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Gone Are The Days When Made In Britain Meant Something.

We called on [President Bashar] Assad to go. We set the red lines of what we would accept in his treatment of the Syrian population. And then we did nothing about it,” Johnson said, according to Bloomberg. We willed the end, and failed to will the means – leaving the pitch wide open for Russia and Iran.”“British foreign policy is not the problem; it is part of the solution,” he said, insisting that unrest in Syria and the Middle East “have been exacerbated not so much by Western meddling as by our aloofness.”

These are the ramblings of the Jew Eton Boy, Boris Johnson, who spent his formative years in the company of those other Jew Eton Boys, George Osborne and David Cameron, who along with Wild Willy Hague, actually constructed the terrorist groups which have brought chaos to Syria, shortly after they had bestowed the same blessing on Libya.

Do the people of the United Kingdom need this kind of idiot running the front office? Why is it so difficult for them to vote for decent folk. Not members of a Political Party, or posh boys, to do that means you may end up with wig-wearing idiots like Diane Abbott, attempting to remember where she is at any given moment. All Political Parties are Corporations, which in short means they work for the Chief Executive Officer, who works for the main shareholders, whom are not the people.

Most of the Western World, Britain included, is devoid of resources. Once upon a time, Britain had coal and steel and Cloth Mills, a huge car industry, wagon shops for locomotives, ship building, the first jet aircraft, including the worlds most beautiful airliner, the Comet and of course Concorde.



Those days have long gone and Britain no longer has any industrial clout. It has become a net importer of all its needs, motor cars made in the UK are made by foreign companies, even Rolls Royce was thrown to the wolves, all of it through the deliberate policies of so-called Socialists.

When World War Two came to an end, the newly elected Socialist Party, began the introduction of the Fabian Societies policy of open door immigration. The Fabian Society has been writing Labour Party policy from the early days of the Party. David Rockefeller was educated by the Fabian Society, at the London School of Economics, he also funded both the Fabian Society and the European Union, with the help of Churchill, that should give the British a glimpse of the reality of British politics. However, in anybody’s terms, this is not the best of times to be continuing the flooding of the UK with immigrants.



In a small country, which is already heavily overpopulated, with limited agricultural land available, where through idiotic regulations, imposed by the European Union, production of milk was undermined by the cheaper milk from Poland and elsewhere and the fishing industry destroyed, leaving the UK as an importer of many foodstuffs which were once home-grown.




I find it hard to imagine what will happen in London and other big cities, should the promised mini ice-age arrive this winter. In 1963 the UK was hit by a severe winter and everything came to a standstill, since when the population of Britain is almost twenty-million greater than it was back then, with most supermarket’s holding a limited stock of food, relying on frequent refurbishment, every three days, when they are already running short of stock.

Back in 2010, I personally found shortages on the shelves after a severe snowfall, which made deliveries difficult and there were supply shortages for a couple of weeks,  before things got back to normal. I was snowed in for two weeks, and forced to hitch hike to the shops. In a large city things will be even more difficult, as people buy all and everything, just in case, the freeze-up is prolonged.


Spring 2010, South of France this is a colour photograph.








The Men Who Sold The World.


We Are On The Brink Of A New Reformation.          

“Take heed that no man shall deceive you.” (Jesus Christ)




           The Men Whom Sold The World.

Boris Johnson, the British Peoples Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, is voicing his ‘belief,’ that Britain, without a word to the British people, would be prepared to enter into yet another illegal war in the Middle East, fighting alongside the United States’ killing machine, against Russia and Bashar al Assad, in Syria, where the British deliberately initiated a war, using “proxy” killers, whom the British and others referred to as the Free Syrian Army, in an attempt to destroy a perfectly reasonable regime, in order to force a passage for a pipeline, pumping oil and gas,  stolen by Israeli, towards Europe.

The European Peoples, would be well advised to take notice of the facts on the ground, which clearly demonstrate, that all of the world-wide Muslim terrorism, is favoring the aims of the aggressor countries, which include France, Britain and the United States, all of whom have been engaged in the destruction of the Middle East, in the name of clearly fabricated excuses, generated, with the aid of the Jews in Saudi Arabia and the Israeli terrorist groups, on 911.

Europe and the Western World, have since that day, been warned of the possibility of ‘terrorist attacks’ emanating from certain countries, which will have to be destroyed, in order to save us all from a fate worse than death. These lies have ‘justified’ the cold-blooded murder of an estimated ten million Muslim souls, since the day of the deliberate demolition of the World Trade Centre in New York, from which a Jew called Silverstein, ‘gained’ billions of Dollars, from the destruction of a newly purchased ‘asset’ which would have cost billions of Dollars to renovate. 

Should the correct response, to this 911 ‘atrocity,’ have been taken, the first target would have been Israel and after Israel Saudi Arabia, both of which were implicated in the Cecil B De Mille style presentation of the excuses, which were used in order to conceal the controlled demolition of the World Trade Centre.

During the years since the destruction of the World Trade Centre, the support given by the wholly controlled media, which is in the hands of those whom instigated the attack itself, has been so solid, that with the participation of controlled politicians,  we have all been ‘forced’ to accept the ‘impossible’ as truth.

