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Will The British Show More Determination Than Did The Other States Which Have Been Immigrated To Death?


The British “voter” whatever that means in these modern days of obstruction and interference by an un-elected, hastily constructed and biased group of Supreme Court Judges, whom are apparently allowed to invent a “New Law” to suit the needs of a Parliament which is intent on denying the decision of the “majority” in a democratic vote, by firstly claiming to have found some arcane Constitutional  event from the dim and distant past, the use of which allowed Parliament to “deny” the majority their choice, giving the “opponents of the “Will of the People” the final say, in any “democratic” decision of the People, without so much as being forced to present the “evidence” which they claimed, supported their decision to rule against the People.

Not content with that travesty, the Judges then supported these enemies of Democracy, in the “Labour Party” which has since announced its position to be that of being “Globalists” with the intention of installing an “open door”policy on immigration, with an offer of automatic British Citizenship and the “right” to vote in all elections, to an unspecified number of immigrants,  while denying the current “Elected Government” the “right” to conduct discussions, which included the possibility of leaving the European Union without a deal,  while trying to discuss matters with an un-cooperative European Union.

These Radical ideas from the British Labour Party are part of the agenda of the Fabian Society, which was written with the cooperation of a group of avowed “Globalists” many of whom are living above the long arm of British Law, in the Independent State of the “City of London”, from where they have been conducting the installation of the “Globalist” domination of the entire world.

All of the Judges involved in the recent decisions, which have been used to entrap the British voter, are no doubt members of the Inner Temple, which along with other, authoritative sounding, highly secret groups, “invite” all members of what is known as “The Bar”to join their ranks, membership of which is obligatory in order to advance in the “closed shop” of the British Justice hierarchy.


The now, soon to be mixed-race British People and the few remaining ethnic British, find themselves to have been trapped into accepting that an un-elected group of Judges, all of them trained by an “elite secret society” – have taken to themselves, the right to allow any future decision by the British voter to be over-turned by the Government of the day, a possibility which will of course apply to “The Peoples Vote” the second attempt to gain a “Remain” result, to stop “Brexit”, should the result of that attempt not correspond with the desires of “The Government”.

Should Jeremy Corbyn’s desire to swamp Britain with huge numbers of Blacks from Africa,  be allowed to be put into practice, how long do the British people believe it will take before those immigrants, will start the call for more land in Britain to be handed over to them because all the Farmers are too White?

This is what was done to the “White” State of South Africa, the West and East Indies, Haiti,  Zimbabwe and of course in Palestine by the Jews, whom also controlled the theft of White South Africa. Do not be fooled by claims that Africa belongs to Blacks, unless of course you are not prepared to accept that Blacks will soon have the right to demand their share of Europe, while retainng Africa for themselves.


The British, to the best of my knowledge, are prepared to welcome in Blacks and Muslims by the million, while they continually complain about Polish immigrants from Europe, most of whom are hard working and Christian.

While the Polish people have posed no threat to the British or their way of life, the Blacks express a total hatred for White people and are openly calling for their annihilation, while the incoming Muslims from Pakistan and the Middle East, are either raping and torturing young white children, killing them in droves with suicide bombs or joining groups like ISIS, with the aim of setting up a Muslim Paradise in Europe, along with female genital mutilation accompanied with cries of “throw the queer off the roof”. And they call us Racist? We Whites are in danger from all of these people whom have been conditioned to hate us.









European Politicians Are Promising Unending Immigration.




The British are “celebrating” the anniversary of the initiation of their demise as a White European Country, by allowing an “argument” about exactly where the monument, to the ridiculous and traitorous Labour Party decision, to allow entry to the “Windrush Generation”, should be erected. Not as a gravestone but as a joyous celebration of the event, which kicked off the invasion of the United Kingdom and the destruction of the English way of life, by allowing access to a large group of Black immigrants, which has since benefited from “affirmative action” which has continually denied the British people any form of “fairness” by replacing “equality” with “minority rights”.

The “joke” however lies in the fact that the British have been duped into silence about the dire danger in which they now find themselves and take it from me, when the SHTF the first target will be those knife wielding, rapist Black immigrants, whom are even more detested than were the “British” in whichever country they have endowed with their presence. The term “Racist” is an attempt to disinfect the barbarity of certain types of people, but it did not cure the problem.

There is an ongoing international war against White Christians, a group which has suffered every bit as much as have any of the “Preferred” victims, the Native Americans or Australian Aborigines or indeed the Blacks, groups, all of which it is claimed suffered at the hands of “Whites”, while there is never a word about what happened to the Germans, the Russians, the Irish the Armenians the Palestinians, not at the hands of “the Whites” but at the hands of greedy scum whom sold their souls to the highest bidder for personal gain and power.

The recent destruction of the Middle East has in no way been in favour of White Christians. Just as the slaughter in Rwanda was an “in house” cold-blooded Black perpetrated slaughter, similar to the barbarity which occurred in Liberia and the Congo. Behind all of these events there is a “hidden hand”, by which the mighty United States itself is currently controlled.

Israeli leaders have on several occasions claimed that “they control America and when they have sucked it dry, they will chew it up and spit it out.” This warning is either treated as a joke or simply unknown by the American people, whom are currently being deliberately invaded by millions of Mexicans and other groups from South of the Border.

In the United States, “the land of the free” even the legal system is totally controlled and there is no longer any justice for White People, a reality which is “supported” by many Whites, whom accept that any opposition to the dismemberment of the United States is a plot of the “Extreme Right” against Black people, while they march alongside the totally controlled Black Lives Matter racists. The sad fact of the “matter” is that all these Black Lives that matter so much, are victims of Black barbarity, which is being presented either as a White crime or a plot by the Police to murder “innocent” Blacks.

