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Our World, Has Been Force Fed Hatred, By Mass Murderers.



The Zionist Supremacists at Starbucks coffee bars, are about to force their entire workforce, to accept being given lessons on how to lick the backsides of bleating Blacks. I would suggest to the Jews whom control Starbucks, that they are the ones in need of lessons about how to treat their most important customers, to whom they have been caught out lying and deceiving and whom they now refer to as supremacists, the White Christians,  whom are the people, by whom they have been made billionaires and to not refer to us as some sort of scum, whom they are forced to tolerate. I will never, ever drink another coffee in Starbuck’s premises and I hope all White Christians will do the same.

All of the Jews, whom are openly calling for a White genocide, need to feel a touch of the backlash, which was felt by the White Christians in the British Parliament, when a few freeloading Blacks, whom have been baptised, in recent days as, The Windrush Generation’, were put in fear of being sent back to their own Black Motherland in the Caribbean Paradise of Jamaica, at the very thought of which they shat themselves in fear. While the British Parliament went into a spasm of self-loathing, appalled at the very ‘un-British idea, that the ‘rights’ of these dole-mongers to remain with their blood-sucking teeth firmly embedded in the flesh, of their Hated White hosts, should be put at risk.


The Black Members of the House of Commons, were not alone in their high-pitched screeching at this ‘uncaring attitude’, towards the Blacks whom apparently built Britain. The hypocritical Friends of Israel and the xenophobic, vastly over-represented British Jew Members of the House, whom daily ignore the ongoing expulsions of Black Jews from Israel and the continued Israeli Military occupation of Palestinian land and the indiscriminate firing of live bullets directly into the midst of demonstrators in Gaza, were standing right alongside these poor hard done by Blacks, while White Christian Members, instead of standing firm, having found themselves in this position by accident, squirmed around in a totally abject manner, while the British Zionist Media had a field day of criticism against the only people whom can be legally “discriminated against” the White British People, whom are being forced to pay for this Zionist operation, which is doing to Britain and Europe, what is unacceptable in Israel and Zionist controlled South Africa, where the Shadow Zionist Government, is cynically encouraging a White Genocide, having completely destroyed the civilisation built by White Christian Boers.

White Christian law and order, in South Africa, is being replaced by a Baltimore-Chicago style nightmare of murder, rape and robbery, where gangs of cruel and disgusting Blacks, some of them cannibals, are raping babies to death, in front of their screaming parents and then torturing raping and sodomising the parents to death, with impunity. These things are already happening in the United States

Take notice of how the White victims are quite suddenly responsible for Black atrocities. The Trayvon Martin killing was given the same treatment, remember Trayvon? sure you do but do you remember this and can you remember the names of the victims, if you ever even knew them? When Black Lives Matter take to the streets, they are lauded by the Media but when Whites do the same thing, we are Supremacists.

The Black killers in the States, are blaming Whites for the type of crimes which are committed, uniquely by Blacks against Whites. I guarantee that you will find no evidence of a gang of White thugs doing anything similar to a Black couple or to a couple of Black teenage boys, on the other hand, I could post a dozen more examples of this kind of Black Savagery, against Whites, whether in South Africa or the disUnited States, in an instant.



We are being lead by the nose to disaster. Black Obama has been smuggling thousands of Blacks, into the United States, where they are being armed and trained to do to Whitey, what has been done to Christian Arabs all across the Middle East, while the cosseted ‘African Americans’ whom have the same attitude, as do all parasites, they will suck til their host is dry and dead and then cynically join the incoming Black killers, hoping for another free lunch.

The American Awakening with Michael Herzog 4.19.18 Hour 1


These Blacks feel no loyalty to the Whites, whom have provided them with a life-style superior to any other Blacks on the Earth and in response they are biting the hand that freed them and feeds them. Just like the Blacks in South Africa, they will soon find that like the rest of us, whom have been forced to do the dirty work of the Zionists, whom are themselves nothing more than parasites, at the end of their usefulness, they will be exterminated, most probably by the Zionist controlled Yellow Peril.

The whole-wide-world was convinced by the controlled media that the Boers in South Africa were evil dictators, which was a lie, the South African Blacks were the immigrant parasites, demanding all and everything from their White hosts, while Blacks like Mandela were being fully funded by Bolshevik Communist Zionists, to destroy the White civilisation which was paying all the taxes. I hope you Blacks are satisfied with what you have been given to replace the White Christian idiots.

