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Will The British Show More Determination Than Did The Other States Which Have Been Immigrated To Death?


The British “voter” whatever that means in these modern days of obstruction and interference by an un-elected, hastily constructed and biased group of Supreme Court Judges, whom are apparently allowed to invent a “New Law” to suit the needs of a Parliament which is intent on denying the decision of the “majority” in a democratic vote, by firstly claiming to have found some arcane Constitutional  event from the dim and distant past, the use of which allowed Parliament to “deny” the majority their choice, giving the “opponents of the “Will of the People” the final say, in any “democratic” decision of the People, without so much as being forced to present the “evidence” which they claimed, supported their decision to rule against the People.

Not content with that travesty, the Judges then supported these enemies of Democracy, in the “Labour Party” which has since announced its position to be that of being “Globalists” with the intention of installing an “open door”policy on immigration, with an offer of automatic British Citizenship and the “right” to vote in all elections, to an unspecified number of immigrants,  while denying the current “Elected Government” the “right” to conduct discussions, which included the possibility of leaving the European Union without a deal,  while trying to discuss matters with an un-cooperative European Union.

These Radical ideas from the British Labour Party are part of the agenda of the Fabian Society, which was written with the cooperation of a group of avowed “Globalists” many of whom are living above the long arm of British Law, in the Independent State of the “City of London”, from where they have been conducting the installation of the “Globalist” domination of the entire world.

All of the Judges involved in the recent decisions, which have been used to entrap the British voter, are no doubt members of the Inner Temple, which along with other, authoritative sounding, highly secret groups, “invite” all members of what is known as “The Bar”to join their ranks, membership of which is obligatory in order to advance in the “closed shop” of the British Justice hierarchy.


The now, soon to be mixed-race British People and the few remaining ethnic British, find themselves to have been trapped into accepting that an un-elected group of Judges, all of them trained by an “elite secret society” – have taken to themselves, the right to allow any future decision by the British voter to be over-turned by the Government of the day, a possibility which will of course apply to “The Peoples Vote” the second attempt to gain a “Remain” result, to stop “Brexit”, should the result of that attempt not correspond with the desires of “The Government”.

Should Jeremy Corbyn’s desire to swamp Britain with huge numbers of Blacks from Africa,  be allowed to be put into practice, how long do the British people believe it will take before those immigrants, will start the call for more land in Britain to be handed over to them because all the Farmers are too White?

This is what was done to the “White” State of South Africa, the West and East Indies, Haiti,  Zimbabwe and of course in Palestine by the Jews, whom also controlled the theft of White South Africa. Do not be fooled by claims that Africa belongs to Blacks, unless of course you are not prepared to accept that Blacks will soon have the right to demand their share of Europe, while retainng Africa for themselves.


The British, to the best of my knowledge, are prepared to welcome in Blacks and Muslims by the million, while they continually complain about Polish immigrants from Europe, most of whom are hard working and Christian.

While the Polish people have posed no threat to the British or their way of life, the Blacks express a total hatred for White people and are openly calling for their annihilation, while the incoming Muslims from Pakistan and the Middle East, are either raping and torturing young white children, killing them in droves with suicide bombs or joining groups like ISIS, with the aim of setting up a Muslim Paradise in Europe, along with female genital mutilation accompanied with cries of “throw the queer off the roof”. And they call us Racist? We Whites are in danger from all of these people whom have been conditioned to hate us.









The Final Solution For Europe.


The exposure of Jussie Smollett as a lying scumbag, on the one hand provided yet another excuse to suggest that White people and in particular those whom support Donald Trump are aggressive, racists and on the other hand that Blacks are the perpetual object of this hatred, none of which is justified.

It adds credibility to that other pack of liars whom use the claim “That Black Lives Matter” to insinuate that the Blacks are being killed in a form of modern-day lynchings and are also victims of White aggression, which ignores the hard cold facts that violence against Blacks is Black violence against Blacks, and that more Whites than Blacks are killed by the Police.

Even the Black cop in Chicago complained about the Police being occupied with Smollett’s false claim of “racism” were unable to go after real racists, which these days means White Racists as it has been declared by a pack of Jews that only White people can be racist.

There have also been complaints about the number of cops involved in this “Homo-hunt, when they could have been better occupied in other areas, well of course their were a huge number of Cops involved in this stunt because they thought they were hunting “Whites”, had they known the truth at the outset they most probably would have dropped the case.

Blacks, Jews and Women are turning the truth on its head, there are even now renewed calls for reparation for the descendants of slavery. This is sickening and the Jew controlled press refuses to mention a word of truth about the not too distant past..

The first truth being that the Blacks were in the main brought into slavery by the Jews, whom owned most of the plantations on which the Blacks worked.

