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The Replacement Of White People? Is There Any Argument Against This Fact?

There is a “chat” show on Sky News, which for some reason, which I am too stupid to grasp and too indifferent to bother to find out, is called “The Pledge”. The mind-set of the participants is one of “make sure you never dispute the aims of the “Left”, which allows mention of the claim that the “BBC is too White” while refusing or simply failing to suggest that the Capital City of Great Britain, London, is too Brownish and Black.

The claim that there are now “No-Go Zones” all across Europe is vigorously denied by the “authorities”, who are themselves in the main, financed by the indigenous White Europeans, as are those fanatics whom are constructing these “Zones”, which are intended to mark out territory, which is controlled either by “Black Mob Rule” or Sharia Law, neither of which should be tolerated in any White Christian country, just as would be the case should White Christians attempt to do the same thing in any Muslim or Black States, that would of course be referred to as “Re-Colonisation”

A British Politician recently made a remark about the attire of certain , perhaps brutally circumcised women, walking the streets of London, suggesting that they resembled “Letter Boxes” or “Bank Robbers” a little joke for which he will never be forgiven. However, there is little attention paid to the insults directed against White Christian Girls, whom can be spat on by Muslims, claiming them to look like “prostitutes” or indeed the “Muslim Alcohol Patrolers” whom scour the meeting places of White Boys, who enjoy a chat and a can of beer together in the evenings, demanding that they stop drinking alcohol.

These gangs are given free rein by a Police Force, which cannot be unaware of this reality just as they tolerated the Muslim gangs which raped and tortured hundreds of White children, claiming that  the sufferings of these chldren was preferable to being described as Racist, should they have made sure that these scum were put behind bars for the rest of their lives. Tommy Robinson, an activist, was actually gaoled, using another trivial excuse, for outing this disgusting attitude of the Police.

Right now, all across the world, Blacks are being fed and given at least some form of health care by White Christian People. In the United States, Whites are “expected” to take care of all of the needs of Blacks, while Blacks are apparently quite incapable of doing anything for themselves apart from slaggingt off those whom feed them and whom have created, at no gain for themselves, the richest Black Tribe on Earth, without a word of thanks for their kindness.

All Whites, many of whom were simply “shipped into the United States” with responsibility for themselves, are now accused of being “Slave owners” when in actual fact these Whites were in many cases worse off than were the Black slaves, whom were housed, fed and clothed by the Jews whom brought them into America and whom now expect the White Christians to pick up the tab,  of nursing these “fast runners” whom constantly rape and murder White children at an astonishing rate and as with the rape and torture of White children in the United Kingdom the cops remain silent.

The Media in the United States report, stupidities like the George Soros funded, Black Lives Matter, street screaming thugs, in a manner which infers that these Blacks are being killed by the Police or by Whites, both of which are outright lies, Blacks do all the killing in the United States, a tiny three percent of the population of the United States, adult Blacks, are responsible for fifty-two percent of all murders and crimes of violence, and the rape of thirty-three-thousand White females every year.

Whites, have in fact a “better” crime record than do either the Blacks or Hispanics in all sections of crime in the United States and yet the propaganda suggests that more Blacks are murdered by Whites than reality and crime figures actually tell us. When reading some of the evidence of these Black on White crimes, it is hard to believe that we are discussing human beings, so savage are these events, and yet should so much as a tiny criticism, slip from the mouth of a “guilty because of their ” Whiteness” observer,  apart from the mouth of a dedicated bigot like me, which suggested that these people are indeed savages and that the importation of a thousand a night, being flown into the United States, in Jumbo Jets and distributed in every corner of every State, is a deliberate ploy to create havoc in the streets of America and Europe, such a statement would treated as if you were denying the word of a Jew.

Most of these incomers would not be out of place in “Idiocracy” and none of them are being checked to make sure they are not bringing contagious diseases along with all their other attributes. Being a hard-liner, I object to having to put up with this sort of nonsense from those incomers whom are little more than parasites, who will never integrate into a White Christian Community, the extensive evidence of the United States lays that fact out for all to see.

