount of Rape, Murder and Robbery and yet this situation has never been openly discussed, even as these violent Black people, take to the streets, in protest against their White victims, whom are being downtrodden to suit the demands of these Black criminals, and whom are even being denied their right to protest, without coming under attack from paid assailants.


The Dying Rebels Of Dear Old Ireland.



The Irish are already being expected to pretend that the Black Gangs in Dublin are really cuddly little poodles and not at all like the Black knife gangs in London or the serial Black murderers in Chicago, or the butchers and cannibals in Johannesburg, the once beautiful White African Christian city, when these Blacks arrived in Ireland well they had left all that nonsense behind, hadn’t they?

Varadkar the self-confessed Sodomite, intends to bring a million more of them into the Emerald Isle, as if the dose which is already there, is not stark evidence enough to declare a Black Free Zone all across Europe. When even kids in the street are being mugged and degraded by these yobs, is it not time to welcome in a few more Polish people, whom have behaved well, while in Ireland and they did at least know which end of a screwdriver was the working end.

I can guarantee the Irish, that at least eighty-percent of Black incomers will never work and should a million Irish people, search a Black country, which would be prepared to house, feed, educate and heal ‘them’ for the rest of their lives, as the incomers into Ireland demand, they would soon find themselves on a hiding to nowhere.

A million Black incomers will very soon be demanding a quarter of all Irish jobs and a quarter of the Members in the Dáil. Irish schools will quickly be filled to the rafters with Blacks and Muslims and within a generation, thanks to the Irish Women’s desire to get rid of their ‘nuisances’, Ireland, as a Celtic country will cease to exist.

Is this what the Irish people so valiantly struggled to regain from the English, during the past three hundred or more years? If past heroes had known that the current crop of ‘patriots’ would simply give the Ireland, they fought so bravely to liberate, to these Black Africans, they would be ashamed of their descendants and quite rightly so.

Added to which, the Black immigrants into South Africa, are even at this moment, ruthlessly killing the only ‘civilised’ people in Black Africa, the White Christian Boers’, whom in return for having blessed these Black ‘immigrants’ into White South Africa, by giving them the highest living standard in Africa, for their generosity, these White Christians, with the assistance of Bolshevik Jews and American money, are on the point of being wiped out, by those claiming that Africa is for Blacks.

The same Bolshevik Jews, using American money, are now intent on doing to Ireland, what the Jews did in Palestine and South Africa, using the same immigration weapon, which is now being unleashed all across the White Christian World.

Donald Trump is being blasted for imposing tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum, the Globalists are complaining that American manufacturers will be at a disadvantage, by having to rely on high-priced American metals’ to make their pots and pans, which is a load of tosh, as all of those pots and pans are being made in China and imported into the States, where there are millions of illegal immigrants and millions more are on their way, while all of the jobs are going in the other direction.

In Ireland, while the Irish have been forced to seek work overseas, the immigrants are being given priority treatment, in whatever jobs are available and they are first in line for housing. This is sheer treachery and yet to mention it is called racist’ while the Blacks and Jews are allowed to get away with this behaviour with impunity, even in Ireland, which has already suffered enough under the Jews and their British puppets, while being totally innocent of the Colonisation of any African Country, which were once controlled by the British and French, with covert Bolsheviks pulling their strings. That being so, why is tiny, innocent Ireland, being targeted by Black refugees, is it simply because they are White and Christian and stupid enough to accept ungrateful parasites?

The entire Western White Christian World would do well to learn a lesson from the behaviour of the Blacks and the Jew Bolshevik Communists in South Africa, where the tales we have been told about events in South Africa, have been a pack of lies.

These Blacks are mainly Zulus, they were not the indigenous people of South Africa, however it was they whom in past times were responsible for massacres of other Blacks all across sub-Saharan Africa and were most certainly deeply involved in the slave trade. They have absolutely no right to lay claim to the land of the Boers simply because they are Black, but they are being encouraged to do so by the tacit support of the City of London, the inhabitants of which have already taken control of the Gold and Diamond mines.

The deep involvement of the Bolsheviks in South Africa, is verified by the total lack of concern, shown, in the United Nations and across the NATO member States, for the slaughter of the White Christians in South Africa, and the lack of action against the killers in Israel, hooting with delight as they embed another dum-dum round into the kneecap of a Palestinian youth. Only those whom call themselves by a variety of aliases could get away with such bloodthirsty acts.