Jeremy Corbyn,  the Leader of the British Labour Party, while speaking in Wales at a conference of the Welsh Labour Party, promised the British people, that in future there will be no repeat of the ‘Windrush Affair’ and there will be no such thing as an indigenous White British People, there will in future be simply British people, of all Races, an honour which only White Europe is obliged to confer onto immigrants, none of these advantages are given to Europeans in return, in the homelands of the immigrants. It is all one way traffic. though be in no doubt there will be no affirmative action for minority Whites, in any part of Britain. You are on your own, while those like the Friends of Israel and the Rockefeller funded Fabian Society are stealing your homeland from under your nose and you are too stupid to spot what is going on.

Death By Immigration? Bring It On.



The Rah-Rah boys on the British News channels, whom have been howling indignantly against calls to restrict the number of immigrants pouring into the United Kingdom, by calling those like Farage and Trump, racists, for simply calling for a moratorium on the issue, are now cornering the Prime Minister Theresa May, over the inability of the National Health Services to cope with demand.

Last year alone 600,000 immigrants legally came into the UK and who knows how many thousands more crept in illegally, so how on earth can the inability of the Health Services, to cope with demand be discussed without so much as a mention of this massive immigration?

I have no idea how many nurses and doctors are necessary to take care of the needs of a city with 600,000 inhabitants, however I am quite sure it amounts to more than the increase in the necessary health staff, during the past twelve months, so existing staff are faced with this ever-growing problem.

In the United States, where the average worker finds it almost impossible to pay the cost of health care, both legal and illegal immigrants are being housed, fed and educated, with health care thrown in, for good measure, all at the expense of those, unfortunate enough to have actually been Born White in the USA.

It is almost impossible to discuss these matters in the United States where the White people, that would be the folk who pay all the taxes, now find themselves worse off than those whom make a career out of living on Welfare payments, which are sky-high for incoming people, whom are determined to milk the system, with the acceptance of politicians, who are busily creating the coming race of slaves, in a land which has already reached, Mad Max levels of violence in the Black Ghettos.

The largest section of the poor unemployed, in the United States, who suffer most at the hands of the ‘authorities’ are White people, not the loud-mouthed Blacks, many of whom have contributed nothing, for the good of others, and in their stupidity, instead of standing solid with those Whites, who gave them everything they have, they choose instead, to join the Dark Side, where they are now on the verge of being relegated to the gutter by the hundreds of thousands of Blacks being sneaked into the US, from Somalia and other African hell-holes, by whom they will very soon, if not already, be outnumbered.

Take a look at this pick-up of Blacks, all of whom had the cash to pay for their trip. Mark Stone, from Sky News, is a slick operator, who provided various bits film which when edited, gave the impression of being a job badly done by an editor with a score to settle with Sky.

The presented film shows a rubber boat with one hundred men aboard, all wearing life-jackets, only to suddenly transform into another group without life-jackets but apparently in need of them, simply to clamber from the Zodiac onto the Ferry-Boat. Check it out. This film is nothing but lies and deception.

In South Africa, where the Blacks make up ninety percent of the population, the remaining ten percent Whites are paying the bulk of the taxes, which keeps the economy going, while the Blacks are actually calling for the slaughter of those Whites by whom they are being fed.

In the United States, the Blacks are out in the streets, still trying to blame the Whites for the inner city carnage of Blacks by Blacks, a battle-field which will very soon be filled with the immigrant Black hordes direct from Africa, eager to mark out their own territory.


Take a good look at the above aerial shots of South Africa, all of that was built by White people, whom have been dispossessed by Black immigrants, who have transformed South Africa into the crime capital of the World.


The Blacks in South Africa were betrayed by the Bolshevik Communist Nelson Mandela, a 33 degree Freemason, who died as a millionaire, payment for his services to those, American, British and Russian Bolsheviks, whom were intent on stealing the resources of South Africa for City of London businessmen, an aim which had eluded the British for generations, which Mandela achieved for them, with the massive assistance of the lying, Bolshevik controlled media, which painted the Boers as ‘Evil Dictators.’

South Africa is now controlled by those whom crouch behind a clutch of interchangeable identities, so let us call them Bolshevik Communists, from where Joe Slovo, a Russian KGB operative originated. He and his wife controlled the African National Congress and all aspects of the destruction of the Boers, the vestiges of whom they are now cynically allowing to be slaughtered out of hand, by murdering Blacks, while the ‘kindly’ British stand idly by without a care, even as they are smuggling thousands of these murdering Blacks into Europe, to carry out the same program.

Martin Luther King was another Bolshevik Communist, agent, bent on deceiving the American Blacks into turning against the Whites, by whom they had been allowed to rise into high positions in White society, which they most certainly did not merit, out of a misplaced sense of ‘fair play’, despite the fact that White people of a similar level of intelligence, would never have even been considered for similar positions. Any idea that we are being governed by the ‘brightest and best’ is a nonsense.