The rapidity with which the evidence was destroyed, is evidence enough of the complicity of the Government of the United States, in the crime. There was visible evidence of the actuality, that the whole business was deliberate, demonstrated by angled cuts to the supporting columns of the Trade Centre, which could only have been as a result of a deliberate intent to demolish the buildings.

The ecstatic laughter of the American establishment, is sickening, more than one million Iraqi people were starved to death by British and American sanctions and a further million were killed, after the ‘Coalition of Evils’ attack and invasion, which followed all those years of ‘softening up’ with sanctions. These scum are called ‘Our Leaders.’ This little twat, Bush, was followed by the ‘Black Souled’ Obama, whom ‘ruled’ through eight years of the non-stop slaughter of Muslims, but he was a ‘good man’ so they tell me.

You can decide for yourself, how a man, whom was awarded The Nobel Peace Prize, was not castigated, but honoured, when despite accepting the money, he then sent American troops off to kill Muslims all across the World.

This is the measure of the stupidity of the American People, whom after the end of Obama, were disappointed when the ‘first female’ President, the grand larcenist, Hillary Clinton, failed to win, apparently unaware that she was promising a war against Iran and Syria and the massacre of any vestige of Muslim resistance to the aims of Israel. The only State which stands to gain from the total destruction of the Middle East is Israel.

The result of all of the attacks against the Muslim World, has been the furtherance of the overt aim of World Jewry, to destroy the White Christian World, using mass immigration from The Middle East as a tool of destruction. While this is ongoing, Israel itself refuses, without a word of criticism from European politician, to accept one single refugee into Israel, while the Jew controlled world media describes White Christian resistance to this deliberate aim as Racism or xenophobia.

We are actually watching World Events, as if they are of no more importance than the script of a Hollywood film. This is an acceptance of the next step, which cannot be far off, when my faithful readers wake up to find, that my site is no longer available, along with similar sites offering an alternative point of view. Resistance will be banned. Soon ‘cash’ will also be banned allowing the State, to control every aspect of our lives.

No political system should be allowed to take control the ‘Internet,’ using the claim of a fear that ‘we’ could hack ‘them.’ If they want privacy, they can quite easily construct their own ‘internet’ which can be used for ‘secret’ things, financial transactions and other forms of non-public operations, leaving the ‘Free Internet’ for the people. They have no justification whatsoever, to interfere with our personal communications, the next step would be to forbid the posting of a written letter to a friend.

The British people are oh so proud of their trustworthy BBC. Little do they know that the BBC has long been used as a ‘bull-horn’ of lies, which has been used to deceive the British people into illegal wars, for generations.

The atrocities of both the British and Americans have long been kept secret from the ordinary citizen, however Politicians in both countries are aware of exactly what has been going on.

The Korean war is a perfect example of this deceit. The BBC, along with the rest of the British media presents the current ‘Kim’ in Korea as being some sort of idiot, while forgetting to mention that the British, along with their ‘Allies’ the United States, carried out unbelievable massacres during the Korean War, which, remarkably, has never come to an end.

The North has been held in this ‘still in a state of war’ limbo for decades, without a word of explanation to the British or American people, whom are now ready to accept, yet another false claim of Kim, being a ‘brutal dictator,’ which will inevitably lead to more death.

What was done to Korea during a war, which was based on lies, revolved around the ‘unexpected’ installation of the Jew Bolshevik controlled Mao Zedong in China, which was then used as a justification for the ‘Great Lie’ of the fear of Communism and the Domino Effect, which we were warned could lead to the installation of Communism all across the region.

This was mere camouflage for the victory of Communism in the United States itself, which was discovered and exposed by Senator Joe McCarthy, even as the Bolshevik Communist European Union, was being constructed by Churchill and other Jews in Europe. World War Two was in fact, the triumph of International Jewry, which was and still is, attempting to install their ‘Hard Line’ control of all Nations.

The Communists cry of ‘Property is Theft’ would be better understood to mean, ‘Property, other than that of Jews’ is theft. They have been allowed to ‘buy’ with our taxes, all of the main utilities across the planet, including control of the ‘Internet’ by the Jew controlled United Nations.

They have now bought control of the world, with our money. However, without “OUR” complicity, they ‘OWN’ nothing, we can take it all away from them, with that little thing called determination and solidarity. Our politicians are all probably blackmailed paedophiles and a waste of time. They have delivered nothing but grief. The likes of Attlee, Churchill, Roosevelt, Johnson, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Thatcher, Blair and Cameron, have continued the useless slaughters for generations, the time has come to put a stop to their bloody game, before we, the fast vanishing, White Christians, are finally wiped off the face of the earth. Make no mistake about it, this is not paranoia, this is the climax to the scourge of a race, which was started in 1914 at the outset of the Great War.

The missing element in the above clip about the fate of the Armenians, is the fact that the destruction of the Ottoman Empire was one of the lesser known objectives of the Great War, after which Kamal Ataturk was installed as the new Jew leader of Turkey. The well-known Young Turks, whom carried the final chapter of the Armenian Genocide, were also Jews. The recent claim that the Armenian Genocide, had been carried out by Turkish Muslims, was strongly disputed by Erdogan, who is himself a Sabaean Jew, however he failed to mention the identities of the real guilty people.



We are standing on the brink of a modern-day Reformation. The previous model destroyed our traditions, religions and understanding of the past. There is nothing which can be trusted in our History Books, which were re-written by those with an agenda to confuse. We need to Wake Up very quickly because the demons have us by the throat. 