White people need to get a grip of things, we do not owe the Blacks a penny. They have spat in the face of everything we have done for them as if they have some sort of divine right to demand more and more benefits for themselves simply because we are White. When the Black Communist Paul Robeson visited Wales, he was astonished at the poverty and deprivation of the Welsh People, which was far worse than was the reality of Blacks in the United States at the time. Did anyone spot all those “Welsh Lives Matter” demonstrators in London, or indeed “Irish Lives Matter” where there was overt English racism against the Irish, whom were forced to seek work in England as a direct result of the deliberate actions of the “covert” English government in the City of London? Of course not, the Welsh and Irish are White and Christian.

It is no longer good enough to say that “some” of our White politicians are working for us, as if they can change things, they cannot and will not. The change will have to come from the streets. The Gilets jaunes are showing the way in France and the controlled politicians and the brutal French Police Force are showing them no mercy. While in the United Kingdom the most common feature on the streets are those Muslim immigrants calling for more stuff for themselves, blaming “Whites” for what is happening to their own homelands in the Middle East, which is most certainly not being done for the benefit of British People, a fact which all these immigrants, whom will soon outnumber the indigenous British, are  just as much responsible, being British themselves are they not?

The Muslim Community in the “United” Kingdom has failed to take a lead in sorting out the Muslim War Against Young White Children, girls in particular, but not excluding young boys, whom have been buggered by Muslims from those Muslim States where this practice is encouraged. There has been a total silence, about all this barbarity, unlike the tirade which is duly unleashed against White People at the slightest excuse. Imagine the strident outcry there would be, were it young Muslim children being raped and tortured by White People? As do the Blacks, all immigrants, not of White European origin, coming into White countries now believe themselves to be above any form of  “criticism” which is now called “Racism”.

When I see reports of old age pensioners whom are frightened when they see a couple of Black youths approaching them in the street, just in case they get the “knockout” punch, which has been callously delivered by Blacks, on many occasions, against old White men, it begs the question, why is this racist crime being brushed under the carpet and why is the importation of types, whom are prone to inflict this sort of violence, in any society unfortunate enough to have been enriched with their presence, still on the agenda of “White” politicians like Jeremy Corbyn and his cronies in the UK and in the European Union Parliament for all of Europe and by the bulk of American politicians, apparently including Donald Trump and the entirety of the Democratic Party, for an already long suffering United States? Is there not the stench of a world-wide conspiracy involved in all this “stupidity”or are we White people being deliberately smothered out of existence?

Most of my colleagues are now firmly in the camp of the proponents of the necessary repatriation of at least, all of the “Clandestine” whom have arrived in France, with their begging bowls, at a time when the standard of living of the average French people has in many cases fallen below the level offered to even illegal immigrants.

This state of affairs is indicative of the collusion between all of the French political establishment, while any opposition, to the approaching disaster, is given a broadside of hate from the mainstream media, which as does the controlled media world-wide, obscure reality from the general public, not to mention what the outcome of this huge crime is likely to be.

The British Media has filmed the well oiled system which has organised the non-stop transport of Blacks from darkest Africa to the shores of Tripoli, where they are delivered to the “Ferry across The Med” and taken in comfort to Europe, while pretending to be filming people being rescued. There have been a pack of lies written about people drowning in the “Med” as they attempt to cross to Europe under their own steam, I have film from a British News outlet, showing quite clearly that claims they were making about people being drowned while being “rescued” was a total lie and the reporter actually filmed his own lies. The invasion of Europe is well and truly under the control of the “Deep State” and they have not yet finished the job.

Ask yourself the question, do these people need any reinforcement? And its not as if it hasn’t happened before.

These are the offspring of the “Windrush” people, they of course had no idea that however bad things may have appeared to be for them, they could have experienced their own Paul Robeson moment, had they taken a glance at life for those whom missed out on the “Windrush” shipping list just as their American cousins, the “Lucky” Black passengers on the slave ships, do not give a thought to the desperation of those still living in Africa despite having millions of those extremly capable, highly intelligent Blacks whom could go back to Africa to help build “Wakanda”. “Are you serious? Not bloody likely wi go where the Welfare is”

There is not one single example of a White country which has benefitted in any way from the importation of a large group of a different race. Immigrant Blacks in South Africa, whom ‘were’ the most wealthy Blacks in Africa, thanks to the hard work of White people and the farms which they fashioned out of a wilderness, which are now being stolen from them and given to Blacks. These kindly, self seeking Blacks could not bear to allow those Whites to retain anything of value, the Whites are denied jobs, they are evicted from their homes to make way for Blacks and thousands of them have been raped and murdered.

This is the model White people need to adopt, if that sort of behaviour is what we can expect from Black leadership should theyever  arrive at a majority point. When the time is right should we not to do to them as they do unto us and be just as callous as they can be about it? Whether when rioting or delivering a “knock-out” blow to an elderly White for no reason other than the fact that he is White. No Compassion seems to be the order of the day for Blacks but not for us Whites, I suppose.

The True Story of Whites in South Africa: Between Heaven And Hell



Be Warned, This Is All True But Politically Incorrectly True.

There is no such thing as “political” socialism, not with a big or small sS. It was a fallacious idea, proposed and funded by the greedily sick rich, who already own more wealth than the combined assets of the poor, with the aim of taking away, that smidgen of wealth in the hands of those poor, thus condemning the poor, to a life of total dependence on rich “benefactors'” whom will have the power to decide whether they live or die, i.e. the Bolshevik Communist option, much admired by the “Socialist” Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, across Europe and the World.

The Democratic World, has been run, by a group of rich bankers and industrialists, many of whom control both the banks and parts of the world’s industrial base, whom have placed their people into positions of “leadership” in the main political groupings, by whatever name those groupings are locally known, all across the World, operating a system, similar to that of the Freemasons, where the useful idiots at the bottom of the pyramid, have no idea of what goes on in Head Office and all that nonsense.

