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International Black Savagery Against Whites.

78,000 White Christians Killed By Black Savages In South Africa, How many deaths does it take before sanctions are imposed against the Black Apartheid Government?

The appalling level of Black Racism, in South Africa, which is being ignored by the Western Media, which is busy reminding us Whites of our alleged bad treatment of Blacks, in past times, wild claims which have now become a veritable witch hunt against White people, orchestrated by the Jew controlled media and voiced by Jew academics in Universities in the United States and even by Jew politicians in the European Parliament, while the savage crimes of Black people are being totally ignored, when in fact they are behaving like barbarians, not only in Africa but in the United States, where a small number of Blacks are responsible for most of the murders and rapes which have become a part of daily life. Blacks have even introduced torture and dismemberment into their murders of Whites, in the civilised United States.


The agenda demands that we should consider these Black savages, when caught and found guilty, to have been imprisoned, for being Black and not for the disgusting crimes for which they have been convicted. It is almost at the point where it is becoming a racist act to even mention the depth of depravity of some of these crimes. Little children being tortured to death with blow-lamps by Black women and handicapped boys tortured and taunted live on Facebook.




In South Africa, the true depth of savagery of the Blacks, whom are raping babies in front of their parents and women in front of their husbands, before murdering them all, is being totally ignored in the West, which back in the day, told a totally distorted tale of events in South Africa, when it was under White control, in order to justify the imposition of sanctions against the Whites, where are the sanctions against the Blacks, or are they free to murder Whites with impunity?




Who gives a shit about whether these poor, while well cared for, American Blacks, get upset by statues, while ignoring crime statistics which are beyond anything which they suffered at the hands of Whites, there is no Affirmative Action for the White minority in South Africa, quite the opposite in fact, Whites come the bottom of the heap every time. No Obamacare for them. While this is what Black Lives Matter demand of Whites:


The Blacks have come to believe some fairy-tale of their own innocence in past and current atrocities, when one need look no further than the Congo or Rwanda, to see of what the Blacks are capable, when left to their own devices. They are now being left to their own devices in South Africa.

The Fall Of The Christian Empire.


South Africa is ‘the’ perfect example of what happens, when a State is forced, by an International Conspiracy, to allow unlimited immigration into a relatively small economy, which is then expected to produce an unsustainable level of wealth to support them all.

When the Boers arrived in South Africa, unlike those incomers whom arrived in Israel or America, they did not come with guns blazing, they came to a huge Continent, in an area inhabited by the Bush Men, with whom they had no problem, and set up a simple, farming community.

Gradually, the food production of the Boers and the possibility of ‘finding a better life’ attracted those Black people from all across Africa, whom for thousands of years, had sustained themselves by hunting and gathering, into the outskirts of the Boer settlements, where they worked in return for food.

Africa, was and is, teeming with uncontrolled numbers of people, their colour is of no importance, all that matters is their huge numbers. Finally, with the money of the Zionists, whom themselves hungered for control of the Boers  Diamond and Gold Mines,those Black ‘immigrants’, whom had been misled into the belief, that the White Man, whom had originally given them shelter,  had been ‘robbing’ them, they succeeded in gaining control of South Africa, through overwhelming numbers, only to find themselves on a slippery slope back into a state of poverty, not too dissimilar, to the level of other Black African countries, and way below the level to which they had become accustomed, before control of South Africa, fell into the loving arms of the Bolshevik, Communist, Zionist controlled, African National Congress.

At the height of the Bolshevik struggle to destroy the Boers in South Africa, I was for a while I was in the company of a group of folk, from South Africa, whom along with the White Zulu, Johnny Clegg, had been in the forefront of the anti-apartheid movement. I was surprised to find that they were one and all of Jew origin.

They were having a slight difference with Clegg, who had been touched by his sudden, international ‘fame’ which had been achieved as a result of mass media coverage, into the belief that it had been as a result of his huge talent.

His team told me outright, that they were disappointed by Johnny’s attitude, and that he had forgotten all that they had done for him. Clegg, whose music up to that point, had been ubiquitous, all across France and Europe, disappeared, without trace. Such is the power of the Zionist media.