European Union Of Greed And The Lust For Power.

It is already becoming clear why the recent referendum in the United Kingdom was “inexplicably?” controlled on both sides, by Jew interests, ensuring that whichever way the vote went, they would retain control of the tone of the approach,  during the completion of the Peoples choice in Brussels.

Boris Johnson was easily disposed of, having served his purpose, of delivering a load of incomprehensible guff, during the “Brexit debates” through the simple means of a vote of “no confidence” from Michael Gove, Johnson’s side-kick during the recent past.

Gove now has the honour of having driven, his “friend” Cameron to the end of the road, he has now delivered the very same coup de grace to Johnson and quickly followed that up with the attempted suicide of his own chances of being elected as Prime Minister, a position which he has already told us he does not want anyway, by letting us know that he has no charm and therefore leaving the field open for a women, Theresa May, whom has maintained a consistent position in favour of remaining in the EU and is a caring woman whom has generously spread more evil propaganda, in the encouragement of illegal wars against innocent people, than has anyone else in Parliament. We must never forget that we are dealing with Conservatives, in every sense of that word.

The Labour Party is falling over itself to replace a mock Socialist Jeremy Corbyn with a person who straps on dildos – as her favourite form of relaxation – as the preferred leader of a genuine Cuck Socialist team of warmongers.

Meanwhile, the youth of London has lost touch with the meaning of Democracy, which is of course intended to create division, as without a Constitution, protecting the Rights of the minority, there is no other means, apart from an armed uprising, of reversing a Democratic decision to which you object.

Should another referendum be held and should the result be a similar majority for remain, would you accept that result or would call for a third, which would only be fair after all, would it not? I guess not, another referendum would be deemed unnecessary at that point.

This now unacceptable system of the acceptance of the result of the vote,  could well be the reason for describing the Party which lost an election as the Opposition, get it? They cannot simply cwy and cwy and cwy and stamp their foot, demanding to have won. What is more the real result of the referendum has yet to be reported in the “controlled” media. Evidence suggests that the real numbers should read 70% Brexit and 30% Remain. So should this nonsense come down to a ‘street fight’ you will quickly find yourself to be once more on the losing side.


The Brexit, will mean very little for the vast majority of the British. Nothing will make the holiday resorts in Europe refuse to accept  them. The value of the Pound goes up and down all the time, in the very recent past it was worth less than it is now and nobody said a word. If you are a skilled worker, you will still be able to find work in Europe just as the United Kingdom will continue to employ staff from Europe.

Most British Trade is with Countries outside of Europe. The fact is that most British Industry is now overseas itself and the British people paid for it to go overseas because it was claimed that it was creating too much Carbon Dioxide. To reduce British output, British taxpayers paid for their own industry to be exported abroad to where confusingly, it can continue to emit the same level of CO2 which will, I suppose, stubbornly refuse to cross back into British Territory.

It was explained in passing, on one of the endless television money shows, that Brexit will not create too much of a problem for British exports, as it appears that Britain does not export very much these days, having long ago been chosen as a Service Economy, that would be the very sort of economy which will have us all ending up on the dole eating a diet of MacDo’s,  fried and served by immigrants.

The European Union was devised to destroy Europe and there can be little doubt that it has succeeded in this aim. It should be remembered that during the period of the existence of the Common Market, European Economic Zone or European Union there have been endless crashes, depressions, recessions and other Crisis’ none of which were avoided thanks to the EU. The opposite is the reality, for every crash their has been a raid on National Resources, which have been stolen through the use of International Monetary Fund, World Bank or European Central Bank fraudulent debt, which has used the Privatisation of just about everything which is worth privatising, in repayment of criminally, manufactured debt. They are now after our Health Services.

How anybody with a modicum of intelligence, can believe the European Union, which has overseen the complete destruction of European Industry, to have been anything other than a disaster for the Peoples’ of Europe, is a measure of the proficiency of the propaganda machine, which cut its teeth on German children, who were taught to hate themselves and their wonderful history, to suit the lies of those whom installed the European Union.

“We won this war with atrocity propaganda…and now we will start more than ever! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until nobody will accept one good word from or about the German people anymore, until everything is destroyed which might have upheld them some sympathy in other countries, and until they will be so confused that they wont know what to do anymore. When this point is reached, when they begin to pollute their own nest, and this, not reluctantly but with hasty willingness to obey the winners, only then will the victory be complete. It will never be definite. The re-education demands thorough, steadfast nurture like an English lawn. Only one moment of inattention and the weed will break through, this ineradicable weed of historic truth.” – Sefton Delmer, former British chief propagandist after the capitulation in 1945 to the German expert on international law Prof. Grimm.

The Clearance Of Africa Is Well Under Way.

There is a world of difference between having the truth slyly hidden from you and not wanting to know the truth.

I have now come to the conclusion that the British People, through their desire to disregard a truth, which is clearly evident to all and everybody, have now allowed themselves to come up against the brick-wall of their own destruction.

Telling the truth has now been declared as “hate speech” or “racism” and not to forget “anti-Semitic.” For example, it has recently been announced by the German Government that  the “Armenian Massacre” which took place during the years after the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, to have been a genocide, which was carried out by Turkey.