This controlled system ensures, that whoever is elected by their preferred two-party system, will make no difference whatsoever to the result. The reality of this situation has been graphically illustrated by the “unexpected” election of Donald Trump in the United States, which has created such panic amongst the bought and paid for hierarchy, of both the Democrats and Republicans, that they have combined in opposition, to prevent Trump from carrying out the wishes of the American people, while both Parties’ are conspiring to find a method to ‘Dump Trump’ which is a form of treason.

If that was not proof enough of the total failure of Democracy, take a swift glance across the ocean at the state of British Democracy, where all three political parties, have combined in opposition to Brexit and are desperately seeking a means of remaining in the European Union, against the wishes of the British voter.

Democracy should not depend on whether the votes are cast according to the wishes of a concealed group of people, who are more interested in their own affairs than they are of the needs of the people. In the United Kingdom, a coalition was quickly put in place, when Neville Chamberlain had achieved the wrong result in the Munich discussions with Hitler.

The British Socialists, along with their Tory Toff co-conspirators, were fully aware that the war against Germany was a set-up and yet with the full knowledge of the Bolshevik crimes in Russia, where tens of millions of White Christians had been slaughtered, out of hand, by Jew Commissars, the ‘Socialists’ casually joined forces with those secretive Jews like Churchill and Roosevelt, to arm and fight alongside the Jew Stalin and the most vicious, barbaric army the world has ever known, The Red Army of Terror.

Those same secretive Jews, have just destroyed the Middle East under the leadership of the Jews, Sarkozy, Hollande and Cameron and of course Obama, that is, should his alleged mother, who was a Jew, be indeed his real mother. Whatever, we must never blame the Jews, that would be anti-Jewism or something or other.

So where does that leave those idealistic “socialists” who believe themselves to be protectors of the same working man, who is the prime target for annihilation by the ever needy ultra rich, by whom they are considered to be useless eaters? Sadly those idealistic socialists are firmly of the belief that property is theft and that we should all be prepared to pay ever more taxes, so that what little we have can be shared with the Third World.

As a bigoted racist, who enjoys a very low-level life-style, wherein I benefit from very few of the amenities, which are considered to be essential for the people of the Third World, whom without the means of support, for the extraordinary number of children which they are producing and instead of taking care of their environment, exist on hand-outs, which negates any effort of these people to improve their way of life but which gives them all the time in the world to shag to their heart’s content and they then expect me to pay for the result of this crass stupidity.

Haiti is a prime example of the level of Black intelligence. Like South Africa, the people of Haiti slaughtered the White Frenchmen, whom had built urban Haiti, providing a decent life for the Black slaves, whom had been imported from Africa by Columbus, after he had slaughtered the indigenous people of what was once known as Hispaniola. Needless to say Columbus was a Jew.

South Africa has in the space of a few short years, fallen into chaos and when the natural resources have been exhausted and the Blacks find themselves left to their own devices, it will quickly be transformed into Liberia, the cannibal like tendency is already apparent.

In neighbouring Zimbabwe, Mugabe made a huge error when he allowed the White farmers to be driven off their land, they were, after all, just like those Blacks – who make use of their skin colour, when it suits them – just as entitled to a place in Zimbabwe as were the immigrant Blacks, who came into Zimbabwe from far afield to benefit from the accomplishments of the White farmers. The same in the ‘shit-hole’ of Haiti, the Blacks are immigrants in a stolen land. South Africa is no different.

While we are at it, neither is Israel, all of these, places are occupied territories, whether by Blacks, Whites or whatever colour the Jews now claim to be. So please stop pointing the finger at the White Race, we are no more guilty than anyone else.

Worse than that, White people did not colonise Africa, there are no White populations left in Africa, the Blacks are in the process of wiping them out, even as the Blacks are colonising my country and they are coming from an oil rich African country, to scrounge off my dirt-poor kin folk, as are the Muslims, from Muslim States which contain no sign of White populations, yet in they pour promising to breed us out of our own countries, using my money to carry out their threat.



In the United Kingdom, all the talk is of Polish Plumbers and Bricklayers, taking the jobs of British workers, when in fact after just a quick glance at those walking down the street, it becomes perfectly clear that the vast majority of immigrants are not white people, which is why London is already 55 percent Black and Brown and no doubt the vast majority of them will be living on welfare. In Denmark and other Scandinavian Countries, at least 75 percent of immigrants coming into those countries during the past ten years, have never worked.

In the United States, during the past fifty years sixty-million babies have been aborted, even as they are telling us that our birthrate is falling. What is the point of replacing aborted babies with millions of immigrants from Africa and other places, which would appear to have dire need of the child murder machine, which exists in the West, where politicians tell us, that while we murder our own babies in a land of plenty, we must do more to save babies in lands which have no means of feeding their excessive numbers of children and who seem quite incapable of doing without sex for a few days each month. What sort of logic is that?


A Minority Getting Priority Is Undemocratic And Unfair.

I have spent a while, searching all over the inter-web, looking for the identity of a White man, shot by the police in the USA, in an act which brought hundreds of Black and White demonstrators out in the streets, creating chaos. Sadly I can find no evidence of any such event. That is despite the fact that more White people are shot by both Black and White police, in the United States, than are Blacks.

I did manage to find this inconclusive report, though the claims regarding the actions of the dead man, in the Police report, do not appear to correspond with what was recorded on the ‘body-cam, but no matter, there is patently little difference between this event and those in which Blacks are shot, showing, at least,  some sort of perverted even-handed approach on the part of the Police. However there was virtually no media coverage of this killing and there was most certainly no riot in response. /2014/11/25/salt-lake-cop-cleared-in-shooting-of-unarmed-white-man/


The next example is absolutely disgusting, there was no need for police involvement in the first place, because there had been no crime committed, apparently, it was simply a matter of one member of the group, having had an argument over some triviality, with a member of the staff of Wal-Mart.



