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Hate Crimes And Hateful People.



In the United States if a White is murdered it will most likely be at the hand of a Black. On the other hand should a Black be murdered it will most likely be at the hand of a Black. For White girls the most common cause of an unnatural death is to be killed by a Black boyfriend. Should a White woman be raped, it is almost certain, in all cases it will be by a Black. Despite all of  which these Black savages have the nerve to take to the streets of America, howling about how “their” lives matter.

In view of the appalling crime statistics, which are kept by the FBI, which demonstrate quite clearly the depth of this Black criminality, why in God’s name are White people being describes as racist or bigoted for protesting about this state of affairs, while the perpetrators of this violence are being funded to take to the streets in protest at police reaction to their violent behaviour?

It is simply not possible to invite or allow six-hundred thousand immigrants, to enter any country every year and then allow them all to have access to a free health system and free housing made available for them and all of the other necessities of life.Take a look at the telephone directory for a city of six hundred thousand inhabitants and see just how many doctors, schools, teachers, dentists, policemen etc, are needed to run a city of six-hundred thousand, or explain how exactly existing resources could be expected to take on this huge surge in the population. Besides if all of this cash is available to take care of immigrants, why are there so many destitute people all over Europe, should they not be taken care of before illegal immigrants?






The number of Rabbinical lies in the above clip is ridiculous, what a shame it is that unsupported allegations like this can be made by no less a person than a Rabbi, who has managed to ignore the brutal daily actions, graphically displaying the cold-blooded behaviour of these so-called survivors In Israel, against a people whom have never done them harm. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre is calling for the conditioning of our children, in school classrooms, where they can be force-fed the unsupported claims of Jews, while the Jews continually deny the holocausts which have been carried out by them in Armenia and Ireland for example.


The guy from the Wiesenthal Centre claims there to be millions of documents proving the truth of the Holocaust, I defy him to produce any such document, the only existing records are those of the Red Cross, which visited all of the camps and found nothing improper taking place. The images of the people leaving the camp, along with their chubby well fed kids, tells a completely different tale. There were hundreds of marriages and births at Auschwitz and hundreds of survivors liberated “alive”.

Russia Today made a couple of factual errors, they did not question the “new”” death toll at Auschwitz, of one million deaths amongst the inmates, most of whom were Polish and it was claimed that the “six million” deaths of Jews, represented half of the Jewish population of Central Europe, which is plainly stupid as there were no more than five million Jews in Central Europe at the time. The Jews own figures which are freely available, provide the statistics for the number of Jews in every European country, and thousands of them left before the war started, and four million came out of the camps alive.

Listen to this piece of Jew crap proposing the annihilation of the White Race, just as they had once proposed the same thing for the German people, which actually starved and murdered twenty million Germans to death after the war was over. Previously the Jews in the “City” were intent on carrying out the genocide of the Irish people, whom were saved from extinction by the arrival of boatloads of food coming all the way from America to feed the starving Irish, bringing with them witnesses to the barbaric acts of the Jews, skulking behind their “fall-guys” the White British people, which forced them to reluctantly call a halt to the genocide, but not to the exportation of six-hundred-thousand more Irish people to America as slaves, as five million lay dead in Ireland.

These are the people, whom while calling for the right to brain-wash our kids in school, to accept their carefully selected version of history, which places their egotistical needs way above the needs of others, while there has been no criticism of their use of snipers in Palestine to kill and maim little children and we are meant to mourn with these animals because they tell us too, is that it?



Black and Jew Racism Against White People

Oh how I have tried, to understand the advantage of this Block-Chain, virtual money madness. All I can see with this fast arriving technology, is a near future control of every aspect of the economic system of the entire world and by extension, control of all and everything upon it.

The Bankers are coming out of the shadows, pretending to be having a belated interest in this ‘bit’ of money system, which will in effect provide them with their much sought after World Monetary System, which will allow them to monitor every transaction, even as it is being made, which will cause a few problems for those whom trade in drugs, without the ‘legal’ permit.

It will also make it impossible to live your life without carrying a load of technical junk in your pocket, to use to buy a simple cup of tea, that is until they have us all chipped up, at which point, you will simply have to wave your chip in front of the other chap’s chip, to close the deal.