Number two during the days of slavery, most of the Blacks were far better off than were millions of White people, many of whom lived in desperate circumstances, for those White immigrants, there was no job, food and shelter made available for them, and most certainly no one to blame for their situation, apart that is for the massive number of Irish slaves, whom the Jews, having starved five million of them to death in Ireland, sent a further six-hundred-thousand more Irish people into a form of slavery, which they called “Indentured Servitude”. Those Irish people, just like the Jew Eisenhower’s German “Disarmed Enemy Combatants” were shown no mercy as they attempted to work off the debt held over them by the Jews. Eisenhower did to the German POWs exactly what the Jews had done in Ireland, starved them to death, but then Jews can do that and who cares?

These days Blacks are forever calling for Racial Equality. Let’s take a look at what that means. What is “equal” about “affirmative action” a concept which is used to make it a crime to employ the best person for a job, without fear of howls of racism from Black support groups?

We all have to be equal, so I’m told and this aim involves the Whites always losing out. Equality should mean exactly that and any McDonald’s with more Blacks than Whites, flipping hamburgers, should be forced to sort out this intolerable situation as should the Jews whom control Harvard and Yale and whom should be forced to allow the Whites at least the same number of places as they allow for Jews.

Imagine a situation, should an employer be told that he must employ a certain number of half-wits simply because a couple of them chose to seek employment in a field about which they knew nothing. He would be forgiven for refusing the half-wit should they be White but should they be Black he could find himself in hot water. Why, as White people, do we put up with this crap?

In the States, it should be howled from the roof-tops that Blacks in past times were lynched for rape and murder and many were lynched by Blacks for raping Black women, others were lynched for raping White women and murdering White people. In earlier times far more Whites than Blacks were lynched, many for the crime of rustling horses. These statistics are ignored, the Blacks preferring to concentrate on the period when more Blacks than Whites were lynched, suggesting that they were hanged for nothing at all, a claim which has become fixed in the minds of the brain-dead guilt ridden Whites.

These days innocent White people are expected to feel guilty simply because Blacks are far more violent than Whites which means that justifiably there are more of them in prison and perhaps some Whites should offer themselves up as token gaol-birds just to satisfy a bunch Blacks whom daily sneer at them, rape thirty-three thousand White women annually, all while taking our earnings to feed themselves. The lies of the cynical bastard Smollett should open the eyes of White people to the Jew inspired war which is taking place against them and build Tromp’s wall, stop any more Blacks from streaming in with their begging bowls held out and start looking after our own for a change.

The European Union is a central plank in the aim to destroy Europe. The man in Ireland Varadkar the declared sodomite, who was, like Macron and May quickly placed into a position to thwart “Brexit” or to at least stop the “No Deal” Brixit, using the “back-stop” as an excuse.

The No Deal is the only Deal for which the UK Brexiteers voted, simply because it is the best choice but it would expose the absolute futility of the European Union, when it all works out well for the UK, which like the rest of Europe has been laid low as has Ireland and European Industry in general.

The European Union is even now forcing through laws which will finish off that Industrial Base with so-called “Climate Change” restrictions on emissions and even on the use of gas with which to cook and to heat homes. All told more than two million immigrants have been brought into Europe during the past couple of years and now we are being told that there is a catastrophic economic collapse on the way. This will quite suddenly oblige the White Christian Peoples of Europe to take care of all of those immigrants, eighty percent of whom have never worked. This is truly the White Christians burden..

White Genocide: No Sign Of Alarm In The Zionist Media.


White people in those countries which are described as being Western, have for some strange reason, chosen to vote for an inordinate number of Jewish politicians, many of whom have been educated in establishments, which claim to provide an education for future politicians, all of whom swear an unhealthy allegiance to the most corrupt and totalitarian State on the planet, a state which was set-up   by bloodshed and terrorism and which is funded, quite openly, by the Mafia, I am of course speaking of Israel.

Nigel Farage, the leader of Ukip, is of the opinion that the British were the innovators of  tactics, such as ‘Blitzkrieg,’ which was “great,” except when use of the tactic is levelled at the Germans. During the Great War, which was fought by ‘heroes’ such as the genocidal General Haig, a war which was used to camouflage the ‘coup d’etat’ in Russia, which produced the Balfour Declaration, which passed the Country of Palestine into the claws of the Khazar Jews and wiped out the cream of European youth.

Farage made no reference to the fact, that as with the Second World War, it was the British whom had declared war against Germany. They are the guilty party, a fact which has never been accepted by the British people.

Farage, along with other commentators, ignores the sixty-five million or so Russian Christians, whom were slaughtered, under the orders of these same Khazar Jews, whom had taken control of Russia, with the aid of funds from the City of London and Wall Street, which when added to the carnage of the Great War, plus the untold millions whom were murdered, not by the Germans but by Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, during the Second World War, mark a level of slaughter of White European Aryan Man, unsurpassed in all of history combined.

