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White People Would Appear To Be Standing Alone While They All Expect Whites To Take Care Of Them.

Suddenly, racism is back with a bang.. Not of course the racism which denied White people in Charlottesville, proper justice, which those whom are taking part in a legal, peaceful, White demonstration, quite clearly deserve, what ever their Race or colour, however fairness goes by the board when dealing with Black racists, whom had called for action to destroy statues of White heroes, which lead to the White protest, which was viciously attacked by the legally acceptable Black racists, and the Whites whom fought back, against these vicious attacks, were quite cynically convicted and given long gaol sentences, for defending themselves, while the Black racist attackers, were dutifully exonerated and freed.




This time around, the reaction is on the terraces of the White working class game of football, which has seen the swamping of the game with Blacks, whom are quickly given “citizenship” in their adopted White country, so that they can play in the National team for their adopted White country, which quite obviously denies White Europeans a place in their own National Team. This is most noticeable during international competitions, where a French opposing an English team could be mistaken for a match between two African Countries, with an odd European or two playing amongst them. While Cameroon and other African sides are one hundred percent racist and Black.

In the United States the Black racists in the National Football League are renowned for their reluctance to pass the ball to a White player and became famous for using the National Anthem as a means of protest against Whites doing whatever, by “taking a knee” while a Black on British Television, is calling for the destruction of Nelson’s Column, because there is an image of a Black included in the carvings of those whom fought alongside Lord Nelson during the Battle of Trafalgar, which must of course mean that he was there under duress while the Whites were there for a holiday.

When it was put to this creature, that the statue of Nelson Mandela should be taken down, after all he was found guilty of mass murder and gaoled, after a fair trial, a fair decision which even Amnesty International supported and when  released he stabbed his supporters in the back, by selling South Africa’s gold and diamond mines, which he had promised to Nationalise, to the Jew interests which had funded the African National Congress, an act of treason, for which Mandela was well paid, this Black who benefited from her own affirmative action,   justified the glorification of this  ANC killing machine, which had then set about the destruction of the Whites,  whom had built South Africa out of an empty wilderness, for standing up in defence of their own homeland, which the Blacks, with the assistance of those whom had done the same thing in Palestine, were simply stealing. British Blacks are of the same ilk as the American variety, they all think that you and I owe them a living.

The Black woman was amazed at any such suggestion, because, as usual any criticism of Blacks was different she cried, as she sat comfortably in England, a White country, while we all know Africa is for Blacks not for Whites,totally unaware that Nelson Mandela was a total piece of crap, who was a callous killer of both Blacks and Whites.

She then went on to display her total lack of any knowledge of British history, when the more or less brain-dead Piers Morgan brought up that other piece of British crap, Winston Churchill,who along with Jacob Rees Mogg, he apparently adores,  into the discussion. Churchill was a man who had helped to murder thousands of Blacks in South African Concentration Camps, during the Boer War, while the British originally stole the Diamond and Gold Mines, which Mandela had duly handed back to them when he was elected President and he was well, paid for a job well done.

South Africa has been under Jew control to this day, but that is the sort of thing which must never be mentioned, after all it has been decreed that only White people can be bigots or racists, a claim which has at long last woke the White people, whom are rapidly becoming an under-class in their own lands, to stand up and yell out loud and clear, that enough is enough, while South Africa will be allowed to collapse, allowing those clever Africans to show us what they can do on their own.

Personally I am sick and tired of the “We’re all the same” nonsense which is a claim only mouthed by immigrants, while back in “their real homelands” nothing could be further from the truth. Sunni’s kill Shia, Buddhist’s kill Muslims, Muslims kill Hindus and Blacks kill anyone they can get their hands on, all of which has lead to a rush to the safety of White lands, where they all expect “affirmative action” a stupidity which is eagerly doled out in those White lands which have fallen under the control of Jew Bankers, but of course Jew racism, as in Palestine must always be forgiven because of the Shoah you know. Where in Africa would you find people with noses like this charming young ladies?

European White people, whom have had nothing to do with slavery and whom have gained not one cent from the campaigns in which they were forced to fight, to further the aims of a group of rich people, whom through the judicious use of their wealth, have managed to subvert governments all across Europe and now the world. These psychopathic people have used the “captive” White people of this world in a sickening and cruel manner, all of which is now being swept under the carpet, while the finger of blame is being cynically pointed at the White men whom built what they all now want to grab for themselves, as in South Africa, while Jews, Blacks and women present themselves, not as victims of International Terrorists but of White men which is a group which has been on the kill list for a genocide for more than a century, despite which we White Men are still the single greatest existential threat to the Globalists dreams.

As for the view expressed by Piers Morgan, that Napoleon was the top slaver of his day, that is doubtful, the slaves, whom were taken from Africa to Haiti, which was known as Hispaniola at the time, were taken there by the Spanish and had nothing to do with the French, whom the descendants of those Africans, killed and ate this French garrison, which had later taken over control of Haiti, from the Spanish, other than that there is scant evidence that Napoleon had much time for slavery.

TRT World, a brand new, but totally mainstream, fake news outlet, immediately caught my eye, when I spotted an old face from Sky News, who along with others from Sky had moved on to Al Jazeera and it would now appear that he has joined Erdogan’s News team on TRT World, in Turkey, which is a “diverse world”, where bigots like me are given the opportunity to observe that when one is given a glimpse of any Middle or Far Eastern view of daily life, that quite shockingly those whom work in shops or whom are in Police uniform, driving taxis or anything else, they are one and all quite clearly members of the same race, it is not until one watches a report from Europe that there is any sign of this “diversity” thing showing its face.

