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Martin Amis Makes An Unedifying Attack On Corbyn.


Martin Amis, a writer of no particular talent, whom lacks the most important ingredient,  for those whom eagerly but futilely, search the inspiration to write the “New Novel,” has, in search of which, turned to the likes of James Joyce –  the man whom himself holds the world record for having written a novel, Ulysses,  which remains unread, by the vast majority of those pseudo intellectuals by whom it was purchased – in search of the insight, which he  so clearly lacks.

This purveyor of impenetrable prose, which passes for modern literature, in this age of the nihilistic destruction of Art and Music,  replacing it with the selected tools of a hidden group of destructive Philistines, capable of giving prominence to pap, has profited, through his ability to write a form language, so thick as to be more sludge than fluid, which confused readers have been induced into believing to be “intelligent,” now tells us that he is more impressed by a group of Bullingdon Boys, all of them Jews, all of them products of the Elite Private Schools and top Universities, from where they have been taught to take care of the needs of the rich, as his preferred choice of government.

Amis, who in keeping with many members of the Labour Party, never mind the Conservative Party, has levelled his musket at Jeremy Corbyn, however it may turn out that he did not keep his powder dry. The wrong kind of criticism has a habit of blowing back in your face.

Corbyn could well turn out to be the first Political Party Leader, since Democracy was forced into place in the UK,  to have slipped through the control net of the “Establishment.” He is, at least, the choice of the people and like Michael Meacher, whom is sadly no longer with us,  he has at least seen through  some of the machinations of the controllers.

Martin Amis, shares not only the grizzled face of Khazar Jew Rupert Murdoch, in whose fading propaganda mouth-piece The Sunday Times, he was given the opportunity, to use his “talent,” to intelligently? criticise Corbyn, he also apparently, shares the same extreme political views, firmly held by Murdoch and the Bolshevik Jew in the street, including a deep-seated hatred of Iran.

He instead chose to demonstrate his own lack of positive criticism, by spewing out an in-edifying stream of abuse and a sneering  hatred of decent, ordinary, folk,  just as he once criticised the people of his childhood in Wales.


In an article for The Sunday Times, Amis — a leading figure on the British left for three decades — condemns the Labour leader for lacking “the slightest grasp of the national character” and parroting “pallidly third-hand” views.

Amis says that “Corbyn is the fluky beneficiary of a drastic elevation” and is quite unsuited to lead the party after obtaining two Es at A-level before dropping out of a trade union studies course at North London Polytechnic. “He is undereducated,” Amis writes.

“In general his intellectual CV gives an impression of slow-minded rigidity; and he seems essentially incurious about anything beyond his immediate sphere.”

Amis, while presenting himself as an intelligent man, unlike the uneducated Corbyn and despite his illustrious career and his lionising by the literary world, has miserably failed to spot the connection between the chaos in the Muslim World and the behaviour of the demons in Israel, from where hundreds of thousands of Muslim were murdered and dislocated from their homes, by Jews, and the current reaction by those same Muslims, whom in more recent times have been bombed into dust by Jews, skulking in London, Paris and Washington. Why would there not be a back-lash Mr Amis and is it a literary device, to choose to ignore what is staring you in the face, or are you totally without insight?

For a writer of fiction, to have so seriously lost the plot of a Parliament, where even as I write, fat, greasy moguls, chomping on Cuban cigars, drinking whiskey,  sit in the dank shadows of the underworld, with a steady stream of urine running down their trouser legs, with a fear in their heart’s, that Corbyn may just open his mouth, in Parliament, exposing their skulduggery.  There is most surely a bullet, somewhere, engraved with the name of Corbyn,  already rammed down the muzzle of a musket and the powder in that one will most certainly be dry.

The United States Of Vulgarity And Treachery.

When the George W Bush gang stole the 2000 US election, from Al Gore – the man responsible for disseminating the outright lies about the weather – it had already been decided, in advance,  who would win that election,  and a master-plan of murder and mayhem had already been drawn up and the World Trade Centre prepared for destruction. They pulled off the same stunt in 2004

The blueprint, uncovered by the Sunday Herald, for the creation of a ‘global Pax Americana’ was drawn up for Dick Cheney (now vice- president), Donald Rumsfeld (defence secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Rumsfeld’s deputy), George W Bush’s younger brother Jeb and Lewis Libby (Cheney’s chief of staff). The document, entitled Rebuilding America’s Defences: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century, was written in September 2000 by the neo-conservative think-tank Project for the New American Century (PNAC).  

 There is still a long way to go before the desires of the PNAC Think Tank, which works for the Committee on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute for International Affairs/Tri Lateral Commission – all of which fall under the ultimate control of the City of London – come to fruition, despite the massive slaughter of an estimated seven million innocent souls, in and around the Middle East. While the ghouls howl for more blood and the destruction of Muslims and the White Race goes on apace.

Despite their blood drenched history, their participation in illegal wars all across the planet, during the 20th Century, wars which resulted in the installation of  the Bolshevik Communist Jews in to the heart of Europe and the dropping of Jew invented Atomic Bombs on Japan, the illegal attack on Korea, which cloaked the installation of Jew Communism into China, the average Yank on the Street, is still in a state of denial, believing that all of the “others”were the guilty parties.

Perhaps the Yank in the Streets of America, is paying just a little bit too much attention to the Hollywood idea of the American Dream, which was personified by famous Jew Actors like the man whom towers over them all as the inspiration for the children of a generation, John Wayne.  Whatever Wayne actually represented, I am quite sure he would not have cut off the Dick of a dead soldier, as a souvenir, or allowed the torture of innocent men in illegal prisons.


No matter.   The current generation is apparently opposed to the idea of Iran having an Atom bomb, with which to equalise the threat from the barbaric Jew government in the stolen State of Israel, which has enough Atom Bombs in its arsenal to destroy the World.

The generous, free people of the USA,  while urging the bombing to smithereens of Syria, in order to get rid of yet another regime in Middle East, which just happens to be a thorn in the side of the Apartheid, Racist, State of Israel, are in a totally hypocritical manner, ignoring the blatant brutality of the Israeli State, against a helpless, imprisoned group of the True Indigenous People of the region, against whom they are carrying out a Genocide.

They are also choosing, to ignore the other genocide, in which the Jews are involved, up to their necks, in South Africa, where the Blacks are carrying out a White Genocide, which has already killed off 85,000 White folk.

One of the Jews “front-men” during the destruction of the White Regime, Nelson Mandela, was a life-long Communist, who worked under the instructions of Joe Slovo, a Jew Communist, who set up the African Nationalist Party, the current President of which, is howling for his machine gun to wipe out the Boer.  The ANC is a Communist Party.

Currently, in the United States, White people are out in force, in support of the claim that “Black Lives Matter.” They are doing so despite massive evidence that most of the dead Blacks were armed and dangerous,  plus, there are many more Whites, slain by the Police than Blacks.  Just as there have many more Genocides than the one claimed against the Jews, which is the only one venerated.

The Blacks in South Africa, are living, for the most part in squalor, as are millions of others in Africa. Just as many millions of Muslims have had there lives destroyed across the Middle East, where millions are still living in refugee camps.

