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The Return Of King Boris To Slay The Remoaner Dragons





This is the tale of Jo Cox which was never aired on the mainstream media.

Borism And All That Nonsense.



I was quite surprised to hear, that it came as “news” to listeners of the Alternative Media in the United States, that Boris Johnson was a Jew. Most of the “Greatest and Best” also firmly believe there to have never been a Jew president of America, when in fact most of them have been, including the previous one Barack Obama, that is, if his Jew mother really was his mother, never mind who his father may have been.



Obama was high on the list of criminals whom were being shielded by the Mueller report and the traitorous Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is no more Federal than is the Federal Reserve, nor as they say, than Federal Express. Like the Central Intelligent Agency, the FBI has been used, without censure, to promote the idea of terrorist attacks in the USA, which were FBI and CIA instigated and initially aimed at Muslims, in order to generate an excuse to bomb the Middle East to ruin but which are now being aimed at White people in general, as in the “mad and evil White guy, who we are told carried out the recent El Paso attack, which fortunately took the eyes of the world off of the surreptitious evacuation of Jeffrey Epstein to the safety of Israel.




It will be interesting to find out whether the dossier of claims made against Epstein, which has already been released, contains anything of value and if so, will it now be withheld from the public and along with the list of the crimes, of the likes of Obama and the Clinton’s to be buried forever, not to mention those of the “Royal Prince Andrew”. In a future remake of 1984, the question will most probably be something like “What is six million minus three million?” Or has correct response to that claim, “six million” already been embedded into Whitey’s brain?

In the following clip we see a totally biased idea of White Supremacy. I hear Muslims and Blacks in the United States claiming that certain areas are Black or Muslim zones and the Jew SPLC fails to mention the Jews and their claim that Israel is a Jew State just as the Blacks all across Africa claim Africa to be a Black Continent, so why is that only the White Nationalists get the “Racist” treatment” all of which is reinforced by the claims of the Jews, whom declared the World War against Germany in 1933 and whom now use the symbol of the “Cross of Peace” the Swastika as a symbol of “Racism” to suit their own agenda. So what is 2+2? When did defence become attack? When did Armistice become defeat?“, how can it be that every country which was “saved” by the controlled Western Christian Forces, now lies in ruins and ripe for the picking by Israel.

How can it be, that when all the most evil crimes in history have been laid at the door of Adolf Hitler, that the killer punch, which is most often used to completely condemn him in the eyes even of those whom remain unconvinced, is to tell us that he is a Rothschild bastard, his mother once worked as a scullery maid for the Baron you know? All of which suggests the Jews to be just as responsible for the Alt-Right in Charlottesville as they were for National Socialism in Germany and the ritual slaughters in Communist Russia because they invented all of the “Isms”.