The rubbish about the mistakes which were made after the Armistice, in 1919, is still being propagated, in order to disguise the deliberate provocation of Germany, by World Jewry, in 1933, to generate an excuse to “finish off,” the German people, whom were, unacceptably productive and innovative, for the well-being of the Jewish-British Empire, which was in decline.  There were no mistakes, everything happened to order. The genocide against White Aryan Man goes on unabated.

Listen to the words of this Jewish woman. She is speaking for the Khazar Jewish ‘Elite.’ In the false State of Israel, from where the indigenous people are being driven, from where black Jews are being ‘tattooed’ and placed in camps to await deportation and where it is illegal for a Jew to marry a non-Jew.

This woman is explaining, in clear and concise language, the destruction of the White Race.  She should be arrested for this incitement to genocide. Is it any wonder that there is an upsurge against the Jews, whom are hypocritically calling for this?

Would it be acceptable to suggest that Jewry has done enough damage to the rest of the world and that it must now be done away with, through mass immigration into Israel?  I could confidently declare that should such a declaration made by a Christian against Jewry, be  posted on ‘you tube’ the channel would be instantly taken down by ‘google’ an organisation which will not even tolerate the word ‘Jew,’ being used in a search term.

The most recent casualty of ‘youtube’ censorship is of the untold truth of the Second World War, which was laid out by Dennis Wise, in his masterful series, Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told. No doubt it will soon be made available on another site, which will be set-up as an alternative to youtube, which like Facebook, has had its day.

The attacks against whites, by other Races, is on the increase in most countries, in which this Jewish  ploy of ‘multiculturalism’  has been imposed on indigenous populations.   In Canada, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, United States and all member States of the Jewish controlled European Union, unemployed, young male children of immigrant families, are forming street gangs, whom are marking out their exclusive territories,  where Political Correctness means nothing and from where ‘Infidels’ such as ‘Gays’ are excluded.

It should not have passed unnoticed, that in Israel, the Khazar Jews operated a system of invasion by immigration, where they are excluding all of those whom do not conform to certain conditions. This is similar to the process, which is being forced on the West, where a variety of Races are being installed. Historically this is known to create tension.

The idea is not to improve the life of either the indigenous Peoples or that of the immigrant, it is to destroy the very fabric of the society which attracted the immigrant in the first place.

Human beings are very little different from animals. They have need of their own space.  White European People have already had their land stolen by the rich, this theft was called “The Enclosures” which is a polite term for theft.  They have already been condemned to live in boxes, some of them so tall that should there be a power cut, it can be an arduous task to simply enter your home.

The British people gained nothing from Colonisation in Africa or anywhere else, they were simply cannon fodder for the Jewish-British Empire.   Now as a result of this Empire, they are expected to make a place, for the teeming masses of Asia and poverty stricken Eastern Europe; which was ruled by terror, by the Bolshevik Communists for generations: on a tiny island, where there are already millions of unemployed citizens, where there is not enough housing for those whom are already there, where water is scarce, where the Health Service is on the point of collapse and there are already problems of integration. What sort of madness is this?

 After the strange events surrounding the death of Jewish financed, African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela, whose body was stored in a freezer for several months, while the squabbles continued over the terms of his Last Will and Testament, there were fears that there would be an upsurge in attacks against Whites and Asians.

Africa has now become a Nation, in the style of Israel, where foreigners are not tolerated. The fact that most of the Blacks in South Africa, are themselves immigrants, whom swarmed into the region to take advantage of the society which had been constructed by the Boers, is ignored, outsiders, that is those of a different colour are being driven out.

South Africa was once a part of the Jewish-British Empire, it should be noted that there are many Blacks in the UK, whom are the children of immigrants, whom could well be offered an exchange of their life in the UK for the possibility of a life in their ancestral homeland. In truth, I doubt if there would be many takers.

I can see no good excuse for the forced acceptance of all Races into Western States, while whites are under considerable attack all across the planet.  Why, if life in the West is considered more desirable than is life in Africa, was there such a rush to destroy the economies, which were constructed by White Regimes in Africa?  Is it Racist to suggest that there is little evidence of Black success across Africa, where most Countries are still controlled by old Colonial Masters?

Those whom financed the destruction of Apartheid in South Africa, are even now operating the same system in Israel and they have total control of South Africa, through their Multi-National Corporations, which have bought the souls of the ANC leadership.

The attitudes, which are displayed against Whites, in this clip, are not in the interest of the majority of the South African Blacks, they would do well to remember that it was Zuma, whom turned the guns on to striking miners recently and it is most certainly not designed to assist those Blacks whom are already living alongside Whites, in most Western States.

When the Whites finally wake up to what is being carried out against them, things could well rebound against those whom cry out against Racism, while practising it themselves.