Should the United States be carved up into Black, White, Mexican or Muslim areas, the Blacks would quickly find themselves in a Haiti situation and the Muslims would quickly submit to the type of lifestyle enjoyed in Jordan or Morocco while the Whites would notice little difference apart fro the fact that life would be better and less violent. The Hispanics are already doing to California exactly what they would achieve all across the region given the chance, that is exactly what they leave Mexico to escape.

I find it hard to understand why the rules for these non-White incomers is not exactly what it is for White people coming into any European Country, where should they be found guilty of a serious crime or in fact misbehaviour of any sort, they would be immediately deported back to their land of origin..

Any family, particularly a family living in rent-free accommodation, which cannot keep its children from burning cars and creating other kinds of general mayhem, should be instantly deported. All Welfare Payments should be tiurned off, just as they are for White Europeans after a certain period. This is all an agenda, no country can finance the billions of those whom are so stupid that they insist on shagging til the cows come home, producing millions of children,  whom they expect the White Man to clothe and feed. It is simply not possible and our creepy polititicians understand this fact full well. We are being replaced, this is the answer to the current low-level of intelligence, as it will in any future “Idiocracy” which is based on the lowest common denominator.

I am convinced that when a certain level of immigration saturation is achieved in Europe, that the “Ghost Cities” in China will be made available,  for the so-called Elite, whom have created this destruction across the world,  as a re-location for them, along with all of their short-sighted,  blood-thirsty schemes.


European Politicians Are Promising Unending Immigration.




The British are “celebrating” the anniversary of the initiation of their demise as a White European Country, by allowing an “argument” about exactly where the monument, to the ridiculous and traitorous Labour Party decision, to allow entry to the “Windrush Generation”, should be erected. Not as a gravestone but as a joyous celebration of the event, which kicked off the invasion of the United Kingdom and the destruction of the English way of life, by allowing access to a large group of Black immigrants, which has since benefited from “affirmative action” which has continually denied the British people any form of “fairness” by replacing “equality” with “minority rights”.

The “joke” however lies in the fact that the British have been duped into silence about the dire danger in which they now find themselves and take it from me, when the SHTF the first target will be those knife wielding, rapist Black immigrants, whom are even more detested than were the “British” in whichever country they have endowed with their presence. The term “Racist” is an attempt to disinfect the barbarity of certain types of people, but it did not cure the problem.

There is an ongoing international war against White Christians, a group which has suffered every bit as much as have any of the “Preferred” victims, the Native Americans or Australian Aborigines or indeed the Blacks, groups, all of which it is claimed suffered at the hands of “Whites”, while there is never a word about what happened to the Germans, the Russians, the Irish the Armenians the Palestinians, not at the hands of “the Whites” but at the hands of greedy scum whom sold their souls to the highest bidder for personal gain and power.

The recent destruction of the Middle East has in no way been in favour of White Christians. Just as the slaughter in Rwanda was an “in house” cold-blooded Black perpetrated slaughter, similar to the barbarity which occurred in Liberia and the Congo. Behind all of these events there is a “hidden hand”, by which the mighty United States itself is currently controlled.

Israeli leaders have on several occasions claimed that “they control America and when they have sucked it dry, they will chew it up and spit it out.” This warning is either treated as a joke or simply unknown by the American people, whom are currently being deliberately invaded by millions of Mexicans and other groups from South of the Border.

In the United States, “the land of the free” even the legal system is totally controlled and there is no longer any justice for White People, a reality which is “supported” by many Whites, whom accept that any opposition to the dismemberment of the United States is a plot of the “Extreme Right” against Black people, while they march alongside the totally controlled Black Lives Matter racists. The sad fact of the “matter” is that all these Black Lives that matter so much, are victims of Black barbarity, which is being presented either as a White crime or a plot by the Police to murder “innocent” Blacks.

