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Why Are Blacks Not Building Wakanda In Africa? Surely They Can Do It?

The British Government has shown itself to be, what was once referred to as a “busted flush.” They are flapping around, desperately attempting, to undo the decision of the British people to leave the Bolshevik Communist construction of the European Union, on the one hand, while now, having been ‘ordered’ to use a pair of hapless Russians, as an excuse to make yet another attempt to smear Russia and Vladimir Putin in particular, who they accuse of ordering a ‘Chemical Weapon Attack’ in the United Kingdom and by extension, the blame for what ‘might’ happen in Syria in the near future.

The recent clumsy pantomime in Salisbury fooled nobody, apart from the gullible, British Free Press and the ever obedient morons, sitting in the House of Commons, whom now find themselves at odds with the British Public on two current issues, Europe and Salisbury.

The way things are going, the British people are going to notice, that the House of Commons is every bit as impotent as are the ‘paid for nothing’ stooges, in the European Parliament, whose only job is to lend the colour of democracy, to the wholly controlled Bolshevik European Union.

In the United States, Members of both the Senate and the Congress, are nothing more than paid employees of the same International Mafia, sometimes referred to as Zionists, Bolsheviks, Jesuits or Jews, whom through the use of ‘Think Tanks’ and other instruments of control, like the raving idiots, whom have been paid to convince us that Carbon Dioxide is a Green House Gas, grandly referred to as the International Panel on Climate Change, which despite having been exposed as a bunch of total liars, are still pushing the same rubbish, in order to fleece the people, using a ‘Carbon Tax’ as the excuse, the proceeds of which, Baron Rothschild has decided, will be deposited into his Bank of International Settlements?

Galloway never mentions the culpability of the Africans themselves,  whom rounded up the slaves or indeed the fact that there were not hundreds of millions of people involved, four hundred thousand Blacks were taken to the States, while an estimated six hundred thousand Irish people were sent into debt slavery, most of whom died, long before they could pay off their debt.

He also failed to mention that the Slavers were mainly Jews,  as were the Rothschild’s whom stole the resources of Africa. White Europeans gained nothing from the rape of Africa. Why not go after the real perpetrators who stole it all. The same Jews, now calling themselves ‘liberators’ are the colonisers in modern South Africa, they funded the mass murdering Nelson Mandela and they now control the gold and diamonds. The resources of Africa, have not been exhausted, there are plenty left for the Blacks to make use of, why have they done nothing with them? In fact why not rebuild the life you once lead in balance with nature, before Whitey came and spoiled it all? 

That is the level of deception which has been used against the Peoples of the World, which has created a bizarre situation, in which George Galloway, a creepy character, who knows everything and nothing at the same time, who can look straight into the eye, of a member of a political group, which it has been decided to be of an Extreme Right Wing nature, which is code for Nazi – a group which was itself Left Wing – and ask the man, what he thought about Hitler, squirming in the expectation of a response which he can use as a means of condemning the ‘extreme views’ of the man. While over in Thailand, Hitler is a hero.

Galloway’s target, understands full well that his response, will be used by Galloway, to condemn him as being a member of a group, which Galloway, while wearing his cap as defender of the Muslim immigrants into the United Kingdom, chooses to disallow their right of Free Speech, in that same ‘United’ Kingdom, by calling it Hate Speech, the inference being that Hitler would have been opposed to Islam, while choosing to ignore the regular parades of demonstrating Muslims, calling for the destruction of the British people, that,we assume, is their use of theirFreedom of Expression.

In the following short interview, Galloway dismisses all and everyone in Britain, Europe, and the United States, as purveyors of ‘Fascism’ which is not true,  He repeatedly referred to the man, Thomas Mair, who was accused of killing an MP as a member of Fascist groups which is an outright lie, that is based on a claim, which has ever been substantiated, that Mair, cried out something about Britain, during his attack on the woman who was said to have been killed in several places according to different witnesses. In an event which many people claim was an effort to influence the Brexit vote.


No dissenting voice, to his strange ideas, is allowed by Galloway, who is also encouraging Blacks in Britain to demand reparations for slavery, from the same, Free Speechless British People, whom are already paying for the 75 percent of those Blacks and Muslims in the United Kingdom, whom have never worked, to sit on their arse, dreaming up ways and means of scrounging ever more cash out of those hated British people, that is,  while they are not busily grooming children for illegal sex, raping, murdering or selling drugs. All of it covered up by the British ‘immigrant infiltrated’ Police, with the assistance of many Muslim Mayors across the United Kingdom. It has been estimated, that more than a million young British children have been raped and abused by immigrants, none of which George mentions. Any opposition to the program, which the ‘rebel’ Galloway supports is cynically dismissed as Fascist.



