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Blacks Are On The Rampage.


 The recent collusion between the Democrats and Republicans in the United States, to “Dump Trump”, demonstrates, once and for all that there is no such thing as a Political choice in the United States, from where the hypocrites have despatched squads of killers to force the acceptance of this International Bullshit of Democracy down the throats of the unbelievers, under the barrel of a gun.

The voices of opposition to this situation is RT and Press TV, unless a few minutes of Tucker Carlson, on Fox is enough to convince you that all is well in the world of “News” in the United States, despite the fact that Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch as is the “Voice of Trump Hatred” in the United Kingdom, Sky News. However, speaking from personal experience, I can sadly confirm that there is no more truth or plain talking in the stable of the opposing News channels.

I have just written a comment on RT, on the subject of the theft of the indigenous White farmers land and all farm buildings and equipment., in South Africa,  This comment would appear to have fallen foul of the “hidden secret” that South Africa was a White country, which was put under constant attack by those whom own the City of London, after the discovery of Gold and Diamonds in the region. They would be the Bankers, whom then organised a couple of wars against the Boers, in the name of the British People, in one of which mass murderer Winston Churchill, the son of a woman called Jacobson, played a part. HERE

This was a prime example of the reality that the British were nothing more than the Murder Inc. of the Bolshevik Bankers in the City of London, a role which they played against all of those whom stood in opposition to those nameless Bankers, whom to this day control the “City”.

It could be claimed that Israels enemies are the City’s enemies, in view of the fact that the “City” is now seeking control of the vast oil fields in the Middle East, in which the ‘controlled’ from the “City”, White Christian soldiers, are once more in action, now under the name of “NATO”, a grouping which should have no place in a war against every country in the Middle East, for no better reason than to steal the resources of the region for the “City”.

Any European, whom having listened to Karen Smith’s report of the atrocities, carried out in South Africa, by “rainbow nation” Blacks, even as there are reports of people being disemboweled in London, with machete attacks, now occurring on an hourly basis, while in Chicago, Black Lives do not Matter much unless the odd one or two are killed by the Police, all of which are duly reported, without mentioning that these are all crimes carried out by Blacks, against Blacks, apart from those small number of “Black” killings carried out by the Cops, while little or no mention is made about White people killed by Cops, nor indeed that the most likely cause of a violent death for White American women, is to be murdered by their Black boyfriend, while thirty-three-thousand White women are raped annually by Blacks in the USA, while it is difficult to find an example of a White man raping a Black woman, without a shiver going down their spine, when it is announced by Macron, the Bankers man in France, that he is in approval of importing two-hundred-and-fifty-million of these citizens of Wakanda into Europe. For what devious purpose could this achieve apart from yet more misery for White Christian Europe?


His counterpart in London, Theresa May, yet another employee of the City, now playing the role of Prime Minister of the UK, did, during her time as Home Secretary of the UK, allow entry into the UK, of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mainly those victims of the British Killing Machine in the Middle East, whom are now expected to love the very British whom murdered their countrymen and destroyed their homes and culture.

Jeremy Corbyn, a life-long Bolshevik Communist, is being presented as the opposition to the “City”, while retaining their nuclear weapon of mass destruction, that of the “Open Door” policy of immigration, which is all part of the destruction of the UK and the clearance of the Middle East to make more room for the Bolsheviks in Israel and their dream of a Bolshevik New World Communist Order, which they all joined together, to prevent that nasty old Hitler from achieving.

While on Press TV, unlike RT, they simply altered my comments to suit their own agenda. When I asked why they had re-written my comments, on more than one occasion, they explained that there were faults in my claims, which turned out to be a matter of ‘opinion’ and not fact. When I asked, that in view of the fact that they had a disclaimer in the comments section, making it clear that they did not necessarily hold the same view as those whom commented on their site, I asked them to explain, that having altered my comment, it was no longer ‘my’ comment, so what does their disclaimer mean exactly, I was banned from making future comments.

I went to the trouble of filming the disappearance of my comments on RT, while the question, i had asked, as to why they had censored them out remained in place, suggesting that I was being censored by a robot, so are we now expected to conform to the word of a robot on RT? Whatever next?

Are We All Supremacists Simply For Being White?

 After all these “ years and the bitter experience of the USA at the hands of those whom we prudently refer to as the “elite” the name of McCarthy, is still taken in vain, and his warning dismissed as being mere propaganda. McCarthy, in fact told the honest truth, however he sadly omitted to explain, that those “Communists” were all Jews.