When the ‘reinforcements’ arrived, the cop walked up to a member of the group and tried to separate him from his family and when he refused, the cops had made no attempt to find out the reason for the argument, they instead went immediately into ‘show them we are the boss mode’, throwing the man to the ground, creating chaos in the process.

An older man could be heard asking the police to stop because there were women and children being hurt, to no avail.

Eventually, we are told by the police, that during the struggle, with this group of ‘pathetic’ fighters, a policeman had drawn his gun and in the middle of a mêlée with members of the family, the gun went off. We are told, by the police that it happened during a struggle with the boy who was threatened by the gun, trying to get out-of-the-way. This provoked another policeman to take out his gun and shoot the unarmed boy on the ground.

The cops then carried on beating the shit out of the rest of the family, while the cops close to the scene of the shooting, appear to be preparing their excuse, by treating a cop lying on the ground, who they then paraded, with the usual ripped trousers and a bandage dangling down, without a trace of blood, in front of the camera, which was recording the scene, while the distressed mother, howls over the death of her child.

This incident is so shocking, that for it to have been virtually ignored by the media, is beyond belief. The minimum response, by an unbiased media, should have been to broadcast this tale far and wide, to demonstrate that there is no such thing as Black bias when the police go AWOL, cops of all colors, will kill all and anybody at every opportunity.

To lay all the blame on the family, is going too far. There had been no violence, only talk, until the extra police arrived on the scene, at which point the Wal-Mart man and the police, thought they had an easy target, they were wrong, they had provoked a wild bunch.

The saddest part of this extraordinary tale was the death of Enoch, the young lad who was shot as he lay on the ground. The police paid little attention to the youngster as he bled to death, with his mother screaming by his side.

Other than that, for a group of so-called professionals, to have allowed a simple difference, between a Wal-Mart security man and a family, which included a bunch of testosterone charged boys, to fall into this sort of shambles, is unbelievable.

They should have started the interrogation by taking the Wal-Mart man, to one side and asked him to explain the problem, so that they at least understood what they were dealing with and most of all they should never have allowed him to take part in the brawl.

The police used their total supply of Taser capsules in an attempt to subdue the boys and their father, to no avail. They also broke the arm of one of the boys during the fracas. There were three or four squad cars used in the incident, two with cameras which did not work? which denied us film of what took place out of sight. All of that to check out a case of possible shoplifting?

That is how White people are treated these days, while the riots continue across the United States should a Black be the victim. Rush Limbaugh put it like this:

There’s a mindset out there, and the way it works in situations like this [is] only people of color can be victims. A white person can never be a victim. It just can’t happen. That’s not permitted, that’s not allowed because it isn’t the case. The whites are the oppressors. They’re the majority. In the liberal worldview, every majority is an oppressor, whether they’re white or whatever. They’re all oppressors. The minority is always the victims, and the victims are with whom we should always sympathize, no matter what. And the victims are permitted to do anything precisely because they’re a minority, and I’m talking about in numbers, not skin color. They’re outnumbered. The evil majority does horrible things to the minority. And so the minorities, be it skin color or numbers … [are] always victims. And so anything they do is justified and we must try to understand the rage.

But in the current climate in the United States, a black person can never be the oppressor and a white can never be the victim. And that’s how you have a corrupt or perverted news business in Salt Lake City, refusing to identify a black cop who may have shot an innocent person. That destroys the whole picture we’ve been creating here for centuries. That could totally destroy the image that we’ve been trying to concoct. Oh man that could blow it sky high; that’s just not supposed to happen. And so they come up with these things to hide it or to not reference it at all.”


Sadly Rush is completely wrong, in South Africa, where the Whites have been stupid enough to allow unlimited immigration into their land, they are now a minority, being daily picked off by Blacks who rape babies in front of their parents before killing them and then torture and rape the parents.

This behaviour has been more or less legalised by the President called Zuma, who along with Saint Nelson Mandela sang songs calling for the death of Whitey and who has recently announced that the Blacks are fully armed and waiting for the order to start the slaughter of the remaining Whites. Not too much in the news about that these days, unlike when the majority Blacks were demanding ever more from the Whites, that was called Apartheid, what we now have is total Bolshevik control and the White Christians, as is usual, are the target. Mandela was a Bolshevik Communist and Free Mason,  the African National Congress is a Bolshevik Communist construction.


In Myanmar, the minority Muslims are being exterminated by the Buddhists,  because Muslims have a dark, past history in those parts and people are not too keen to take them in.  I suppose the next step will be to appeal to stupid old Whitey to invite them to Europe instead of putting the award-winning hypocrite in her place in Myanmar and allowing the Muslims to stay in their own land.

So you see Rush, minorities are only considered to be automatically in the right, when the majority happens to be of a White Christian nature. In Israel, where another clearance is taking place, there is hardly a country on earth prepared to stand up against the Government in Tel Aviv, even as Europe is expected to make room for millions of Muslims from the region, to make more space available for Israel. Wake up Mr. Limbaugh.

The Black view of things is predictable, no mention of the enormous number of Blacks killed annually by other Blacks, no mention of the fact that even though Blacks are a mere 13% of the population of the United States, they commit 50% of all murders, no mention of the 33 thousand White women raped annually by Blacks, in fact one could be forgiven for believing them to be model citizens, whom are hunted down for fun by White police, as we never hear it mentioned that half of those Blacks killed by the Police, are killed by Black policemen.

Blatant Black Hatred Rears Its Ugly Black Face Against Whites.