I suppose when this technology comes of age, everybody on Earth will receive vital information, such as exactly what Mrs Trump had daubed on to her anorak, instantly provoking world-wide cries of disgust and calls for her husband to be impeached, through a carefully vaccinated News Chip, received at birth, none of which, though duly given widespread coverage, is of any importance to most people.

I have watched a few minutes of the World Cup, nothing much changes, only European teams are still the sole ‘rainbow’ coloured, diverse specimens, while the rest of the World has real National Teams. Why is there no diversity elsewhere, might one dare to ask?

A certain Monsieur Sarkozy, a former French President, having promised to force French women to breed with Blacks, did, when asked by a Sheik of Araby, if he intended to suggest the same fate for Arabs, stuttered oh no! deary me, no no no, only with Blacks, that way they will all end up Brown, just like Arabs.

How, I wonder, will all of the above be recorded in ‘History?’ It would appear that the more we pretend to ‘know,’ the less we understand. Even when we do understand, particularly those things which we are not supposed to understand, we can find ourselves in detention. Why are utterances of some things ‘forbidden’, while utter rubbish is being passed down as ‘truth?’

That being the case, why in this modern era of the freedom of information, which is itself severely restricted, are we forbidden to investigate certain past events, particularly those allegations, which we have been educated to believe to be fact, by those, by whom we are controlled, out of a fear of exposing a pack of lies perhaps?

There are so many things, which we ‘think’ we know all about, which are in themselves so stupid, that the fact that any moderately intelligent person is prepared to accept them as truth, brings the very concept of ‘knowledge’ itself into question.

What exactly is written history, apart from the listing of the names of the scoundrels, whom have in past times laid the world to waste, with their military campaigns, in history books which recorded their escapades, like the one-hundred-year war, or the thirty-year war etc? While those whom record these events, are at the same time, destroying other important evidence, which suggests that the whole construct of the modern world, is based on deceit?

A book, which should be on the curriculum in all schools, is the tale of Gormenghast, a truly fabulous tale of the lost direction of the Groan Dynasty, which has fallen under the control of the Master of the ‘Ritual’ which has maintained Castle Gormenghast in a state of suspended animation for an eternity.

An image of Theresa May, who was recently photographed, on bended knee, subjecting herself to the future King of England, demonstrates that in many ways, Mervyn Peake’s belief, that we are all trapped in a form of Gormenghast Castle, is chillingly accurate.




 Recent disclosures have demonstrated, what we have all secretly suspected, that the Bible, on which even the ‘Alternative Media’ is prepared to base its belief, in the prophetic announcements of yet to come situations, which ‘could’ be speaking of current events, the so-called “Mark of the Beast” being a prime example, of an announcement of the ‘chipping’ of humanity, was in fact a work of fiction, which was carefully concocted, using only bits and pieces, selected from certain scripts, while others were dismissed as being the ‘wrong sort of Gospel’, for the New Roman Version, of Pagan Christianity. The heretics, whom refused to accept the Roman version, were duly burnt at the stake.

One of the most striking things about the Bible, is the absence of the Jews. Whoever was whipped out of the Temple, by Jesus, was a group of mysterious people, whom had learned the magic of money, a secret which has never been explained to us, the long-suffering debtors, whom have been magically robbed blind by these blood-suckers for centuries. Many people suggest them to belong to a long line of criminals going all the way back to the Sumerians.

So what will be different about the ‘Bit’ money, will it be interest free perhaps? It appears to be possible to ‘Mine’ it out of nothing, I wonder where that idea came from and who or whom will grab control of those mines when the time comes? This notion has already attracted those whom make money out of money, many of whom are already ‘Bit Money Millionaires’.

Judging by the above, we are already into the realms of handing over a part of the money, which you may have actually worked for, producing stuff, with value, which will be taken out of the economy and used to pay the gamblers on the Bit Trail of unearned millions of bits. Seems like the same old story to me. So from where did the disinformation about the real, false value of money arrive? It is after all merely a measure of the time and cost involved in making whatever you have to sell.