White people need to get a grip of things, we do not owe the Blacks a penny. They have spat in the face of everything we have done for them as if they have some sort of divine right to demand more and more benefits for themselves simply because we are White. When the Black Communist Paul Robeson visited Wales, he was astonished at the poverty and deprivation of the Welsh People, which was far worse than was the reality of Blacks in the United States at the time. Did anyone spot all those “Welsh Lives Matter” demonstrators in London, or indeed “Irish Lives Matter” where there was overt English racism against the Irish, whom were forced to seek work in England as a direct result of the deliberate actions of the “covert” English government in the City of London? Of course not, the Welsh and Irish are White and Christian.

It is no longer good enough to say that “some” of our White politicians are working for us, as if they can change things, they cannot and will not. The change will have to come from the streets. The Gilets jaunes are showing the way in France and the controlled politicians and the brutal French Police Force are showing them no mercy. While in the United Kingdom the most common feature on the streets are those Muslim immigrants calling for more stuff for themselves, blaming “Whites” for what is happening to their own homelands in the Middle East, which is most certainly not being done for the benefit of British People, a fact which all these immigrants, whom will soon outnumber the indigenous British, are  just as much responsible, being British themselves are they not?

The Muslim Community in the “United” Kingdom has failed to take a lead in sorting out the Muslim War Against Young White Children, girls in particular, but not excluding young boys, whom have been buggered by Muslims from those Muslim States where this practice is encouraged. There has been a total silence, about all this barbarity, unlike the tirade which is duly unleashed against White People at the slightest excuse. Imagine the strident outcry there would be, were it young Muslim children being raped and tortured by White People? As do the Blacks, all immigrants, not of White European origin, coming into White countries now believe themselves to be above any form of  “criticism” which is now called “Racism”.

When I see reports of old age pensioners whom are frightened when they see a couple of Black youths approaching them in the street, just in case they get the “knockout” punch, which has been callously delivered by Blacks, on many occasions, against old White men, it begs the question, why is this racist crime being brushed under the carpet and why is the importation of types, whom are prone to inflict this sort of violence, in any society unfortunate enough to have been enriched with their presence, still on the agenda of “White” politicians like Jeremy Corbyn and his cronies in the UK and in the European Union Parliament for all of Europe and by the bulk of American politicians, apparently including Donald Trump and the entirety of the Democratic Party, for an already long suffering United States? Is there not the stench of a world-wide conspiracy involved in all this “stupidity”or are we White people being deliberately smothered out of existence?

Most of my colleagues are now firmly in the camp of the proponents of the necessary repatriation of at least, all of the “Clandestine” whom have arrived in France, with their begging bowls, at a time when the standard of living of the average French people has in many cases fallen below the level offered to even illegal immigrants.

This state of affairs is indicative of the collusion between all of the French political establishment, while any opposition, to the approaching disaster, is given a broadside of hate from the mainstream media, which as does the controlled media world-wide, obscure reality from the general public, not to mention what the outcome of this huge crime is likely to be.

The British Media has filmed the well oiled system which has organised the non-stop transport of Blacks from darkest Africa to the shores of Tripoli, where they are delivered to the “Ferry across The Med” and taken in comfort to Europe, while pretending to be filming people being rescued. There have been a pack of lies written about people drowning in the “Med” as they attempt to cross to Europe under their own steam, I have film from a British News outlet, showing quite clearly that claims they were making about people being drowned while being “rescued” was a total lie and the reporter actually filmed his own lies. The invasion of Europe is well and truly under the control of the “Deep State” and they have not yet finished the job.

Ask yourself the question, do these people need any reinforcement? And its not as if it hasn’t happened before.