When I read the tale of Blacks in the United States, calling for White people to leave their University for a day, as a form of penance for what was done to Blacks in past times, I was astonished and disgusted.

These Blacks should be forced to spend a month or two in Liberia, where they can watch Blacks living in squalor, with no work and most certainly no toilet-paper, where ‘you’ can find ‘yourself’ on the menu, should you annoy one of the ‘Generals.’

Having done so, the Blacks in America, might show just a smidgen of gratitude to the White People, ninety-nine percent of whom never owned a slave or had anything to do with slavery, while the real culprits, the ‘no-longer White’ Jews, are encouraging them to bite the hand that has been feeding them for years.

These squealing Black Racists, need to take a good look at themselves and ponder the question as to, ‘what will be done to them,’ when they no longer have ‘Old Whitey’ who has been protecting their Race by making a stand against the sterilisation of Black women and the abortion of millions of Black babies, in the clinics of the Jew controlled Planned Parenthood, which has been wiping them out for years. Why are they now doing the dirty work for those whom will destroy them, in an instant, when the time comes?

Any Black out there, who possesses an IQ slightly higher than the abysmally low-level which it is claimed they possess, needs to wake up to the fact that this is a classic ‘divide and conquer’ method, which has been used for years to make us fight one another, to the advantage of those whom pull the strings.

In the United States at this moment, the Blacks are responsible for ALL of the serious racism, including the murder and rape of White people, whom are rapidly losing patience and whom will very soon be taking action in support of their own people, which will involve, at least, the re-introduction of segregation, which millions of long-suffering Whites would welcome with open arms.

Even the widow of the Black hero Martin Luther King, was obliged to seek shelter in a White neighbourhood, to avoid Black violence. The extremely rich Black, Oprah Winfrey, paid the rent, to give the old woman a little bit of peace and quiet, before she died.

When I see Blacks carrying signs calling for the slaughter of Whites, I know in my heart that for this depth of hatred to be satisfied, will involve serious violence.

The people whom are funding Black Lives Matter and other such Racist organisations, are the very people whom organised slavery in the first place. However it was not with Blacks, it was with Whites, whom were worked to death and whom have long ago stopped grumbling about their past treatment.

Many members of my own family were sold into slavery and yet in my own country, there was never a sign of a Black slave, in the hands of a member of the cast of my ‘Rulers,’ where the slaves were called ‘servants’ and were all White.

We could all scratch around in our past history to find reasonable grounds for complaint and demand ‘reparations,’ however in the modern world, that attitude is uniquely the territory of Blacks and Jews alike, all of whom, are being supported by White Christians, whether it be Jews in Israel or Blacks in America, and their greed can never be satisfied, they are both turning into parasitical death cults, however, only one of them will be left standing at the end of the road and it will not be the Blacks. This naked Black exposition of Black Racism is of course being ignored by the mainstream media.


A Day In The Life Of The Modern Murdering Classes


From the day he announced his intention to seek the role of President of the United States, Donald Trump has been sneered at and smeared by the controlled International Media. A grouping which includes, in its ranks the so-called impartial organs like the British Broadcasting Corporation and Sky News in the United Kingdom along with, CBS, CNN, MSNBC in the United States.

Throughout his campaign, the ‘Clown’ Trump touched a chord in the minds of the long-suffering and ignored American, silent majority, who turned out in the tens of thousands, at all of his rallies, in support of his policies.

Trumps greatest achievement, was to demonstrate, quite clearly, to any believer in Democracy, that both of the so-called ‘democratic,’ political parties in the States, were united in their opposition to the democratic election of Donald Trump and they have been in lock step, with the media, in their attempts to destroy his Presidency.

Having been so ‘un-democratically’ opposed to the election of this inexperienced, ‘clown’ one would have thought the best approach for the media, would have been to leave him to his own devices, which would have inevitably lead to his self exposure as being incapable doing the job, for which he was elected.

Strangely that is not what has taken place, the reaction to Trumps election has been one of naked fear because of the possibility that he might manage to interfere with the established agenda of the ‘Deep State,” which was counting on the election of the Clinton Crime Family, which would have given the Bush bastard Slick Willy Clinton the chance to re-enter the White House.

The ‘Deep State’ has been prepared to finance a large group of Black savages onto the streets of the US, expressing the totally hypocritical claim that ‘they’ are the victims of racist crime, when official statistics graphically demonstrate, that Blacks are responsible for a totally disproportionate amount of crime and killings and most certainly for one hundred percent of the truly savage attacks, which have been carried out against Whites. There are no similar recorded crimes committed by Whites on Blacks.

The Central Intelligence Agency controlled Feminist movement, which along with the benign sounding Planned Parenthood, whose founder announced;

We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. – Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, 1939

The majority of Planned Parenthood Clinics were in Black neighbourhoods. Sanger, was herself in constant touch with the Ku Klux Klan, a group which it is constantly claimed, were against Blacks. She was also funded by the same folk whom are now funding Black Lives Matter, when it would appear that Black lives do not matter that much, to the likes of Sanger. It all gets a little bit muddled, does it not?

While writing my stuff, to avoid being totally out-of-order and having made the claim, that virtually all racist violence, is Black racism and that rape in the USA is virtually a Black monopoly, I try to confirm this notion, which I have done on many occasions, always with the same result, after checking my assertions online, which is not a one hundred percent accurate source for correct statistics, but good enough, in view of the fact that there are no examples of Whites raping, torturing and killing Black couples available but there dozens of examples of Blacks raping and torturing and murdering White couples, both young and old they even sodomised their male victims before killing them.