We are now rapidly approaching the Universal Salary, which will have nothing at all to do with work, as that will be seen too by Robots, so I am told, leaving the idle millions with nothing better to do than to watch television and buy cheap, Robot made crap. Even the kids over there, will find themselves out of work, and of course all of the immigrants can clear off back to their countries of origin, without fear of having to work for a living when they get there.

The Windrush Generation, whom while lacking a care about the end result of the murderous deeds of St Nelson ‘Necklace’ Mandela, in South Africa, where the Blacks, having failed miserably in their efforts to construct Wakanda, stole White South Africa, from those by whom it had been built, and whom are even now suffering the raping of White babies to death, by Blacks, in front of the babies parents, before torturing and slaughtering the parents, in fact, in keeping with all Blacks, those caring sharing  ‘Wondrushers‘, have yet to find a spare moment in their endless whinging and whining, to call for action against those Black Barbarians in South Africa, whom have already brutally murdered more Whites in the past ten years, than the number of Blacks killed by Whites in South Africa, during the past three hundred years. That is the real ugly face of Racism.

Invisible money, like ‘Bit Money’ will be perfect in this New World, which will of course be controlled by the Banking Mafia, that goes without saying, and like the Whites in South Africa, the remaining Christian Whites will soon be ‘seen too’ by those kindly folk,  whom are already calling for a White Genocide. 

 I have been reminded by readers, on several occasions, to be more circumspect in my use of the word Jew, as I am told that not all Jews are responsible for whatever some Jews are most certainly responsible, while the same rule does not appear to apply to those Jews like Ignatiev, whether he is talking about Whiteness being the cause of Racism, suggesting that I am guilty of this suggested problem as are all other White people, or indeed to Blacks who screech out endless claims of Racism against Whites, never against some Whites, we are all lumped in together by both of the groups whom claim total innocence for themselves. Well they have joined forces in America and South Africa and their target is me and you Whitey, so the big question for us, White People, must be, are we going to lie down and take it.



A statistic, which might come as a surprise to our Black whiners, is that the White Christian World has suffered far more in every way than have those poor miserable Blacks in the United States. While the African Continent, from which they were rescued, by the slavers, has been chock full of Genocidal outfits like the Zulus, since the dawn of time, which is why Africa is to this day trapped in the Stone Age. Perhaps those Blacks whom I understand created Western civilisation could go back to their roots and do the same thing for Africa, before the Chinese steal it all from under your noses.

 A final question as to the end result of a Universal Salary and a mere illusion of money, combined with hard working Robots, will that not deny the Dandy, Greedy Classes their right to untold riches, should the wealth of the world be equally spread around all Nations, or are they expecting there to be a sudden drop in the World’s population?


Take No Notice Of The Media, Be Very Wary On The Multi-cultured Streets.




The need of the number of schools or hospitals in certain areas, or the upgrading of a highway or whatever, is based on the statistics of the number of vehicles using the highway or perhaps the increase in the number of children seeking a place in a local school. The statistics can be misleading, for example, we have been informed that ninety-seven percent of scientists are convinced that ‘people,’ are responsible for Global Warming. In strict terms that means bugger all should the group of scientists consist of half-a-dozen determined liars.


A mere cursory glance at the above statistics, which were compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, would suggest that their efficacy or otherwise, has been turned on its head, following a questionable “massacre” in a Florida School, which has provoked hysterical calls for the disarmament of all Americans, the majority of whom are involved in an extremely small proportion of murders.


The unreported statistics suggest that the majority of what are loosely called “mass killings” are carried out by Black killers, this is reflected in the above FBI statistics. So to avoid having to pretend that any White person, who recently visited a therapy centre, under the advice of his doctor, could well find himself on a “no gun” list, while the ‘elephant in the room’ the mass murdering elephant, could be quickly pinpointed without need of expensive inquiries and psychological reports and all that nonsense and that way the number of killings would be cut in half overnight, according to the ‘gun-grabbers’ by simply taking away Black gun rights.


