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Cameron’s Sweet And Sour Recipe For Syrian Refugees..

Despite being responsible for the greatest mass movement of people, since his fellow Zionist, Winston Churchill, was brought to the fore, to force Hitler and Germany into an illegal war, David Cameron steadfastly refuses to face up to his responsibility for the cold-blooded slaughter of innocent people in Libya and Syria and his continued support for previous War Crimes, which were initiated,  by the British Socialist’s?  under the leadership of the controlled, alleged perverts,  Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, which deliberately laid  the foundations of the current enormous refugee problem.

As the current leader of the UK and yet another War Criminal, David Cameron, is still urging the brain-dead Members of the British Houses of Parliament, to vote for the much-loved method of total destruction, through the medium of a “No Fly Zone,”of what remains of the once prosperous, well-educated, country of Syria.

He refuses to accept the fact that this time he has lost. Despite all of his howls of evil and brutal and cruel, against Bashar al Assad, he has, even with the total support of the Jew controlled media, failed to force the people of Syria to turn against Assad.  They are in fact, even more proud of his leadership and in any free election Assad would gain far more than the miserable twenty-four per-cent of the vote, which put the Jew controlled Tory Party into power in the UK.

Cameron, along with his chums, is now pretending to fight against his own people, ISIS/Daech, while at the same time bombing as much of the super-structure of Syria as he can, under the pretext of attacking his own Dogs of War.

He is also demanding the right to target and murder British Citizens, in the manner of that other savage Barack Obama, who murdered an unknown version of the chameleon like Osama Bin Laden, and threw his body into the sea, never having produced the slightest piece of evidence that it was indeed “the” Bin Laden.

Cameron, with the aid of a cold-blooded, uniformed Royal Air Force murderer, closeted somewhere in the UK, with no need of a Spitfire or Hurricane, lanced a missile from a drone, killing the occupants of a vehicle and claimed them to be British members of Daech, without any explanation as to how he had verified his claims, or if indeed there had been any outcry from MI6 or the SAS, about such an outrageous attack against members of the UK forces.

Another member of the famed carpet bombers of German civilians, in the Royal Air Force, when asked if he would obey an order to shoot down an airliner, packed with passengers, replied that it would be his “duty” to do so. God Save The Queen.

Which of course brings me to the hot topic of the day in the UK, namely Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to move his lips during the so-called “Battle of Britain” remembrance celebrations, while the National Anthem was being sung.

The British people, despite the mountain of evidence available to even the most casual of researcher, explaining in minute detail, that the British have never been in any danger of invasion, during the last two Centuries and that during the same period, THEY have been responsible for all of the massive slaughters, which took place in Europe and the Middle East, still stand idly by as Cameron,  calls for more killing in Syria, which is driving evermore people to take to flimsy craft, to escape his murderous acts and is calling for action against the “people smugglers” as if they and not he are responsible for the refugee crisis.

There is ample evidence that the massive wave of folk heading towards Europe was rigged and financed by a hidden hand.  From where could these hundreds of thousands of suffering souls, living in devastated States like Libya, Iraq and Syria have found the huge sums necessary to pay for the boat trip to Europe?


The real aim of this campaign is to destroy the Muslims and to clear huge tracts of the region for the Israeli Zionist Jews. That has been their aim from the word go. Cameron’s claims to have been horrified at the sight of a dead child on a Turkish beach, is in total contrast to his lack of concern for the thousands of children, massacred by his friends in Israel, the blood-thirsty IDF, in Gaza and Palestine, from where huge numbers of people have already been driven out and never allowed to return.

During his visit to Lebanon, he apparently failed to notice the thousands of Palestinian refugees, who have spent the last seventy years in squalor, thanks to the British decision to sell their home-land to Rothschild.

 The Zionist State (Harbinger of WWIII)


Cameron is now claiming that the UK has donated more money to help the refugees from Syria, than has any other country, which is akin to claiming that having cut their throats he is giving them a sticking plaster, out of compassion for them, while the British people are fed crap about Corbyn’s miss-matching suit, or his failure to give all of the top jobs in his Shadow Cabinet to women, which women? well pull a name out of thin air, and if it’s a woman, she’ll do, or why he chose not to sing the national anthem. Not a word about his attitude to  current British slaughters or other serious subjects. Talk about dead as a Dodo.

Just a little word of reality for the British. For the first time in hundreds of years, though you may not have noticed,  you have actually been invaded and you have been conditioned into being too frightened to speak out about it. There is nothing to be ashamed of in speaking up for your Race. Why not Stand Up If You’re Proud To Be White? It does not make you Racist.

History has not stopped, if you allow too many members of a different tribe to enter your shelter, you are building up trouble for the future and when you can not trust the loyalty of  your leaders you have no hope.

I can assure the British people that ALL of the professional politicians whom sit in Parliament are suspect. There should be no such thing as a professional politician, they are too easily blackmailed or bought.  Fabianist Corbyn is no different. You can be sure that he too has a hidden agenda.

The Conservative Party are the 21st Century Communists.  The Labour/Socialist Party have passed their sell-by date and will never be allowed to “do the right thing” in any future administration. Europe has been handed over to the Mafia and anyone who gets in their way will be wiped-out.