These are the offspring of the “Windrush” people, they of course had no idea that however bad things may have appeared to be for them, they could have experienced their own Paul Robeson moment, had they taken a glance at life for those whom missed out on the “Windrush” shipping list just as their American cousins, the “Lucky” Black passengers on the slave ships, do not give a thought to the desperation of those still living in Africa despite having millions of those extremly capable, highly intelligent Blacks whom could go back to Africa to help build “Wakanda”. “Are you serious? Not bloody likely wi go where the Welfare is”

There is not one single example of a White country which has benefitted in any way from the importation of a large group of a different race. Immigrant Blacks in South Africa, whom ‘were’ the most wealthy Blacks in Africa, thanks to the hard work of White people and the farms which they fashioned out of a wilderness, which are now being stolen from them and given to Blacks. These kindly, self seeking Blacks could not bear to allow those Whites to retain anything of value, the Whites are denied jobs, they are evicted from their homes to make way for Blacks and thousands of them have been raped and murdered.

This is the model White people need to adopt, if that sort of behaviour is what we can expect from Black leadership should theyever  arrive at a majority point. When the time is right should we not to do to them as they do unto us and be just as callous as they can be about it? Whether when rioting or delivering a “knock-out” blow to an elderly White for no reason other than the fact that he is White. No Compassion seems to be the order of the day for Blacks but not for us Whites, I suppose.

Why Are Blacks Not Building Wakanda In Africa? Surely They Can Do It?

The British Government has shown itself to be, what was once referred to as a “busted flush.” They are flapping around, desperately attempting, to undo the decision of the British people to leave the Bolshevik Communist construction of the European Union, on the one hand, while now, having been ‘ordered’ to use a pair of hapless Russians, as an excuse to make yet another attempt to smear Russia and Vladimir Putin in particular, who they accuse of ordering a ‘Chemical Weapon Attack’ in the United Kingdom and by extension, the blame for what ‘might’ happen in Syria in the near future.

The recent clumsy pantomime in Salisbury fooled nobody, apart from the gullible, British Free Press and the ever obedient morons, sitting in the House of Commons, whom now find themselves at odds with the British Public on two current issues, Europe and Salisbury.

The way things are going, the British people are going to notice, that the House of Commons is every bit as impotent as are the ‘paid for nothing’ stooges, in the European Parliament, whose only job is to lend the colour of democracy, to the wholly controlled Bolshevik European Union.

In the United States, Members of both the Senate and the Congress, are nothing more than paid employees of the same International Mafia, sometimes referred to as Zionists, Bolsheviks, Jesuits or Jews, whom through the use of ‘Think Tanks’ and other instruments of control, like the raving idiots, whom have been paid to convince us that Carbon Dioxide is a Green House Gas, grandly referred to as the International Panel on Climate Change, which despite having been exposed as a bunch of total liars, are still pushing the same rubbish, in order to fleece the people, using a ‘Carbon Tax’ as the excuse, the proceeds of which, Baron Rothschild has decided, will be deposited into his Bank of International Settlements?

Galloway never mentions the culpability of the Africans themselves,  whom rounded up the slaves or indeed the fact that there were not hundreds of millions of people involved, four hundred thousand Blacks were taken to the States, while an estimated six hundred thousand Irish people were sent into debt slavery, most of whom died, long before they could pay off their debt.

He also failed to mention that the Slavers were mainly Jews,  as were the Rothschild’s whom stole the resources of Africa. White Europeans gained nothing from the rape of Africa. Why not go after the real perpetrators who stole it all. The same Jews, now calling themselves ‘liberators’ are the colonisers in modern South Africa, they funded the mass murdering Nelson Mandela and they now control the gold and diamonds. The resources of Africa, have not been exhausted, there are plenty left for the Blacks to make use of, why have they done nothing with them? In fact why not rebuild the life you once lead in balance with nature, before Whitey came and spoiled it all? 

That is the level of deception which has been used against the Peoples of the World, which has created a bizarre situation, in which George Galloway, a creepy character, who knows everything and nothing at the same time, who can look straight into the eye, of a member of a political group, which it has been decided to be of an Extreme Right Wing nature, which is code for Nazi – a group which was itself Left Wing – and ask the man, what he thought about Hitler, squirming in the expectation of a response which he can use as a means of condemning the ‘extreme views’ of the man. While over in Thailand, Hitler is a hero.