All of the never properly investigated, mass killings, like Sandy Hook, where the school was summarily demolished, to destroy the “Non Existent Evidence” apparently leaving six-hundred and fifty children without a school to attend, a shortage which was coped with immediately, without need of another school, almost as if there were no children in the Sandy Hook school, which many claim had been closed for two years or more, are cunningly presented as the worst mass murders in American history, when we have yet to see a single body or a trace of blood at any of them.

All of this ‘school massacre’ nonsense would stop in an instant on the day that guns in the USA were banned and claims, that it was stopped because of the gun seizure, would be made all over the media, while for the rest of time, the ensuing increase in robbery and murder would have to be shrouded in mystery. 



The Never White Mothers – Throw In The Towel. Do We Need Them?

Black Racists, have taken to themselves, the right to bad mouth whomsoever they so choose, believing themselves to be the Worlds Classic example of Victim-hood and Racial goodness, only the Jews and all women, are in same league.

Blacks claim this status for themselves despite the Federal Bureau of Investigations clear evidence that a tiny three percent of Blacks, are responsible for a massive fifty-two percent of all murders and other crimes of violence in the United States.

Despite which, Blacks still claim that certain sections of this ‘innocent’ Black community, are being illegitimately targeted by the Police. Please note that at this point, the whole idea of us all being one single community, goes straight out of the window, suddenly ‘they’ are Black, who are now apparently demanding affirmative action of some sort, to protect them from Justice.

Women operate in a similar manner, while on the one hand calling for equality in the workforce and the same salary for them as that paid to men, without regard to the possibility that the man of who they are jealous, may well have negotiated a contract, while they are intent on receiving similar remuneration based simply on the sum the man has been awarded, for his ability and his value to his employer. This is called equality. It is also called Peter’s Principle, and will be the end of us all.

When the point is reached, that employment no longer depends on the applicants ability to carry out the task, for which they are being employed, but more on their skin colour, sex, or sexual preference, we will quickly find ourselves consigned to the position of total gridlock, a position which the Western World would appear to have finally achieved, where the only skill, of which women are more capable of than are men, childbirth, is now considered to be of a low-level of achievement. A job called ‘mothering’ which women have, in any case, proven to be quite incapable of carrying out, with any degree of success.

Jews have been operating a similar system for several generations and they have been so successful in the art of benefitting from a false claim, that they have been donated the land of other people, in which to live and they have themselves been living on a form Social Security handouts, with which they have been paid by people, whom will be locked up, for simply demanding why, they are obliged to make these payments.

Women of all colours and religion, have handed the fatherhood of millions of children, into the hands of a Daddy State system which has produced ‘Snowflakes’ who are busily exhibiting their total brainwashing on the streets of the free world,  and are as incapable, as were their ‘mothers’ of perceiving the tragic end results of their idiotic behaviour.

The mass murdering Blacks are telling us Whites, that ‘they’ matter, as if it is Whites carrying out the carnage of Blacks, when in fact the Blacks themselves are responsible for the murder of both Races in a totally disproportionate manner. Alongside these Blacks, we have the Jews who have just commemorated the deaths of a relatively small number of Jews during World War Two, claims which it is illegal to question.

I have yet to hear a Jew apologise for the sixty-five million Christians, slaughtered by Bolshevik Jews in Russia and for the lack of any Museums commemorating these Jew crimes. Every major city in Europe and other countries with a European population,  has had to accept the construction of a museum in memory of Jew casualties, in a war which was admittedly declared and was fully funded by Jew interests as was the Russian coup d’etat and the taking of Palestine.

In the middle of all of this crap, apparently unnoticed by our politicians, those same provokers of mass murder across the civilised world, in Russia, Armenia, Eastern Europe, China, Germany, Vietnam and Korea are now calling for ME to be wiped out and with the assistance of the very same political scum, who stood alongside them in two World Wars and in other terrorists acts such as the recent total destruction of the Middle East, are well on their way to succeeding in their aim.


So “People” what are we going to do about this situation, sit back and let them do it? Why do you suppose that there is no ‘press’ coverage of the blatant ‘White Genocide of White Christians’ which the Jews have put in place in South Africa? There was an awful lot of noise when the Jew controlled media, lied you into believing that the Whites in South Africa, were guilty of what is of no apparent importance in Palestine, where the Jew hypocrites are doing far worse things than did the Boers in South Africa.