While all of this carnage of Blacks, Whites and Browns is taking place, what are the lovable,  brash, drawling Yankees doing to put a stop to their governments adventures abroad, where they are doing the Jews work?  Well not a lot it would appear.

They have an election coming up in 2016.  Last time around they voted a Black warmonger in to office for second term, because he was Black. This time around according to the pundits, they will be voting for a genuine ghoul, because she is a women. I think that should tell even the undecided, exactly what sort of cretin, the average US citizen has become.

Meanwhile the British “Friends of Israel,” are whingeing because Putin and his Russians are helping Assad,  because it was decided, a long time ago, in the aforementioned PNAC document that Assad had to go and if anybody has to go, well the British can be relied on to make him go,  at whatever cost.  The notion that the Syrian people might just want Assad to remain as their leader, is completely out of the question for the British, just as it was in Iraq and Libya.

So in the British Parliament, the remnants of Tony Blair’s gang of War Criminals, while still waiting for the verdict of the Chilcot Inquiry, into the illegal destruction of Iraq, which  should, based on all of the available evidence,  declare those whom took part in that war, to have done so based on lies and deception, are threatening their newly elected leader, with a mutiny,  so that they can rinse their hands in more of the blood of the innocent. They are of course, one and all “Friends of Israel,” and allegedly Socialists, whom have been saddled with a new type of Leader, who actually proposes a decent, considerate form of Socialism, unlike the barbarism of Blair.



Being a “Friend of Israel” involves the strange, mental,  contortion, which allows an understanding of the concept of, “Good Evil” and “Bad Evil” Jew/British Evil is of course the Good variety, that goes without saying, while all of the others, that is those of whom the Jew/British wish to be rid, are naturally sitting in the Bad Evil corner.

So perhaps, in future General Elections, the British voter, should he snap out of his dream state for a few moments and decide to never again vote for “A Friend of Israel,” which would be a step in the right direction, that is should he prefer to allow others to select their own government, rather than have the British choose it for them, which would be a means of avoiding having to fight for the Apartheid, Racist State of Israel, in any future conflict.

The evidence of the PNAC document makes it perfectly clear that the act of arming and training mercenaries, to fight against the Assad regime, had nothing to do with any act of Assad.  The British used the same excuse to justify the illegal attack against Syria, as had been used to destroy Libya and murder Muammar Gadaffi and his family.

The chaos which was created, in the wake of this unjustifiable attack on Libya, was the desired result.  Forget this rubbish about getting things wrong, what was there to get wrong? They simply bombed the shit out of Libya, having gained permission to install a “No Fly Zone.” They destroyed all of the worthwhile operations which Gadaffi had installed, including the “Great Man Made River” with which Gadaffi had already started to irrigate the desert.  Not content with that, the British, then attacked the huge steelworks, in which the giant pipes were fabricated.  Nice people, the British.

In Syria, neither the British or the Americans have made the slightest attempt to attack Daech, they have simply used the notion, as an excuse to destroy as much of Syria as they could. The aim is to turn Syria into another Gaza.

Obama has been warning that it could take up to thirty years or more to destroy Daech, while Cameron has been preparing the British for Daech attacks on the UK.  Thank God Russia was on hand to show them how to rid the Middle East of Daech, in short order. Exposing NATO for what it is,  nothing more than the War Machine of the Zionists.

They have even dug out the verifiable lunatic from Denmark Fogh Rasmussen, he of NATO fame, to tell us all that Russia should not be helping Assad.  They should allow NATO to destroy Assad, facilitating the “Free Syrian Army’s”  control, because it would be, as in Libya, impossible to hold elections, because of all the turmoil. So the Syrians would have to put up with a bunch of Jews, from London, posing as exiled Syrians coming home to save them.






The Love Of Laying The World To Waste.

David Cameron, having just robbed the British people of many billions of pounds, in order to reduce the “deficit,” has, without a trace of shame, calmly announced that this money is in fact going to be used to finance military action against a “group of terrorists” which has been trained and financed by the British taxpayer amongst others, as a thinly veiled excuse to destroy Syria.

His chum Obama, a man whom can apparently single out a specific motor car, in which the alleged leader of this “group of terrorists” is a passenger, finds it impossible to spot a convoy of dozens of vehicles, raising huge clouds of dust, as they cross a desert, on their way to attack a town in Syria and later claims that it will be necessary to use “other means” to defeat their very own Mercenary Murderers.

While this murderous, evil campaign of hate against Bashar al Assad continues, Cameron is hoping to spend billions of pounds of the taxpayers money on renewing the British stock of Trident Nuclear Missiles,  while Obama is claiming to have prevented the proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East, by attempting to starve the Iranian people into submission, thus preventing them from doing something which they had no intention of doing anyway, while the parasites in Israel howl out against Obama’s treaty with Iran, preferring to see them obliterated as were Libya, Iraq and Yemen, leaving Israel as the only Nuclear Power in the region.

While stirring up this load of crap in the Middle East, the “Democratic West” can still find time to continue the demonisation of the now “collapsed” Soviet Union, which is in its turn, berating the new leadership of Ukraine, which includes a number of mercenaries, whom are referred to as “Neo-Nazis,” despite the evidence that they are nothing more than a handy method of continuing the relentless attack against the Germans, without ever mentioning the fact that the Ukraine is, as is Germany and most probably Russia, firmly in the hands of war loving Jews.

As a regular listener to Russia Today, I have never even heard the word Jew mentioned in any of the Newscasts, or indeed in  any of the their top rated programmes such as The Keiser Report, or Crosstalk, while there is hardly a sentence uttered which does not include the word Nazi.

To me this is odd, as the recent past history of Russia, included mass murder, rape and torture, on a scale never before seen in history, which was all carried out under the auspices of a Jew leadership, which included, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Beria and Yagoda, all of them Jews, or that other strange entity, a half Jew.

It would surely be more a more honest position to either leave the relatively innocent Hitler alone, or to discuss the massively more sinister exploits of the Bolshevik Jews, whom in the words of Winston Churchill, took the Russian people by the hair of their heads, after the coup d’etat in 1917. Sixty-five million Christians were slaughtered by these folk.

As if all of this perversion of the truth was not bad , we are being deluged with a load of excrement about the…I hesitate to use the word due to current perceptions, “Queen” who was apparently caught on camera, as a child, doing a Roman salute, which we are now obliged to call a “Nazi” salute, to suit the needs of those whom would conceal from the people, the reality of the origins of World War Two and its illegal and abhorrent genocide against Christians all across Europe.

The War, which was declared by and controlled by World Jewry, (their claim, not mine,) was in reality the darkest page in British History, which in true “New-speak” is recorded as their “Finest Hours.”

The true King of England abdicated, having refused to take part in the illegal conspiracy to destroy Germany and the German people.  He,  as did Adolf Hitler, having seen what had been carried out in Russia, unreported in Parliament, knew what to expect would happen to the German people, should such a war be declared  he and Hitler both, were correct.

Despite the decades of denigration, since the end of hostilities, no concrete evidence, has ever been produced in support of the wild claims made about the National Socialists.

