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The Hidden Genocide In South Africa, Where Blacks Do Their Thing.


The British in South Africa, were doing the business for the City of London. Once they smelt gold, the British Bankers wet their pants and started their slaughters, in a distant land, where they sought to wipe out the Boer farming community to steal the resources.

South Africa now has a huge Black population and the Whites are a minority. Unlike the Black minority in Europe and the United States,which whines continuously for ever more hands outs, from the White majority, in South Africa the Black immigrants, whom are now the majority, prefer to wipe out any deserving minority. The rules apparently, only apply to White Christians, in what were once White countries. Has the White Race not yet had enough of this bullshit?

The idea that the now Black dominated government in South Africa, will set up a system of’ affirmative action” to take care of the welfare of the White minority is a joke, South Africa is already on its way back to the Stone-Age, very soon it will be indistinguishable from Zimbabwe and Liberia. It is already the murder and rape capital of the world.

In South Africa we find the Bolsheviks, whom attempted to take control of Spain during the Communist inspired ‘Civil War’ and they are even now trying to destroy Syria and soon Iran, crouching behind the same puerile excuse of ‘Civil War’, generated the same thing in South Africa where the terrorists, the ISIS of their day, under the control of Nelson Mandela, who was nothing more than a venerated callous murderer, were armed and trained by the various, well-known groups, SAS, CIA and Mossad, whom gave us Al Qaeda, ISIS and the various other Western controlled ‘terrorists.’

The South African experience gives a frightening warning to the White World, as to what will happen to White people, when Multiculturalism has been forced down our throats. It is a means of carrying out the genocide of the entire White Race. This aim has been announced. Your elected politicians cannot be unaware of this threat. Why has there been no discussion? Wake up before it’s too late.