In modern day South Africa, Black workers are now being exploited by Black politicians and shot dead by Black Policemen, in numbers far in excess of the numbers killed by the Boers. In Germany where they have already suffered from the Bolshevik Communist insistence on uncontrolled immigration, the country is already suffering from a fifty per cent increase in violent crime. Europe is to be the next South Africa.

Those whom organise the destruction of societies, have no care for the welfare of indigenous Peoples, whether they be Black, Brown, Yellow or White, like all parasites, they will simply kill their host and move on to the next victim. When all else fails they will turn on themselves.

When the diamond and gold mines of South Africa are finally exhausted, the Bolsheviks will simply leave town and the South Africans will be wiped out to make space for the more ‘intelligent’ marauders from India and China, whom have already bred themselves to the limit, in their own homelands.

We are all living in the midst of the ruins of failed civilisations. Africa has its share of ancient relics all over it. Very soon the latest ‘civilisation’ will find itself incapable of delivering, to one and all, the promise of motor cars, private jets and swimming pools and all of the other paraphernalia, deemed necessary, to provide the ideal standard of life.

The crafty people have been aware of this eventuality for at least one hundred years, at which point the ‘Great Culling’ kicked off, since when, it has never stopped. One way or another most of us are doomed.

The Middle East, is the current target for extinction, common sense having told us,  that a desert region is incapable of sustaining huge numbers of people, which obliges the most powerful group,  to stake out its territory. We, the White Christian Peoples, are being used to help the Bolsheviks carry out this project.

While this brutality is continuing, in many Middle Eastern Countries, to enlarge ‘certain’ States, the crafty people are telling us that National Borders, should be taken down, without a trace of irony. Politicians whom oppose this notion, Orban in Hungary or Le Pen in France, are denigrated as being Racist, by extremely Racist Bolsheviks, whom are actually buildings walls, to maintain the purity of Israel.

Very soon, money will mean nothing, all that will matter is sustainability. Not sustainability in the sense which it is now being used, as a means of control but as a means of survival.

We have been hogwashed into believing that certain ‘special’ people can own everything, which has allowed dopey princes to claim ownership of vast tracts of land, leading to the ‘clearance’ of the ‘peasants’ into intolerable situations in towns, to make the countryside available for the slaughter of birds, rabbits and wild pigs by Dukes and Earls and other with loads of money.

It is time to stop the slaughter, nature takes care of the culling, without need of the assistance of the greedy and insane. The African people should forget about copying the life-style of Europeans, whom have chosen to live a deluded nightmare existence. There are many other possibilities, which have been allowed to be forgotten, such as the original life-style of the Boers.

Africa is a paradise which should be treated with care, Blacks should not allow controlled Black leaders to do as did the White Kings and Princes, to White people in Europe, in return for a share of the taxes from Money Lenders.

In a relatively short time period, the uncontrolled use of Usury, which is still a criminal activity, but which is no longer referred to as ‘Usury’ has destroyed the Roman Empire, brought Europe to its knees in the space of a hundred years, after recovering from the Dark Ages, leading to the exportation of millions to America, Australia and any other country which was easily conquered, taking along with it many fatal sicknesses, which helped to wipe out indigenous Peoples.

Usury has already destroyed the United States at least twice, since it was installed in the Federal Reserve system in 1913. Americans, whom themselves used mass immigration to destroy the indigenous Peoples, are now being destroyed using exactly the same process, and they have become so dumb, that they are unable to perceive the danger. The Red man, did at least put up stiff resistance to the take-over, White man is out on the streets crying out in favour of his own destruction.

Americans are so stupid, that they are incapable of resisting the round-up, which has been ongoing in the States, for decades. Most of America is now owned by the Federal Government, which is itself a Corporation, owned by the Bankers.

Back in the day, immigrants, coming into America, were allotted a parcel of land, which they could farm, in order to maintain themselves. We cannot simply expect others to support us, while we sit around whittling sticks with a donated Buck-Knife.