Spokesmen on British News programmes, continually demand the question, during any discussion of British and US behaviour in the Middle East, “Have we learned nothing from the catastrophic results of our attacks against, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq etc,?” The right response should be, that we have in fact, honed the art of illegal, bloody murder to perfection.

Cameron, who is of course of Jew origin, describes himself as “A Friend of Israel,” which of course absolves Israel of all crime, so he can safely ignore what has been carried out against the people of Palestine, as being, in the manner of the “Battle of Britain” an example of a fine defensive resistance, against overwhelming attacks with Fireworks.

The British Herd, along with others, whom have had their perception radically altered through a system of education which is a perfected catalogue of brain-washing techniques, having stood by watching their industrial base being shipped off to distant slave labour States, all of the cost of transport being paid by them, the deluded British are now being told that they must set an example, to those overseas contaminators of the planet – whom are of course exempted from pollution limits – that ‘Green Energy’ is the saviour of the World, by accepting a huge reduction in the availability of electricity, through the medium of Solar Energy,  which will make it nigh on impossible to re-new the industrial base,  unless, of course, they are prepared to work for the same salary as are those overseas slaves, with their bare hands and rudimentary tools.

So be warned, the apparently pointless, bloody wars which are ongoing, are, as were World Wars One and Two, concealing a hidden agenda. The first Great War of the 20th Century, concealed the conspiracy to carry out a coup d’etat in Russia and the murder of the Royal Family and later sixty-five million Christians, after that the Ottoman Empire was destroyed and the control of the Middle East put into the hands of the British, which later allowed them to hand Palestine over to the Jews.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire was also dismantled, allowing the Jew Bankers to take control of Germany and the installation of the depraved Weimar Government, which was forced out of office through the election of the National Socialists in 1933.

World War Two was an example of the use of illegal wars to gain personal control of all and everybody.  Those whom were forced into combat, by a group of criminals, can be truly proud of their courage and commended for their trust, however misplaced, in the good intentions of their leaders, however with the availability of so much truth freely accessible to the average man, to maintain that faith, even as their country is being overwhelmed by the victims of the lies and deceit of successive Governments, is inexcusable.

British Jewry, along with their International Jew cohorts,  are intent on destroying the Middle East, just as they destroyed Germany but miraculously took no action against the Bolsheviks in Russia and Eastern Europe and indeed fought alongside them in Spanish Civil War, during which the grisly murders of Monks, Priests and Nuns, by Bolshevik Jew Commissars have been carefully concealed.

So however stupid and dumbed down the British may have become, they can rest assured that to have Cameron, in the full face of previous results, to be still howling for the destruction of the regime in Syria, which will solve nothing for the Syrian people, however many he is prepared to murder, in pursuit of his ghoulish aims, will do no more than create millions of refugees, whom will come flooding into Europe, where compliant Governments will urge their acceptance and non-integration, which will eventually reduce Europe to a Third World level, which is what is being called for and which visualises a world without White European people.

The planet is full of examples of the overthrow of indigenous people by the arrival of hordes of refugees from Europe, forced to flee from despotic governments or through starvation and the search of a better life.  Europe is now being introduced to the very same strategy of destruction as was America,  North and South, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even farther in the past, Egypt.

South Africa is staring us in the face. What is being done to the Boers, whom like the settlers whom sailed into the USA, found an empty land. They did not wipe out any of the indigenous Peoples, they employed them,  when they came looking for a better life.

Those immigrants are now claiming a historic right to the civilisation, which was built by the Boers, while the Friends of Israel stand by watching the wholesale murder of those same White Christian Boers and are making no attempt to resolve the problem.  The ANC was and is financed by Bolshevik Jews.  Mandela was a high-ranking Bolshevik.

When the hour arrives, the British and other Europeans will find themselves no better protected than did the Russian Christians, the Germans, the Irish and even now the Peoples of the Middle East and South Africa, be warned.

Be sure, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the young Queen making a German salute. There was nothing going on in Germany at the time which was in any way threatening to anybody. The British and their allies, had simply declared themselves the victors of the Great War, which had in fact been fought to a standstill and an Armistice had been declared, that is “no winner.”

The British then set about dividing and ruling Europe, through the use of a blockade against Germany, they starved 900,000 Germans, men, women and children to death.

Hitler, unlike the Greek Government, in recent days, had the courage to stand up to these ghouls, by refusing to repay a false debt, constructed his own debt free banking system, restoring Germany’s economy, created full employment and a wonderful system of education, none of which could be supported by our hidden rulers, so Germany was destroyed.  Hitler was a hero.



Goodnight And God Bless America.

I have constantly expressed my opinion, that the events which surrounded the Great War in 1914, were little more than an elaborate smokescreen, behind which to establish the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia and to set about creating the Bolshevik control of Europe.

What was not achieved during hostilities because of the unexpected intervention of the “American Flu” which brought about an abrupt “Armistice” which Germany was forced to accept as a defeat, was written into the Treaty of Versailles and the Balfour Declaration, both of which furthered the aims of the Bolsheviks in Europe and the Middle East.

What is less well understood is that it was not only Russia, which in the words of Winston Churchill, was seized by the hair on their heads, by creatures from the foetid depths of the sewers of Europe but that the major part in the planning for the Great War was the coup d’etat in the United States, which was carried out in the same devious manner as had been the coup d’etat in England, which delivered the control of the Bank of England into the hands of Dutch Jewish bankers, when the US elected politicians surreptitiously handed over the Bank of America into the hands of the same Jewish banking families in 1913.  The US people to this day are unaware of this event.

Even when informed by the burglar that he has the intention of burgling their homes, the intended victims are apparently resigned to do nothing in response to the warning and to simply sigh and shrug their shoulders when the inevitable arrives. Such was the response to the remark by the head of the mass murdering Rothschild family, when he casually announced that should he be given control of the monetary system he does not give damn who happens to be voted into Government, he will retain the control of the country through bribery and debt. I paraphrase.  Wake up America, job done.

Within a year of gaining control of the Central Bank in the US, the Great War kicked off for no apparent reason.  This war is usually presented as an enormous political error, which with just a touch of diplomacy,  could have been avoided. This is nonsense, it was all going to plan.

However it was the “War to End War” and now the victors could set about constructing a “Land Fit for Heroes” and all that guff. The reality being that hardly a dozen years later the British people were already holding “Hunger Marches” and living in squalor, while whatever money they were generating was being passed to the Central Banks to pay off the “War Debt”

So the words of Rothschild are quite evidently a true reflection of his ability to create a war for no better reason than to further his own interests.

During the Great War he had control of the Money Supply of the  United States the United Kingdom, Bolshevik Russia in 1917 and France.  He had in fact control of all of the participants in the Great War apart from that Germany, which he quickly gained through the Jewish controlled Weimar government in Germany after the end of hostilities.

We must surely take note of the fact that the minions of Rothschild, in their own writings had long foretold their desire for another World War, to carry out those aims which had not been achieved by the Great War, long before the appearance of Adolf Hitler on to the world stage.