The Turkish Government has expressed its outrage at such a suggestion. This rejection of the claim of a genocide, which some would have us believe, does not apply to a massacre unless it can be shown to have been intentional, is remarkably similar to British claims of bearing no blame for the starvation of up to five million Irish people during a potato blight, which the British still, to this day,  refer to as a Famine, during which the British did export millions of tons of produce from Ireland, at gunpoint, even as the Irish were dying of starvation, putting the lie to any claim of famine.

These two genocides have a similar source, in Armenia, the massacres were carried out by a newly installed regime in Turkey, under the control of Kamal Ataturk, and a bunch of renegades whom are amusingly referred to as “The Young Turks.”  While in Ireland the destruction kicked off in earnest, when Cromwell, having recently murdered the King of England, did in cold blood, attack the Irish towns of Drogheda and Wexford, inflicting massive casualties on the civilian population.

The Young Turks and Kamal Ataturk, were Jews. Erdogan, the current President of Turkey, I believe to be a Sabbatean Jew. So in view of that reality the Armenian Genocide against Christians, which took place even as the Bolshevik Jew Genocide against Christians in Russia, was in full swing, which included the genocide against the Crimean Tartar and the Ukrainian Christians, what is Erdogan’s problem with this situation?

These Genocides were continued during the Second World War, in Germany, where the stated Jew intention was to obliterate the German people, that is an intentional Genocide, with all the necessary documentation still available, with a death toll of at least twenty-million Germans, many of them ruthlessly, starved to death.

In Ireland, the Genocide coincided with the arrival of the previously banned Jews, back into the City of London and the pressure which was put on Cromwell, to inflict massive casualties in Ireland and to commence with the seizure of the land of Ireland, in order to repay a debt with the Dutch Jew bankers whom had financed the English Civil War.

This act in Ireland, along with the Highland Clearances in Scotland and the Enclosure Act in England, were an early example of “Privatisation.”  The land which was grabbed did not fall into the hands of the Government but into the hands of the rich.

These decisions enabled the imprisonment of the Rural communities into the larger towns and cities, making them vulnerable to starvation and diseases and the young men available for the Army, at the moment that the Jew/British Empire kicked off.

Those whom avoid facing up to the truth, should ask themselves why there is a clampdown on any discussion about the above events and why it is that the identity of those involved should be concealed, to the point where in Germany, even as it has now been accepted that the Armenians suffered a genocide and that it can be laid at the door of Turkey but the word Jew must never be mentioned, just as in Ireland the English can be blamed but not the identity of those whom controlled the English.

Even now the Jews are world-wide, blaming all White people for the Crimes of Jews and they are getting away with it, as the term White Guilt, only applies to us and not to the Caucasian White Jews. Where is the logic in that?

The British are, at this time, locked in struggle to the death, about their membership of this European Union, which exhibits all of the usual disinformation, coming from the side which prefers to remain as prisoners of the unelected Politburo in Brussels, which has recently announced its intention of mounting a European Army, which will no doubt operate with a system similar to that of the Politburo, under orders from the same hidden hand. It will be a “private” army in fact, similar to Daech or Al Qaeda.

Just as were the same type of lame excuses used to generate an excuse to destroy the Middle East – to save the people from brutal Dictators, and all that shit – the British are now being showered with the same lame excuses as a reason for remaining in Europe, as are still being used to force the acceptance of Global Warming/Climate Change down our throats.

All of the warnings which are being presented as “bad news” are actually things which throughout my adult life have been happening on a regular basis. The number of unemployed rises and falls. The value of the Pound, does the same. House prices are always being described as a “bubble” which repeatedly bursts, it is about to happen now whether the UK is in or out.

Every scientist on the planet, we are told, accepts the “theory” of Global Warming and under orders, like sheep, they quickly changed their stance, when the thermometer, let them down, to one of Climate Change and of course it follows, that should we ignore their “theory” we are doomed, because if the Climate changes it can only be for the worst. While now we are told that every economist or all of the owners of Central Banks and the IMF and World Bank, claim to “know” that their “theories” are right.

Jeremy Corbyn is in the thick of this nonsense, trying hard to carry out the orders of the Fabian Society, while maintaining his public image, that of a clean pair of hands, even as he is being ridiculed about the weather, by own brother Piers.



Corbyn cannot be ignorant of the aims of The Fabian Society, just as David Cameron cannot not claim ignorance of the reasons as to why, he, alongside members of the  Fabian Society,  was obliged to support the Middle Eastern massacres, which were part of the hidden agenda of the Fabians’, to kick off the clearances of the Middle East and to drive millions of Muslims into Europe.

When Cameron was elected, it was already perfectly clear, to any fool, that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, had been a total disaster, as viewed by the man in the street and yet despite this actuality, he took part in the scheme to continue this slaughter of Muslims in Libya, which has now been laid to waste and the resources stolen.

He then, along with his henchman, Wild Willy Hague, generated an excuse to send his scabrous scum into Syria and sold arms to Saudi Arabia, which could be passed on to the cold-blooded demons,  who took pleasure in the destruction of Christian Churches and the murder of those of any religion other than that which they claimed as their own.

This brings us back to The Armenian Genocide, which involved exactly the same tactics as are evidently being employed in Syria. That would be the same tactics as were used in Palestine, during the “ignored” genocide which took place in that innocent, defenceless State.