Most of the small farmers have now been driven out of existence, through the use of excessive taxes and have been forced to sell their farms to pay those taxes. This has allowed the Multi-National Farming Companies to take control of the food supply and through the absolutely idiotic idea of destroying heritage seeds, which have been replaced by genetically modified seeds, which they call ‘copyright’ and in some cases are infertile, forcing farmers to buy new seeds every year, at high cost.

This has exposed the lie of Communism for what it has always been, the control of all and everything into the hands of the Money-Lenders. They are the ‘People’ whom we once believed to be ‘We The People’ back in the day when ‘Property Was Theft’ this ‘theft’ only applied to the property in ‘our’ hands, which had to be dutifully handed over to ‘them’. They own everything while we own nothing, while they pretend that Socialism works for ‘us’, when like everything else, it works exclusively, for ‘them’.

The Bolshevik controlled media, does not present much exposure of the real result of mass immigration into South Africa, where the Blacks, having been encouraged to blame White people for all of their ‘problems’ are  choosing to ignore the fact that they were once the richest Blacks in Africa, while under White rule, while now having chosen fallen into the clutches of corporate Bolshevik control, like neighbouring Rhodesia, they have destroyed their own farming industry and thousands of jobs along with it.

They have now tumbled from their high perch,  to become the worlds most Racist State, where the Black ‘saints’, have slaughtered seventy-five thousand White people, as justifiable retribution for perceived ‘bad treatment’ by Whites, even as the now Richest Blacks in the world, in the United States, are being encouraged to create the same intolerant society.

Blacks are already the most murderous and rapist section of United States Society, without need of any more encouragement to vent a rage over something or other, against those whom had nothing whatever to do with ‘slavery’ in support of those whom controlled slavery.  

Such is the stupidity of Blacks. In the States, where Blacks are howling for the ‘death of Whitey’ White idiots are out in force in support of these violent Blacks. Nobody should support violence against anyone, never mind violence against your own people.

Immigrants into Europe are being used in the same manner. The rapes are being played down, violence is ignored, calls by Jews to destroy White Christians is never reported, the Austrian President is suggesting that Christian Women should adopt the Burqa in support of Muslim women, when in reality he should be supporting the rights of those Muslim women, many of whom are forced to wear a Burqa, not for any religious reason but to suit the demands of their husbands.

It will quickly become apparent in Europe, that as were the Blacks in South Africa, controlled by Jews through the use of ‘frontmen’ like Mandela, that the Muslims coming into Europe are also controlled by Bolshevik ‘frontmen’ Wahhabis from Saudi Arabia, by whom,  fanatics will be used to create violent attacks against the traditional enemy of the Jew Bolsheviks, White Christians.

Europe has already been ‘softened up’ through the use of ‘false’ attacks, in readiness for what is to come. Just like the Soviet Union, which was dismantled in months, Christendom can fall in the same way. We have already been internally divided, we have been educated to accept responsibility for the crimes of others, whether those crime were real or invented fictions. We actually feel sympathy, for those, whom are planning our destruction. That is the current depth of our brainwashing.

The world has been turned on its head.

Wake Up Britain, WTSHTF You’ll Need Every Polish Friend You Can Find.

Wake Up Britain, WTSHTF You’ll Need Every Polish Friend You Can Find.

A preliminary analysis of official crime data shows:

Violence against the person is 5 times more prevalent in the black community, than in the white community.

Drugs offenses are 16 times more prevalent in the black community, and 3 time  more prevalent in the Asian community, than in the white community.

Robbery is over 9 times more prevalent in the black community, than in the white community.

Committing homicide is 6 times more prevalent in the black community, and twice as prevalent in the Asian community, than it is in the white community.

The homicidal killing of white people is 90 times more prevalent in the black community, than the homicidal killing of black people in the white community.

The homicidal killing of white people is 30 times more prevalent in the Asian community, than the homicidal killing of Asian people in the white community.

The number of white victims of interracial homicide is approximately 40 times greater than expected, when compared to the number of such victims in the minority (BME)community.

The white community suffers more victims of interracial and racially motivated homicide than all of the minority (BME)communities put together – despite the BME communities being less than 10 per cent of the total population.