Which takes us back to the Soccer Fields of Europe, where racism is rife and is the only situation where Blacks are given a dose of what they dish out on a daily basis against Whites, and what do they do in response, well they weep, while they run to the “Ref” of course, squealing out “Ref! Ref! They called me a name Ref, stop the game Ref it’s the only way to sort out this sort of thing”

Well that may be so and I would dearly like to see that logic extended to the now mean streets of Europe and the United States, where rape, murder and violent crime is in the vicious hands of a small number of Black thugs, whom should be deported back to the jungle, however I am well aware that sort of remedy would not suit the Black cry babies, they would most probably prefer to bring in the machetes to sort out the problem the way they did in Rwanda and then as do the Liberians and others, so I am assured, they could eat their victims.





These are the type of Blacks whom are being brought into Europe to enrich us, just as there is a fear about the amount of food which will be available to feed Europe, which is becoming isolated in a world which is moving towards Asia, from where Europe will be “easy meat” for those whom have been conditioned to hate us.

The days of pulling our punches are over, we either prepare to fight or, lie down and die. West Point, in Monrovia is the very model which is being used in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and many other cities in the US are going the same way. Ireland already has a large contingent of Nigerians and as is Liberia it will soon find its young hooked on the Heroin provided by the controllers of the Poppy Fields of Afghanistan.

You could be forgiven for believing all of this to be nothing more than scaremongering and hyperbolic racism, that is until you check out the violent life-style of Blacks in the United States, where a handful of Blacks, three percent of the Black population, are responsible for more murders than are all of the other races combined.

The “Rainbow Nation” of South Africa, is the current murder capital of the World and Whites are simply being slaughtered out of hand, with members of the Government straining at the leash to “Kill All dem Whites”, whom unlike Blacks in Europe, whom claim to be British, and have been here all my life, so they tell us, as if that should mean something, unlike for the Whites in South Africa whom have been there longer than the Blacks, but are now being treated as second class citizens, in the land they built. Sadly Blacks are too stupid to understand the meaning of hypocrisy. Wherever they are to be found they demand special treatment, because Black Lives Matter. So There!

The Absurdity Of Laws Against Free Speech Designed To Conceal Deceit.

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https://www.bitch ute.com/video/0cfPvybJ3VIV/

Whenever a perceived threat, to the total control of humanity, by the infamous ‘hidden hand’, makes an appearance, the first step is to undermine the characterof the perpetrator of that threat, by whatever means comes to hand. Hitler, when all else had failed, was said to be a ‘covert’ member of the gang, working for the gang and what is more he had been Brainwashed by the British.

Donald Trump, who is using some of the verboten tactics of Hitler, is already being connected to certain figures, whose religion can most certainly be mentioned without fear, apart that is from in connection to membership, of that gang, a gang which could well be a threat to us all, while their identity must remain unspoken.

We the People, are now in a position, where to so much as mention a disparity in certain numbers, supplied by these people, which add up to the wrong answer, is soon to be forbidden. Should that advantage be allowed to apply to one and only one section of humanity, is a very strange notion indeed, and to be expected, not to so much as ask why that should be allowed, borders on insanity. They, the ‘special ones’ on the other hand, can make any claim, however false or fantastic against whomsoever they may choose, without fear of sanction. This is called freedom of speech? A freedom which will soon no longer apply to those like me or you, whom question certain things which do not add up, but a freedom which will be retained by those with a capacity to lie through their teeth about all and everything.

While efforts are continually being made, to connect those like Trump, with certain members of a gang-land group called the “Mafia” or “Cosa Nostra” the people whom have had virtual monopoly control of these groups, when once upon a time, hiding behind Italian sounding names and these days behind American sounding names, which have and are still being used to separate them from any connection to the “government”, while in other places names which were once changed to give the impression of being “Russian”, were chosen to hide the identity of those whom organised a coup d’etat in that country and whom are now lurking behind names which sound slightly Middle-Eastern, to give an impression of the same thing, when in fact both of these acts were what can only be described as being Non-Governmental-Organisation private wars, which the tax-payers of the world were forced to finance, using the newly installed private Income-Tax, which is a polite way of robbing the public for the benefit of the International Deep State.

South Africa is a classic example of the Deep State, which, in its grossly hypocritical mode of getting what it wants, endeavored to destroy yet another fully functioning, ‘White’ State, while pretending to be doing so for the benefit of an enormous immigrant population of Blacks, from all over Africa, Blacks whom against all odds were the richest Blacks on the African Continent, thanks to the generosity and industry of the White Government, now find that having killed the goose that laid the golden egg, that they have been reduced to a life of rape, robbery and cannibalism, in less than a generation.

The ruling class of this Bolshevik Communist, African National Congress Government, still hiding in the shadows, belongs to the very same White Race, which they have driven from power in South Africa, in a coup d’etat,  a fact which they are desperate to deny and conceal, while they now target the remaining Whites of South Africa, as they have previously done in Russia,  which will further reduce the ability of the Farmlands of South Africa to recover from the murderous assault of Black Racist rapists and killers, all of whom are being paid to carry out their dirty work, which will finally cripple South Africa, forcing these Black racists to take to the highway towards Europe, which is exactly what they are required to do.

On arrival, by ferry-boat, into Europe, these people whom have quite deliberately chosen to destroy their own country, will then be holding out their hands to beg the maximum from their new host in Europe, while those whom have already arrived are even now creating chaos in those European lands which are taking them in.

They are of course not welcome in the land which funded the destruction of South Africa, the people whom live there, whom have already stolen that land for themselves, are of a more hypocritical nature than is the average White Man, who is easy meat.

