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Black Racism Rears Its Head At The Oscars.


Chris Rock, a whiny voiced Black comedian, who uses the word Nigger, as a means of making racist slurs against White people, turned the Oscar ceremony into a platform, catering to the un-natural need of the Black Community, for yet another excuse to claim that their lack of achievement is not deserved but as a result of White Supremacy or Privilege.

I’m not quite sure how the Chinese community in the States feels about the lack of Chinese talent amongst the awards, or indeed Arabs or the Irish or anybody else, as usual all we hear are the complaints of Negros.

Those whom did receive Awards, are made to feel guilty, as if they are getting an award,  which some wooden Black actor, out of the mould of  Morgan Freeman, who in the main, acts the role of a man simply walking artistically in front of a camera and standing there,  should rightly have won.

Blacks carried out the same routine at the recent Brit Awards, prompting me to check out the Black talent which was available for consideration. I was pointed towards a clip purporting to demonstrate the depth of Black talent which had been ignored by the awards.

I watched with interest and at the end of the clip I thought that I had been watching one act, when in fact it was several acts, cutting from one to the other.  In my opinion it was dire and it would have been a travesty should any of the stuff I watched have gained an award.

What Black artistes do seem to specialise in is the grotesque amount of simulated sex in their live performances and the Brit Awards were duly contaminated with its share. Well done Black talent, however prudes like me are not obliged to find it of any interest.


To be allowed to use Racism as a means of forcing more talented people, whether, Asian, Mongolian, Scandinavian or whatever to forgo recognition for their originality, in the face of a wall of derivative Hip Hop crap, is a nonsense. Instead of trying to improve their competitiveness, Blacks seem to think that whining bestows them with talent and the right to demand recognition over the heads of real talent.

What is even more serious than that, the Blacks are as usual, picking on the wrong group on which  to vent their bile. It is well known that Hollywood is not controlled or run by White folk, it is in fact totally in the grip of those colourless people called Jews.

So Chris Rock, why not call a spade a spade, as they say, afraid it might be bad for your “shrill” career perhaps, should you let slip the phrase “Jew Privilege?”

Why not encourage your Black friends to face up to reality and claim that Hollywood is too Jew, Mel Gibson did it, why not you? Don’t worry that’s just a joke, money comes first of course, even for mealy mouthed prats like you. Mustn’t upset the money men must we?

When are we going to hear a little bit of truth from these Blacks. There are  hours and hours of them blathering on and on about White Privilege on-line,  just as they appear to be in support of Zuma and the Black savages in South Africa, who are openly calling for the slaughter of White people, who apparently now find themselves living in a Black Country, so why don’t all the Black malcontents piss off back to this Black country?

Perhaps Blacks have failed to notice but there are millions of folk queuing up to take their place in the States and in Europe, who apparently are expecting to find a better life, so why not make room for them, as you appear to have nothing good to say about your life amongst White people and are proposing the same solution as friendly, nice and cuddly Zuma in South Africa, that of White Genocide.