Galloway’s target, understands full well that his response, will be used by Galloway, to condemn him as being a member of a group, which Galloway, while wearing his cap as defender of the Muslim immigrants into the United Kingdom, chooses to disallow their right of Free Speech, in that same ‘United’ Kingdom, by calling it Hate Speech, the inference being that Hitler would have been opposed to Islam, while choosing to ignore the regular parades of demonstrating Muslims, calling for the destruction of the British people, that,we assume, is their use of theirFreedom of Expression.

In the following short interview, Galloway dismisses all and everyone in Britain, Europe, and the United States, as purveyors of ‘Fascism’ which is not true,  He repeatedly referred to the man, Thomas Mair, who was accused of killing an MP as a member of Fascist groups which is an outright lie, that is based on a claim, which has ever been substantiated, that Mair, cried out something about Britain, during his attack on the woman who was said to have been killed in several places according to different witnesses. In an event which many people claim was an effort to influence the Brexit vote.


No dissenting voice, to his strange ideas, is allowed by Galloway, who is also encouraging Blacks in Britain to demand reparations for slavery, from the same, Free Speechless British People, whom are already paying for the 75 percent of those Blacks and Muslims in the United Kingdom, whom have never worked, to sit on their arse, dreaming up ways and means of scrounging ever more cash out of those hated British people, that is,  while they are not busily grooming children for illegal sex, raping, murdering or selling drugs. All of it covered up by the British ‘immigrant infiltrated’ Police, with the assistance of many Muslim Mayors across the United Kingdom. It has been estimated, that more than a million young British children have been raped and abused by immigrants, none of which George mentions. Any opposition to the program, which the ‘rebel’ Galloway supports is cynically dismissed as Fascist.



There are fifty-six Muslim countries on earth and I defy anyone to find such a country, which has half a dozen or more White Christian Mayors, looking after the interests of the minority White Christians and giving them preference in every aspect of life, in the manner that Christians are obliged to do for minorities in their own White Christian lands.

In London and several other Cities in Britain, the White Christians are in a minority, in their own capital city, so where is the Minister for White Rights, and who is making sure that the minority White Christians get preference in housing and jobs? I think you will find that there is neither, White people are obliged to shut up and take it, or else you might find Galloway and his ilk on your case.

In Ireland, attempts were made to install one hundred sub-Saharan Africans, in a village of three hundred residents, whom would instantly find themselves at the mercy of these Blacks, all of fighting age, whom would make short work of the domination of the people of the village, which no doubt included many pensioners and school-kids. What the hell is going on? What sort of vicious minded piece of work came up with such an idea, even as people in parts of Dublin are afraid to leave their homes in the evening, for fear of what they might meet up with, in the now, Mean Streets of Dublin, on their way home, because of these Black gangs.

In America, there are dozens of immigrants, many of them illegal, whom are being defended as if they have more Rights, than have White Americans. In top Universities in the States, which are in the main controlled by Jews, despite both Jews and Blacks making up no more than fifteen percent of the population of America between them, the Jews have selected more of themselves and Blacks into those Universities, on the basis of their minority status, than better qualified members of the majority White Americans. This is pure Racism and yet because of the Jew connection, it is not only tolerated, it is never even discussed on the Jew controlled media.

All over YouTube right now, there are hundreds of clips, made by Black people, calling for the Genocide of Whites. They tell me things will be so much better for everyone when we have gone. I am told that only White people can be racist, while criticism of Whites is justifiable because of past events, which had nothing to do with any White person in the USA, many of whom are themselves, recent immigrants and what is more it was White people whom put an end to the suffering of these poor Blacks, without understanding that they would be expected to mother the useless prats for ever more.

In America, right now, at this very moment, right under the noses of these mean minded, rapists and murderers, – yes indeed a huge percentage of Black males are rapists, robbers and murderers, responsible for fifty-two percent of all violent crime in the States – there are millions more White people, living in desperate circumstances than there are Blacks, yet I have yet to hear a word of concern from the mouth of these Blacks, most of whom are given everything on a plate, showing some sort of sympathy for those suffering White people.