The same team of ‘experts’ which stole the Gold and Diamond mines in South Africa, which they were attempting to do, even as the Balfour Declaration was being composed, a possibility which was aided by Winston Churchill, who had spent time in South Africa fighting the Boers and who did then expose the Anzacs, whom were forced to fight against the Boers, to a brutal hail of gunfire at Gallipoli, in order to hold up the Ottoman Empire’s Army in its attempt to hold out against the coalition, which was determined to steal Palestine from them and that would be even as the coup d’etat, under the same control was ready to kick off in Russia, to steal that vast land from its rightful inhabitants.

So to even suggest that the Boers in South Africa, were the culprits of some alleged crime or another, against Black immigrants, whom were invited into South Africa by the British, as slave labour, which the British Deep State, is even now, promising to do all across Europe, is stretching the boundaries of belief to the very limit. The coup d’etat which followed on from the Russia takeover, was of course Germany, a few short years later. All of which would suggest an overall plan of some sort, so to blame some of the individual victims of this vast, diabolical, blood-thirsty plan, is absurd. 

Black and Jew Racism Against White People

Oh how I have tried, to understand the advantage of this Block-Chain, virtual money madness. All I can see with this fast arriving technology, is a near future control of every aspect of the economic system of the entire world and by extension, control of all and everything upon it.

The Bankers are coming out of the shadows, pretending to be having a belated interest in this ‘bit’ of money system, which will in effect provide them with their much sought after World Monetary System, which will allow them to monitor every transaction, even as it is being made, which will cause a few problems for those whom trade in drugs, without the ‘legal’ permit.

It will also make it impossible to live your life without carrying a load of technical junk in your pocket, to use to buy a simple cup of tea, that is until they have us all chipped up, at which point, you will simply have to wave your chip in front of the other chap’s chip, to close the deal.

I suppose when this technology comes of age, everybody on Earth will receive vital information, such as exactly what Mrs Trump had daubed on to her anorak, instantly provoking world-wide cries of disgust and calls for her husband to be impeached, through a carefully vaccinated News Chip, received at birth, none of which, though duly given widespread coverage, is of any importance to most people.

I have watched a few minutes of the World Cup, nothing much changes, only European teams are still the sole ‘rainbow’ coloured, diverse specimens, while the rest of the World has real National Teams. Why is there no diversity elsewhere, might one dare to ask?

A certain Monsieur Sarkozy, a former French President, having promised to force French women to breed with Blacks, did, when asked by a Sheik of Araby, if he intended to suggest the same fate for Arabs, stuttered oh no! deary me, no no no, only with Blacks, that way they will all end up Brown, just like Arabs.

How, I wonder, will all of the above be recorded in ‘History?’ It would appear that the more we pretend to ‘know,’ the less we understand. Even when we do understand, particularly those things which we are not supposed to understand, we can find ourselves in detention. Why are utterances of some things ‘forbidden’, while utter rubbish is being passed down as ‘truth?’

That being the case, why in this modern era of the freedom of information, which is itself severely restricted, are we forbidden to investigate certain past events, particularly those allegations, which we have been educated to believe to be fact, by those, by whom we are controlled, out of a fear of exposing a pack of lies perhaps?

There are so many things, which we ‘think’ we know all about, which are in themselves so stupid, that the fact that any moderately intelligent person is prepared to accept them as truth, brings the very concept of ‘knowledge’ itself into question.

What exactly is written history, apart from the listing of the names of the scoundrels, whom have in past times laid the world to waste, with their military campaigns, in history books which recorded their escapades, like the one-hundred-year war, or the thirty-year war etc? While those whom record these events, are at the same time, destroying other important evidence, which suggests that the whole construct of the modern world, is based on deceit?

A book, which should be on the curriculum in all schools, is the tale of Gormenghast, a truly fabulous tale of the lost direction of the Groan Dynasty, which has fallen under the control of the Master of the ‘Ritual’ which has maintained Castle Gormenghast in a state of suspended animation for an eternity.

An image of Theresa May, who was recently photographed, on bended knee, subjecting herself to the future King of England, demonstrates that in many ways, Mervyn Peake’s belief, that we are all trapped in a form of Gormenghast Castle, is chillingly accurate.




 Recent disclosures have demonstrated, what we have all secretly suspected, that the Bible, on which even the ‘Alternative Media’ is prepared to base its belief, in the prophetic announcements of yet to come situations, which ‘could’ be speaking of current events, the so-called “Mark of the Beast” being a prime example, of an announcement of the ‘chipping’ of humanity, was in fact a work of fiction, which was carefully concocted, using only bits and pieces, selected from certain scripts, while others were dismissed as being the ‘wrong sort of Gospel’, for the New Roman Version, of Pagan Christianity. The heretics, whom refused to accept the Roman version, were duly burnt at the stake.

One of the most striking things about the Bible, is the absence of the Jews. Whoever was whipped out of the Temple, by Jesus, was a group of mysterious people, whom had learned the magic of money, a secret which has never been explained to us, the long-suffering debtors, whom have been magically robbed blind by these blood-suckers for centuries. Many people suggest them to belong to a long line of criminals going all the way back to the Sumerians.

So what will be different about the ‘Bit’ money, will it be interest free perhaps? It appears to be possible to ‘Mine’ it out of nothing, I wonder where that idea came from and who or whom will grab control of those mines when the time comes? This notion has already attracted those whom make money out of money, many of whom are already ‘Bit Money Millionaires’.

Judging by the above, we are already into the realms of handing over a part of the money, which you may have actually worked for, producing stuff, with value, which will be taken out of the economy and used to pay the gamblers on the Bit Trail of unearned millions of bits. Seems like the same old story to me. So from where did the disinformation about the real, false value of money arrive? It is after all merely a measure of the time and cost involved in making whatever you have to sell.

