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The French Police Once More Get Their Men, Just Like That!

A few months back, when we were being exposed to the gruelling saga of those Champions Of Free Speech – as long as it was not anti-Jew – at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, I had already started to yawn and stretch, when it was explained that the pair of gunmen, had run up the street, clutching their Kalashnikovs, to  the office entrance, only to find it was secured with an entry code.  Luckily, a woman came walking along, saw their plight and tapped in the code for them.

The pair then ran inside and to their surprise and joy, all of the guilty men were sat around a table, wondering who to abuse in their upcoming edition.

The Kouachi Brothers – it was indeed the accused pair of villains, I suppose – whipped out a list of the guilty and called out the first name, Charb, and up he stood. Wolinsky etc. They then left, leaving the Cops with no way of tracking them down.

That is always the problem for the Police, it takes time to do finger touch searches, in your “scene of the crime” suit looking for clues, because random crimes are the hardest to crack.

The Kouachi’s,  meanwhile raced across Paris  to where I understand, another terrorist Koulibaly, was holed up in a Supermarket, outside of which he had parked his own stolen car.  Along came the Kouachi Brothers and stole his car, carelessly leaving their identity cards in their own stolen car and raced off into the countryside and freedom.

But wait, despite the fact that up to that moment, nobody had a clue as to their identity, when they stopped at a service station, the server, recognised them and contacted the police, what a stroke of luck. The boys then allowed themselves to be herded into a workshop on an industrial zone, where they were wiped out, by scores of policemen dressed like this.

Charlie Hebdo Cops


Merah in Toulouse, was tracked down in an even mores miraculous manner.  He is said to have been identified after having sent an email to someone in response to an ad for spare parts for a scooter. The fact that his appearance did not correspond in any way with the descriptions which were provided by eyewitnesses, whom had never seen his face because it was concealed by a full-face crash helmet, was of no importance? He was after all working for the French Intelligent Service.



Toulouse-shootings-suspec-008 A Kouachi Brother

Strangely, should you ask anyone, which of the above photographs is Merah and which is of one of the alleged Kouachi brothers, is it my imagination or would you say they are one and the same?

Both photographs can be checked. I have used both in the past, both came up in demand for photos of each of them,  at different times as they came today in response to the same search.  The lower photo is actually from a clip which is available on youtube. The other comes from French television. Odd to say the least.  Even their mothers couldn’t tell them apart as they say.

Merah, we were told, was cornered in his flat and as with the Kouachi’s, hundreds of cops turned up for the shoot-out. Thousands of rounds were loosed off, until eventually Merah, screaming Allahu Akbah, leapt out of the window, still shooting until a Police sniper shot him in the head.

And now we have Black Friday the 13th and more wild tales of good fortune and nerveless sleuthing by the French Police.  Within minutes they were on the scene  because part of the good fortune involved the ubiquitous multi-service drill, which out of the blue, just happened to have been staged on the same day, in the same  Quartier of Paris.

There are already so many clips on youtube exposing dozens of irregularities in the available evidence that it is difficult to know whether it would be wisest to ignore it all.  It all looks like a load of guff, right down to the Band which straight after a gig in Israel, was playing in the Bataclan theatre, which had just been bought by a Jewish property developer.  It came complete with its pyramid, two columns and the Eye of Horus, on the exterior.

LiveLeak-dot-com-18d_1447738809-Bataclantheatremassacre_1447738832.jpg.resizedThis is the elaborate scene which greeted the rescuers inside the Bataclan Theatre. It has been compared to this image, of the logo of Al Hayat.  This has been quite deliberate been presented as the scene of a Ritual of some sort. This layout is too elaborate to have been laid  by accident.


The blood on the dance-floor has quite clearly been deliberately smeared to represent something or other, which would be way out of the capabilities of a few gun-men in the dusky interior, in the heat of their murders.