On the above screenshot, there are open calls to kill, that is murder, all White people and those calls have been there forever, while on my site, an enormous number of video clips have been censored out, simply because the word Jew was mentioned, which was considered to be Hate Speech by the Jews who control YouTube, while calls for Murder are considered to be OK.

Except of course should those calls be against Blacks Jews or Women. White women are safe for the moment, they are to be the surrogate mothers, who will be used to produce this Beige Future Race in a coming era when they will have no choice. What will become of the Black women who are rarely raped if a White woman is available, is hard to say and as for Oprah, is a Black Lesbian woman openly calling for White Genocide, really going to stand for the Presidency of the USA? 

White Womanhood, has already destroyed its own Race, through their eagerness to put their own desires ahead of the needs of the nurture of children. They are almost unique on the planet, millions of ‘mothers’ whom have systematically murdered their own offspring,  out of a desire to be more like men. Just so long as there are enough men left to do the dirty work, which might break women’s finger-nails.

Catholic Ireland will soon be holding a referendum, the results of which are systematically rigged to provide the ‘correct’ result. The ‘modern’ religion free, breed of politicians in Ireland, have already acquiesced to the power of the ‘men behind the curtain’ who have decided Irish policy since time immemorial. Their talk that women’s health matters should be in their own hands,  will be backed up with all the necessary tools to inject and kill the baby before sucking it out of the mother in pieces.


Ireland has already been packed to the rafters with Black men, ready to create the “New Irish,” thus finally delivering the preferred solution to the ‘Irish problem’ for the City of London, whom will once more have the free use of the entirety of Irish Agriculture at their disposal, as they continue the swamping the of British people out of existence.

Wake Up Britain, WTSHTF You’ll Need Every Polish Friend You Can Find.

Wake Up Britain, WTSHTF You’ll Need Every Polish Friend You Can Find.

A preliminary analysis of official crime data shows:

Violence against the person is 5 times more prevalent in the black community, than in the white community.

Drugs offenses are 16 times more prevalent in the black community, and 3 time  more prevalent in the Asian community, than in the white community.

Robbery is over 9 times more prevalent in the black community, than in the white community.

Committing homicide is 6 times more prevalent in the black community, and twice as prevalent in the Asian community, than it is in the white community.

The homicidal killing of white people is 90 times more prevalent in the black community, than the homicidal killing of black people in the white community.

The homicidal killing of white people is 30 times more prevalent in the Asian community, than the homicidal killing of Asian people in the white community.

The number of white victims of interracial homicide is approximately 40 times greater than expected, when compared to the number of such victims in the minority (BME)community.

The white community suffers more victims of interracial and racially motivated homicide than all of the minority (BME)communities put together – despite the BME communities being less than 10 per cent of the total population.

The number of white victims of racially motivated homicide is approximately 50 times greater than expected, when compared to the number of such victims in the minority (BME)community.

If 125 Whites were killed by 2.8% of the population (Blacks) and 39 Blacks were killed by 91.3% of the population (Whites) – 1% of the population of Black people would have killed 44.6 Whites and 1% of the population of White people would have killed 0.43 Blacks.

Thus, Black Kills White at a ratio of 44.6 divided by 0.43 = 103.7!

Similarly, if 57 Whites were killed by 4.7% Asians and 36 Asians were killed by 91.3% Whites, 1% Asian kills 12.13 Whites and 1% White Kills 0.39 Asian.

Thus Asian kills White at a ratio of 12.13 divided by 0.39 = 31.5.

These stark figures demonstrate exactly what the ever giving White people are up against. We are told daily by the media that not all Blacks and Muslim immigrants are responsible for crime, which would suggest that these figures rely of a minuscule percentage of the Black and Muslim communities, which would suggest that a relatively tiny number of determined criminals can destroy a society, so to allow entry to unvetted immigrant members of either community is indeed asking for trouble.

There was no mention made of the level of crime generated by incoming Arab or other Middle Eastern Muslims, either because of a lack of information or possibly because judging by the Muslim crime statistics in Germany and Sweden, it was decided to be prudent to keep a lid on British figures.