We are now rapidly approaching the Universal Salary, which will have nothing at all to do with work, as that will be seen too by Robots, so I am told, leaving the idle millions with nothing better to do than to watch television and buy cheap, Robot made crap. Even the kids over there, will find themselves out of work, and of course all of the immigrants can clear off back to their countries of origin, without fear of having to work for a living when they get there.

The Windrush Generation, whom while lacking a care about the end result of the murderous deeds of St Nelson ‘Necklace’ Mandela, in South Africa, where the Blacks, having failed miserably in their efforts to construct Wakanda, stole White South Africa, from those by whom it had been built, and whom are even now suffering the raping of White babies to death, by Blacks, in front of the babies parents, before torturing and slaughtering the parents, in fact, in keeping with all Blacks, those caring sharing  ‘Wondrushers‘, have yet to find a spare moment in their endless whinging and whining, to call for action against those Black Barbarians in South Africa, whom have already brutally murdered more Whites in the past ten years, than the number of Blacks killed by Whites in South Africa, during the past three hundred years. That is the real ugly face of Racism.

Invisible money, like ‘Bit Money’ will be perfect in this New World, which will of course be controlled by the Banking Mafia, that goes without saying, and like the Whites in South Africa, the remaining Christian Whites will soon be ‘seen too’ by those kindly folk,  whom are already calling for a White Genocide. 

 I have been reminded by readers, on several occasions, to be more circumspect in my use of the word Jew, as I am told that not all Jews are responsible for whatever some Jews are most certainly responsible, while the same rule does not appear to apply to those Jews like Ignatiev, whether he is talking about Whiteness being the cause of Racism, suggesting that I am guilty of this suggested problem as are all other White people, or indeed to Blacks who screech out endless claims of Racism against Whites, never against some Whites, we are all lumped in together by both of the groups whom claim total innocence for themselves. Well they have joined forces in America and South Africa and their target is me and you Whitey, so the big question for us, White People, must be, are we going to lie down and take it.



A statistic, which might come as a surprise to our Black whiners, is that the White Christian World has suffered far more in every way than have those poor miserable Blacks in the United States. While the African Continent, from which they were rescued, by the slavers, has been chock full of Genocidal outfits like the Zulus, since the dawn of time, which is why Africa is to this day trapped in the Stone Age. Perhaps those Blacks whom I understand created Western civilisation could go back to their roots and do the same thing for Africa, before the Chinese steal it all from under your noses.

 A final question as to the end result of a Universal Salary and a mere illusion of money, combined with hard working Robots, will that not deny the Dandy, Greedy Classes their right to untold riches, should the wealth of the world be equally spread around all Nations, or are they expecting there to be a sudden drop in the World’s population?


Why Are Blacks Not Building Wakanda In Africa? Surely They Can Do It?

The British Government has shown itself to be, what was once referred to as a “busted flush.” They are flapping around, desperately attempting, to undo the decision of the British people to leave the Bolshevik Communist construction of the European Union, on the one hand, while now, having been ‘ordered’ to use a pair of hapless Russians, as an excuse to make yet another attempt to smear Russia and Vladimir Putin in particular, who they accuse of ordering a ‘Chemical Weapon Attack’ in the United Kingdom and by extension, the blame for what ‘might’ happen in Syria in the near future.

The recent clumsy pantomime in Salisbury fooled nobody, apart from the gullible, British Free Press and the ever obedient morons, sitting in the House of Commons, whom now find themselves at odds with the British Public on two current issues, Europe and Salisbury.

The way things are going, the British people are going to notice, that the House of Commons is every bit as impotent as are the ‘paid for nothing’ stooges, in the European Parliament, whose only job is to lend the colour of democracy, to the wholly controlled Bolshevik European Union.

In the United States, Members of both the Senate and the Congress, are nothing more than paid employees of the same International Mafia, sometimes referred to as Zionists, Bolsheviks, Jesuits or Jews, whom through the use of ‘Think Tanks’ and other instruments of control, like the raving idiots, whom have been paid to convince us that Carbon Dioxide is a Green House Gas, grandly referred to as the International Panel on Climate Change, which despite having been exposed as a bunch of total liars, are still pushing the same rubbish, in order to fleece the people, using a ‘Carbon Tax’ as the excuse, the proceeds of which, Baron Rothschild has decided, will be deposited into his Bank of International Settlements?

Galloway never mentions the culpability of the Africans themselves,  whom rounded up the slaves or indeed the fact that there were not hundreds of millions of people involved, four hundred thousand Blacks were taken to the States, while an estimated six hundred thousand Irish people were sent into debt slavery, most of whom died, long before they could pay off their debt.

He also failed to mention that the Slavers were mainly Jews,  as were the Rothschild’s whom stole the resources of Africa. White Europeans gained nothing from the rape of Africa. Why not go after the real perpetrators who stole it all. The same Jews, now calling themselves ‘liberators’ are the colonisers in modern South Africa, they funded the mass murdering Nelson Mandela and they now control the gold and diamonds. The resources of Africa, have not been exhausted, there are plenty left for the Blacks to make use of, why have they done nothing with them? In fact why not rebuild the life you once lead in balance with nature, before Whitey came and spoiled it all? 

That is the level of deception which has been used against the Peoples of the World, which has created a bizarre situation, in which George Galloway, a creepy character, who knows everything and nothing at the same time, who can look straight into the eye, of a member of a political group, which it has been decided to be of an Extreme Right Wing nature, which is code for Nazi – a group which was itself Left Wing – and ask the man, what he thought about Hitler, squirming in the expectation of a response which he can use as a means of condemning the ‘extreme views’ of the man. While over in Thailand, Hitler is a hero.