We can therefore dismiss the claims that it was the behaviour of the National Socialists which led to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Germany was once again the victim, along with those countries, which were sadistically handed over to the heathen Bolshevik Jew Joseph Stalin at the Conference of  Yalta, after the war, by the same bunch who are crying foul because Putin has taken control of Crimea.

Take note that throughout the current hostilities in Ukraine, neither the words Rothschild or  Bolshevik Jews, have been mentioned in any of the News reports.

It should be said that the Bolshevik Jews have a deep-seated hatred of Russia, from where they were banished for generations, a hatred which was displayed in their abominable slaughter of sixty-five million Russian Christians.

The remaining Christians in Russia will not have forgotten these massacres, there is not a Christian family in Russia which did not suffer at the hands of these animals, who have suddenly reappeared in Kiev and as usual the Neo-Bolsheviks have recommenced with the slaughter of yet more Christians, in the South and East of Ukraine,  with the assistance of the Bolshevik controlled West and their cold-blooded war machine NATO, which will use Christian taxes to kill Christians.

The British, while under Banking control, have been sacrificing their young men in war after war, to help in the theft of resources in Africa and India into the hands of the multi-national  companies of the day, such as the Rothschild owned East and West India Companies and the Hudson Bay Company, in Canada, which were the Wal-Mart’s of their times.

In the 18th Century the Highland Clearances sent the proud Highlanders to America as indentured slaves almost as soon as the Union was set-up by the English and all of the Highlands were ceded to the Jewish/British Establishment, where they remain to this day.

Not long after,  the same Jewish/British Establishment, starved five-million Irish people to death and forced millions more to flee or were deported, like their Scottish cousins to a life as indentured slaves in the West Indies or the US.

Shamefully, these exiled Gaelic Warriors, allowed themselves to be used as the Killing Machine of the bankers, who as usual, felt an  uncontrollable urge to massacre the indigenous population, which was a mere eighteen million or so of the Red Man.

Not content with that, there was a holocaust of “Rail-road Bums” and other White men, many of whom were war veterans, as they scoured the US in the years of the Great Depression, looking for work. Claims have been made that these bums were thrown off trains in the wilderness, in the winter snow and left to die.  Seven million people simply vanished during the depression years.


The Australian and New Zealand indigenous People suffered the same fate.

None of this happens by accident, this is all a quite deliberate means of manipulation. To this day people across the planet are being driven from their homelands into strange countries with a strange cultural system which seems to closes ranks against them.

The Jewish Bolsheviks are even now bombing and poisoning the Middle East, as a means of forcing the Muslim people to evacuate or die.

The apartheid State of Israel is caught in the centre of  a cyclone which showers them, along with the Muslims of the region, with Depleted Uranium, which will soon force these Jews to seek a new area to infect with their lunacy and a new indigenous population, which will no doubt baulk at the idea of inviting such a callous bunch of killers, to live alongside them.

I believe it to be fair to state all of the above, which would most certainly be the result of passing an untold amount of OUR money into the hands of a group of inbred criminals and by doing so allow them to bribe their way into every corner of our lives.

In Europe alone the amount of our taxes which are ILLEGALLY paid to the Private Central Bankers, amounts to at least one and a half trillion pounds a year, while we are suffering from austerity measures, in order to pay this huge sum and that is only the interest.

Ask yourself, what are the Bankers doing with this money?  More importantly, why are our Governments handing OUR money into the coffers of these people?

More importantly still, why are our politicians, looking straight into TV Cameras and lying through their teeth in a manner which will soon send us tumbling into yet another massive war with Russia?

It is worth repeating, that the Bolshevik Jews have no emotional ties with any country, not even Israel.  They are still in search of a six-million Jewish Holocaust, an aim which is yet to be achieved, so should it prove necessary Israel will go down with the rest of us.




Dreaming? Am I Only Dreaming? Or Is It As Bill Hicks Said, Just A Ride?

I wrote this tale back in  2014, I was amazed when I checked it for mistakes, when I noticed that a lot of people were reading it. Nothing has changed since, it could be about current events. I seem to remember I wrote something similar a few days ago. (03-29-2018)

While another head bites the dust, in the Middle East,  those ‘peace loving ghouls,’ who are financing this carnage, are calling for yet more stringent sanctions against Vladimir Putin and Russia, for daring to take a stand against the  barbarity of the British, French and United States, a group which is, as usual, doing the Jews work, while keeping their own Peoples under strict austerity measures, to free up the cash with which to finance their crimes against humanity.

In the manner of International Jewry, during the years leading up to World War Two, they are presenting an absolute tissue of lies against Russia, claiming to possess  evidence, which justifies the sanctions, evidence which is never produced, despite frequent demands from Russia, who believe the sanctions to be illegal, in terms of International Law, if they cannot be justified. Putin, as was Hitler, throughout his time in power, is squaring up to these fiends, who never show their face.

Germany was under a total Jewish blockade in 1919, in order to force the Government to sign The Treaty of Versailles, which forced Germany into the claws of the Jews, who very quickly swarmed into town, some as Bankers and  others as mere asset strippers or vendors of hard-core porn  and of course the Jewish Bolsheviks.

We are now confronting the  repeat of  a historical episode, which created two World Wars out of nothing, for no better reason than to further the aims of a barbaric group of psychopaths, which has maintained the World in a never-ending state of war for several hundred years, condemning humanity to a constant state of despair and poverty.

Despite the plentiful evidence of past crimes, the people of the West, who consider themselves to be the ‘salt of the earth’ are prepared to accept the seizure of the land of the people of Palestine and the building of illegal settlements on this land, by the Jews who have seized it illegally, as OK, while at the same time their Democratically elected Prime Minster, along with his “plan” in Australian G20 gathering, is howling at Vladimir Putin, for daring to retake Crimea, which was in fact, part of Russia until 1959, when it was without justification or of any sort of choice by the inhabitants, ceded to Ukraine.

So one might ask as to why the Jew Cameron is not howling for stringent sanctions against Israel.  Sadly nobody is asking this question, especially in the United Kingdom which has both a Government and opposition under the control of Jews.

One might also demand the question as to why a Government in Ukraine which is apparently behaving in exactly the same  manner as was claimed did Gadaffi,  when the humanitarian British oversaw the complete destruction of Libya, to save the “poor victims,” is now supporting this Jewish Government in Ukraine,  where it has already murdered more Christians, than have ISIS, while deploring attacks made by ISIS against Christians.  From where I come that is called hypocrisy, however the British apparently  consider such hypocritical behaviour as Prime Ministerial.

Both Jewish leaders of the two main ‘British’ political parties, offered their condolence to the families of the four Jews who were recently killed in Jerusalem.  Cameron referred to the Muslims, who had been driven to take this desperate step,  having passed their entire lives under the Jewish Jackboot, as animals and made no comment about the fact that the boys’  families had their home bull-dozed.

Nor did he make any comment about the numerous Palestinians who have been murdered in cold blood by the filth, who are referred to as Settlers, which is code for thieves, no withering name-calling against them.

Vladimir Putin was persuaded by a disgraceful presentation of Jewish disrespect,  to head home early from the G20 meeting in Australia, having been lambasted with accusations of interference in Ukraine, by those countries which had  invested five billion dollars to carry out the coup d’etat,  which brought down the Democratically elected Government in Ukraine.