There was also no reference to the extent of UK Rape in these figures, we can assume it to be included in the figures for crimes of violence, so we must make an educated guess as to the extent of this crime against women, which has been ignored for decades.

In the United States, which suffers from a similar level of Black crime, FBI statistics present a figure of 36,000 White women, raped by Black men, while there were no recorded rapes of Black women by White men.

In the United Kingdom, there are an average of 85,000 rapes every year, which should be cause for concern and yet it would appear that the authorities are systematically denying these findings, worrying that should the truth of the claims be exposed, it would throw into doubt, claims of the multitude of benefits to Europe, as a result of the recent mass immigration, which is in fact being blamed for a massive increase in rape all across the continent, which has also been covered up by European Police and politicians.

We are constantly being told that the there is no difference between the behaviour of the indigenous White people of Europe and Blacks of African origin and those other immigrants from the Near and Far East, a claim which is exposed as ridiculous, judging by the Crime figures, claims which are confirmed, by similar figures from, Continental Europe, America, Australia and other ‘White’ countries which have experienced a recent surge of Muslim immigration.

In the United States, which is a country ‘built by immigrants,’ we are being fooled into believing that to mean all ‘immigrants,’ when in fact it was mainly those of European origin, who recreated a Neo-Europe in America, it is not a country dominated by African wood and mud huts or Igloos, so to suggest America to be a result of those ‘other’ immigrants, does not hold up. A bricklayer of whatever colour or Race, is not an architect. 

The Blacks in South Africa, are living in a State, which is unique in Africa. Africans have themselves never achieved anything similar. Any hope  that when  the White Europeans were forced out, that things would carry on in the same manner as before was a pipe dream, things have never been so bad for the Blacks.

The Blacks in America are in for the same nasty shock, should the likes of Zuma or Charles Taylor, ever come to power in the States, when the Whites are driven out.

The British are being brainwashed into believing themselves to be wonderful, tolerant folk because they accept Blacks and Muslims into their midst, and condemn those whom object to this state of affairs, while saving all their bile for immigrants of European origin, whom will share the same ‘European’ mentality and beliefs and  who meld without trace, into British society, while the streets are thronged with banner waving Muslims and Blacks whom will never integrate, who are howling against the White British people, from whom they claim Social benefits, accusing them of White Supremacy and Privilege and blatantly suggesting that only Whites can be racist. Which is itself of course, a Racist claim.

In the United States, Black men are justifying the murder of White youngsters,  with claw hammers, claiming it to have been in response to some alleged White Crime against a Black, when should the White folk make the same response against Blacks for crimes against Whites, there would be a veritable river of blood running in the streets of America.

That is the sad reality, Blacks are the most Racist and savage people on the planet, though one is obliged to add, ‘not all of them’ of course.


Black Hypocrisy And Race Crimes.

Perhaps it has simply passed under the radar or perhaps it is something more sinister, who knows? However, this morning Sky News sent a team to Moscow, to highlight the plight of the homeless, who are living in sewers.

They had no need to travel as far as Moscow, to bring to the attention of the British, the hardships of the homeless Russians, they need only go into the sewers of Manchester in the United Kingdom, to find exactly the same situation?

We all know that presenting the truth is not on the agenda of Sky News, they are now an international propaganda machine and nothing more. The News, throughout the week, has focused on Donald Trump, who unlike the recent British Leaders, is not a War Criminal nor has he laid several countries to waste, the best they could come up with, against him, was the fact that he had in past times declared himself bankrupt.

Apart from that the British were served a nauseating diatribe against White People, who are of course too successful and they must be prepared to share some of their success with Black people, the only group in the UK which has shown a total lack of ability to improve their economic situation.  They are of course blaming Whites for their problems.

Todays gripe was about Prisons numbers, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the Legal Profession and the Military. This lack of Black is called Racism.

Surely before you can claim that there are more Black people in prison, than their percentage of the population would suggest that there should be, those whom carry out the survey should be informed of the seriousness of the crimes involved before they can draw any conclusions. It is not just the colour of your sin, which decides whether you go to prison or not.