Galloway’s target, understands full well that his response, will be used by Galloway, to condemn him as being a member of a group, which Galloway, while wearing his cap as defender of the Muslim immigrants into the United Kingdom, chooses to disallow their right of Free Speech, in that same ‘United’ Kingdom, by calling it Hate Speech, the inference being that Hitler would have been opposed to Islam, while choosing to ignore the regular parades of demonstrating Muslims, calling for the destruction of the British people, that,we assume, is their use of theirFreedom of Expression.

In the following short interview, Galloway dismisses all and everyone in Britain, Europe, and the United States, as purveyors of ‘Fascism’ which is not true,  He repeatedly referred to the man, Thomas Mair, who was accused of killing an MP as a member of Fascist groups which is an outright lie, that is based on a claim, which has ever been substantiated, that Mair, cried out something about Britain, during his attack on the woman who was said to have been killed in several places according to different witnesses. In an event which many people claim was an effort to influence the Brexit vote.


No dissenting voice, to his strange ideas, is allowed by Galloway, who is also encouraging Blacks in Britain to demand reparations for slavery, from the same, Free Speechless British People, whom are already paying for the 75 percent of those Blacks and Muslims in the United Kingdom, whom have never worked, to sit on their arse, dreaming up ways and means of scrounging ever more cash out of those hated British people, that is,  while they are not busily grooming children for illegal sex, raping, murdering or selling drugs. All of it covered up by the British ‘immigrant infiltrated’ Police, with the assistance of many Muslim Mayors across the United Kingdom. It has been estimated, that more than a million young British children have been raped and abused by immigrants, none of which George mentions. Any opposition to the program, which the ‘rebel’ Galloway supports is cynically dismissed as Fascist.



There are fifty-six Muslim countries on earth and I defy anyone to find such a country, which has half a dozen or more White Christian Mayors, looking after the interests of the minority White Christians and giving them preference in every aspect of life, in the manner that Christians are obliged to do for minorities in their own White Christian lands.

In London and several other Cities in Britain, the White Christians are in a minority, in their own capital city, so where is the Minister for White Rights, and who is making sure that the minority White Christians get preference in housing and jobs? I think you will find that there is neither, White people are obliged to shut up and take it, or else you might find Galloway and his ilk on your case.

In Ireland, attempts were made to install one hundred sub-Saharan Africans, in a village of three hundred residents, whom would instantly find themselves at the mercy of these Blacks, all of fighting age, whom would make short work of the domination of the people of the village, which no doubt included many pensioners and school-kids. What the hell is going on? What sort of vicious minded piece of work came up with such an idea, even as people in parts of Dublin are afraid to leave their homes in the evening, for fear of what they might meet up with, in the now, Mean Streets of Dublin, on their way home, because of these Black gangs.

In America, there are dozens of immigrants, many of them illegal, whom are being defended as if they have more Rights, than have White Americans. In top Universities in the States, which are in the main controlled by Jews, despite both Jews and Blacks making up no more than fifteen percent of the population of America between them, the Jews have selected more of themselves and Blacks into those Universities, on the basis of their minority status, than better qualified members of the majority White Americans. This is pure Racism and yet because of the Jew connection, it is not only tolerated, it is never even discussed on the Jew controlled media.

All over YouTube right now, there are hundreds of clips, made by Black people, calling for the Genocide of Whites. They tell me things will be so much better for everyone when we have gone. I am told that only White people can be racist, while criticism of Whites is justifiable because of past events, which had nothing to do with any White person in the USA, many of whom are themselves, recent immigrants and what is more it was White people whom put an end to the suffering of these poor Blacks, without understanding that they would be expected to mother the useless prats for ever more.

In America, right now, at this very moment, right under the noses of these mean minded, rapists and murderers, – yes indeed a huge percentage of Black males are rapists, robbers and murderers, responsible for fifty-two percent of all violent crime in the States – there are millions more White people, living in desperate circumstances than there are Blacks, yet I have yet to hear a word of concern from the mouth of these Blacks, most of whom are given everything on a plate, showing some sort of sympathy for those suffering White people.

Television on the other hand,  is swamped with Blacks, telling us their Poor Ol’ Joe crap, while bad-mouthing the people who gave them everything they’ve got. The likes of the Black Momma Whoopie Goldberg, are incapable of opening their mouths, without claiming that Blacks have not been given enough. There are even calls to evict White people from their homes so that they can be given to Blacks. For Christ’s sake enough is enough!

In South Africa, where a few million White people, were expected to house, feed, cloth, educate, give medical care to forty million immigrant Blacks, whom streamed into White South Africa, looking for a free lunch, whom instead of using their allegedly super-powered Wakanda intelligence, to farm the land for themselves, have been assisted by their Jews friends, to seize South Africa for themselves. So one would expect it to be relatively easy for these forty million super intelligent, industrious Blacks to look after and feed a mere four million of the remaining White people, in a land which a short time ago looked after them all, would you not?

Hold on, the response from these charitable, Black folk, whom arrived from the surrounding countries, all of which are still living in the same squalor as they were on the day the White man arrived in the region, without any discernible sign of the construction of the Wakanda Super State, the lack of which they claim is because of the White man, the Blacks in South Africa are now about to slaughter the remains of the White people, whom have not yet suffered a grisly fate at the hands of this Super Race, having already been evicted from their homes so that kindly, generous Blacks could move in.