It has also been suggested that the bodies, were brought to the crime scene in a lorry, already dead from pistol shots and carefully laid out on the floor.

One need only look to see that there is a serious problem with this scene.

Bataclan Theatre



Above we have the beautiful exterior of the Bataclan Theatre, complete with its columns and pyramid etc.

Ignoring all of the eyewitness reports, which included a piece carried by the Daily Mirror, which had obviously slipped through the censors net, explaining that it was a white man, in a black Mercedes, who was described as being built like a brick shit-house, dressed in a smart black suit, with a red scarf and a high powered rifle whom murdered diners in a restaurant and sprayed a few rounds around the local to discourage those filming on their mobile devices.

The Police at the Stade de France, where unusually for a Friday night their was a friendly match football match between France and Germany, Francois Hollande the detested President of France was in attendance. During the match, there were some bangs outside the Stade, which resulted in the match being abandoned, Hollande being dashed to safety in a helicopter and the spectators were ordered out of the terraces onto the pitch, where they wandered aimlessly around until they were released from the Stade.

What the football fans failed to understand was that outside, having been effused entry into the match, two suicide bombers had blown themselves to smithereens, very little of them remained  intact, apart that is from the indestructible passports in their pockets, one an Egyptian model and the other Syrian.  The rest as they say is history.

A nest of terrorists was soon destroyed in Belgium, which is is a hornets nest of International Terrorism,

The Belgian police are quite chubby chaps,

This then in some way or other, fingered a flat in Saint-Denis, which was stormed at four-thirty in the morning,

Having unloaded five thousand rounds of ammunition and countless stun grenades into a flat, without having so much as verifying who was actually in there, the police finally dug a body out of the rubble of the destroyed apartment, magically performed a genetic test and claimed it to be the Master-mind of the whole operation in Paris, Abdelhamid-Abaaoud, who looks like a lad anybody would be proud to call their son.


So here we are, already a week after these events in Paris, and I find myself  living under Martial Law in France, while in Belgium, people are being advised to stay in their homes, and warnings of a bleak and bloody Christmas are already being announced,  even as the man who whispers to pigs is still intent on passing control of Syria into the hands of Globalist controlled Daech, which is an essential part of the cunning plan to take control of the whole world and to kill anybody who gets in their way.

The only loose end in this bizarre saga is the fate of Salah Abdeslam whom like the boys on 7-7 in London left the scene having discovered that they had been selected to die. They were hunted down and murdered by the MI6 or some other group in Docklands.  Abdeslam is the recipient of all sorts of vague accusations in the British Press, none of which can be verified. He is the last man standing out of the eight on the Police wanted list, the others, whom were clearly seen by witness would be “working for the man” I suppose.


Some Days The News Is Just Too Depressing.

I’ve been busy today and while I worked, I have had such a surfeit of pig-swill, poured into my head, from the Jew owned Sky News, that it is dribbling out of every orifice on my body.

The big story was of course the continuing tale of the Friday the 13th, Battle of Paris, which has been played out to a conclusion in Saint-Denis. The first thing I discovered was the fact the French Police had no idea who was in the flat which they peppered with several thousand rounds of ammunition and grenades, while residents in adjoining flats were hiding, in fear under their beds.

We were told that the “Master-mind” of the Black Friday attacks, was lodged there.  How they could possibly know that,  has yet to be explained. Initially they thought he had slipped away during the fracas, however they apparently found the body of a man, dead in the rubble of the building, which they had partly destroyed, and from which they found it necessary to take a swab from his mouth for a genetic test, in search of his identity.

Later in the day, the Police announced that they had “Got their man.”  It was indeed the body of the “Master-mind.”  We were then fed the history of this mans career with Daech. In order to cement this history into our consciousness, there was a clip of Black Friday, showing a man who strode into a bar and attempted to shoot a girl who was hiding under a table, with his empty gun.