There is a similar lack of evidence of White people taking to the streets in protest, at the diabolical crimes of Black savages. On the other hand, in order to justify this Black Jungle behaviour, the lame excuse which is offered, normally blames White people, whom are obliged to accept the blame because we are all now accused of being Supremacists, a term which make Black people go crazy and which comes straight out of the playbook of a gaggle of Jews, whose foul-mouthed hatred of White people is quite openly available online,  without a word of complaint, or criticism against the Blacks or the Jews, both of whom never give their whining about White Racism or anti-Semitism a rest.

When I listen to the garbage, coming from the mouths of Women, Blacks and Jews, about me and others like me, I am astonished that the media has never once mentioned any disquiet about the constant Racist attacks, which are being made against White people, not only in the States but in White European countries in general. The fact that White Christian people have been the target of the most ferocious Genocidal attacks in history during the past hundred years, is never mentioned. We Whites keep our mouths shut and continue to pay up.

The idea that I should be prepared to be more considerate to Blacks, Jews or Women, because I am allegedly a Racist, a claim has been very carefully manipulated to mean ‘White,’ is abhorrent. The most belligerent whiners about Racism or Religious bigotry, are themselves the least of the victims of such crimes, the real victims are still paying out their hard-earned cash to these whiners.

To have a Jew tell me that ‘White’ is not really a Race, that we Whites are simply a mishmash of other real Races, unlike them, the Jews, whom benefit from being perceived as White, having been born somewhere in Eastern Europe but they are not White, they are Jew, which is a religion and not a Race but never mind that, the women and the Blacks will not notice. Not because they are too stupid of course, they are all geniuses, whom are given ‘good’ jobs in preference to White idiot men.

The result of all this disinformation, is a situation where we find the Blacks and the White women, in league with the Jew controlled Planned Parenthood, which is intent on wiping out both the Blacks and the Whites, while at the same time the sexist invention of the Corporations, the Feminists’, are engaging in the business of destroying the confidence of men.

The attacks on men have blown up in their faces, as men have come to realise that it was not those poor women trapped at home, watching afternoon TV, whom were in need of liberation, it was the men who spent a lifetime working like slaves, for thankless women, whom offered not a word of kindness or thanks for the mens efforts, choosing instead to complain that men were not doing enough of the house-work.

The result has been, that sex, the very commodity, which was once used as a means of ensuring a mans loyalty to his wife, is now a mass-produced, freely available, over-rated commodity, which is no longer a good enough reason for a man to allow himself,  to be trapped into a marriage, which in most cases will end with him losing his home and most probably contact with his children.

The claim, once made by the Feminists, that ‘men needed women, more than women needed men,’ has been turned on its head. Sadly for women,  the way things have turned out, men have finally realised that the women brought very little into a relationship, other than a honey trap called sex, which attracted over sexed young boys into an early marriage.

Now that women have careers, and are delaying the start of a family, many until they arrive at an early onset menopause, they are finding it difficult to find any decent man whom is prepared to put his life on the line for a shagged out old bitch. Never mind the idea of buying a house which would be a debt, hanging around his neck, for the rest of his life, while at the same time, possibly working to pay for a child or two.

Judging by the behaviour of women, during the Women’s March, in Washington, which was a protest against Donald Trump and which was, at the same time in support of abortion, was an event which included a pack of loud-mouthed women, who screeched their hatred of men, from a stage packed with professional idiots, and in particular against the democratically elected President of the United States.

This was a shameful response, which was obediently cheered by thousands of women, whom had been fed a load of tosh by the media, in support of which they were wearing ‘pussy’ hats, while pretending to have been shocked by a crass remark made by Donald Trump, suggesting that women are so aggressively greedy, they if they believe a man to be rich, that man can even grab them by their ‘pussy.’

They should have been embarrassed by this ‘truism,’ they instead tried to, pretend it not be true. Pull the other one ladies, any man will tell you, women are genetically parasitic, you cannot help yourselves.

The question needs to be asked as to which side of the argument are White women in support? Do they stand with the Feminists’ aim of destroying the family and aborting millions of White and Black babies, while at the same time calling for mass immigration into Europe and the United States? If so have they any acceptable reason for such a contradictory position? 

Why No Action Against Hate Filled Jews?

Why No Action Against Hate Filled Jews?

I simply cannot stop my cynicism, from running out of control, every time I hear reference to the ‘fake’ democracy, which the so-called ‘Free West’ is intent on installing all across the World. A political system, which guaranteed the enslavement of, ‘We The People,’ wherever it has been installed. Democracy is a myth.

We in the West are now under an attack, spear-headed by Jews, many of them well-known for their views, Tim Wise, Franz Timmermans, Noel Ignatiev, Barbara Spectre and many more, whom babble their hatred of White people, on a daily basis, all of which is totally ignored by the Jew controlled mainstream media, which would, of course, have a field day, should a White Nationalist call for the same cleansing of Jews, through the medium of inter-breeding, which the Jew, Nicolas Sarkozy, when he was President of France, suggested, as the means for the extermination of White people, whom Jews suggest are not even a true Race.

Every Jew in the above clip, fails to mention that Jew Israel has been carrying out a genocide against the very people whom these hate-filled Jews are attempting to use to swamp White People out of existence.

Every German Jew in the above clip, should receive the same justice which is meted out to any ordinary German, who happens to disagree with the behaviour of the cruel and barbarous, ‘White Jews’ in Palestine, whom are attempting to prove some sort of genetic connection to Palestine, as justification for their War of Terror against the defenceless indigenous people.

The term Hypocrite, sadly lacks the necessary ‘bite,’ to fully describe these folk whom are responsible for every war during the past hundred years and the deliberate destabilisation of the Middle East, after The Great War, to satisfy the demand of Lord Rothschild and his desire to become King of Palestine.