With no evidence to support his claims, Obama inferred that Putin had been responsible for the attack on the Malaysian Airliner MH17,  when in actual fact ALL of the available evidence points towards the Jews in Kiev as having been responsible.

While Cameron, lies through his teeth, with his tongue flicking in and out,  claiming Putin had sent serious numbers of troops and war machines into Ukraine, with only unverifiable photographs of unmarked vehicles, which could have been snapped anywhere in support of his claims.

This Jewish cabal;  which has reduced their own Goyim to rummaging around in waste skips, to find food to eat, in every state in the EU,  is a cabal which is still occupied with the unfinished business of laying the Middle East to waste, which is financing a pretend group of “terrorists” whom they are “ORDERING” to slice off the heads of Christians, in order to generate an excuse to finish off Syria, are calling Russia the threat to the world.

While this is taking place, the now docile Peoples of Europe, having just remembered the millions of dead of past wars, fail to understand that they are being presented with an exact copy, of the excuses which they were offered by the same Jewish cabal leading up to the war with Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Bashar al Assad.

Whether Putin is an honest man whose word can be taken on trust, or whether he is no more than yet another Patsy for the Jewish Bolsheviks, who would like to finish off the Christians in Russia, having already slaughtered a mere 65,000,000 of them, with a view to slicing Russia into a group of controlled states, makes no difference, the end result will be the same for us, as it has been for Iraq and Libya and all of the other countries which have felt the lash of the Jewish British Empire.

Putin and his Foreign Minister Lavrov, have been asking for evidence of the claims which have been made against Russia and as usual with these things, no such evidence has been forthcoming.

This situation is reminiscent of the Jews  frantic search amongst German documents, desperately seeking for just one word,  with which to prove that Hitler had an intention of carrying out a genocide against Jews.

Nothing was ever found and the Jews have carried on regardless, in the absence of any evidence, when at a time when all of the Concentration Camps were still available for inspection and filming or to take a few simple photographs,  they quickly destroyed the ‘evidence’ and any trace of the ‘holocaust’, without taking  one single photograph,  of a real live Gas Chamber or indeed one of the super-duper turbo-charged incinerators, which would have been necessary to burn the millions of victims.

Luckily the Kangaroo Court at Nuremberg did not need any real evidence, they simply “hanged ’em all.”

The British Kids were back on the street today in their thousands  and yet there was no mention on the British News outlets. Russia Today UK had better be prudent with their reporting of the event, such is the UK strict control of News.

The Twentieth Century Wars For Dumbos

The world is currently engaged in all sort of “celebrations,” marking the milestones of the Twentieth Century.  The choice of these celebrations is extremely circumspect, only those events which are of most benefit to the Western version of History are being celebrated.

It is claimed that they are being  “remembered” but they are in all senses Triumphal,  marking the victory of the Western Coalition, over several Empires across Europe and the Middle East.

The first major war of the Century was the Great War.  The British had hardly gathered their breath from their late nineteenth century massacres, during which they invented Concentration Camps, while fighting the Boer War in South Africa.  They were also involved in the Boxer Rebellion, in China, a country which had suffered badly at he hands of the West. It was to defeat the Boxer’s that the idea of a “Coalition” was first used against an opponent, which had seen through the false image of the “unbeatable” British.  Coalitions had been used in past times, but on a more regional basis.

The usual suspects were all present in this atrocity, including some rather surprising members in view of what was to come.  The United States, France, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Russia and Japan all sent troops to sort out the Chinese. alongside the British.

Back on their own, a couple of years later, in Somalia, the British were whipped by the “Mad Mullah” and were forced to do a deal, this brings us to 1905, which left the British with a mere nine years to prepare for the “Big One.”  The Great War.

At this point England, or  the United Kingdom, Britain or whatever other title may have served, had been involved in continuous conflicts since the Seventeenth Century. Not bad for a people with” humanitarianism” in their genes. These wars involved even a genocide against their closest neighbour Ireland, where they managed to starve five million Irish people to death.

We have been told that The Great War was for no tangible reason.   Our restricted education taught us that it was some sort of spiteful spat between the Royal Families of Europe, or possibly due to the assassination of some Arch Duke; whatever that is, in Sarajevo, which was in fact carried out by a British Team,  The Black Hand Gang. I kid you not.

I have found that the best way to judge a war, is not to figure out why it started, but to take a closer look at how it finished up. We have come to understand in more recent times that most of the modern conflicts have been deliberately kicked off through the use of “False Flag” attacks. I believe that the assassination of the Duke was no more than an excuse, to start the War.

So the war starts, at a time when, as I have already suggested, that the British had been involved in continuous slaughter since the seventeenth century, so they could hardly be described as being out of practice. Their Generals would have been “battle hardened,” so they could be relied to look after the most important of resource of the Army, Tommy Atkins,  could they not?

That being so, what sort of experienced General, would force his men, under the threat of a gun-toting officer behind them, to jump “Over the Top” and run directly into a hail of machine gun fire, coming from the opposing trenches?  To do this once could be considered a mistake but to do the same thing over and over again, is in fact an act of genocide against your own men.

Nothing was ever gained from this ploy, because in fact there was nothing to gain. The reality of the Great War is the fact that it amounted to no more than ritual slaughter.  French youth suffered even greater losses than did the British. These casualties were for the most part Christians.

In 1916, Uncle Sam turned up, in return for a promise from the City of London, that they would draw up a document obliging the British to allow the Jews to invade Palestine.  No provisions for the Palestinians were written into the document.

The Americans did not come alone, they brought with them the original manufactured epidemic, American Flu, it is referred to in history as a Spanish Flu but it was in  fact manufactured at Fort Dietrich in the US and the Marines were vaccinated with the virus, which they generously passed to the Europeans.

Nobody is sure of exactly how many Europeans died as a result of this flu, however the estimates run into millions, mostly European Christians.

In the middle of all this mayhem,  allegedly out of the blue, while the Russian Army was being distracted by The Great War, the Bolshevik Jews carried out a coup d’etat in Russia and the greatest culling of Christians since the birth of the religion kicked off,   it has been said that at least, 65,000,000 met a gruesome death.

As a result of the American Flu and the massive number of troops whom had been infected, an Armistice was called. However it was decided by the British, that as the war had been caused by Germany,  they must pay the costs of every country against which they had fought. Who would say no to an offer such as that?

The Germans, as you might expect refused to sign this Treaty of Versailles, so an embargo was put in place in 1919, designed to starve the Germans into submission, 900,000 Germans died as a result, all of them Christians.

The Germans eventually caved in and the Jewish Weimar Republic was set up, and the Austro/Hungarian Empire dismantled and sliced into little pieces, every one of which was carefully selected in order to produce the possibility of future flashpoints.

 A quick glance at a map of the world will make it quite clear that this has always been a ploy of the Jewish/British Empire. There is hardly a country in which they have been involved, including Ireland, which was allowed to retain its historical boundaries. They call it “Divide and Rule.”