Germany experienced the same system of rape, torture and crucifixion and death by starvation, at the hands of Bolshevik Jews, before and during World War 2.

Just as five hundred thousand children were starved to death in Iraq, a number which the Jew Madeleine Albright considered to be acceptable, in order to gain control of Iraqi oil and to encourage folk to head off to Europe.

In Ireland, having brutally starved millions to death, and shot out of hand anyone attempting to take some of the stolen food of Ireland, which was being exported to England, to feed their starving children, the City of London, did in keeping with the tactics of the future Bolshevik Jews, export the Irish to wherever, claiming it to be cheaper to export the starving than it was to feed them.

All of these savage events can be associated with the written aims of Jew inspired Communism, and many more besides. They are, however, dwarfed by events in Russia after the Bolshevik Jew coup d’etat and yet this is rarely mentioned. We are on the other hand swamped with sad tales of what happened to Jews and we must all dig deep,  to find the money to make up for something or other, for which I have no responsibility and for which I no longer give a damn.

All of these events took place and many are still in motion and yet Hitler was not present in 19th Century and he is not present now and yet nothing has changed, while he, Hitler, is still being used as the reason why none of this must ever be allowed to happen again. For Christ’s sake wake up, the Africans are already on their way.

What is taking place in Europe is an invasion and yet the might of NATO, which is supposedly defending us against such an attack, is doing nothing whatsoever, against this current threat.

Despite the tremendous cost of this organisation, which has served no purpose other than to carry out the destruction – to order – of defenceless Muslim States, which posed no threat to Europe, from where, this invasion of Europe is now under-way. There is something dreadfully wrong with this situation. The same thing has been achieved in Mali by the Jew François Hollande, and his eagerness to steal resources for the Elite by whom he is controlled.




Note: I have just heard David Cameron’s opening statement in his latest attempt to fool the British people as to whether they should remain in Europe or  take his well-worn “leap in the dark.”

He announced that he would be releasing evidence of the deceptive methods being employed by the “Brexitiers.” He loudly proclaimed, to one and all, his belief that the UK would be better off in a “Reformed” European Union.

He failed to mention that his attempt to “reform” the Union was a total disaster, but he is attempting to deceive the unwary into believing that this reformation has taken place. There is no end to the hypocrisy of the “remain” people and their supporters must surely be in need of a dose of Geniux!







Death Of The Cockney Sparra. Will The Liver Birds Be Next?

Even as his old firm, the BBC, is announcing the extinction of the East End Cockney, Greg Dyke is gushingly praising the election of an immigrant, as Mayor of London,  as a sign of the willingness  of the British to fully accept the integration of immigrants into British society, in defiance of the warnings of Enoch Powell. He neglected to mention that Khan was elected by immigrants, who form a majority in London. This was in fact the vindication of Enoch Powell’s warning.

Khan’s election was an example of the power of a “Racist” vote. As did I,  you may have noticed that all other candidates in the Mayoral election, apart from the Jew and the Muslim were ignored. Should George Galloway, for example have been elected, do you imagine that he would have bent over for the Jews as did Khan, who demonstrated by this act, that he has chosen to ignore the part played by Israel in the Middle Eastern slaughters and “clearances.”

Schools, across the East End, now serve mainly immigrants, the Whites have moved out in droves, claiming the collapse of their culture as the reason for their flight.

A discussion in which Dyke took part, on Sky News, while ignoring completely the fact that the East End was actually becoming a White Free Zone,  where none of the immigrant groups showed any willingness whatsoever to integrate, they unbelievably picked out the Isle of Wight as an unacceptable White sanctuary, where efforts should be made to force them to accept their share of immigrants. This is deplorable. So wake up Whitey, they’re coming to get you. There is no hiding place. London Mayor Khan’s first assignment was to bend over for Israel. WTFIGO?

Just listening to this nonsense, coming out of the mouths of allegedly intelligent people, made my teeth grate. They hysterically pointed out that Bristol had done the same thing, by electing a Black Mayor.

The Black Community in Bristol now has a Mayor, who will no doubt work in the interest of his own people, while the White Community will, as usual, provide all of the money to improve the comforts of dole mongers, whom have in fact contributed nothing of any real value to the City.

In California, millions of Mexicans are streaming across the border-line, allegedly bringing innumerable benefits along with them, who knows why they do not use these benefits for the good of Mexico?

Anyway, as in most places where immigrants arrive in uncontrolled numbers, they are destroying the host country, which is par for the course for parasites. The result of this is the flight of Whites, California will quickly become just another Mexican wasteland, should White money disappear.

The economy of the USA is already dead on its feet. It has a debt which is illegal, which is held against the people of the USA, whom have gained nothing in return, a debt which can never be repaid, which was generated through the cost of vicious wars, which served the purpose of the Mob.

The people of the USA have been pumped full of “tasty” crap food, to the point where one can only marvel at the capacity of the human body to bloat to such obscene proportions, which still allows folk, whom are quite clearly psychotically greedy, to continue to stuff their faces. These folk are beyond salvation.

The Mexicans, by whom they will be replaced, could not possibly be described as the cream of the Mexican crop, they will be the un-educated, no-hopers,  who will be used to work for a pittance. When Whitey goes, the good jobs will go with him.

