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The British Neo-Cons Come Out Of The Closet.

Long ago and far away, Muhammad Ali made it quite clear to Parkinson, who was pushing the “lets brown up the people” nonsense, that he is quite happy to be Black and proud of it.

On a previous Parkinson show, he displayed his deep-seated racism and hatred of White people, in an astonishing fifteen minute outburst.

Having listened to his diatribe, it is difficult to understand why so many Black people are quitting Africa for Europe these days. This interview took place back in the 70’s, which is an indication of how long we have been forced to listen to and accept this sort of racist shit, about past events, in which we were never involved and watch Michael Parkinson appear unwilling to speak up in defence of the countless millions of White people whom have never harmed a Black man in their lives.

We could of course list the current rate of Black on White crime but that is not “real” that is simply showing us how it feels I suppose and is considered acceptable because we deserve it and they are not shy about raping and murdering young and old White females. Mostly unreported, of course.

Nicolas Sarkozy on the other hand, not only agrees with Parkinson, he is prepared to use force if necessary. For himself, he chooses only white women like the Rock Stars floosie Carla Bruni, making sure he keeps his own Jewish roots pure.

So where does this leave modern-day British and American White folk?  Well one could be forgiven for believing that they are heading for extinction.  Judging by the fact that TV shows and advertising clips present us with innumerable examples of mixed Black and White families, way out of proportion with their actual numbers on the ground, one could almost be convinced that there are already a fifty per-cent  Blacks in the UK and USA.

So the beat has been going on for some forty or more years, but only in the countries of the White Man, there is not much effort being made to obliterate the Chinese or the Hindus.

So why have the two main Political Parties in the UK and USA been allowing brown and black people to flood into the US and UK?  More to the point now that England is overflowing with unemployed immigrants, why is David Cameron promising to look after them from the cradle to the grave? Is that not a recipe to encourage even more to fight their way into “easy touch” Britain?

Is Cameron finally outing his Bolshevik Jew agenda? Is this election campaign, in which he is describing the Conservative Party as the Party of the Working man,  just another facet of the Bolshevik desire to spread their culture of murder and slavery across the planet with the participation of the two main UK Political Parties?

The Miliband brothers are from a Stalinist Communist  family and were educated by undercover NGO’s the Tavistock Institute and the Fabian Society, so there would appear to be a full house of Bolshevik Communists waiting to run the country, with very little difference in their agendas.

Cameron’s much vaunted plan amounts to nothing more than a promise to continue paying the blood money to bankers, while presenting austerity as a burden which must be borne, not to pay off the debt, which will never be repaid, but to simply pull enough money out of the economy to pay the interest on the debt.

The UK will very soon arrive at the 2 trillion pound mark in debt. Should you have the ability to divide 2 trillion by 60 million, you can figure out just how much every man woman and child in the UK owes the bankers.  The banker’s do not want the debt paid off, they have more to gain by simply having the interest on the debt dutifully paid into their coffers.

I would have preferred this rave young girl to have dumped a bucket of shit over Draghi, that would have been more appropriate.



What Game Is Press TV Playing Now?

George Galloway, stridently announced, that his guest on “The Real Deal” which he proclaims to be “The Voice of the Voiceless” would be a man whom completely shared his own opinion on Scottish Independence. His own opinion happens to be in complete accord with that of the majority of the two main Political Parties in the UK.

Is George speaking as a “pretend” Scotsman, or as an Irish observer or simply as a propagator of UK fear mongering?

He shouted his belief that because of the wonderful results at the Olympic Games, which had generated such a feeling of well-being in the souls of the British Peoples, that they would no longer countenance the withdrawal of Scotland from the Union.

He explained how the rejoicing would have been diminished for the Scottish people, had the Gold Medal winners such as Chris Hoy, been simply Scottish, which would have meant that the crowds would not have been cheering for them in the same manner. So they would have felt left out of the rejoicing. Based on this garbage George and his invited guest postulated that the question of Scottish Independence was dead in the water.

The Ballad of Trayvon Martin has been given an airing on the same Press TV, presenting exactly the scenario which is preferred by the Obama administration.

The same photo of ten-year-old Martin was displayed, not the current photo of a six-foot two-inch burly American Football player, with “Gangsta” gold teeth. The man whom he was seen to attack, Zimmerman was shown in as ugly a photograph as I have seen of the man, whom was described as white, when in reality he is, like Obama, a half-caste.

His Grandfather was as they say, as black as the ace of spades. No matter, to make this point he is white. Obama on the other hand is not allowed to be called black, because this we are told is racism.

Witnesses saw Martin, astride Zimmerman, on the ground beating him to a pulp. Zimmerman had a broken nose and cuts to the back of his head, which were sustained from having his head repeatedly smashed down on concrete.

The whole point of the Martin saga, is to present a picture of reality, which is so far off the mark as to be ridiculous. Every person whom was interviewed, said exactly what the Federal Government wanted to hear, that “Whitey” is indiscriminately shooting  Black people.

At no point were we presented with any statistics, which would have shown that more Blacks are killed by other Blacks than are killed by Whites. Huge numbers of White women are raped by Black men, while very few Black women are raped by Whites.

As for Black on White crime, well this of course is hardly ever reported, leading to the belief that it is relatively rare, when the opposite is true. Tales of an eighty-five year old great grand mother being gang raped and beaten to death, by Black youths and her husband whom was ninety-one years old dying after her, from his beatings, raised not a murmur.

The kidnapping, torture and dissecting of a young white couple, by Blacks, the same lack of publicity.

The same lack of concern was shown for the young man whom was pulled from his car and beaten in the head with a claw hammer, thirteen times, by Blacks.

All of these events took place at the same time as the Martin-Zimmerman case, you can draw your own conclusions.

Incidents like the Trayvon Martin attack, are being used as a pretext to change gun laws in the US. The Federal Government does not want anybody to be able to fight back.

Today the debate on Press TV was about what they called another mass shooting spree in New York, in the manner of the Batman Incident. This too was garbage. This was a murder, plain and simple. A man whom had a grudge against another man shot him dead. The police then opened fire and, killing the man and injuring ten by-standers.

The English guest on the show, protested when it was claimed that the British Police are now armed and are no better than their US counterparts, having shot Mark Duggan in London, he insisted that Duggan was armed. He was not. The British Police lied about the gun. There was no gun.

As if the aforementioned load of crap was not enough, Press TV spent the next forty-five minutes regurgitating all of the UN Bull about man-made climate change and how the only way to save the planet is to stop living and make sure we leave our every penny to pay the tax for the carbon generated when they roast us.

One last little thing which set my teeth rattling, Johnny Miller was in Burma. Hot on the heels of the British visit. He soon found a few things which could be laid at the Governments door. Watch this space.