Hollywood was crawling with Jews, the studio owners were all Jews as were most of the stars like Gary Cooper, John Wayne, James Stewart, Edward G Robinson, Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas, all of them Jews whom played a role in the hoodwinking of the people of the USA, into the belief that their wars were justifiable, which is still the message coming out of modern Hollywood, which supports all of the Bankers Wars.

There is no need to explain who owns the Banking system, the media and more or less everything else in Modern Day America, and the number of Jews in Government is extraordinary and is a tribute to the power of money and the greed of The Members of the House.”

The above is the ‘slightly altered’ content of a comment, which I attempted to post on the RT Web-Site, in response to an article which included reference to McCarthyism, a comment which apparently refused to remain visible, either for the purpose of moderation or for a more sinister reason called censorship.

I quite deliberately used the word Jew, in the comment because I am suggesting that the power of Jews in American life, is overwhelming. All of the names presented can be quickly verified as being Jews, which is how these people refer to themselves. However in view of the proposed International Law, laying out the rules of how we must treat Jews, to avoid being in any way anti-Jew, could well forbid us to call a Jew a Jew.

None of which explains why RT, which never misses an opportunity to brand any supposed opposition to the status quo, as being Fascist or Neo-Nazi, should take an exception to the word Jew, apart that is from the fact that Jews controlled Russia after the Coup d’Etat and saw to the massacre of sixty-five million White Christians and some observers claim that the Jews still control Russia and Putin, which is why Putin so readily accepted the participation of the Bolshevik controlled State of South Africa into the upcoming BRICS grouping,

South Africa was never a Black country, despite the current attempt by Blacks to convince us that they invented everything, including the pyramids and all of the other wonders of the world. There is no evidence that they ever created anything and that South Africa was an empty land, which was of no interest to the Zulus or any other bunch of cannibals whom carried out all sorts of tribal warfare farther North.

The Blacks were immigrants, whom prudently never attempted to impose themselves onto the Muslims, whom are not Black but African and they would have simply slaughtered the Blacks out of hand had they entered Muslim lands and demanded a free lunch, which is why the Blacks never claim the North of Africa to be a Black Land and only those parts settled by Whites.

Whites are being cynically slaughtered using the excuse of White atrocities in past times, which were actually caused by the overwhelming invasion of Blacks into those White lands, much like what is going on to this day all across Europe and the United States. Whites are expected to pay “guilt money” on the one hand to those brought to America “in chains” even as millions more are quite freely flowing into Europe and the States for that “Free Lunch” to escape from the bestiality of Africa, where sadistic warfare is a daily threat.

As far as I am concerned there are only two topics worthy of discussion at this time, the most important being the swamping of Europe and America with Black People, which is all part of an agenda to depopulate Africa, to the point where a relatively small number of Blacks will be available to assist the Bolshevik Chinese in the theft of all of those African resources, which have never served any useful purpose in the hands of Africans.

On top of that the Bolsheviks believe that the days of Europe are numbered, the New World will revolve around Asia and the newly industrialised China, India and Korea, which is why attempts are being made to get the Chinese hands on the Lithium of North Korea.

Europeans are being slaughtered by design. We are the only people on Earth whom are expected to open our doors to an incoming plague of refugees all of whom are arriving not having figured out a way of looking after themselves but  with hands outstretched looking for charity.

Gerald Kaufmann, in the UK and Dianne Feinstein in the USA, both of them Jews, are calling for open door immigration from all the lands which the NWO want to empty. We either go along with it or wake to reality. We are being taken down to Third World status, even the deserts of the Middle East, where the oil and gas are to be found, are now more important than is a resourceless Europe.

Asia, with its massive population will provide adequate labour and customers for the products of China, while the de-industrialised European World, is handed over to Muslims and Blacks. White customers are relatively small in number these days, thanks to our efforts to murder our own children to make room for the offspring of others. 

Later in the day, RT ran a Sophie and Co episode, which discussed White Suprematism with an ex-skinhead who claimed to know all about the Extreme Right Wing, extremist White Supremacists. I do not believe that I have ever heard the term White Supremacist uttered to describe all and every White Demonstrator on the streets of the USA, more freely than in this program, after a while it became interchangeable with neo-Fascist and Nazi and all of other hyperbolic terms used against those whom were defending the taking down of the statues of Confederate Heroes, with a police and Local government permit, despite which they are being accused of the ensuing violence and not those Antifa masked mobsters , whom turned up to deliberately provoke violence. That is the new norm in the modern USofA. I have yet to figure out what a White Supremacist actually is, as I have never met one.