The Sky News man assured us that this was indeed the Master-mind himself. The reporter, I believe it was Graham Wood, that would be the chappie, who was on hand, in the crepuscule, after the Charlie Hedbo business, showing us the spot where  the cop had allegedly been shot, by one of the Kouachi brothers, without leaving a trace of blood on the pavement, which was now swamped with “blood,”  Wood explained that the blood had been “added” that morning.  Hmmm!

So it would appear that the French Police and Army, either shot up an empty flat, which would provide them with the necessary excuse to claim that they had “solved the crime” which was more or less the scenario in Toulouse with Merah, the patsy, and after the shoot out with the Kouachi brothers , the Charlie Hebdo patsies, the same routine,  none of whom have we ever since been seen, and now this fella, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. All of them, just like the four lads who were gunned down in  London on 7-7. Even their families were not allowed to see their bodies.  So was this just another French style inside job?  Who knows?

Sky News plays a major role in the deception of the British.  They are outright liars who never make avail of the most important question of a propagandist, who has been given the opportunity to spread a dose bile and disinformation, on their News bulletins.

They never spot an anomaly in any News item, which might affect the official line.    They have a team of “Reporters” who  give the impression of making things up off the top of their heads. Why has Kiley, Sky’s man in the Middle East, not mentioned the NATO and Israeli Aerial Exercise which was taking place just twenty miles from the site of the area where the Russian passenger plane was destroyed?

Why did Stuart Ramsey present what appeared to be a Photo-shopped clip of the “shooter” in Tunisia, another strange attack, which has also been blamed on the Mossad, CIA funded and armed by Saudi Arabia and the USA, Daech, all of which has escaped the sharp-eyed Ramsey and Kiley.

Today amongst others we were offered John Reid, one of War Criminal Tony Blair’s attack Dogs, “Snapper” was his name. He came crawling out from his dung-heap to offer his opinion about Daech.  This man, like his old boss Blair is a liar and a War Criminal, he should be in  gaol, not appearing on television advising how the government should act in the Middle East.

Reid informed us that we are on the cusp of disaster. Daech is everywhere, they can attack us with bomb and bullet at will. He went on to link every ridiculous recent event to Daech. The man of the Train, who was over-powered by four US Marines, who grabbed his empty gun. The Russia plane over Sinai, Tunisia and everything, he left nothing at all for Al Qaeda.

He then explained how the men who carried out Black Friday, were trained in Syria, where there were Daech Terrorist Training Camps. So Cameron is right to bomb Syria.It was at this moment I expected the Dolly Bird who was interviewing him to cry out in amazement, “Oh no Mr Reid, not the terrorist training camps, that’s what you said about Afghanistan and there were none. Can you think of nothing better that?

Well yes he could, Daech was likely to use Chemical Weapons against us, like Saddam, whatever next? Well you see Snapper’s ideas would appear, according to a Daily Express Poll, to correspond with the sentiments of 67% of the British people who would be in favour of bombing Syria. I do not know what to say.

Those around me are already up in arms about François Hollande’s air strikes in Syria,  They are asking why Syria, the bombers came from Belgium, why are they not bombing Sint-Jans-Molenbeek? That would appear to be where the terrorist training is taking place..

Well I suppose the straight answer to that would because it would be of very little use to Israel.

Many people have noticed, as have I, that though the whole world is now apparently at war with terrorism, the only State on earth which appears to be  sheltered from this nightmare, would be the very state, which like a cancer has been spreading its violence across the Middle East, using, as usual Christian Soldiers to do its dirty work.

Ever since the first day they arrived in Palestine the Jews have created turmoil. Since 1948, a region which was at peace,  has been torn apart.   Why has Daech, not taken steps to aid the Palestinians?  Why is everything which they are attempting to achieve actually to the benefit of the Jewish State?  How do they intend to set up their Caliphate should the Muslims all clear out of it in disgust? Well I think you will find that is the whole idea. They can then all go back to their Settlements on the West Bank.