Seventy-five-thousand White Christian people have already been murdered by these Black savages, while similar savages are being brought into Europe to do the same thing. This not hyperbole, they are already doing it. There is now a competition going on to decide the winner of Rape Capital of the Year, Blacks have already got a stranglehold on that one in South Africa, where I believe there is a rape every few seconds and a murder every few minutes.

Does Ireland really need a million more of these vicious people and what good will they be, having just destroyed a once vibrant country, South Africa and its neighbour Zimbabwe. In America they have achieved absolutely nothing, to the point where they no longer even write and sing a tuneful song. The decent Black people, for whom White people fought so hard to  help, left the building decades ago to be replaced by rapacious, murderous self-seeking, animals whom are now biting the hand of those by whom they were helped.

There was never any need of affirmative action for Whites, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Hindus or anybody else,  only Blacks needed such help and it is no more than a means of diluting the efficiency of those businesses, which were forced to introduce such measures, instead of being allowed to employ the best possible candidate.

Even illegals in the States are now being given preference over Whites, many of whom are already living  in shanty towns, as are many of the White South Africans, where the Blacks are openly calling for White Genocide, a call which has already been made against Whites in both Europe and the States?  Is there anybody out there?

Beware Of The Enemy Hidden In Plain Sight.


Without digging too deeply into past events, which we have come to accept as being nothing more than vague, unimportant, historical happenings, which have no particular relevance in the modern world, we can,  with some assurance assert, with supporting evidence, that during the lives of our grandparents, or in some cases great-grandparents, and ever since, there have been massive cullings of various Peoples, which we have been encouraged to completely ignore and forget.

On the other hand, for some ‘inexplicable’ reason, we have been forcefully encouraged to believe in the Jew tale of a holocaust, which is in fact a claim relying entirely on hearsay evidence, without anything solid in support of this widely held belief. The proponents of this tale are attempting to make it a criminal offence, to so much as look for the missing evidence of its happening, to so do is called anti-Semitic, a crime more serious than the murder of millions, apparently.

At the same time, the Jews whom have made this claim against the Third Reich and Germany, are eager to conceal their own dark history, which involves crimes far greater than those of Hitler and the Third Reich, crimes which were committed over a far more extended period of time, than were any of the alleged crimes of Germany, which we are told occurred while Germany was totally occupied in the fighting a war, which was actually declared by Jews and their vassal States, Great Britain and France, against Germany.

In what can only be described as a ‘strange twist of fate,’ the Jews, had themselves installed the Gulags, a system of extermination camps in Russia – which had a wholly Bolshevik/Jew controlled government – camps in which millions of people were either, worked, tortured or starved to death. On top of that, as many as fifty-million other White Christians were slaughtered by the Cheka, a veritable killing machine,  which was also under Jew Commissar control.



While these Jew atrocities in Russia, have been more or less written out of history, as have the ritual slaughters in China, which were ordered by Jew citizens of the United States, whom had trained and funded Chairman Mao and through him, took control of China and whom had Mao murder one hundred million Chinese, simply to rid China of its intelligentsia,  which gives us a total of one-hundred-and-fifty-million killings for the Jews, to which can be added twenty million German Christians, whom were brutally slaughtered, during and after World War Two  and all trace of this huge crime was also  completely written out of history, giving us a provisional score of at least one-hundred-and-seventy-million to the Jews and an alleged six-million to the Third Reich.

No contest you might exclaim, which does not explain the existence of a Museum in memory of dead Jews, in almost every Christian country on earth, while the Germans are forbidden, by their Jew controlled government from mourning their own war dead, even as the Jews continue their genocides in Palestine, with impunity.

That said, the above grim list of atrocities, should provoke concern about the current intentions of Jews and which delivers one of those situations, which demand making a choice between your liberty and your safety, particularly as those same Jews are even now calling for the destruction of the White Race.

 In most cases people choose safety over freedom, however you need to understand the threat before giving up your freedom, the Jews by whom we are controlled do not have a reputation of delivering the peace and tranquility which ‘our’ freedoms provide. They deal in death. 

I am a lover of diversity but I do not understand the claim that diversity means the mixing of the Races, a policy which, on the face of it,  denies any diversity. Those whom preach this sermon are in the main Jews, whom while pretending to be of Middle Eastern origin, from Palestine, which would make them of exactly the same Race as that of indigenous Palestinians, whom are clearly of the same race as the Sephardic Jews, whom have lived alongside them down through the centuries, however the incoming Jews are clearly of European roots, which is why they have forbidden marriage between Ashkenazi Jews and all others, in order to retain their dominance.

In South Africa, where there is indeed a form of multiculturalism, which is dominated by Jews, there are two glaring disastrous results, a form of regression amongst the Blacks, whom are presumably of the same Race, that is if Black is a Race, but not of the same tribal origin.

This regression has reduced the once thriving South Africa, into  one of the most dangerous places on earth, the politicians appear to be incapable of instilling any form of law and order, while at the same time encouraging the slaughter of the White people, whom are offered no role in multiculturalism, as they are not a ‘Race,’ recognised by Jews and have no particular culture, so they can be slaughtered like cattle and  have been driven out of their homes into shanty towns to rot and die.

In Rwanda, the Blacks were a while back, struck by a blood-lust, during which they clubbed and butchered a million people of another tribe, to death.

In Liberia, where the Blacks have had a long period of control over their own affairs, they did in recent times, go ape and on a whim set about killing tens of thousands of the various tribal groups, whom returned to Africa after being liberated from slavery in the USA, in some cases eating the dead. It has been reported that a group ate the deposed leader. They are still in a state of turmoil, with open toilets along the beaches, because they lack even simple forms of sanitation.

