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Take Their Money And They Own You.



The original intention of YouTube was not to provide a platform for the disclosure of the crimes of ‘our rulers’ and to pay the wages of those whom chose to use it as a vehicle to wake us up and expose the criminality of those rulers.

Personally I have come to regard the behaviour of those whom are attempting to make a living, from adding just a touch of the alternative point of view, to a site, which is in the main attempting to sell stuff to their readers, or in the case of YouTubers by using tags of the “what they do not want you to know” variety, to increase visits, to earn more from ads on their channel, with some disdain, as they are lowering the importance of what needs to be done, for their own short-term gain.

These folk will soon be prepared to bend the knee to the demands of YouTube or lose their channels altogether. When the Revolution is no more than a business opportunity, it has already been lost. They should all forget about monetising YouTube channels and either do without donations altogether, or rely solely on them, to avoid taking the shekels from those whom have already bought the Web.

YouTube is already becoming a waste of time, channels are being closed down for no good reason, other than perhaps they contain the word Jew in a tag or the description box.

I am unable to leave even a short description with one of my own trivial clips, the whole raison d’être is nothing more than to add a bit of weight to a post on my Blog, having been warned, along with many others about the wording on a clip about the Parkland hoax, which I was obliged to erase along with the tags. Fortunately WordPress allows a fair amount of rope on their system, to make a fair point. Should all else fail, we will have to publish our own pamphlets.

We find ourselves in the most ridiculous position, of being in the hands of those whom ‘present’ themselves as Jews, however to say that they are indeed Jews is becoming a crime. It would appear that the frontmen of Google, Facebook and YouTube are all Jews. That is not only my problem, that is a problem for all and everybody.

Once upon a time, the Soviet Union was blamed for all of the covert Communist activity across the Western World. They were the ‘Red Menace’ and the KGB had a finger in every pie. Senator Joe McCarthy, while investigating Communist infiltration, into the American political system, very quickly discovered the reality of Communism in the USA, which is why he was quickly ‘allowed’ to die to shut him up.

After 911, FBI investigations into the attack, very quickly lead to the arrest of almost two hundred agents, all of whom had connections to the events on 911, but no connection whatsoever to the KGB and Russia. All of the connections were with the Jew State of Israel and all of those agents of Israel, despite massive evidence of their involvement in the 911 event, were released without charge:      HERE

While checking out the fabulous tale of Martin Luther King, on the anniversary of his death, and his belief that there should be a more equal spread of the American wealth, I quickly found he made no mention of the vast wealth which was in the claws of the Bankers and the international corporations and as do all other ‘reformers’ he concentrated on the paltry amount of wealth in the hands of the relatively  poor, which amounted to a ‘take as much as you can get’ from the White Middle Class of America, this was while King was under the guidance of The Religious Action Centre, which spoke of a close connection to King:

Today, Dr. King’s close bond with the Jewish community is treated only as a small footnote of his life and work. But, toward the end of his life, Dr. King devoted significant time and energy to strengthening what were becoming increasingly strained ties between black Americans and U.S. Jews. One issue Dr. King was particularly concerned with was the growing mischaracterisation of Zionism as racism.

This small footnote, included mention of King’s close friendship with a prominent Jew, Stanley David Levison, a life long Communist, by who he was lavishly funded and entertained, while down in South Africa, Saint Nelson Mandela was firmly under the control of the Bolshevik Communist immigrant Jew, Joe Slovo. South Africa is now a country which is quietly governed by Bolshevik Communist Jews, both Black and Jew colour,  without a trace of the KGB or any Russian Christians, while the country is now in a state of total collapse, the Blacks, have in fact, lost everything, while Nelson Mandela, the Bolshevik Communist, died a millionaire.

The current situation in the USA, South Africa and Israel, clearly demonstrates that Jews in general, do not give a toss about Blacks, whom they have cynically used to provoke unrest. That was the covert aim of importing Black Slaves into America. Immigrant Jews have now managed to set up their very own Apartheid State in Palestine – where there are, right now, calls to evict Black immigrants, the Jews are fully aware of the catastrophic results of allowing Blacks to enter any State, which is why the Blacks have been their favourite tool to destroy States – while all the intelligence gathering, which was once blamed on the KGB, is these days blamed on the Jew Mob’s killing machine, Murder Inc, which has been renamed as Mossad and is resident in Israel.

It is just as Hitler had declared, the Bolsheviks wanted Palestine, as a den, where they could avoid International Law, as they continued their organised crime and extortion rackets and other criminal activities, without fear of arrest. Now that Russia is playing a different role, it has become clear that the Russian Politburo members were mere puppets controlled by Jews, to this day the Prime Minister of a now ‘Democratic’ Russia is a Jew and  Israel is itself still under the same control as is most of the Western Christian World, including the USA, France and the United Kingdom, all of them controlled from the City of London, which some suggest is itself controlled from the Vatican.

While back in the United States, the agents of the Jews, are still trying to force the richest Blacks in the world, to destroy everything which they have been given by White Christians, including dozens of Black Millionaires, to suit the agenda of the Bolshevik Jews, which is the guilty little secret which was uncovered by Joe McCarthy, that all the Communists were Jews, with an agenda which has plainly delivered nothing to the Blacks in South Africa other than rape, murder and poverty and which will deliver nothing for the Blacks in the USA apart from another dose of slavery, working once more for the fiends whom brought them from Africa all those years ago.

The Mitrokhin Archive indicates that American communists in the earlier stages of the Civil Rights Movement confidently boasted to their Soviet masters of their influence on MLK. But their boasts were, like most of their aspirations about a Sovietized America, wishfully delusional, believed by a KGB that was even more ignorant about America. MLK’s hailing the “magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence” did not echo Soviet purposes.

Maybe not,  but it most certainly echoed Jew purposes in the United States, where the Communists ‘Soviet’ masters were actually installed.