How can we stamp out Racism, while Blacks and Jews can quite openly discuss their Racism against White People without fear of prosecution? It should be noted that South Africa is wholly controlled by Jews. They funded and trained the African National Congress and have encouraged the same clearances of Whites from South Africa as did the Bolsheviks to Christians in Russia and as they are doing in Palestine and the Middle East.  

It should not be forgotten that the European Union was set up by these same Bolsheviks, who still control Europe from behind the scenes and with the help of complicit politicians are setting about wiping out the White Race. Wake Up! 

The Myth Of The Caring Woman.



The Myth Of The Caring Woman.


The newly selected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has announced her intention of denying entry into the British Isles of White Europeans, in order to maintain the surging threat of Muslims and other non-White immigrants whom are already installed, in massive numbers, in many UK towns and cities.

This is most probably the real explanation as to why, during the recent Brexit referendum debate, the ‘real’ refugee problem in the UK, that of ungrateful Muslims, who are warning the British, in no uncertain manner, that they intend to over-run the UK with their prodigious capacity to produce an endless supply of children, all of whom will inevitably be in need of social assistance to finance their up-bringing, was never mentioned, all of the talk was of White immigrants. Whites can be slagged off with impunity, in the New Globalised Europe.

On top of that, May, has taken to herself, the right to show a preference for women, in high positions, whether they merit the portfolio, for which they are selected or not. I find this as annoying as the propensity to select “dolly-birds” in stilettos, to present the weather on Sky News.



Why is there no Minister for Men or are young White boys being phased out altogether? There are serious calls being made to change the colour and sex of James Bond, will we soon perhaps have a woman playing the part of Richard the Third?

Merkel in Germany, has already castrated German male youth, such is the egotistical attitude of the parasitic gender and their blind belief in their own incompetence. In the end, there is sadly, little to choose between them and the worst type of male.

Another Alpha female/proto male, Angela Eagle – a warmongering lesbian, whom stood in support of all of the illegal, attacks against the Muslim world, all of which were based on lies and all of which have proven to be nothing more than a continuation of the blood-thirsty efforts,  to seize control of all of the worlds resources,  into the same ‘private’ hands – is even now, attempting to replace a pseudo ‘socialist,’  Jeremy Corbyn, with her Neo-Blairite agenda,  as leader of the Labour Party. Things have become so confusing.

We must not forget the other woman in the UK, who finds it hard to accept the decisions of the people of Scotland, fishy little Sturgeon, who now wants to hold another Independence referendum, which is a call which will never be repeated, after she has gained her own personal choice of result.

She is using the debatable decision of a few people in Scotland, who were voting as ‘British’ in the recent ‘Brexit’ referendum, as an excuse to cement an Independent Scotland into the European Union, however successful ‘Brexit’ may ultimately prove to be for the British and however disastrous a link with Europe, which is after all on the brink, may prove to be for Scotland, she calls this authoritarian decision,  Democracy.

Meanwhile in Turkey, after a half-hearted, inconsequential, attempt at a coup d’etat, like May in the UK, Erdogan has announced a purge, which has already started with the Judiciary and soon continue with the passing of a law, allowing the execution of all of those involved in the attempted coup. Turkey is a member of NATO.

Having watched Erdogan see off the Military rebellion, the French are crying out for the Mi!itary to be allowed to Police the streets of France, claiming that the Police, have themselves failed to carry out this task, exemplified by their failure to stop a mysterious attack in Nice, on Bastille Day.

The French are perfectly aware, that the Gendarmes, of whom they are so proud, are already a part of the Military and have long been under the control of the Ministry of Defence. They have been playing the role of a covert armed force, ready for any insurrection in France. So no change is likely on that front.

For the French people, the real problem is that of Marine Le Pen and The Front Nationale. Marine is yet another tough cookie, with a determination to upset the political landscape in France, so she claims. Whether, should she be elected, she will be in a position to carry out her agenda is another matter.

The French people are White, so unlike their opposite numbers in the Maghreb, should La Pen choose to imitate the Algerian governments decision to expel a million Algerian born French people, by taking similar action herself by sending a million Algerian Muslims from France, back to Algeria, there would be a world-wide outcry, from people whom are totally unaware of what is often referred to as the Genocide of the Pieds-Noirs by the Algerians, which was an act of pure Racism, which like the similar Racist attacks in South Africa, where it is forbidden to call yourself African, should you be anything other than Black, is received by White Liberals, those really “nice” people, as being a justifiable act, against those whom built South Africa in an empty space, which was, at the time, completely devoid of Black people.

After ‘Brexit’ in the UK, all of the chat is about whether White Europeans are about to be slung out, still no mention of those whom are of another Race and colour, as usual those at risk are White and what is more, throughout the ‘Brexit’ debate, the British have been quietly brain-washed into believing that French and Polish White folk are the real problem.

Will four-hundred-and-fifty-thousand French people, as were the Pieds-Noirs from Algeria, now be driven from the UK, while the likes of Anjem Choudary are allowed to remain and to continue to spew their hate speech, warning the White British that their days are numbered?

It should never be forgotten that Democracy is no more than a branch of the Banking system, which is used to donate the riches of the planet into the hands of the money sick, by politicians, many of whom are paedophiles, living in fear of exposure by that other arm of control, the Mass Media. Never forget that all is illusion, smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand. Abracadabra! The dream is fast becoming a nightmare.

Racial Equality? Yes Please!

A while back, some character, who studied form, suggested, indeed stated, that Black men of West African origin, were biologically better adapted than were White men, when it came to running for one hundred metres.

He went on to suggest that Ethiopians and Kenyans, were biologically more suited than were Whites, to run long distances. Other genetic traits have given us seven-foot tall Basket Ball players, most of them Black.

Blacks are apparently more suited than are Whites, when it comes to kicking a ball about, which has lead to a predominance of Black footballers, in National teams across Europe.