Even as Europe was being sliced apart and thrown into a state of Ethnic Tension,  where ethnic Germans were attacked by agents of the newly Jewish controlled States of Eastern Europe, the Ottoman Empire was going through the same process.  Kamal Ataturk, a Jew, was creating “Modern” Turkey.  His  euphemistically called  Young Turks, Jews of course, slipped into Armenia and slaughtered the odd million or so Christians. Let’s face it this is the Century of Zion and that’s what they do, they slaughter Christians.

Ataturk and the Young Turks crossed into Bolshevik Russia to continue the slaughter of the Christian Armenian’s  while Lenin and Trotsky, with the assistance of Yagoda were in the act of slaughtering Russian Christians. The Armenian’s were eradicated and their land and property stolen,  Where else have I seen this sort of behaviour?

The rest of the Middle East was carved up and frontiers redrawn by the Jewish/British Empire as if they had a divine right to play with other people lives and future.  Lawrence of Arabia was the man who came to the fore during those days and his role in the carve-up of the region is to this day in dispute.

One thing is certain, the entire region was kept in chaos and Limbo by the Western powers, for the following seventy years, until it was finally destroyed by the “Coalition of Filth” from 1991 until the present day. The Coalition has almost destroyed any form of Islamic government in the entire region, while attempting to place their own compliant puppets in place.

At around this time  tales of Six Million Jews, who had allegedly been badly treated in Russia, began to surface, which is slightly odd as Russia was under the control of the Jews and they are hardly likely to have attacked their own supporters, they were, after all,  needed to fill the ranks of the Cheka, the Murder Incorporated branch of the Jewish Bolsheviks



There were in fact many other such claims made by the Jews all over Eastern Europe, every claim was of the same six million, however the only one which they got away with was yet to come.

In Germany the Jews quickly took control of all important positions of power.   The top jobs in education, the Government, Health the Judiciary, Police and of course banking.   They created for their own benefit, a financial nightmare in Germany, the hyper inflation which this disaster involved has been well documented.

Making use of the superior value of the Dollar, they bought, for virtually nothing, the super-structure of Germany,  It would be fair to say they owned everything. Should anyone doubt this, they need only look toward Greece, or Spain, to see that the same people are still doing the very same thing and as usual with our money.  They have recently taken over the prairies of Ukraine in payment for the interest on an IMF loan.

Then along came Adolf Hitler, a man whom had fought bravely in the Great War. Even as I write this post, the strains of “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary,” is blaring out of my radio, during the “celebrations” of the British dead,  in past and more recent wars.

The Germans are of course forbidden the right to remember their dead, should they be allowed the right to do so,  it might well be to strains of this lovely tune, so let’s play it for them., they were after all human beings no worse than the rest of us with the same right to grieve for their dead.



The Second World War had been in the planning since the end of  The Great War and probably even long before that, according to documents which have now vanished like,  the Albert Pike letter, laying out the rather strange need of three World Wars. So it is slightly odd to blame Germany for two of them.

The legislation which Hitler pushed through in Germany was the model for the rest of us. What it amounted to was simply Nationalisation, which put a stop to the excesses of Capitalism at a stroke.  If there is any hope of sorting out our current ills we will one day be obliged to do the same or we are done for. It is as clear and as simple as that.

It has long been understood that Capitalism will result with the richest man owning everything.  Hitler understood this, so he set up a system which is now denigrated as Fascism and Nazism and presented as the “Bother Boys” preferred form of vicious control.  It is no such thing it was a system which allowed private companies to function within the economy, however these companies were obliged, in return, to share a fair part their profits with the people.

We now call the same thing  Public/Private Partnerships, it is no more than a mirror image of Hitlers Socialism, The private part in this system keeps the profits while the public part pays for the superstructure, as in the newly privatised  Rail system where the bulk of the  costs, as in the Permanent way is paid for by the Public and most of the profits drained off as unearned income by investors in the Private part.

So Hitler started the business in 1933, as did the British after the end of the  WW2,  of  Nationalising essential utilities and restoring part of the super-structure back into the hands of the common people, ensuring that the rich could not continue with exorbitant rents on homes etc.

In order to overcome the problem of inflation, he created his own currency based on an hour of labour by a person earning the average wage.  This was a master stroke, which helped, along with other essential reforms to transform Germany.

Sadly the Jews were not too pleased with this, so they set up yet another blockade against Germany, they do love their blockades, they now call them sanctions, there are so many in force at the moment it can be quite hard  keeping up with them.

The Germans had recently suffered massively from the last round of sanctions in 1919, so they set about doing the same thing to Jewish businesses, by marking them out as Jewish and the German people refused to do business with them.  The images of shop windows marked “Juden” are forever presented as evidence of persecution, when in reality it was the Germans who were once again the victim of an illegal act of war, which sanctions are.

From the day of Hitler’s election, every move he made was reported in the Jewish Press as criminal. The  people of Austria voted in favour of re-unification with Germany by 98% and yet to this day the West claim that Hitler annexed Austria.  He also offered Poland various tracts of land in exchange for a connection with the Ethnic Germans trapped in the city of Danzig, where the population was 90% German, the Jewish government in Poland refused time after time.

When Neville Chamberlain signed an agreement with Hitler, it was an honest agreement, however the Jewish/British preferred to refer to it as appeasement and he was quickly sacked and the Jew Churchill, under the control of the Jewish billionaire Bernard Baruch, replaced him with another Jew,  Anthony Eden as his Foreign Secretary.  Eden was the man who ordered the attacks against ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland and urged Hitler to go into Poland to help them out.

Hitler refused to become involved until after a direct Military attack by Poland,  which has been quietly written out of history.  Hitler then took the bait and went into Poland.  The Poles proved to be wimps and hostilities ended in quick time.

We are now into interesting times, which deserve looking into. Because we all know to where this tale leads, or do we?  We have been educated to believe that Hitler was a megalomaniac whose aim was to conquer the world.  Well, had that desire not already been achieved by the Jewish/British Empire?

Did the Communist Manifesto not declare that they would be spreading  Communist Workers Control to every corner of the planet? So what the British refer to as their glorious past, however bloody it may have been is not permitted for Germany.  Were we not warned of the so-called Domino Effect, of incremental Communist domination of the World?

Were there not Communist Parties in place all across Europe and the United States?  Had Spain, with the support of Stalin not already installed a Communist Government? So the War was certainly not against any fear of the spread of Communism. In fact the International Brigade, including George Orwell fought with the Communists. So where did the Cold War come from?

Can we believe that Hitler was unaware of the slaughter of Christians which had taken place in Bolshevik Russia. He could rest assured that the British were fully aware of these events.   The Holodomor in Uktraine had been widely reported, yet despite this the US and UK fought alongside Stalin.

So there was not much sign of humanitarianism from the British. Hitler would have been advised of the takeover of Turkey by Jews and the Armenian genocide, this alongside the evidence which he had discovered during the seizure of the Sudetenland of Stalin’s Army swarming into Poland from the East, should surely have been enough to set the alarm bells ringing across Europe but there was no obvious signs of alarm.


Hitler immediately sent Rudolph Hess to the UK asking for assistance to take on the might of the Russian Army.  Hess was locked up for the rest of his life and finally murdered, having been found guilty of no crime. He was involved in nothing of importance.