White civilisation attracts millions of those seeking a better life, there are  no better options on the table, so Whites should be well cared for, however they are in the cross-hairs of the Jews, who quite rightly fear them and have been seeking a means of wiping them out for over one hundred years.

Even as Europe is being destroyed in front of our eyes, complicit politicians in the United Kingdom, where immigration is seen as a major problem, insist on presenting this to mean immigrants from the European Union, even as White Flight is in full swing, not from French or Dutch immigrants but from Muslims, Hindus and Blacks from Somalia.

Jeremy Corbyn, irritatingly avoids facing up to the fact that his own Party is in favour of destroying White Christian Britain, through the medium of immigration, by repeatedly claiming that two million British People work in other European Countries,  so why should Britain not allow other Europeans to come to the UK, even as London which has not been swamped with Germans and is not controlled and dominated by Europeans but by Blacks and Muslims and millions of immigrants from outside of the European Communist Union, as is the rest of Europe.

Boris Johnson claims that the European Union is no more than an attempt to do what Hitler and Napoleon failed to do, without apparently noticing that it was the Bolshevik Jews, whom with the aid of Churchill a Jew, Roosevelt a Jew and Stalin yet another Jew, created the Eastern Bloc, the USSR, by handing Eastern Europe and half of Germany into the hands of the animalistic Bolsheviks in Russia.

While in Western Europe, the Bilderberg group prepared the rest of us for the chop. This is all part of a Marxist Agenda, not a German plan,  which is apparently completely unknown by our clever leaders, a plan to destroy White Christianity through a forced breeding with Black and Brown immigrants.

The Fabian Society was at the heart of this plan, New Labour continued to put it into place, they were all Fabian Society Members, as is the sly character leading the Labour Party at the moment.

Europe is being swamped by immigrants. To suggest that this is being done for the benefit  of indigenous Europeans is a joke. The only people who are hailing this to be the right thing to do are Jews. Europe is in the grip of Jew Politicians and Jew controlled Banks and big business, none of whom have questioned the apartheid policies of the racist State of Israel, where the Jews will not accept one single refugee.

Boris Johnson has once again exposed the controlled medias willingness to pick out his mention of Hitler, while at the same time ignoring that Stalin was a Jew, working to a Jew Marxist agenda, when he starved Ukrainians to death and deported the Tartars.

When they do report that sort of truth, they do, as usual turn the truth on its head,  using it as a pointed attack on Putin, a Christian. As when the winning song in Eurovision mentioned a familiar story of Jew clearances in Crimea and Ukraine of those, against whom they held a grudge. All of these “Clearances” bear a strong resemblance to each other.

The Ukraine is now back in the hands of the Jews, Poroshenko, the President is a Jew, he was chosen through the machinations of a Jew, Victoria Nuland, a deputy Secretary of State, from the USA, with cash from the Jew George Soros,  his Prime Minister was a Jew and various regional Mayors are Jews, yet these Jews, through their controlled media, forget to mention all this, thereby exonerating themselves from blame for the wholesale atrocities for which they are responsible.

Israel was constructed by the same people whom gave us the Soviet Union, just as it is the same people, who have a well known, though never mentioned, agenda to take control of the whole wide world.

We are constantly being told that this is a conspiracy theory, despite the fact that it is in writing, that the construction of Israel and the brutal clearances of Palestine, which has been achieved, was the first step in this agenda. Not in my opinion, but in the stated opinion of the likes of Polish, David(Gruen) Ben Gurion,  who changed his name  to one sounding more ‘regional” to Israel, -The realisation of the deleterious behaviour of a hidden hand, is nothing new:

“As far back as 1880 the Anglo-American occult leaders, directing the political leaders, knew about the coming World War and prepared for it. The German leaders knew nothing, and would not take warning, that is why they lost! The physical war was easily won by England, but it will be followed by a spiritual war between East and West (East – India, Russia, and German; West – Anglo-America), which will be much more dangerous for the West. For instance, India, which is half starving (according to Mrs. Besant!), will rebel and be helped by powerful spiritual forces out of her past. Germany must fulfil her mission, otherwise the European civilization will be ruined.” (Rudolph Steiner, lecture given at Stuttgart in 1918

Steiner was a leading light in the Spiritual Renaissance at the beginning of the 20th Century, but he quickly realised that it was being controlled, when he saw the desperate search being made for a “spiritual” World Leader, which produced the sweep-head Krishnamurti, whom turned down the offer, but whom made a good living out of his reputation.




Cameron Is Warning Of War In Europe Should The UK Leave The EU.

The British have been laying the world to waste for the past one hundred years, whether in Europe or out of it. Being in Europe has done nothing to reduce the British lust for blood, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and many other places. The British, along with their blood-stained  cahoots in the United States, have, since the end of World War Two, massacred thirty-million people. Does it really matter whether that was in Europe or elsewhere?

The British were gung-ho for the slaughters in Yugoslavia, which were, as usual,  blamed on the victims. They were then supportive of the “Balkanisation” of the region, an act which they now claim is illegal, when it is Putin who dares to quite legally allow Crimea back into Russian control.

Is Yugoslavia not a European country and why was it not allowed entry into the European Union, while still a fully functioning State, before being forced to privatise the entire wealth of the region into the hands of Bankers, who dare not speak their name, and the very same Corporations, who are now seeking to control us all through TTIP,  forcing the people of the region into an enormous debt, which was the object of the exercise? Europe did nothing to help stop that caper.

