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Gove Resists Making Wild Claims, In His Response To David Cameron’s Diatribe.

Last night I watched a strange form of presentation, by Michael Gove, the Conservative Party member who is leading the push to leave the European Union, which has been nick-named Brexit.

It followed a similar debate presented by David Cameron, the Conservative Party leader of the “remain” camp, the previous evening.

Cameron and others have been castigated for the fear tactics,  which have been a major feature of their efforts to persuade the British to accept the “remain” version of the unknown future. Gore was ridiculed for not having done the same thing. He did not even have a plan.



Neither side in these debates, which will continue during the lead up to the referendum, have so far even approached the reason, as to why, if the European Union was such a wonderful establishment,  was Europe itself the least successful area in the global economy. Notice that there was no response made to the question of how the five Presidents came into office, they were selected, there was at the time opposition to Juncker from Cameron to no avail. The others were simply put in place.

The very fact that Ken Livingstone, having mentioned a forbidden word, which lead to him being suspended by the Labour Party, lends weight to the notion, that there are many forbidden words, which were and will be excluded during  all of these so-called explorations of the truth of the European Union.

There is not a country on Earth, which has been improved through contact with Bolshevik Communism. It is a means of control and was never intended to be a means of improving the lot of the working man.

The idea of  “property being theft” may sound very fine and noble, until the day arrives when you are told that the home, the debt for which you spent your working life re-paying, is now no longer yours.

That will fade into nothing when your children find themselves confronted with the imposition of a system “credits” as salaries,  which like a French telephone contract is wiped to zero at the end of each month, whether you used all of your credit or not. That is the ultimate purpose of doing away with cash. A system which will also eliminate savings.

It has now  become impossible to speak of cooperation as being a means of peaceful co-habitation with other countries in your neighbourhood. It would now appear that in order to achieve this peaceful relationship with “foreigners,” there is need of an over-arching, unelected, hidden hand of control.

The main subject in these debates, should not hover around the fear of reprisals, which “could” be taken against British pensioners in Spain, or about details of conformity to EU regulations pertaining to British made products, which will be the same regulations which apply to all other countries outside of the EU.

Cameron was attempting to suggest that British manufacturers are so stupid as to not understand, how to conform to EU regulations, when they know exactly how to conform to those of other countries.

Listening to all of this nonsense, which included references to the “Over the Top” genocide of the Great War but which sadly lacked the mention of the fact that The Great War was the launch date of what has lead to the covert construction of the European Union, illustrates that the British people have been presented with more lies which deny the evidence of their own experience in recent years.

The European Union has destroyed Europe and will continue to destroy Europe through the medium of “Debt” and immigration. The missing ingredient from the first two “debates” has been one simple fact, that across Europe there are millions of folk, whom have seen with their own eyes, the continuing attacks on their freedoms and have voted in massive numbers for Political Parties, like the Front Nationale  and Pergida, which are being lambasted by the same “Free Press” which saw to the expulsion of Livingstone from the Labour Party in the UK.

Across Europe, election results are being rigged in favour of the status quo. The UK referendum is being prepared for such rigging, by tales of opinion being on a “knife-edge” of indecision, of the result being “too close to call” and will no doubt, “go down to the wire,” which will lead to the continuing acceptance of the criminals who refer to themselves as the “Government.” There is no such thing as a Government, there are only temporary “servants” of the people.

There is so much evidence available, disclosing the presence of the usual hoodlums, who are behind the scenes, writing the prospectus of the EU and funding the imposition of a form of dictatorship across the planet, of  which it is inconceivable that both Cameron and Gove, both of them being in the thick of it, are not fully aware.

There are steps being taken, by unknown but well-known criminals to set up the same form of Unions which will include every country on Earth, which is why everywhere is suddenly under attack, either fiscally or militarily.

Is there anybody out there, who can put a name or two to the group, which is secretly plotting the construction of the Eurasian Union for example or indeed the Union of South American States or the Pacific Rim Union? I am not sure if those are the correct names will finally be bestowed on these new groupings but they are most certainly under construction. The North American Union has already been signed into existence, without a word to the American people.

Gove mentioned his fathers fishing business, which was ignored by the Labour Party spokes-person as if it was nothing, it was actually the destruction of virtually the entire British Fishing Industry, which was a very important loss to the UK. She made a banal crack about Groucho Marx and his priciples, “…if you don’t like them I have others.”  She would have been more to the point had she quoted his other “truth”, “Please accept my resignation I don’t want to be a member of any club which would have me as a member.”