The Blacks have themselves been under attack for generations. The idea of a Black family is now a distant memory, while the finest parts of Black Culture, their once marvelous ability to create inspiring music of many styles, is also dying out, with the loss of Prince and Michael Jackson and many others like them, to be replaced by Stormsy or Beyoncé on the stages where Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin once strode.

Wake up my Black friends, when you got your very own Kenyan Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, manipulated into the White House, by the same Bolshevik Communists, did it do you any good? Believe me, you will do far better under Donald Trump, whatever the lying propagandists in the media, all of them under the control of the same Bolshevik Communists, are telling you.

Dearborn is a perfect example of what lies in store for the United States. These Muslim people have quite deliberately installed a system,  which is in effect outside of the control of the US Authorities, where they are now demanding autonomy. In such a case I would quickly allow them this autonomy, which would involve the immediate cessation of welfare and other benefits, which would allow them the freedom to take care of themselves.



International Black Savagery Against Whites.

78,000 White Christians Killed By Black Savages In South Africa, How many deaths does it take before sanctions are imposed against the Black Apartheid Government?

The appalling level of Black Racism, in South Africa, which is being ignored by the Western Media, which is busy reminding us Whites of our alleged bad treatment of Blacks, in past times, wild claims which have now become a veritable witch hunt against White people, orchestrated by the Jew controlled media and voiced by Jew academics in Universities in the United States and even by Jew politicians in the European Parliament, while the savage crimes of Black people are being totally ignored, when in fact they are behaving like barbarians, not only in Africa but in the United States, where a small number of Blacks are responsible for most of the murders and rapes which have become a part of daily life. Blacks have even introduced torture and dismemberment into their murders of Whites, in the civilised United States.


The agenda demands that we should consider these Black savages, when caught and found guilty, to have been imprisoned, for being Black and not for the disgusting crimes for which they have been convicted. It is almost at the point where it is becoming a racist act to even mention the depth of depravity of some of these crimes. Little children being tortured to death with blow-lamps by Black women and handicapped boys tortured and taunted live on Facebook.




In South Africa, the true depth of savagery of the Blacks, whom are raping babies in front of their parents and women in front of their husbands, before murdering them all, is being totally ignored in the West, which back in the day, told a totally distorted tale of events in South Africa, when it was under White control, in order to justify the imposition of sanctions against the Whites, where are the sanctions against the Blacks, or are they free to murder Whites with impunity?




Who gives a shit about whether these poor, while well cared for, American Blacks, get upset by statues, while ignoring crime statistics which are beyond anything which they suffered at the hands of Whites, there is no Affirmative Action for the White minority in South Africa, quite the opposite in fact, Whites come the bottom of the heap every time. No Obamacare for them. While this is what Black Lives Matter demand of Whites:


The Blacks have come to believe some fairy-tale of their own innocence in past and current atrocities, when one need look no further than the Congo or Rwanda, to see of what the Blacks are capable, when left to their own devices. They are now being left to their own devices in South Africa.

These Are The Folk Whom Are Good For Europe? I Am Sure You Will Agree With That.


Being a totally racist idiot, I refuse to believe that those whom can behave in such a manner, as in the above video clip, whether it be the Bolshevik Jews, Daech, Attila the Hun or men from Darkest Africa, they should not be brought into European countries and used as a means of destroying us.

Just up the road from South Africa, in Rwanda, almost a million Blacks were clubbed to death by another Tribe of Blacks. In South Africa, the current Black population, are killing immigrants from other regions, of Africa, complaining that they are taking their jobs, demonstrating a total lack of understanding of their own hypocrisy about their current invasion of Europe looking for handouts. That, while at the same time, carrying out a rape every few minutes and murders far in excess of any other country, all as a result of getting rid of Whitey.

The Peoples of Europe are faced with a further problem, that of the conditioned response of the younger generation, who having been educated to self hate and whom are now feeling exhilarated by their willingness to invite uncontrolled numbers of Black immigrants into Europe, having failed to take note of the fact that the Black African, Bolshevik Leader of South Africa, has already armed and prepared the Black Africans,  to wipe out the remains of the White African, the very people whom built a beautiful homeland in Africa, while during the same period, the Blacks produced nothing of any worth.

They have however, in a mere twenty years,  transformed South Africa from a safe and pleasant land into a hell on earth, under the guidance of the Bolshevik Jew, Joe Slovo, with the injection of huge sums of cash, from Jew industrialists and bankers. Those same Bolsheviks are now turning their attention towards Europe and the USA.

Very soon there will be two billion people in Africa, are we expected to allow them all into Europe? African men, are living in some dystopian past, where they eat parts of people, after torturing them to death, as in Liberia, do we want that sort of thing in our midst?