Television on the other hand,  is swamped with Blacks, telling us their Poor Ol’ Joe crap, while bad-mouthing the people who gave them everything they’ve got. The likes of the Black Momma Whoopie Goldberg, are incapable of opening their mouths, without claiming that Blacks have not been given enough. There are even calls to evict White people from their homes so that they can be given to Blacks. For Christ’s sake enough is enough!

In South Africa, where a few million White people, were expected to house, feed, cloth, educate, give medical care to forty million immigrant Blacks, whom streamed into White South Africa, looking for a free lunch, whom instead of using their allegedly super-powered Wakanda intelligence, to farm the land for themselves, have been assisted by their Jews friends, to seize South Africa for themselves. So one would expect it to be relatively easy for these forty million super intelligent, industrious Blacks to look after and feed a mere four million of the remaining White people, in a land which a short time ago looked after them all, would you not?

Hold on, the response from these charitable, Black folk, whom arrived from the surrounding countries, all of which are still living in the same squalor as they were on the day the White man arrived in the region, without any discernible sign of the construction of the Wakanda Super State, the lack of which they claim is because of the White man, the Blacks in South Africa are now about to slaughter the remains of the White people, whom have not yet suffered a grisly fate at the hands of this Super Race, having already been evicted from their homes so that kindly, generous Blacks could move in.

Seventy-five-thousand White Christian people have already been murdered by these Black savages, while similar savages are being brought into Europe to do the same thing. This not hyperbole, they are already doing it. There is now a competition going on to decide the winner of Rape Capital of the Year, Blacks have already got a stranglehold on that one in South Africa, where I believe there is a rape every few seconds and a murder every few minutes.

Does Ireland really need a million more of these vicious people and what good will they be, having just destroyed a once vibrant country, South Africa and its neighbour Zimbabwe. In America they have achieved absolutely nothing, to the point where they no longer even write and sing a tuneful song. The decent Black people, for whom White people fought so hard to  help, left the building decades ago to be replaced by rapacious, murderous self-seeking, animals whom are now biting the hand of those by whom they were helped.

There was never any need of affirmative action for Whites, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Hindus or anybody else,  only Blacks needed such help and it is no more than a means of diluting the efficiency of those businesses, which were forced to introduce such measures, instead of being allowed to employ the best possible candidate.

Even illegals in the States are now being given preference over Whites, many of whom are already living  in shanty towns, as are many of the White South Africans, where the Blacks are openly calling for White Genocide, a call which has already been made against Whites in both Europe and the States?  Is there anybody out there?

The Never White Mothers – Throw In The Towel. Do We Need Them?

Black Racists, have taken to themselves, the right to bad mouth whomsoever they so choose, believing themselves to be the Worlds Classic example of Victim-hood and Racial goodness, only the Jews and all women, are in same league.

Blacks claim this status for themselves despite the Federal Bureau of Investigations clear evidence that a tiny three percent of Blacks, are responsible for a massive fifty-two percent of all murders and other crimes of violence in the United States.

Despite which, Blacks still claim that certain sections of this ‘innocent’ Black community, are being illegitimately targeted by the Police. Please note that at this point, the whole idea of us all being one single community, goes straight out of the window, suddenly ‘they’ are Black, who are now apparently demanding affirmative action of some sort, to protect them from Justice.

Women operate in a similar manner, while on the one hand calling for equality in the workforce and the same salary for them as that paid to men, without regard to the possibility that the man of who they are jealous, may well have negotiated a contract, while they are intent on receiving similar remuneration based simply on the sum the man has been awarded, for his ability and his value to his employer. This is called equality. It is also called Peter’s Principle, and will be the end of us all.

When the point is reached, that employment no longer depends on the applicants ability to carry out the task, for which they are being employed, but more on their skin colour, sex, or sexual preference, we will quickly find ourselves consigned to the position of total gridlock, a position which the Western World would appear to have finally achieved, where the only skill, of which women are more capable of than are men, childbirth, is now considered to be of a low-level of achievement. A job called ‘mothering’ which women have, in any case, proven to be quite incapable of carrying out, with any degree of success.