That would suggest to me, that Blacks are in fact srteets ahead of us mere  Whites in Racial Superiority, so what is their problem, do they need to be superior in everything, are they never satisfied?

There are no doubt many other areas, which do not spring instantly  to mind, in which Blacks are allegedly more gifted than are Whites, for example, who would deny the superiority of Kool and the Gang over the Rolling Stones?  No contest.

However I was spurred on to write this rubbish in response to a news item concerning a Posh Boy called Oliver Leftwing, yet another of those Eton Jews, by whom the British Parliament is well over-stocked, who dared to make a disparaging remarks about Black people, some thirty years ago, after the head had been cut from the shoulders of a White British Cop, during Black riots in London.

This has lead to cries of astonishment and calls for Public floggings etc., with Leftwing on his knees, and calls for his sacking for daring to make such cruel and unjust comments about Black people.   What next, if a stop is not put to this sort of unjustified attack, he will no doubt call for something to be done about the inordinate number of rapes, to which Black men also appear to be better adapted than are White men.  Or indeed the disproportionate amount of Racist attacks against Whites, at which Blacks show similar extreme prowess and the usefulness of their dexterity at running one hundred metres very fast.

I hope Eton Boy Leftwing, takes care as he walks down the street at night, he may find himself accosted by a Black Knock-outer, that would appear to the latest sport at which Blacks excel.

Leftwing was not the only one to come under attack over the hidden reality of Racism in the UK, this from the Daily Mail.

“Phil Woolas, (Labour) whose Oldham constituency was the scene of race riots in the summer of 2001, has written to the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) claiming that race relations are being damaged by the refusal of politicians to condemn black racism towards white people.
In a letter addressed to Trevor Phillips, the new chairman of the CRE, which was leaked to the Sunday Times, Mr Woolas said: “Politicians across the party divide have failed to be seen to condemn racist violent attacks against white people as strongly or forcibly as such attacks against Asian and black people.
“My view, and I believe that of my constituents of all ethnic backgrounds, is that this fact has diminished confidence in the communities and damaged race relations.”

Trevor Phillips is of course Black, so above reproach, yet he has steadfastly denied any suggestion of Blacks behaving like Blacks, which they do across the world, which is why there is so little reporting of the Jew funded White Genocide which is ongoing in South Africa and the brutal murder of incoming Black refugees from other African Countries. Like Jews, whom you have no right to criticise, unless of course they find themselves in a “no win” situation like Leftwing, Blacks can literally get away with murder.

So I suggest that there should be handicaps on Black Athletes as were imposed on British Athlete David Hemery, who found himself placed a couple of hundred metres behind other contestants in a sporting game show, because he was considered to be “better” than the other contestants. Weighted belts should do the trick.

Speaking for myself, I would not complain should I find that half-a-dozen of my responses to questions, which were asked during a job interview had been marked as wrong when right, in order to give a fair chance to the Blacks who were seeking the same job, even though I do not agree with the academic who claimed that White people have a bigger brain than do Black people as I am sure the size of the brain is not the only reason for a superior intelligence level, good nourishment when young is also important, so what is their problem and why do they blame me?



Look Away Dixieland.

There are two groups of people, with a long and strange connection to one another, whom are continually holding out their hands and demanding financial  reparations in payment of alleged historical crimes,  which they claim were carried out against them. They would be Jews and Blacks.

These nonsensical claims have now led on to the current attacks against the White people in the Southern States of the US. The principal target of the current attack is the  proud Banner of the Southern States, which was flown during the War of Succession, against the aggression of the Federal Government of the US, which was of course already under the control of Bankers.

The excuse for this stupidity, is the “alleged” shooting of nine Black people in a Church, by a young White boy, whom apparently carried out yet another of those bloodless attacks, for which the entire White population of the South, along with their proud history is being presented as the culprits.

Now who exactly are these Blacks who are continually crying out against “White privilege” and “White Racism?” Well bizarrely they were rounded up and sold to Jew Slave Traders, by their own people in the West of Africa and brought to the USA on Jew slave boats, with Jew Captain and crew and sold, mainly to Jew families in the US.

They were then used, as are the current financial refugees from Mexico, as cheap labour. When the Jew owners threw them off the plantations and left them to their own devices, the Blacks then expected the “dirt poor” Whites to take on the responsibility of their welfare. Does that not sound familiar? Seventy five per-cent of all immigrants into Denmark in the past ten years have never worked.

The German people found themselves in exactly the same position with the Jews, after it was claimed, without supporting evidence that the entire population of Germany  was responsible for the alleged murder of Jews in Death Camps.

Still in lock-step with one another, the crimes of Blacks, like the crimes of Jews are never reported, let alone criticised, by the mainstream media, giving the distinct impression that they are both above the laws which apply to the rest of us.

Jews can kill Palestinians à la volonté, while Blacks can commit hideous crimes against Whites, using slavery and White privilege as a reasonable excuse. Muslims, of course, may be freely attacked by one and all, without fear of sanction.

The first lie in this inexcusable attack against the South and its Flag, is the fact that those whom claim to have been fighting against slavery, were doing no such thing, they were fighting a war for the Bankers, in exactly the same manner as was the war against Germany and Hitler, which would be fought, not too many decades in the future, which would also be shrouded in lies and mystery and deceit, to suit the same Banking families.




While all of the immigrants into the US – including the Irish, who were the first of the slave gangs used in the New World, a fact which has been lost in the mists of time – despite many hardships managed to pull themselves up and create a life for themselves, the Blacks in the US and the Jews in Palestine, still rely, in a parasitic manner, on hand-outs, mainly from the Whites, whom they hate but whom have throughout the centuries paid for all the others, despite being obliged to accept culpability for all the wrongs in the world.  The Goy are the real slaves in this Twilight Zone world and always have been.