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Hitler’s Dream.

I have the gravest doubts that the conquest of Europe and the installation of a National Socialist Dictatorship, was ever in fact a dream of Adolf Hitler.

I have not been able to uncover any compelling evidence to support this idea.

The more one studies the events leading to the outbreak of World War 2, the more one finds that most of the documents, in fact, disclose that Hitler was put under immense pressure by Britain and Poland, to carry out an attack, in support of Ethnic Germans whom were being slaughtered in annexed territory in Poland.

This is worth mentioning, as we are back in the same position now, as were the Peoples of Europe in nineteen thirty nine. The Nazi’s, that is the National Zionists are attempting to recreate the state of affairs, which existed at the time of the forced German attack on Poland.

One of the major events leading to war in the nineteen thirties, was the collapse of the British Pound. The money men have now, quite deliberately, manipulated the Euro into the same position.

The reason behind the European Crisis is so transparent, that it beggars belief. How can it be that the so-called leaders of the “Free West” can not bring themselves to demand the reason, for accusing the Sovereign States of Europe of the mismanagement of their economic affairs, when in fact the crisis was deliberately fabricated to create an excuse, to demand that the countries of Europe, enter into a dictatorship, under the control of the very bankers whom manufactured the debt?

The same David Cameron, whom is being cheered by some for having refused to accept the proposition that European Fiscal matters should rest in the hands of Germany and The European Central Bank, was quite content to place the UK into the hands of The Bank of England, which is owned by the same cartel which controls the ECB.

Whatever Cameron’s game is, it is certainly not being carried out from concern for the British public, there is something more sinister behind these events.

We have been watching these little gremlins poncing around, all of them apparently under the supervision of Sarkozy and Merkel, both of whom are under Zionist control. Where are the representatives of the other fifteen states which are in the Euro-Zone? Do they have nothing to add to the debate? Have they turned up simply for the meal?  I know things are tough but surely they could afford to eat at home.

The most pressing need for all of our elected representatives would appear to be, how to find a way around the very rules which they allegedly signed up too, against the wishes of their electorate, in order to change the Lisbon Treaty, in such a way, as to be able to claim, that there is no change, in order to avoid what is written into the Treaty, that is a referendum asking for the permission to bring in the change. This is often referred to as Democratic.

Merkel and Sarkozy have already made it clear, that whether Britain likes it or not, it will eventually be obliged to join the Euro-Zone. The only way Cameron can avoid this eventuality would be to leave the Union, however I doubt whether his handlers in  the City of London will condone such a move.

As for Hitler’s dream of a European Dictatorship, well the dream was the dream of his handlers in Wall St. They are the dreamers whom financed The Third Reich and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and Mao in China.

Goldman Sachs already have a man in control of the ECB, Italy and Greece and nobody has yet made a move to stop them.