So here we are, in the modern world,  and a British/Jewish controlled government has contrived to quite deliberately declare a war against another European country,  which was treated in an abominable manner after the end of the Great War, for no justifiable reason other than to install a Communist government in Germany, an aim which Rosa Luxemburg, a Jew of course attempted to transform into a true Peoples Communism, not the mutant which had been installed in Russia. She was murdered by the Weimar Government for her trouble.

Several things can be construed from this situation. It has become clear that Stalin was part of the deal with Roosevelt, Churchill and the gaggle of Jews, which included Henry  Morgenthau, Baruch and others, to take control of Eastern Europe and to take part in the total destruction of Germany.  Several thing put a break on these intentions.  It was expected that the Russians would quickly destroy the German Army in the East while the Allies bombed the hard work of the German people to rubble.

The Germans surprised them all by holding up the Russian advance  and in the end the allied timing was all over the place, which led to the debacle  of Arnhem, which turned into a slaughter for Allied troops when their advance was deliberately delayed in order to give the Russians time to take Berlin, as agreed with Stalin.

Adolf Hitler, a highly decorated war hero, with a vision for Germany, not to far removed from what is generally accepted as Communism, the visible face of Communism that is, saw off the Jewish Bolsheviks and came to the fore  succeeding in setting up a government which was praised the World over.

The wealth generated by the workers was used to improve the lot of the people and not simply to produce a bunch of billionaires, who became rich at the expense of the working man and sucked money out of the system, which should have been used to improve the system.

Hitler was voted man of the year on two occasions by Time Magazine and he was fêted  by royalty and heads of government.  His economic miracle was admired the world over. While all the time the Jews were festering away waiting for the day when everything was in place to once more destroy Germany.

When Hitler finally realised that Hess was not coming back, a cold chill must have run down his and the backs of the National Socialists.  They would be forced to fight a war on several fronts against overwhelming force.

The Ace in the Pack of the Allied coalition was the well-kept secret that the Russian Bolshevik Jews would be fighting alongside the coalition, which was itself mostly under the control of Jews. While across the Atlantic the Jew Roosevelt was stoking up trouble with Japan, in search of an excuse to declare war against Japan, which would provide the necessary excuse to declare war on Germany, as Japan was an ally of Hitler. Pearl Harbour did the trick and Roosevelt sacrificed a few thousand US Christans.

Hitler in the initial stages of the war completely routed the British but he lacked the killer instinct and allowed them to escape at Dunkirk, in much the same manner as the Iraqi army recently fled at the approach of ISIS.

Even then there would have been time to avoid a World War, sadly the City of London was in no mood for that, they wanted a blood sacrifice.

Hitler had never been bamboozled by the claptrap about Communism being in favour of the workers.  He understood it to be exactly what it was, an attempt by Jewish interests to take control of all and everything and he knew full well what would happen should they take control of Germany again.

He was right, the Red Terror gave no quarter.  What was done to the German people after the end of hostilities, while the British looked on, the same British who had watched the atrocities in Russia and Armenia, without raising a finger to help.  Churchill would be the Jew who starved millions of Bengali to death despite having no need of their stolen food.

The British handed their Cossack Prisoners of war over to Stalin, British Tommies forced them with gun butts on to trains. The trains stopped once they had passed the German frontier and the Cossacks slaughtered.

I would like to remind you that these are the same British who had been laying the world to waste since the seventeenth century, they have an ocean of blood on their hands and yet they are still at it to this day. there has been no pause since the end of WW2, they have been at it in Korea, Aden, Cyprus, Ireland,  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Suez, Bosnia, Kenya, Somalia and the Falklands.

The British people reminisce about  their ” Once great country” can any one spot anything to be proud of in all that?  What is more the British people gained nothing from Empire, not a scrap trickled down to the working/fighting man, it all went to the Toffs. They are still being robbed by austerity measures to boost the incredible heap of  treasure these Toffs have hoarded away.

Their main claim to greatness is their boast that they beat Hitler’ Fascism which is untrue, the War was won in Russia and Eastern Europe, where the British did not have the courage to venture. That is where the real men fought and died, many with their tongues cut out and their eyes gouged and their testicles crushed.

In a repeat of the Great War, the Russian soldiers were shot by their own machine gunners at the rear, if they displayed a reluctance to advance against the German machine guns.

Finally when Germany’s back was to the wall,  the old men and children were manning the barricades against the Russian hordes, they were bayoneted and shot like animals and their mothers and sisters raped to death by these Mongol’s who stood alongside the British fighting against the finest people in Europe.

These Bolsheviks are now safely ensconced across the planet. They control the European Community, The United Nations, The Central Banking System, food, water, gas electricity, oil, the Law, Education……What’s the point?









Cameron Prepares UK For More Stringent Controls In The Name Of Security.

The volume of fear is being cranked up yet again in the UK, this time the warning is against another group of fully paid up murderers, in the pay of the British, French, Americans and Israel.  They are not the “New Al Qaeda” they are exactly the same Al Qaeda, under exactly the same control as was the “Old Al Qaeda” and as with the worlds introduction to Al Qaeda, the politicians have not yet decided on the exact name of their “New Filth” so it wanders around between ISIS, ISIL or simply IS, however what’s in a name?  They are working for YOU!

The callous hypocrite, freely elected by the British voter, I believe him to be called  Cameron, though his origins lie somewhere in Eastern Europe, is warning that the British are now in danger from, “British” members of this group, when they return to the UK with a Caliphate in mind. He did not make it too clear whether he was referring to the British Muslims, who he claims have freely joined a group dedicated to the destruction of a Muslims State, or to the SAS murderers by who they were trained.

Cameron tells us that this is a generational struggle and the British people will remain in danger from this group for years to come.  So let us take a look at the conduct of the “Free and Democratic West” since the illegal attacks on Bosnia and the annexation, without any form of referendum of Kosovo, which is now a base for NATO, from which to menace Russia and which is controlled by a group of Jews.

After Bosnia we had the famous 911 False Flag,  which was carried out by Mossad, with massive cooperation from the United States “Shadow Government.”  All of the available evidence points in this direction, while there is none whatsoever implicating Muslims.  All of the evidence against the Muslims, who were accused of the attack, shows them to have been quite deliberately brought into the US and lodged in Military establishments or even in the care of members of the FBI, in order to make sure of their presence in the US, because the “Patsies” have to be known in advance otherwise it would be impossible to name them without extensive investigations. They  have never been proven guilty and no evidence was ever presented against them or the US asset Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden, before he died of kidney failure in 2001. His so-called assassination in Pakistan, was no more than yet another Obama lie.

Seven of the alleged “suicide” hijackers are still alive, yet there has been no attempt to bring them to Justice. One can only wonder, why not?

After the drunkard, George Dubya Bush had delivered “his” speech, announcing the declaration of “The War on Terror”  his terror machine went into action in Afghanistan, against yet another group, which was an ally of the US, the Taliban. They knew full well that there were no Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan, however in the style of Hamas in Palestine, they, instead of allowing an investigation  strangely refused to hand over a Bin Laden who they knew to be a CIA asset, having worked with him against the Russians and who was already in hospital dying, instead they  swapped platitudes with the US which were used to generate an excuse for an attack.