Across Europe, steps are being taken to destroy the need of a Central Government for each member state. This scheme is already under way. How many people in the UK have been informed of the reason for the sudden appearance of the need for a Mayor for all of the main cities across the UK, in the so-called “Power-House” areas?” Are they aware that exactly the same thing is being proposed across the EU?

Here in France steps are well under way to create “Super Regions” which will be under the control of regional Mayors. There is already, unknown to the general public, an International organisation for these Mayors, from where they will receive their instructions, leading inevitably to the closing of National Parliaments.

Why are allegedly intelligent people unable to grasp the concept that their very civilisation and culture are in mortal danger?

In the UK these in/out discussions are taking place for no better reason than to convince you that you have been persuaded, through a form of false logic, to vote either for a British exit from the concept of a Union or indeed in preparation for a UK entry into a Union composed of the vestige of the Jew/British Empire. Either way you are being betrayed and you will end up in the hands of the scourge of Planet Earth.

I know very little and I am not a gifted researcher, however I have managed to uncover certain information, which has yet to be mentioned in public, which to say the least is odd, should such information be no more than a theory.




I hope the above link works, I have a continuing difficulty with links;  however this tale conforms more or less exactly with claims which I have previously made on many occasions. All that is lacking is reference to the real anti White European,  agenda which was basic to the plan and it still so remains.

This plan was already under way when The Great War, a totally unnecessary war on the face of it, was declared and which concealed and continues to conceal, the total slaughter, of White Christian, European Youth.

Within twenty years, Europe was once again under attack, from the same Money Lenders whom had forced the world into the Great War.  Germany was once again selected as the excuse. The German people were savagely destroyed. It is a dark stain on the public image of the “Good Guys” who fought “The Good War.” They fought this “Good War” with such depravity that the actuality of their conduct, during this war, must be forever concealed.

Across Europe any mention of the truth of this “liberation” of Europe,  can lead to a broken nose or a term in prison, such is the power of those whom control our thoughts.

Despite the disclosure of certain pieces of the puzzle of the “Big Plan,” certain things are never brought into open discussion.  The most pressing detail at this moment should be the claim from all European Governments that it is impossible to stop the current mass migration towards Europe.

This is an outright lie. There are many simple steps which would very quickly put a stop to this part of the plan, which in the words of Nicolas Sarkozy, is designed to “brown out” of existence, the White Race. Did Gove or Cameron mention this statement from Sarkozy? Of course not, does that mean they are unaware of it?

Did Gove in his presentation mention the words, Bolshevik or Communist, with the same alacrity with which they continue to denounce Fascism or Nazism? Did they make mention of what has been the experience of any State which has fallen to Bolshevik Communism? Was there any mention of the cold-bloody manner in which the British Socialist Government, after World War Two, licked the back-side of the dark, evil, murdering psychopath, Joseph Stalin, as he continued his purges in Eastern Europe and Russia?

Was there any support for Hungary in 1956, when the people attempted to break free from this Bolshevik Regime? Did they send in the paid Mercenaries to take down the Jew Bolsheviks in Russia? That would be the same Bolsheviks who had taken steps in China, having placed their man, Mao Zedong into power, to murder millions of Chinese people, without a word of criticism from the “Free West.”

That is the program of Bolshevism, they wipe out the brightest and the best. They leave no stone unturned to make sure that they can maintain control without fear of opposition.

The European Union is in the process of setting up a European Army and rest assured that  when this aim is realised,  any Army will consist of what is referred to as “The Brown Shield” in the US Military, which is a reference to the Mexican recruits, whom have been trained to hate White people by the Jew controlled Mexican puppet Government. Europe is even now, fully charged, with unemployed Muslim youth, which will be conscripted, when necessary, into this European Army, ready to delight in the slaughter of the White Race, just as the Russian Asians were used to rape and murder their way across Germany.

All of this pretence of predicting the “real” future of Europe, whether the UK remains inside or outside, is all rubbish and it is almost a guarantee that a world-wide economic crash is already taking place.

Even China is these days on the ropes. The usual use ad ad hominem attacks by the likes of Adam Boulton, are indicative of their complicity in the suppression of a slightly distasteful future which can of course be laid at the door of those whom voted to leave the EU.

The arch liar himself, the Black man in the White House, Obama has already made such a threat against the economy of the entire being destroyed destroyed by Brexit, much in the manner that Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling were used by Cameron as the scapegoat for the 2007/8 crash.

Donald Trump, like Obama, made a comment about Brexit. He also corrected the misrepresented which circulated all and everywhere and still does about what he had said about Muslims coming into the USA. A mis-statement which is sadly used to this day by Sky and Russia Today. I am not sure about the evil BBC. There is nothing to find fault with in Trumps remarks. He is also prepared to stand and speak out against the Clintons’.