In Black Sudan, life has become a nightmare after Jew interference in their affairs, which encouraged a disastrous separation from Northern Sudan, delivering the local resources, of the south,  into the hands of those whom would like to control all of the worlds resources, without a care for the effects on the Peoples of the region. The Sudanese are now fleeing towards Europe, in an attempt to escape this Black nightmare.

In the United States, statistics suggest that most of the Racial violence is Black violence. There is little point in ignoring this fact, which the Jews, whom are behind the Black attacks against ‘White Supremacists,’ are suggesting is a reasonable response to past White behaviour. There is a deliberate attempt to ‘regress’ the young Black in the USA, by encouraging a ‘retaliation’ against virtually non-existent White Racism.




Black attacks against Whites, particularly against White couples, are of a level of brutality and savagery, which has never been carried out by Whites against Blacks and yet it is condoned as being the result of the way Blacks were treated in past times.

Would Blacks be prepared to accept, that should a band of White thugs, choose to inflict the same form of treatment on Black couples, claiming that it was justifiable because of Black behaviour in past times? I think not, there would be an uproar.

If there is a video compilation, similar to the above, listing similar crimes by Whites against Blacks, I would be happy to post it. There are dozens of similar examples listing Black on White attacks. There are also many Blacks like Common Sense, on youtube,  who post excellent clips, but never examples of White on Black torture and murder similar to the Black woman who tortured a twelve-year-old White boy to death with a blow-lamp.

The Blacks are prepared to allow the Jews to do the talking for them, without regard for the facility of the Jews to stab people in the back. While on the one hand they offer support to the Blacks, they are on the other hand attempting to wipe them out, with abortion and the destruction of the Black family.

Margaret Sanger was a Jew. It was the Jews whom controlled the Slave Trade and it was the Jews whom made use of the slaves and when it suited them, they then deliberately ‘liberated’ them onto the streets, where ordinary Whites were expected to look after them. The Jews now want rid of them altogether, Blacks need not worry, they are not oin their own, current world events make it evident that we are all under threat. We are heading into a World Civil War, much like the war which has been raging all across the Middle East for years, that is our future and it is not a good time to waste,  fighting against Donald Trump.

Back then everybody was on their own. There was nobody looking after anybody else. Sadly the American Blacks are now the most cosseted Blacks on the planet and yet they take no care of their blessings while are spitting on the helping hand that feeds them.

I would not recommend any of them to seek refugee status in South Africa or Liberia or indeed in any other Black State, they are far better off in White countries and they would be better employed working alongside the Whites to fight the common enemy, before they are completely eliminated.

Perhaps Blacks have failed to notice, that it is uniquely White Christian Countries, which have made them welcome and in the main have treated them very well, so why are they all ditching Christianity for Islam and not then heading off to Indonesia or Saudi Arabia in search of the Islamic dream?

Blacks are far too smart to try that one. In South Africa they have killed many other Blacks seeking shelter from the storm, while the Jews deport, even Black Jews back to from where they came. Blacks are even crowding into Ireland, where the original slaves in the United States are now expected to support Black ex-slaves, that is the level of dependency of the pathetic Black people whom have never managed to create a self-sufficient lifestyle of their own.

Let’s Hear It For The Victims Of Black Savagery For Once


The entire media circus has descended on Dallas, where five Policemen were allegedly shot dead in response to another slaying of a Black man, by the Police, in another part of the States.

The Sky News team was quickly on the spot, along with the likes of CNN to report on the renewed appearance of the Black Lives Matter crowd, with Jeremy Thompson, a seasoned journalist linking the reports from various correspondents.

As usual I find myself reacting with annoyance,  to this sort of strange event. For the moment it would be best to leave the ‘False Flag’ claims to others and concentrate on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ side of the story.

The Veteran, who carried out the killings of the cops, it has been claimed,  actually explained to the Police,  that it was in response to the disproportionate number of Blacks whom have been targeted by the Police in the USA.

Barak Obama did himself complain of the difference in the numbers of Blacks whom are stopped at random and searched as a matter of routine, which he claimed to be thirty per cent more than were Whites.

 I would have thought,  that any experienced journalist, with an intention of presenting factual information, in his copy,  would at this point check out the statistics. To not do so would in some way suggest, that to solve the problem of the killings of a higher number of Blacks,  compared with Whites,  the Police must kill more Whites to even out the score.

The reality is that in the United States this year two-hundred-and-thirty-eight Whites were shot and killed by police during the course of an armed confrontation, while one-hundred-and-twenty-three Blacks were killed in the same circumstances.

When account is made of the percentage of Whites who become involved in violent confrontation with the Police and the percentage of Blacks who are involved in violent crime, a far lower percentage of Whites are involved in violent crime, despite which the Whites are far more likely to have been killed by the police – without fear of street demonstrations – during these confrontations, than are Blacks.

Should the numbers of Black people killed by Whites be compared with the numbers of Whites killed by Blacks, Whites are once more suffer the greater number of victims.

White rape against Black women is so low as to be statistically insignificant, while Blacks are raping thirty-three-thousand White women annually.

In South Africa, when the Boers were in control, there were a few murders a month there are now something like five hundred a week, while the President, Zuma, sings songs about killing the remaining few Whites, having already slaughtered, out of hand, some sixty-five-thousand White people, without a word of criticism from the Black Lives Matter bunch. I saw a report suggesting that there is a rape every twenty seconds in Black South Africa. Blacks are violent wherever you find them.

Anyway, the alleged Black man, who carried out the Dallas killings, had all of the usual paraphernalia in his luxury home, along with a plan of attack and a diary explaining his gripe with Whites. Being a Veteran of Afghanistan, he presents other Vets as a target for gun control. He himself was disposed of, wait for it, by a CP 3O type robot, who sneaked up behind him and blew him up. What the Dallas Police were doing with a robotic bomb, prepared in advance for just such an emergency, has yet to be explained.