This invasion was actually used to install Karzai into power and his Drug Baron brother took control of the Opium crop, which was protected by US Marines. Pat Tillman, a well-known sportsman, was so shocked when he discovered this reality, that he had to be executed before be could pass his information to the Media.

That took care of the top quality Opium, ninety per-cent of which is used by the “real dealers” in the Jewish Pharmaceutical conglomerates, Bayer and Merck, which are controlled by Rockefeller and Rothschild respectively. The “coalition” then went off in search of the Iraqi oil Reserves for the same pair of villains. Both of these illegal wars continue to this day.

The next step was Libya, where they attacked the most contented people in Africa. Gadaffi gave the Libyan people an excellent standard of living, with access to free education, whether at home or abroad, free health care and numerous other benefits. Including an extensive irrigation system which was to be used to irrigate the Sahara Desert, in order to provide food for Africa. The first bombing target of the British was this Great Man Made River and of course to make sure it was completely out of action they destroyed the foundry in which the giant pipes were forged.

The controlled media, including that of Russia and Iran, made certain that we heard not one word from any Libyan who supported Gadaffi, calling into question the actual role of them both in the current bout of dirty politics.

Then they went after Syria.  Sky News and Stuart Ramsey played a major role in the fabrication of the so-called evidence against Bashar el Assad. They ignored the result of an election in which Assad gained a huge majority with clear evidence that the vast majority of the Syrian people understood;  having seen what had been done to Libya and Iraq,  exactly what was coming. They had after all had a long and bitter experience of the animals in Israel during the last sixty-five years.

The British asked for a “No Fly Zone” the excuse which they had made use of to destroy Libya.  Russia vetoed their request, thus giving the Jews, Cameron, Hollande, Obama, Erdogan and the King of Jordan, who is most probably a Jew, along with the Polish Jew Netanyahu, the opportunity to unleash the Neo Red Terror, the band of scum who are going to be used to help the Bolshevik Jews to set-up Greater Israel, the now known  as Islamic State or IS.

 We are now expected to believe that they have left the reservation and are now creating carnage across huge swathes of the Middle East,  in order to set up a Caliphate, while those hypocrites who have hardly stopped complaining about the folk in the East of Ukraine who want autonomy with Russia rather than stay under Bolshevik control from Kiev, Kerry and Cameron, are already discussing how to give the Jewish controlled Kurdish region of Iraq Independence plus the necessary arms to defeat IS, a group which they have already armed and who are about to be led to the slaughter, while Big Bad Daddy scoots off to the safe haven of Israel, which has strangely never been attacked by any of these so-called Jihadists.

So perhaps I am going a bit soft in the head but as far as I can see, there is not a trace of any sort of organised resistance from the Muslim Peoples.  They have been brutalised by the henchmen of the Jewish Bankers.  Their Homelands have been reduced to rubble, millions of their people slaughtered, their children brutally wounded, losing arms and legs and their eyesight. Yet all of the so-called Muslim Terrorists are quite simply doing the Jews work for them, by killing their own people.

So what are the “real and genuine” attacks which have been made against the West?  We are going into “lock-down” as if we have been under sustained  terrorist attack in the US and UK, when in fact our Bankers Puppets have been reduced to carrying out endless False Flag attacks because of the paucity of the real thing. Yet our own terrorism is plain for all to see.  We have laid the planet to waste. What does it take for the world to wake up.

These Bolshevik lunatics should be in an Asylum learning to knit, dosed up daily with a handful of their own highly addictive psychotropic drugs to keep them in a daze and allow the rest of us to get on  with life.

The visible target of these murdering scum is at the moment the Muslims. They have however decimated the White European People, to the point from which there will be no recovery. In Russia they butchered at least sixty-five million White Christians. During WW2 a war which they organised and funded, they murdered up to twenty-million Germans.  When the war ended they continued to slaughter Ethnic Germans who found themselves trapped behind the Iron Curtain. They murdered untold millions in Hungary because the Hungarians had fought alongside Hitler. The Cossacks and those Ukrainians who had done the same thing were wiped out.  The Russian Bolsheviks have never been prosecuted for any of their monstrous crimes.

(Sadly a large portion of this post appears to have been lost in transit I can only recall part of what was lost, I hope the what is left still makes sense. I will replace the part of what was lost with what I can recall)

When one or other of the Baron Rothschild’s made his remark; Give me control of a States money supply and I care not about the elected Government, he was not joking.

He has had control of the Bank of England, some believe since the days of Cromwell, by whom he was owed a large debt, after he had funded the English Civil War; which was in fact a coup d’etat  and had demanded the execution of the King.   In return Cromwell invited the Jews back into England, after they had been exiled for hundreds of years.

It is impossible to get a straight answer about the current state of the Bank of England. Some declare it to have been Nationalised in 1948, some say 1958, I say it has never been Nationalised, it is privately owned by two shareholders, whose identity is a closely guarded secret.

However, I can not be the only person to be non-nonplussed as to how the UK could go through ten years of sustained growth, the longest recorded period and yet at the end of it to have amassed a trillion pound debt. Cameron’s Tory Party constantly refer to the Socialists mismanagement of the economy, but they never lets us know the origins of “The Debt.”

The Tory Party were one-hundred per-cent behind the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, perhaps this why they are so silent about “The Debt” and why the Socialists remain mumb in retaliation.

The British people spent over sixty years repaying the cost of the illegal, aggressive war against Germany. That war lasted a mere six years and was of course funded by the Federal Reserve, or was it? The Iraq and Afghanistan capers have already lasted over ten years, with Libya thrown in for good measure and not to forget the “black” expenditure in Syria and now a second dose in Iraq.

Baron Rothschild is a major shareholder in the Federal Reserve, as are Goldman Sachs, itself a Rothschild controlled Bank and half a dozen other Jewish banking families.  The US, like the UK has an enormous National Debt and like the British they appear to be in a constant state of war.

This would be the same Baron Rothschild who demanded Palestine in return for using his influence to force the US to fight with the British against Germany in the Great War. So it would appear that from whichever direction you approach all of the recent wars there is always a link to Israel.

As for the British National Debt, I would suggest that like Cromwell, the British once again found themselves beholden to the Banks, having been manœuvred into two World Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, by Jewish influences  in order to protect Jewish interests, they are now so deep in debt that the British people are being virtually  starved in order to pay these Jewish bankers for the cost of wars for which they themselves are responsible.

Today I listened to a man from an organisation which was trying to bring an end to armed warfare. He suggested that military force achieved nothing and that when an armed attempt was made to help those under attack as in Libya, the end result was never the intended result.  This sort of helping hand always went wrong, as in Bosnia, Iraq, etc. At that point I switched off.

These attacks never go wrong. They are as a general rule incited by the very group which is offering the “helping hand” they are a farce.  The Jews forced the world into WW2 and the debt has just been repaid. The bankers made billions in interest, far in excess of the value of the original loan. In Iraq they have the oil, in Afghanistan the Opium.  They now want to take control of Palestine and create Greater Israel, all with our money and nobody has the guts to declare that enough is enough.