In the United States, Black men are responsible for tens of thousands of rapes and a totally disproportionate number of murders of both Blacks and Whites. The statistics in Europe are similar but are played down. That being so, who in their right mind would ship thousands of these people into Europe? We should not be swayed in our thinking because we happen to know a nice Black Man, we need to spend a while looking at the over-all picture before being lured into a hell on earth.





U.S. FBI Crime Statistics, Pinpoint An Alarming Quantity Of Black Violence Against Whites.

                      U.S. FBI Crime Statistics,

1.More than 1,600 Whites are murdered by blacks each year, which means that blacks murder Whites at 18 times the rate that Whites murder blacks.

2.About 1 million Whites were murdered robbed, raped, or assaulted by blacks in 1992 alone.

3.In the last 30 years, 170 million violent and non-violent crimes were committed by blacks against Whites in the U.S.

4.In crimes of Racial bias, otherwise known as “hate-crimes,” over 90% of the victims are Whites.

5.Although they only comprise one-seventh of the population, blacks commit 7.5 times more violent interracial crimes than Whites.

6.On a per-capita basis, blacks commit 50 times more violent crimes than Whites.

7.In the past 20 years, violent crimes increased four times faster than the population.

8.Between 1964 and 1994, more than 45,000 people were killed in interracial murders (of which blacks commit 18 times more than Whites – see item #1.) Compare this to the death toll of the Vietnam War (58,000 Americans killed) and the Korean War (38,000 Americans killed)





The above statistics show yet another farcical position adopted by the media, which has allowed the farce of the Black Lives Matter garbage to continue without once pointing out the hypocrisy in the stance of the Blacks.

It is shameful that the media is encouraging these savages to point fingers at Whites, calling them supremacists and recipients of White privilege and other such horse-shit.

When police evidence, such as the above, is simply ignored, while nonsense, which is based on Blacks getting what they deserve, should they choose to attack the Police, is presented as Police violence, to the point where the media actually lied about the 911 call made by George Zimmerman, just before he was attacked by the brute Trayvon Martin, is tantamount to perjury. To this day Zimmerman is being used as a point of reference in the claims of false accusations of Black guilt.

In the past twenty years, in the United States, 32,000 Whites have been murdered by Blacks who are a mere 7% of the population, in South Africa, where Blacks are 90% of the population, they have murdered twice as many Whites, so overall they are less violent, on average, than are the American Blacks in their determined efforts to destroy Whitey but either way face up to yourselves, you are a bunch of scum, however horrific your crimes against Whites appear, in both South Africa and in the States you are killing your own kind at an even more deplorable level.

There are no crimes, committed by Whites against Blacks, which compare in any way with the brutal, sadistic, ritual killings of White people by blacks. You are in a class of your own, and then you cry for your Mammy when one of you get caught out. With a catalogue of crimes such as the above against you, is there any wonder the prisons are full of Blacks.

Perhaps it would be better for all of us, should you choose to move back to your origins, before, as did the frightened Widow of Dr Martin Luther King, find it necessary to move into a safe White neighbourhood, where she could sleep without fear of Blacks burgling her home during the night.

  You people are a scourge on civilisation. You present yourselves as if you have suffered something or other at the hands of White people when you have not. White people owe you nothing. All we ever hear these days are tales of woe about Poor Ol’ Joe. Well you can all piss off, I’ve had enough of your blathering and your exclusive Black Awards, because you cannot compete with the best. Grow up, if you can.

Black Crime Statistics.


The US statistics are backed up by UK and other countries numbers of Black crime, whether it be against White people or against other Blacks.

South Africa, the land of apartheid and other White inspired problems, now under Communist control, has transformed itself into a particularly brutal, racist state, where the figure  of rapes is off the charts and the most dangerous job is that of a White farmer.  The era of White rule is now looked on as a lost Golden Age.

The Blacks in South Africa are not of a unique origin, they streamed into South Africa from all over Africa and when they achieved majority, they, like all parasites, destroyed their host.  They are now complaining about others doing the same thing to them.  I believe that to be called hypocrisy.

This is the model for the take-over of Europe through the medium of immigration. In reality, Europe is already lost to Whites, London is already fifty per cent immigrant, very soon, like the Boers, you will be under attack.

I have only one point of difference with Paul Joseph Watson, he talks of the White Liberal Media, there is no such thing, the media is wholly owned by Jew interests  and according to the likes of Barbara Spectre and Nicolas Sarkozy, Jews are no longer White, a stance which is suggested by their declared aim of destroying White people. Are they intending to commit suicide perhaps?