The alleged killer is now being described as a Lone Wolf, despite being blown to smithereens, there was enough of him left, including his name and address, to identify him, allowing the Dallas Police to release the other three suspects, including a man in battle fatigues, wearing a bullet proof vest. Job well done.

What needs to be asked is the question, ‘Why is the media, spreading tales of unnecessary violence against Black people,  full in the face of all of the available evidence?’ They show no such care with how Muslim terrorism is presentedl. Black crime is off the charts all over the States and Europe, so why the soft approach to it and the attempt to blame White people for the behaviour of Blacks?

The Blacks in the USA have been force-fed with tales of their victimhood, for so long that they have allowed themselves to become a Race of malcontent wasters, instead of picking themselves up the way all other groups of immigrants into the United States and the United Kingdom have managed to do. I could point out, without too much difficulty, many White communities living through desperate times, without raping and murdering Black people out of spite for some perceived injustice, never mind practicing their ‘knockout’ abilities on seventy year old Black old-age pensioners.




It has become perfectly clear that the ‘Black Power’ groups in the United States, have, as did the African National Congress in South Africa, accepted the Bolshevik Shekel, and are in the process of generating a Bolshevik inspired attack against White people, which will end in disaster for Blacks.

They are already in the midst of a Black on Black Civil War in the inner cities of the USA, while South Africa has become little more than hell on earth. To list the barbarity of the crimes of Black rapist, murderers against small children and their parents is to describe a form of animal savagery, which has no place in the modern world and for the controlled media to be ignoring this gruesome behaviour, instead of warning of the consequences of allowing them to freely enter into Europe, is a disgrace.

While these Black Lives Matter people are out in the streets screeching, they are ignoring the ritual killing of White people by Black thugs, the torture to death of a small White boy, with a blow-lamp in the hands of a Black woman. 


Blacks have in fact not a care in the world for the pain they are dishing out to other people, they are totally absorbed in their own self-pity.  We are all sick and tired of hearing about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and all of the other Blacks, many of whom were thugs, but who can put a name to any of the White victims of Black brutality either in United States or in Europe. We only ever hear about the Black victims.


All The Liars Make Use Of Charleston Killings.

The latest mass shooting in Charleston, is a good illustration of the lack of knowledge of the Mob controlled mass media and the underlying desire of the bought and paid for US Federal Government, to strip the American people of their arms, in order to render them powerless in the face of the coming destruction of their way of life.

Obama, the mouthpiece of the Bolshevik under cover government, tells us that rampage killings in the US, far outnumber, those in any similar, developed country, a claim which is duly reported, word for word, by the cynical hacks, working for the likes of Sky News and the BBC.

Highly paid government officials and News Editors of the Mass Media, must surely be capable of checking out these claims before presenting them to a gullible public. Had they done so, they would have found that the US is in fact way down the list of such atrocities. The others are of course never mentioned, in order to present the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, as being the problem.


These figures are based on the belief that there were actually casualties at Sandy Hook for example and bearing in mind that the US government has long desired to show that the US is full of so-called “White Supremacists,” whatever they may be, while never mentioning the simple facts which show that more Blacks are killing one another, more efficiently and in greater numbers than are being killed by Cops or White folk combined.

Update:  As it has become fashionable to dismiss any atrocity in the US as yet another “False Flag”I have been watching closely to judge the reaction of the mainstream and the alternative medias’ to the events in Charleston.

The results have been roughly 75/25% towards the mainstream, which has reacted in the most predictable fashion and like Obama they have blamed the 2nd Amendment.

Tracy Herbert, she of The Keiser Report fame, on Sputnik, was scathing about White racism and completely ignored the daily attacks on Whites by Blacks, as is illustrated in the above clip.  She failed to notice when the host of the show, George Galloway, quoted the alleged killer Dylann Roof’s,  mitigating  suggestion that he was shooting Blacks, in retaliation for the 33,000 annual rapes of White women by Blacks.

In fact any casual viewer would be left with the idea that Blacks are only guilty of any sort of criminality in the sense of, “Well we know that Blacks are not perfect but………….. manner, suggesting that they should all be liberated from prison as if they were all guiltless.

The reality of Black violence is in evidence wherever statistics are being kept.  Blacks are 50 times more likely to commit a violent attack against Whites that are Whites against Blacks.  In fact, despite the mauling that Whites receive from the Media at the slightest excuse, White on Black crime is virtually non-existent.

Any rising level of Racism, is against Whites, yet the Blacks are forever howling their innocence.  They continually babble about slavery and suggest that Southern Men in the US are one and all ex slavers, when in reality in past times, most Whites were little better than slaves themselves, that of course does not suit the current narrative.  We were all recipients of “White Privilege,” weren’t we?

Why is the Media so afraid to warn the general public, that there is an element of savagery in the the Black character. The nature of the crime of which they are guilty gives ample evidence of this.

Should a White woman have tortured and killed a twelve year old boy with a blow-lamp, we would have had Sky News yapping about it for a week, yet they made no mention of it when the savage killer was Black.

The same would apply, had the killers whom raped an 84 year old white woman to death in front of her 91 year old husband, whom was then given a beating from which he died, been a gang of White thugs.

In South Africa, not content with stealing a civilisation built up by Whites, the Black immigrants, whom were drawn to SA for a better life than they could construct for themselves, are carrying out a genocide against Whites, without a word of criticism from the hypocrites whom howled for the release from prison of the murdering thug, Nelson Mandela.