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Hitler Was Spartacus!

Russia Today, John Kerry’s “bull-horn of propaganda,” has been relentlessly running clips of WW2.  Clips extolling the bravery of the Russian people in the face of the German army, while fighting “The Great Patriotic War.”

Well there was nothing admirable about the war nor of Russia’s role in it, for while the German people have been forced to accept full responsibility for the most brutal war in recorded history, the Bolshevik Jews whom controlled Russia and whom were themselves totally controlled by The City of London and Washington DC,  have never had to pay the price of having carried out the most savage slaughter ever,  of innocent people, under the orders of the same rich hypocrites whom now condemn Hitler.

There are so many people with something to hide, amongst the various participants of the aggressive war against Germany, that it is doubtful that the real truth will ever be made available to the general public.

Despite the blanket of lies with which we have been swamped, during the past seventy years, there has always been a nagging doubt, in the minds of many fair-minded people,  as to the truthfulness of claims made by the Allies.

Both before and during the war, there was no sign whatsoever, of any determined effort to mistreat Jews in Germany. Moreover German Jews were content with their life under the National Socialists, unlike Christians in Russia, where the Bolshevik Jews were being allowed to torture and murder 65 million Christians, without criticism from the “humanitarian” British or US Governments, despite the fact that the Holodomor, for example, was well covered by the Media.

The Second World War, which was declared by the Jews, against Germany in 1933, was not supported by any European country apart from the UK, which was itself forced to support it by The City of London, which saw to the sacking of Neville Chamberlain the “Appeaser” and the selection of  the Jew, Churchill, to replace him. In France, where the government refused to accept the terms of the Bolsheviks, the leadership was changed and a Jew promoted to power.

A much neglected facet of World Affairs, leading up to the declaration of war against Germany, by the newly installed puppets in France and the UK, was the fact that Lenin and Stalin, were themselves merely servants of the real  power brokers and their subjugation of the Peoples of Russia and Eastern Europe was no more than the first step in the take-over of the entire Continent and the imposition of a vast Command Economy.

Hitler was well aware of what Communism was all about and he was not alone in German politics at the time,  unwilling to accept the installation of the Communists in Germany, where they had already gained a foothold, in a manner strangely reminiscent of the tactics of ISIL, a group which would appear to be working hand in glove with those whom created their own form of  Caliphate in Russia.

The “Terror” which Hitler feared, was indeed unleashed, in front of the Allies, the moment that the Red Army set foot on German soil.  The first act of these “friends of the West” was to open the raping season in Germany, which was followed by the torture and murder, by whatever means came to hand, including crucifixion, of all and everybody unfortunate enough to fall into their hands.

History does record any of the terrible events which led to the slaughter of ten million or more Germans, after hostilities ended.  All prisoners  taken by the West were eagerly fed into the hands of Joseph Stalin, who under the orders of his controller, sent them to the dungeons in the black heart of Russia, never to be seen again.

kate summersby

Ike  Eisenhower, when he was not holed up in a country hotel with his personal chauffeur  Kay Summersby, enjoying a form of “ecstatic love-making,” he was organising the starvation of one and a half million, older men and young boys, who had fought their hearts out in the Battle of the Bulge.

Churchill, was, as usual far far away, in the land of dreams, snug in his bunker,  with a bottle of Brandy, while the real men were expending their lives in a war against the wrong enemy.

The war had barely come to an end, when in 1946 Churchill was already making his infamous “Iron Curtain” speech which ensured the outbreak of the Cold War, which in its turn proved to be as lucrative as had been World War Two, for the bankers,  without firing a shot in anger against the Bolshevik demons in Russia.

Thus solving the problem of explaining to the people, the reason why Hitler had actually attacked Russia in the first place and why the British and French had not gone to the aid of Poland; when Stalin had pre-emptly rolled into Poland, before the agreed date, as they had agreed to do in the  treaty guaranteeing assistance should Poland be invaded, secretly signed, to make sure that Hitler was unaware of their duplicity.

The Cold War suited both sides, enabling Stalin to set up his Command Economy in Russia and across Eastern Europe, which the Allies had simply handed to him at Yalta,  as though it was no more than a throwing a piece of bread to a duck, while the Allies set-up NATO, guaranteeing huge arms sales for the weapon shops, well into the future.

The next step was to set-up the new Parliament of the New World Order, The United Nations in New York, an enterprise which involved various contrived sexual adventures, guaranteeing support from those whom had previously been opposed to such a venture.

With all of this bureaucracy in place, the Hegelian Dialectic, involving the creation of total fear in the minds of the masses, was initiated with the Hydrogen Bomb and the possibility of all out nuclear war, as the problem and the arms race and mutually assured destruction MAD, as the solution. Some choice.

Meanwhile, under the radar, steps were already being taken to transform the USA and Europe into the same form of Command Economies as had been set-up in Russia.  This has given us the Bolshevik Communist European Union and  NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Area, which was signed with Mexico and Canada without a word to the people of Canada, the US or Mexico, much as the people of Europe were given no choice over membership of a European Union.

This is what Hitler and the German people courageously stood against and for their trouble they were mauled by us, “the good guys.”  The British and the US along with Bolshevik Russia, were working their way towards a war with Germany from the day Hitler defeated the Communists in the 1933 election in Germany.

The British callously, hanged any member of the National Socialist Government, who could have spoken up in defence of their actions.  They then set about tampering with the minds of their own people to obscure their own disgusting behaviour during the war and presented the Germans as the most fiendish people in history.

I stand firm with the man who took on the Empire and those whom fought at his side.