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The Dying Rebels Of Dear Old Ireland.



The Irish are already being expected to pretend that the Black Gangs in Dublin are really cuddly little poodles and not at all like the Black knife gangs in London or the serial Black murderers in Chicago, or the butchers and cannibals in Johannesburg, the once beautiful White African Christian city, when these Blacks arrived in Ireland well they had left all that nonsense behind, hadn’t they?

Varadkar the self-confessed Sodomite, intends to bring a million more of them into the Emerald Isle, as if the dose which is already there, is not stark evidence enough to declare a Black Free Zone all across Europe. When even kids in the street are being mugged and degraded by these yobs, is it not time to welcome in a few more Polish people, whom have behaved well, while in Ireland and they did at least know which end of a screwdriver was the working end.

I can guarantee the Irish, that at least eighty-percent of Black incomers will never work and should a million Irish people, search a Black country, which would be prepared to house, feed, educate and heal ‘them’ for the rest of their lives, as the incomers into Ireland demand, they would soon find themselves on a hiding to nowhere.

A million Black incomers will very soon be demanding a quarter of all Irish jobs and a quarter of the Members in the Dáil. Irish schools will quickly be filled to the rafters with Blacks and Muslims and within a generation, thanks to the Irish Women’s desire to get rid of their ‘nuisances’, Ireland, as a Celtic country will cease to exist.

Is this what the Irish people so valiantly struggled to regain from the English, during the past three hundred or more years? If past heroes had known that the current crop of ‘patriots’ would simply give the Ireland, they fought so bravely to liberate, to these Black Africans, they would be ashamed of their descendants and quite rightly so.

Added to which, the Black immigrants into South Africa, are even at this moment, ruthlessly killing the only ‘civilised’ people in Black Africa, the White Christian Boers’, whom in return for having blessed these Black ‘immigrants’ into White South Africa, by giving them the highest living standard in Africa, for their generosity, these White Christians, with the assistance of Bolshevik Jews and American money, are on the point of being wiped out, by those claiming that Africa is for Blacks.

The same Bolshevik Jews, using American money, are now intent on doing to Ireland, what the Jews did in Palestine and South Africa, using the same immigration weapon, which is now being unleashed all across the White Christian World.

Donald Trump is being blasted for imposing tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum, the Globalists are complaining that American manufacturers will be at a disadvantage, by having to rely on high-priced American metals’ to make their pots and pans, which is a load of tosh, as all of those pots and pans are being made in China and imported into the States, where there are millions of illegal immigrants and millions more are on their way, while all of the jobs are going in the other direction.

In Ireland, while the Irish have been forced to seek work overseas, the immigrants are being given priority treatment, in whatever jobs are available and they are first in line for housing. This is sheer treachery and yet to mention it is called racist’ while the Blacks and Jews are allowed to get away with this behaviour with impunity, even in Ireland, which has already suffered enough under the Jews and their British puppets, while being totally innocent of the Colonisation of any African Country, which were once controlled by the British and French, with covert Bolsheviks pulling their strings. That being so, why is tiny, innocent Ireland, being targeted by Black refugees, is it simply because they are White and Christian and stupid enough to accept ungrateful parasites?

The entire Western White Christian World would do well to learn a lesson from the behaviour of the Blacks and the Jew Bolshevik Communists in South Africa, where the tales we have been told about events in South Africa, have been a pack of lies.

These Blacks are mainly Zulus, they were not the indigenous people of South Africa, however it was they whom in past times were responsible for massacres of other Blacks all across sub-Saharan Africa and were most certainly deeply involved in the slave trade. They have absolutely no right to lay claim to the land of the Boers simply because they are Black, but they are being encouraged to do so by the tacit support of the City of London, the inhabitants of which have already taken control of the Gold and Diamond mines.

The deep involvement of the Bolsheviks in South Africa, is verified by the total lack of concern, shown, in the United Nations and across the NATO member States, for the slaughter of the White Christians in South Africa, and the lack of action against the killers in Israel, hooting with delight as they embed another dum-dum round into the kneecap of a Palestinian youth. Only those whom call themselves by a variety of aliases could get away with such bloodthirsty acts.

 To find the world, which was encouraged to place an unending round of sanctions against the so-called ‘apartheid State of South Africa, by the Jew Joe Slovo and his Bolshevik Communist leader of the South African Communist Party, wife, whom encouraged the Communist Nelson Mandela, a leader of a terrorist group, to carry out the murder of hundreds of Boers, now ignoring the even more cynical behaviour of the Mob which controls Apartheid Israel, shamelessly claiming that they are retaliating against Hamas, which like Mandela, is a covert group set up by the Jews. This grim reality tells us all we need to know about for whom our elected politicians are actually working. Remember how they all adored Saint Nelson and Necklace Winnie?

 The real tragedy, at the heart of this nonsense, is the fact that the Blacks, have been turned against White people, whom have taken steps to make sure that the Blacks are given an equal share of whatever is available, by the very people whom sold them into slavery, in the Christian world, and whom dumped them when it suited their agenda, expecting White people to pick,up the cost and  whom are now pushing the idea that the White people must now make payments of reparations to the Blacks, for the crimes of which, Black African Chiefs and Jew slavers are responsible.