Britain, despite believing themselves to be some sort of beneficial , which has been a positive force of good in the world, have need to look no farther away than the Scottish Highlands, the Welsh valleys or indeed the Emerald Isle, Eire, just across the water, to understand the barbaric cruelty of the regime in London.

Listening to Cameron talking about the “Dark Days” of the 1940’s when “Britain stood alone, against the dark forces,” is such a croque of bullshit as to beggar belief. He continued to suggest, by implication, that Russia attacked Georgia, when the opposite was the case. He talks about a belligerent Russia when he illegally destroyed Libya and Syria, without intervention from the European Union, and it was Russia who stepped in to stop the total annihilation of Syria, which he, Cameron was determined to carry out.

Cameron is now claiming that in some way, the British released Eastern Europe from the grip of the Communists in 1989, when in fact it was Britain’s favourite pervert, Winston Churchill,  who agreed to hand over Eastern Europe to the Russians at Yalta in 1947.

Everything which Cameron is preaching, in his “We have to remain in Europe speech” is a lie. He will not explain that helping Eastern Europe out of one suffocating Union, involved going straight back into another one, which is also controlled by Bankers and Corporations.

He suggests that being in Europe gives the British a better chance of influencing decisions in Europe, when he quite recently, clearly failed to gain the slightest change in the stance of the European Union, when he needed something, anything would have done, to claim that he had “reformed” the Union.

According to Cameron, any country which does not belong to one of these over-bearing, un-elected, dictatorial Unions, is a dead duck.  His own government is even now being described as dysfunctional, by those whom have ordered him and his chancellor to set about installing areas,  with thrilling names like “Northern Powerhouse,” and other such hyperbolic titles, where immigrant Mayors’ can be installed as in London and Bristol, who will themselves be controlled by yet another Global Union of Power City Mayors, rendering Parliament to the dust-bin of history, while the Mayor takes control, taking his orders from the “Shadow Government.”

We are all restricted from presenting the truth, because to do so has become a Conspiracy Theory. I recently posted an article from the pages of an Israeli web-site, listing the enormous effort, being taken by the Cameron administration, which is in fact controlled by himself, a Jew and George Osborne another Jew, listing the huge efforts which are being made in  the UK,  to ensure that children will be indoctrinated with a tale, which bears no resemblance to the truth. This is the measure of the “freedom” of the citizens of this Union, which Cameron is presenting as a guarantee of our continuing liberty.

Even as he prattles, Cameron is deceiving the British. He has now allowed, not only telling the truth to become a dangerous act, he has also, even as the war in the streets is kicking off,  trained the British to believe that pride in their heritage is a Racist act, even as immigrants are chanting death to the British in the streets of Britain.

Cameron created this situation, by coldly and deliberately – in the wake of that other destroyer of the UK Tony Blair –  destroying the Middle East, forcing the people to seek shelter in Europe. The complicit Jews in Germany and France facilitated the process. The Jew Merkel throwing open the gates of Germany and inviting those whom hate us, including “terrorists” trained by the West,  into our midst, while still hiding behind the fact that in past times she was a Communist,  in the Stasi controlled Eastern Germany.

Communism holds out vague promises for the working man, while at the same time ensuring that we are all held firmly in the grip of those whom would deny freedom of any sort.  Cameron is a Communist, he is installing Communitarianism, which is a means of using the same fear tactics, which he is currently employing as a means of convincing the British to vote to remain in the EU, by telling us that because the Climate is changing we must all give up our cars, we must accept that it is not sustainable for us to own our own home, that living in the country-side is not good for the animals, so we must all live in boxes, in huge cities, leaving them with their Lear Jets and Rolls Royce and Mansions in the Shires, with just enough Peasants to hoe the fields and herd the cows.



Listening to the likes of Cameron and his thugs, claiming that the UK would be safer by remaining inside the unelected Communist European Union, when it is the UK which has been responsible, in some way,  for every war in the past hundred years, makes me smile. Britain has shown contempt for the welfare of others across the planet, while Cameron and other Jews, whom have been in control of the United Kingdom, since the days of Cromwell,  are now allowing, White People to carry the can, for their crimes, by inciting racial hatred against Whites,  while they snigger and hide away all of the stolen riches of the world.



Clubs And Knobs And Dead Pigs Heads.


The Skull and Boners, men whom are obliged to masturbate in coffins


There is one simple fact of life, there is no such profession as that of a professional politician. Politicians should be chosen from the common herd, to spend a part of their time trying to do the best for their people. They should never be chosen from a select group, particularly from a group with a hidden agenda. Most particularly, never from a group which has already seized for themselves, the possibility of conditioning children in school, to accept their agenda and to uphold it, as if it was the only possible means of running a fair society.

What is going on in the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, at this very moment, is proof positive, that there is no such thing as Democracy. A small group of rich Jews, has taken total control of the Tory Party.


Cmeron,Osborne and Johnson - Bullingdon Boys

The Bullingdon Club and a member who places his member into a dead pig.



This group of half-wits, were at a Public School, Eton, together, Oxford University, together and members of a tally-ho, exclusive drinking club, with bizarre sexual practices, the Bullingdon Club, together.

