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Here Come The Black Survivors Holding Out Their Begging Bowls.

“The transatlantic slave trade was arguably the greatest crime in human history. But there has been no reparation for a crime committed against a continent and tens of millions of people. In fact, it was the slave-owners who were compensated when the trade was abolished! ”

So we are told by George Galloway in a blurb for his most recent “Sputnik’ episode on Russia Today. This gave George yet another opportunity to push the tale of reparations for the descendants of those slaves.

George was recently a guest on a radio phone-in show, where another of his targets, suggested to George, that before opening his gob, he should get his facts straight and not pick and choose the bits and pieces which suited his agenda.

The RT blurb suggests there to have been tens of millions of Blacks involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The official figures show us that there were ten or twelve million Blacks involved, of which only six per cent went to the USA, the rest went to the West Indies and Brazil.

Having presented an image of ‘Poor Ol’ Joe’ as a chained prisoner, in a slave ship hold, on a voyage to America, during which many died, we are then presented with the ‘Modern’ Black, clutching his Smart-Phone, paddling his Zodiac across the Med, desperately trying to escape the life which Africans have accepted for thousands of years, during which time they have maintained a steady level of poverty, which has now suddenly become my fault.

As is usual in this type of interview, the spectre of ‘White Supremacy’ raises its ugly head over the parapet and gets its usual amount of bile thrown at it. The term itself is of Jew origin, which is used to provoke a hatred of White people, the vast majority of whom have never set foot in Africa or ever owned a slave, however all of my life I have worked and allowed my taxes to be used, to house and feed, those thousands of immigrants, whom according to all statistics never find a job, despite what you are lead to believe. Enough is enough, lets hear it for the Black crimes against the White Race, for a change, please.


Where is the uproar about the slaughter on the Afrikaner by Black immigrants? That’s right Black immigrants in Africa, what a strange notion that is. Or indeed the sadistic torture and rape of thousands of White women by those, oh so deserving, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth, Black criminals in the USA. Lets have a bit of balance in our reporting of what is actually going on in the world.

Do Blacks actually give a rats ass about anybody other than themselves? Even in Paris at the end of the War, the Blacks were being hanged for murdering prostitutes instead of paying them. When the Boer farmers came ashore in South Africa, why were there no Blacks waiting to greet them with flowers and cups of coffee, with a nice warm home waiting for them and schools for their children? Perhaps because it is only White Christian people whom offer such things to others.

The Blacks chose to steal what they have been unable to provide for themselves and now they are about to slaughter the remains of the kind hands which fed them. Such sweet people the Blacks.


Before the arrival of the White man in Darkest Africa, the people lived in fear. Cannibalism was rife and there was no such thing as a functioning society. No trace was ever found of a two-story building and it was mainly monkeys on the menu. So let us not pretend that a great civilisation had been laid to waste, there was nothing to destroy apart from mud huts. Now the Blacks are trying to tell us that they even built the pyramids, of course they had no writing so there was no record of how they did so.

Though the voyage to America, was not much fun for the Blacks, it was no better for the starving Irish whom made the same trip and as did the Blacks, many of them died on the way.

The Blacks do not give a damn about that of course, because the Irish were mere ‘Indentured Servants’ a term which is used to dismiss what happened to the Irish, because worrying about the suffering of others goes against the grain for the Blacks or the Jews, just in case they are forced to admit that things could well have been just difficult for non-Blacks and Jews.

Blacks do not even understand what it meant to be an Indentured Servant and they do not want to know, just in case it spoils their very own ‘holocaust’ fable, which would have us believe, as do the Jews, that any death in the Black community indicates a lynching, or in the Jews case, a gassing.

What is more, most of the Black slaves would have been happy to remain on the plantations where their life was far more secure than it was after they gained their liberty. That would be the exact moment when the lynchings started, when the Blacks opened their raping of White women season. Whites were lynched for the same crimes and even for stealing a horse, of course we do not talk about that.

The Blacks in the USA, try to align themselves with the Indigenous Americans, whom were wiped out by the White Man, which is true to some extent, but in Africa, when the Boers arrived, the Zulus were on the point of finally wiping out the Bushmen, whom were saved from extinction by the Boers. These killers would be the same Brothers, who rounded up the Blacks to sell to the Jew SlaveTraders. These people are all hypocrites and murderers.

The Blacks call for justice for themselves while denying it to others, such as the immigrants still arriving in South Africa, whom are attacked and in some cases killed, to save African jobs for Africans, or some such rubbish. The sentiments expressed by the thugs in the following clip, ought now to be employed against the Blacks in Europe, why should White people be obliged to accept this sort of mentality into our lands, while White people in Africa are being murdered like dogs?