Telling the truth is no longer considered to be Politically Correct, it is now necessary to deny reality, in order to maintain the continuous hate speech against White people.

For example the vast majority of racial crime in the United Kingdom is Black on White.  Is that clear, a minuscule portion of the population of the UK is responsible for the majority of Racial hate crime, why do we never get this side of the story?

The Daily Mail reported that it has become endemic to have Black thugs forcing White people to undress in public, to humiliate them, should this disgusting behaviour be ignored to suit statistics?

In the United Kingdom Blacks would appear to be responsible for an enormous amount of crime way in excess of Whites, per head of the population, so if Blacks deserve to be in prison, that is their problem. A prison sentence is based on previous behaviour and cannot be simply blamed on colour, to do so will force Courts to practice a form of Positive Discrimination.

What needs to be addressed is the ethnic proclivity of Blacks to violence. Establishment lies are leaving White people in the firing line of savages. Should White people be responsible for the same levels of crime against Blacks there would be uproar.

Across Africa the Black crime figures correspond with those of South Africa, where the Genocide against Whites is taking place in a cone of silence. There is a rape every few seconds, it is the murder capital of the world, so should it come as any surprise to find that Blacks are racially more aggressive than are Whites?

For centuries in the UK, there has been a vast majority of the rich in Universities like Oxford and Cambridge and that remains the case to this day.  To suggest that more places should now be made available for Blacks is offensive.

On top of that, I don’t particularly want to be forced to vote for Blacks in any form of selection, simply because they are Black, any more than I would accept being forced to vote for a female. Blacks appear to believe that they can vote for the likes of Obama, a mass murderer, simply because of his colour,

Blacks in British Universities are calling for the statue of Cecil Rhodes to be taken down, because of his mistreatment of Black people, well how would these same Blacks feel should they be forced to face up to the fact, that their venerated  Saint,  Nelson Mandela, was a murdering thug, responsible for the deaths of more than five hundred innocent people, while working for the Jew Joe Slovo, during the Bolshevik Communist coup d’etat in South Africa, by those for whom Cecil Rhodes played a major role?

As usual, the currently enforced Social Marxism, demands that only those crimes, which correspond with their agenda, crimes which they inevitably,  hang around the necks of Whites, may be criticised, thus making sure that just as with the crimes of the same Bolshevik Jews in Europe, which included the murder of at least 100 million Whites, they concentrate all blame on the real victims in Europe, the Germans.

Zionism has unleashed a war against White people across Europe, the reporting of which has been censored out of the News. The News, unsurprisingly, has been monopolised by the same Zionist Jews.

There was little reportage of the young girl in Blackpool, in the UK, who was murdered and then allegedly fed to the public in kebabs, it is hard to imagine the outrage which would have been generated by this disgusting barbarism,  should the perpetrator have been White.

In fact using OUR money, which we all pay as taxes, which is all passed to the Zionist bankers as interest on criminal loans, by complicit politicians, they have stolen everything. They own the world, very soon there will be a tax on the air we breath.

Even as death stalks the streets of Europe, streets which have  been turned into a ‘no mans land’ where killers and rapists are out in force, there are strident calls to allow yet more of these so-called unaccompanied children into Europe, one of whom has already stabbed a young social worker to death, demonstrating, quite clearly, that at fifteen years of age these folk are likely to be murderous.

So rather than shout and bawl about racism, when an inordinate number of young Blacks end up in prison, perhaps a little bit of time should spent examining just how these Blacks are being raised.

There is sadly no longer any such thing as a Black family unit, that was got rid of a long time ago.  The push is now on to meld the Black and Whites into a breed of docile half-casts. That has been announced, if you are not aware of this you should ask yourself why the Jews, whom control the UK government has not explained this Jew programme to you.



Now do you get the picture?  These people Sarkozy and Spectre are Jews. I could dig out many more examples of this threat to White people, but why not demand of your politicians, all of those Friends of Israel, who are most certainly aware of these racist calls from Jews, why they have not responded to these vehement attacks and do the Jews amongst them, should be asked the question whether they consider themselves White or indeed some other colour.