The number of white victims of racially motivated homicide is approximately 50 times greater than expected, when compared to the number of such victims in the minority (BME)community.

If 125 Whites were killed by 2.8% of the population (Blacks) and 39 Blacks were killed by 91.3% of the population (Whites) – 1% of the population of Black people would have killed 44.6 Whites and 1% of the population of White people would have killed 0.43 Blacks.

Thus, Black Kills White at a ratio of 44.6 divided by 0.43 = 103.7!

Similarly, if 57 Whites were killed by 4.7% Asians and 36 Asians were killed by 91.3% Whites, 1% Asian kills 12.13 Whites and 1% White Kills 0.39 Asian.

Thus Asian kills White at a ratio of 12.13 divided by 0.39 = 31.5.

These stark figures demonstrate exactly what the ever giving White people are up against. We are told daily by the media that not all Blacks and Muslim immigrants are responsible for crime, which would suggest that these figures rely of a minuscule percentage of the Black and Muslim communities, which would suggest that a relatively tiny number of determined criminals can destroy a society, so to allow entry to unvetted immigrant members of either community is indeed asking for trouble.

There was no mention made of the level of crime generated by incoming Arab or other Middle Eastern Muslims, either because of a lack of information or possibly because judging by the Muslim crime statistics in Germany and Sweden, it was decided to be prudent to keep a lid on British figures.

There was also no reference to the extent of UK Rape in these figures, we can assume it to be included in the figures for crimes of violence, so we must make an educated guess as to the extent of this crime against women, which has been ignored for decades.

In the United States, which suffers from a similar level of Black crime, FBI statistics present a figure of 36,000 White women, raped by Black men, while there were no recorded rapes of Black women by White men.

In the United Kingdom, there are an average of 85,000 rapes every year, which should be cause for concern and yet it would appear that the authorities are systematically denying these findings, worrying that should the truth of the claims be exposed, it would throw into doubt, claims of the multitude of benefits to Europe, as a result of the recent mass immigration, which is in fact being blamed for a massive increase in rape all across the continent, which has also been covered up by European Police and politicians.

We are constantly being told that the there is no difference between the behaviour of the indigenous White people of Europe and Blacks of African origin and those other immigrants from the Near and Far East, a claim which is exposed as ridiculous, judging by the Crime figures, claims which are confirmed, by similar figures from, Continental Europe, America, Australia and other ‘White’ countries which have experienced a recent surge of Muslim immigration.

In the United States, which is a country ‘built by immigrants,’ we are being fooled into believing that to mean all ‘immigrants,’ when in fact it was mainly those of European origin, who recreated a Neo-Europe in America, it is not a country dominated by African wood and mud huts or Igloos, so to suggest America to be a result of those ‘other’ immigrants, does not hold up. A bricklayer of whatever colour or Race, is not an architect. 

The Blacks in South Africa, are living in a State, which is unique in Africa. Africans have themselves never achieved anything similar. Any hope  that when  the White Europeans were forced out, that things would carry on in the same manner as before was a pipe dream, things have never been so bad for the Blacks.

The Blacks in America are in for the same nasty shock, should the likes of Zuma or Charles Taylor, ever come to power in the States, when the Whites are driven out.

The British are being brainwashed into believing themselves to be wonderful, tolerant folk because they accept Blacks and Muslims into their midst, and condemn those whom object to this state of affairs, while saving all their bile for immigrants of European origin, whom will share the same ‘European’ mentality and beliefs and  who meld without trace, into British society, while the streets are thronged with banner waving Muslims and Blacks whom will never integrate, who are howling against the White British people, from whom they claim Social benefits, accusing them of White Supremacy and Privilege and blatantly suggesting that only Whites can be racist. Which is itself of course, a Racist claim.

In the United States, Black men are justifying the murder of White youngsters,  with claw hammers, claiming it to have been in response to some alleged White Crime against a Black, when should the White folk make the same response against Blacks for crimes against Whites, there would be a veritable river of blood running in the streets of America.

That is the sad reality, Blacks are the most Racist and savage people on the planet, though one is obliged to add, ‘not all of them’ of course.