There are fifty-six Muslim countries on earth and I defy anyone to find such a country, which has half a dozen or more White Christian Mayors, looking after the interests of the minority White Christians and giving them preference in every aspect of life, in the manner that Christians are obliged to do for minorities in their own White Christian lands.

In London and several other Cities in Britain, the White Christians are in a minority, in their own capital city, so where is the Minister for White Rights, and who is making sure that the minority White Christians get preference in housing and jobs? I think you will find that there is neither, White people are obliged to shut up and take it, or else you might find Galloway and his ilk on your case.

In Ireland, attempts were made to install one hundred sub-Saharan Africans, in a village of three hundred residents, whom would instantly find themselves at the mercy of these Blacks, all of fighting age, whom would make short work of the domination of the people of the village, which no doubt included many pensioners and school-kids. What the hell is going on? What sort of vicious minded piece of work came up with such an idea, even as people in parts of Dublin are afraid to leave their homes in the evening, for fear of what they might meet up with, in the now, Mean Streets of Dublin, on their way home, because of these Black gangs.

In America, there are dozens of immigrants, many of them illegal, whom are being defended as if they have more Rights, than have White Americans. In top Universities in the States, which are in the main controlled by Jews, despite both Jews and Blacks making up no more than fifteen percent of the population of America between them, the Jews have selected more of themselves and Blacks into those Universities, on the basis of their minority status, than better qualified members of the majority White Americans. This is pure Racism and yet because of the Jew connection, it is not only tolerated, it is never even discussed on the Jew controlled media.

All over YouTube right now, there are hundreds of clips, made by Black people, calling for the Genocide of Whites. They tell me things will be so much better for everyone when we have gone. I am told that only White people can be racist, while criticism of Whites is justifiable because of past events, which had nothing to do with any White person in the USA, many of whom are themselves, recent immigrants and what is more it was White people whom put an end to the suffering of these poor Blacks, without understanding that they would be expected to mother the useless prats for ever more.

In America, right now, at this very moment, right under the noses of these mean minded, rapists and murderers, – yes indeed a huge percentage of Black males are rapists, robbers and murderers, responsible for fifty-two percent of all violent crime in the States – there are millions more White people, living in desperate circumstances than there are Blacks, yet I have yet to hear a word of concern from the mouth of these Blacks, most of whom are given everything on a plate, showing some sort of sympathy for those suffering White people.

Television on the other hand,  is swamped with Blacks, telling us their Poor Ol’ Joe crap, while bad-mouthing the people who gave them everything they’ve got. The likes of the Black Momma Whoopie Goldberg, are incapable of opening their mouths, without claiming that Blacks have not been given enough. There are even calls to evict White people from their homes so that they can be given to Blacks. For Christ’s sake enough is enough!

In South Africa, where a few million White people, were expected to house, feed, cloth, educate, give medical care to forty million immigrant Blacks, whom streamed into White South Africa, looking for a free lunch, whom instead of using their allegedly super-powered Wakanda intelligence, to farm the land for themselves, have been assisted by their Jews friends, to seize South Africa for themselves. So one would expect it to be relatively easy for these forty million super intelligent, industrious Blacks to look after and feed a mere four million of the remaining White people, in a land which a short time ago looked after them all, would you not?

Hold on, the response from these charitable, Black folk, whom arrived from the surrounding countries, all of which are still living in the same squalor as they were on the day the White man arrived in the region, without any discernible sign of the construction of the Wakanda Super State, the lack of which they claim is because of the White man, the Blacks in South Africa are now about to slaughter the remains of the White people, whom have not yet suffered a grisly fate at the hands of this Super Race, having already been evicted from their homes so that kindly, generous Blacks could move in.

Seventy-five-thousand White Christian people have already been murdered by these Black savages, while similar savages are being brought into Europe to do the same thing. This not hyperbole, they are already doing it. There is now a competition going on to decide the winner of Rape Capital of the Year, Blacks have already got a stranglehold on that one in South Africa, where I believe there is a rape every few seconds and a murder every few minutes.

Does Ireland really need a million more of these vicious people and what good will they be, having just destroyed a once vibrant country, South Africa and its neighbour Zimbabwe. In America they have achieved absolutely nothing, to the point where they no longer even write and sing a tuneful song. The decent Black people, for whom White people fought so hard to  help, left the building decades ago to be replaced by rapacious, murderous self-seeking, animals whom are now biting the hand of those by whom they were helped.

There was never any need of affirmative action for Whites, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Hindus or anybody else,  only Blacks needed such help and it is no more than a means of diluting the efficiency of those businesses, which were forced to introduce such measures, instead of being allowed to employ the best possible candidate.

Even illegals in the States are now being given preference over Whites, many of whom are already living  in shanty towns, as are many of the White South Africans, where the Blacks are openly calling for White Genocide, a call which has already been made against Whites in both Europe and the States?  Is there anybody out there?