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Black Rapists Are Swarming, Unchecked, Into The United States And Europe.

The endless rubbish about Donald Trump and the Russians meddling in the US Election, is exactly the same routine in which that other monster lie was generated out of nothing. The claim that a group of nineteen Muslims carried out the suicide bombing in New York, on 911 2001, by flying airliners into the World Trade Centre, despite the evidence that the BBC and others, have found, that nine of the alleged ‘suicide’ bombers are still alive and well, long after the event. This was never reported by the mainstream media, suggesting yet more evidence of media collusion with the Deep State.

On the other hand, seventy-five Israelis were arrested at the time of the 911 attack, some of them with a van load of explosives, which were intended to destroy the Washington Bridge. Their van was decorated with a painting of an aircraft flying into a building which looked pretty much like the World Trade Centre. Five of those men were filmed on Israeli Television, explaining that their mission on that day, was to film the destruction of the WTC.

All of this is well-known, to millions of people, however, trusted Politicians, even the likes of George Galloway, the Muslims best friend and Jeremy Corbyn, choose to ignore all of this and continue to point the finger at the still living Muslim suicide bombers, in order to keep the finger of suspicion, well away from Israel. The Israelis are now attempting to throw Saudi Arabia under the bus, blaming them for 911 without a word of criticism from Corbyn or Galloway, both of whom also choose to support the ridiculous claim of ‘Man Made Global Warming, despite massive contradictory evidence, some of it from Corbyn’s brother Piers, that it is all a pack of lies.

A similar smear campaign was used as justification for the wasting of Libya and the brutal murder of Muammar Gadaffi and his children, while the real brutal murderers, in Israel, are given a clean bill of health and most of the worlds politicians drop to their knees and pay homage to these brutes, while totally ignoring massive evidence of the lies and smears used by Israel as a means of extortion and the blatant corruption of Christian children, using the conditioning methods of the Zionist controlled Frankfurt School and the Tavistock institute.

The disgusting idea of educating children as young as four and five years old, the technics of homosexuality, explaining to these children that it is a perfectly acceptable form of behaviour, without explaining the difference between ‘acceptable behaviour’ and the ‘natural’ form of love-making between a man and a woman,  is disgraceful.

The gullible European in the Street, is convinced of the truth of man-made Climate Change, which will soon be used to deny him the right to private transport and very soon private property, Property being theft and all that Marxist nonsense, in order to keep the Global Warming, temperature rise, below the level of a two degree increase or some such nonsense, pretending to the idiots, that Wind Power and Solar Panels will provide the necessary energy, while at the same time as it was announced,  that as soon as a certain number of people are driving electric vehicles, to recharge them after the drive home from work, will demand the energy out put of two or three Nuclear Power Stations, without adding in the further demand, should it coincide with half-time, in an important football match and half of Europe wants to boil a kettle of water to make a cup of tea.

The sad reality being, that with nothing more than renewable energy available, we will be lucky if we can make the cup of tea without turning off the television to make more energy available for the kettle. I can assure you that this is reality, after a few cloudy days, with Solar Energy, I have been living that style of life for years.

The hidden agenda is busily making it impossible for Europe to recover its lost industries, which have been relocated in Asia and will never be coming home. The myth of ‘dangerous’ Carbon Dioxide was the lie used to achieve that aim. The same lame excuse is now being used to condemn diesel fuelled vehicles, which are actually far cleaner than are petrol powered vehicles and consume less fuel. They are telling us that a relatively benign gas, nitrogen dioxide, coming from the exhausts of diesel fueled vehicles, could maybe, possibly, be responsible for all of the lung complaints in cities, when in fact the millions of cubic metres of deadly Carbon Monoxide, which will be emitted by petrol powered vehicles, will be far more harmful.

This would suggest the ‘authorities’ to be concerned for our health and well-being when in fact they are even now, in the United Kingdom, forcing a young baby, Charlie Gard, down the ‘Pathway to Death’ instead of allowing his parents to take him to have treatment in the United States for a serious illness, a desire which has been supported by Donald Trump and the Pope, using money which was donated by thousands of well-wishers.

This is all an indication of things to come. Things are becoming very strange indeed, while there are already many millions of unemployed people in Europe, with no sign of recovery on the horizon, there are calls to allow millions of immigrants from Africa, into this bankrupt region, where along with the millions of jobless Europeans they will be financed through the use of printed money.

There are no available jobs in Europe for hundreds of thousands of uneducated Black people, unless they all agree to pick strawberries, which many Europeans refuse to do in their own country, but which they will happily undertake in the United Kingdom, while the British themselves are waiting for the soon to be delivered robot fruit picker.

While speaking about those wonderful Black people from Africa, let us not forget those White, peaceful farmers, the Boers, whom came ashore in an empty land, which sadly was envied by the City of London, which ordered the besmirching of the Boers, accusing them of racism against the overwhelming number of Blacks whom streamed into the White African country, expecting to be treated liked royalty by the industrious White farmers, being unable to anything about their condition for themselves.

Those same nice Black People, having stolen South Africa from the White farmers, whom built it out of a wilderness, have assiduously slaughtered 75,000 White men, women and children and the Western backed criminal Zuma, the brutal Black leader of the country, has announced that the Blacks are now fully armed and prepared to slaughter the remaining White folk, even as thousands of those sweet, peace-loving Black Africans are pouring into a destitute Europe expecting to become, overnight immigration millionaires.

Where are they now, all of those loveable Rock’n’Roller’, whom spent so much time and effort, helping the Bolshevik Communists to destroy the Boers and take control of the gold, diamonds and Uranium, using those Black immigrants as the excuse, having spent years giving the Boers the Hitler treatment.

Why is Europe being swamped with Blacks, while it is the White Christians in South Africa whom face persecution and the threat of genocide, could it be because the Bolsheviks are calling for a White Genocide in South Africa and after that Europe?

Zuma is preparing to steal the remaining farms, still in the hands of Whites, calling the Boers Colonialists, when in fact it is the mixture of various different tribes of Blacks whom are the Colonialists and who kill any incoming Blacks daring to do to the Blacks in South Africa, exactly what they did to the White Boers.

Why is there no outcry against these savages, whom are busily raping their way across Africa, the United States, South Africa, Liberia, Europe and soon the whole wide World, while the White Bolshevik controlled media, remains silent about this serious threat to Europe?