Africans: Going Back To The Jungle?

Three hundred years ago, while Africans were busily doing what Africans do, they had no contact with those downtrodden White People, who were themselves living in  a form of squalor in Europe, under the control of Divine Right Rulers, by whom they were treated and used like slaves, a group of Dutch farmers managed, without a gram of assistance, from the Blacks in Africa, to throw off the yoke of the hereditary rulers sail off into the sunset, to a far off empty land in Africa where they created a decent society in which they lived quietly and peacefully.

Once upon a time, when this small group of White European farmers, landed in the far off shores of South of Africa and found themselves in this vast empty space, which was ideal for the growth of all kinds of products both fruit and vegetables, with huge grazing lands available for livestock and having escaped from the perpetual wars of Europe, they thought that they had found a paradise on Earth. They did not come in with European guns blazing and start the culling of any indigenous people, they came to a vast, unsettled area, much as other people have been doing since time immemorial, there was no violence involved.


One day, when they had constructed their farms and were already producing their own food, they were surprised when a large number of people, came fleeing into the area, pursued by a gang of Black killers, intent on wiping them out. The Boers, drove off the Blacks attackers, saving those whom were under attack, the Batu, people from a slaughter.

The Batu and the prehistoric Bushmen, continued their traditional life-style, however those Blacks, whom were less capable or unwilling to do the same, had spotted the food on the hoof, which was being produced by those industrious farmers and started to arrive in large numbers in search of a free lunch.

As a result, this small White Tribe, in an enormous fertile region, suddenly found themselves responsible for providing the needs of millions of Black people, whom were quite incapable of learning the tricks of farming to feed themselves, they instead chose the life of a parasite, with no apparent intention of creating a distinctive African Society.


These Black people, ‘whose lives matter’, are still, to this day incapable of building any form of modern civilisation for themselves, and having, with the help of Bolshevik Communist Jews, managed to steal the achievements of the White people, who looked after them for years, in a land to which the Blacks had no claim, skin colour does not provide the right of ownership, they have now driven the White people out of their ‘White’ ancestral homes to make room for Blacks, while the Whites are herded into shanty towns, where thousands have already died, while the Blacks have already slaughtered 75,000 thousand of the descendants of the original White farmers. While in the industries which were built by those Whites, no White man is allowed to take any job, unless there is no Black available who could do it.



The South African Blacks, whose current leaders are most probably the descendent of Black Tribes, which no doubt connived in the task of rounding up the Blacks, who were sold to the Jew Slave Traders, who shipped them off to Brazil, now find themselves back in the lucrative employ of the descendants of those same Jews, whom made a fortune out of the Slave Trade, who have now surreptitiously stolen for themselves, the wealth of South Africa, from under the noses of the Black Man in the Street, while the likes of Saint Nelson Mandela and other leaders of the African National Communists, have become millionaires, as payment for their complicity in this Grand Larceny.


They now have a President Zuma, a career criminal who should be incarcerated for his rapes, amongst his other serious crimes, who is instead waving a Kalashnikov in the air calling for the genocide of the remaining White Christians, while the controlling Jews in South Africa, maintain a strict silence, as the Whites are being treated much as are the Palestinian people in Gaza, while the Blacks who have spent most of their lives living on the hand-outs of the Whites, continue to boot those Whites out of their homes and do nothing to help them out, as they struggle to feed themselves, unlike the Blacks all over White European Countries who expect White people to pay for their bog-rolls,  and to give dem Blacks preference, in all sorts of situations, whether they deserve it or not, simply because they are Black.


These Blacks, who were interrupted a couple of Centuries ago, with the smell of blood in their nostrils, chasing members of the most ancient Race of the Peoples of Africa, most probably with the intention of eating them for supper, have now, with the help of the City of London, where the ‘Slavers’ still abide and having during the past Centuries not advanced so much as one step, in the direction of civilised living, have managed to take South Africa back in time, into a place, which last year arrested 300 cannibals and if 300 were arrested, God only knows the true number, and the once most advanced State in Africa is now one of the Worlds most dangerous places, with a rape every few seconds and a murder every few minutes and widespread poverty amongst Blacks whom have found out the hard way that taking down the Whites did them no favours.



Thousands of these same Blacks are now streaming into Europe and the United States and we are not allowed to show any concern, that would be racist. So very soon young women in Europe will have to accept being dished up for dinner after the rape is over.

The idea that these people are going to be “good” for Europe is a joke they are good for nothing and they should be left in glorious isolation in Deepest Darkest Africa. All they want in White Christian Countries is a new host to suck dry. They are not the only such parasite on this earth and personally speaking as a White man and having worked all my life to pay for these people, I am sick and tired of having my land invaded by people from sub-Saharan Africa, who have destroyed the only White Christian Country, which ever existed in Africa, expecting to gain more for themselves, having got rid of the Whites, when in fact all they achieved was their own infection with another parasite, even more excessively greedy than they are themselves.