Jews have been operating a similar system for several generations and they have been so successful in the art of benefitting from a false claim, that they have been donated the land of other people, in which to live and they have themselves been living on a form Social Security handouts, with which they have been paid by people, whom will be locked up, for simply demanding why, they are obliged to make these payments.

Women of all colours and religion, have handed the fatherhood of millions of children, into the hands of a Daddy State system which has produced ‘Snowflakes’ who are busily exhibiting their total brainwashing on the streets of the free world,  and are as incapable, as were their ‘mothers’ of perceiving the tragic end results of their idiotic behaviour.

The mass murdering Blacks are telling us Whites, that ‘they’ matter, as if it is Whites carrying out the carnage of Blacks, when in fact the Blacks themselves are responsible for the murder of both Races in a totally disproportionate manner. Alongside these Blacks, we have the Jews who have just commemorated the deaths of a relatively small number of Jews during World War Two, claims which it is illegal to question.

I have yet to hear a Jew apologise for the sixty-five million Christians, slaughtered by Bolshevik Jews in Russia and for the lack of any Museums commemorating these Jew crimes. Every major city in Europe and other countries with a European population,  has had to accept the construction of a museum in memory of Jew casualties, in a war which was admittedly declared and was fully funded by Jew interests as was the Russian coup d’etat and the taking of Palestine.

In the middle of all of this crap, apparently unnoticed by our politicians, those same provokers of mass murder across the civilised world, in Russia, Armenia, Eastern Europe, China, Germany, Vietnam and Korea are now calling for ME to be wiped out and with the assistance of the very same political scum, who stood alongside them in two World Wars and in other terrorists acts such as the recent total destruction of the Middle East, are well on their way to succeeding in their aim.


So “People” what are we going to do about this situation, sit back and let them do it? Why do you suppose that there is no ‘press’ coverage of the blatant ‘White Genocide of White Christians’ which the Jews have put in place in South Africa? There was an awful lot of noise when the Jew controlled media, lied you into believing that the Whites in South Africa, were guilty of what is of no apparent importance in Palestine, where the Jew hypocrites are doing far worse things than did the Boers in South Africa.

On the above screenshot, there are open calls to kill, that is murder, all White people and those calls have been there forever, while on my site, an enormous number of video clips have been censored out, simply because the word Jew was mentioned, which was considered to be Hate Speech by the Jews who control YouTube, while calls for Murder are considered to be OK.

Except of course should those calls be against Blacks Jews or Women. White women are safe for the moment, they are to be the surrogate mothers, who will be used to produce this Beige Future Race in a coming era when they will have no choice. What will become of the Black women who are rarely raped if a White woman is available, is hard to say and as for Oprah, is a Black Lesbian woman openly calling for White Genocide, really going to stand for the Presidency of the USA? 

White Womanhood, has already destroyed its own Race, through their eagerness to put their own desires ahead of the needs of the nurture of children. They are almost unique on the planet, millions of ‘mothers’ whom have systematically murdered their own offspring,  out of a desire to be more like men. Just so long as there are enough men left to do the dirty work, which might break women’s finger-nails.

Catholic Ireland will soon be holding a referendum, the results of which are systematically rigged to provide the ‘correct’ result. The ‘modern’ religion free, breed of politicians in Ireland, have already acquiesced to the power of the ‘men behind the curtain’ who have decided Irish policy since time immemorial. Their talk that women’s health matters should be in their own hands,  will be backed up with all the necessary tools to inject and kill the baby before sucking it out of the mother in pieces.


Ireland has already been packed to the rafters with Black men, ready to create the “New Irish,” thus finally delivering the preferred solution to the ‘Irish problem’ for the City of London, whom will once more have the free use of the entirety of Irish Agriculture at their disposal, as they continue the swamping the of British people out of existence.