 To find the world, which was encouraged to place an unending round of sanctions against the so-called ‘apartheid State of South Africa, by the Jew Joe Slovo and his Bolshevik Communist leader of the South African Communist Party, wife, whom encouraged the Communist Nelson Mandela, a leader of a terrorist group, to carry out the murder of hundreds of Boers, now ignoring the even more cynical behaviour of the Mob which controls Apartheid Israel, shamelessly claiming that they are retaliating against Hamas, which like Mandela, is a covert group set up by the Jews. This grim reality tells us all we need to know about for whom our elected politicians are actually working. Remember how they all adored Saint Nelson and Necklace Winnie?

 The real tragedy, at the heart of this nonsense, is the fact that the Blacks, have been turned against White people, whom have taken steps to make sure that the Blacks are given an equal share of whatever is available, by the very people whom sold them into slavery, in the Christian world, and whom dumped them when it suited their agenda, expecting White people to pick,up the cost and  whom are now pushing the idea that the White people must now make payments of reparations to the Blacks, for the crimes of which, Black African Chiefs and Jew slavers are responsible.


Sadistic, Ritual Killing Of Twelve Year Old White Boy By ***** Savage.

Jonathan Foster

The brutal killing of this twelve-year-old child, by this Black woman,  is so shocking that it beggars belief. Yet the media response was difficult to locate. The Daily Mail in the UK, was the only reference which I have found, despite being aware of the incident. At the time of the event itself, the horrific story was completely blacked out.


This is yet another indication of the campaign to create a false version of Racism and the continuing attempts to create a Race War, against White People.

Make no mistake about it, had this child been Black and the savage whom killed him White, we would have been deluged with cries of White Racism.

The Media, which played down this tale, is the Jewish controlled Media, which not only ignores the massive scale of the Black on White crime, which is becoming an everyday feature of life, it is the same Jewish controlled Media, which has in some way made all White people, by inference and association, feel guilty of an event in past times, which they claim happened to them.

For what it’s worth, the first slaves on the American Plantations, were Irish, while the bulk of the Slave Traders were Jews. There is still a vestige of the Irish Slaves in Jamaica, where they inter-married with the Black slaves.

The Irish never mention their servitude to the Jews.  Any more than they demand reparations from the English, for the horrors of the Irish Holocaust, which left five million dead.  The Jews, whom have never paid one penny in recompense for the untold millions whom they have slaughtered, while the Blacks,  say nothing of the Black Slave Traders, whom rounded them up and sold them,  are,  in the same manner as the Jews,  attempting, with the wholesale assistance of the Jewish Media, to hang it all on  Whitey.  None of my friends ever bought or used Black slaves.

This horrific crime against a little twelve-year-old white child, took place over two and a half years ago.  The Black woman, tortured the child to death, with an oxyacetylene welding torch, while he was bound with cord. She then dumped his body in a ditch, this was filmed by CCTV cameras.

This outrageous crime against the White community, is not at all unusual, it is in fact becoming common place. It is in keeping with the brutal gang rape of an eighty-five-year-old woman, which took place in front of her ninety-one-year-old husband, by a gang of Black savages. Both of the senior citizens died as a result of the attack.

In another incident, a white couple were kidnapped, the woman was gang raped, by Black “gangsta” and her body dismembered, while her husband was murdered and dismembered. Neither of these two incidents, which are only two of thousands of others, were reported in the News.


While everyone on the planet, is aware of Trayvon Martin, who has ever heard of Jonathan Foster?  The crimes happened at more or less  the same time, why the difference in the amount of coverage?  Has Trayvon Martin’s mother extended her sympathies to Jonathan’s mother?  Maybe offered her a part of the cash she made from donations after the death of her son, whom was considered guilty, in absentia, of an attack on George Zimmerman.

The actual evidence against Trayvon Martin and that in support of George Zimmerman was given little coverage, leaving room for the real Racists, to continue to suggest that Zimmerman was guilty of defending himself against a six-foot American Football player.

People like Mona Nelson, a probable Black serial killer, should never leave prison. The evidence against her appears to be pretty solid. She does not deny throwing the dead boy into the ditch, on Christmas Eve, no less. She cannot explain the traces of evidence which were found in her apartment.  The burns on the child, correspond with burns which could have been made with her welding torch and yet she show no sign of remorse.   Uncle Joe Stalin, the Jewish serial murderer, was equally unmoved by his enormous crimes, while the Jewish controlled Media makes sure that his and their crimes are never properly exposed.

Be warned, this is all part of the continuing White Genocide.