They are still together in the UK Parliament, where two of them will very soon be vying with each other, to take over, the position left vacant by the other, when he steps down. They are all Jews.

One of these men, Boris Johnson, whom is virtually incoherent but flamboyant, is the Mayor of London. Another David Cameron, a War Criminal, is Prime Minister of the UK. The third, George Osborne, is the Chancellor of the Exchequer. What are the odds of this happening by chance?

Johnson is being used as the “face” of Brexit, the team pretending to want to leave the European Union, standing alongside Boris, in this “Brexit” group is Michael Howard, yet another Jew, making sure that both sides of the in/out Referendum on the European Union, are safely in the same hands. The other pair being Osborne and Cameron, still all together.

When Johnson steps down as Mayor of London, making him available to accept the position of Prime Minister, after Cameron quits, Zack Goldsmith, yet another Jew, who is himself a Member of Parliament, will be standing for election against a Muslim, to replace Johnson as Mayor.

How much more evidence do the British people need, to be convinced that they are being led by the nose to oblivion. All of the above mentioned are part of a long-standing, Zionist scheme to “brown” White people. Do those simple British folk sincerely believe that their Jews will be different, that they will ultimately choose to decide, out of compassion not to carry out what they were put in place to achieve?

Part of the illusion of politics, is the idea that the idiots who scream at one another across the “Chamber,” decide what policy should be. You are meant to believe that a veritable half-wit, sits around with a pocket calculator, working out the sums, for his Budget speech,  the results of which will be loaded on to the backs of the long-suffering people, as tax or other onerous charges, to reduce the “deficit,” which is itself code for, making up for the shortfall in Income Tax, to pump up the eye-watering payments of taxes, necessary to keep the Central Bankers happy. Independent Members of Parliament, would never go along with this crime. Only controlled Political Parties, will keep this scam going.

All policy is decided, without any input from “The Cabinet” of Ministers, they are nothing more than a front for behind the scenes controllers such as Chatham House, The Royal Institute for International Affairs, which has branches in Europe, Australasia, Canada and in the United States, where it is called The Council on Foreign Relations, which works in tandem with the Tri-Lateral Commission.

Alongside these groups, there is the Bilderberg Group, which is where the controlled politicians, from both sides of their countries Parliaments, sit down together, to receive their orders. Imagine the difficulty involved in disseminating any agenda, across Europe, without the total control and complicity of the various “Left/Centre/Right, Political Parties, across the Continent?

Early in the 19th Century, Johan Fitche, in an address to the German people, suggested that Napoleon had destroyed the Prussians, because the Prussians were too concerned with their own safety. To change this attitude, he averred that “.. the education of children, “would” be taken over by the State, which would tell them how to think and what to think.” Fitche was replaced, after his death, by Hegel, who believed that the State is absolute reason and that we the people can only become free by worship and obedience to the State. Does that ring a bell?

This philosophy was quickly seized upon by Marx and Engels, along with the principles of Darwin and his tale of Evolution, particularly the idea that there was a system of “survival of the fittest” built into the evolutionary process, which lead on to the “justifiable,” indiscriminate, slaughter of those deemed to be less fit than were those whom adored the idea of power over others, particularly the power of life over death.

The buffoon, George Osborne, has just announced his intention of completely privatising UK education into the hands of Corporations, having already destroyed the education system in the UK, with the help of New Labour, to the point where they are now claiming that they are obliged to trawl Third World countries, in search of, better educated workers with the necessary intelligence to handle, what were once basic jobs.

Social Darwinism or Social Marxism, or indeed the principles of Hegel, have now decided that White people are of no further use and we are to be justifiably eliminated as mere casualties of  the natural process, of having not been fit enough to compete with low intelligent animals.

The acceptance of this notion has already been indoctrinated into the minds of children at school, who have been educated to hate their own kind. In mixed racial school-rooms, White children are being educated to believe that there is no such thing as White culture. Only other kinds of folk have a culture, Whites are an aberration.

To accelerate this process, towards our final demise, the Jew Osborne, is attempting to segregate the UK into Regions, all of which will be obliged to ultimately accept a Jew Mayor and all of these regions will be carefully provided with a massive number of immigrants, all of whom are being educated to hate Whites, a process which will very quickly transform the UK into another country altogether.

The European Union is all part of this process, which is why there is so much pressure being put on the various members, to accept their dose of those immigrants whom have been quite deliberately shipped off to Europe. Take for example the “tent city” which has been built up on the borders of Greece. That is a refugee camp. Why is Europe being obliged to do more, than any other country has ever been forced to do, by providing these folk with housing, education, social security payments and other things? Why do we not simply keep them safe until they can return home? Could it be that our “Democratic Puppets” have another idea in mind? What a stupid idea that is! I must be some sort of Conspiracy Theorist.

The controlled European Union, is now presenting another ridiculous means of coping with the immigration problem, that of sending thousands back to where they came from, and then accepting exactly the same number directly from the source of the immigrants in return.

This is arrant nonsense. It has been clear from the start that people have been paying their voyage to Europe in order to remain in Europe. Not for a short period and to then return home, they are IMMIGRANTS whom have been given an assurance that they can stay in Europe, otherwise why would they waste their money?

It is not by chance that the European Union, even as this planned immigration stunt is ongoing, is discussing in secret the TTIP treaty, which includes handing the power to the United States of being able approve or disapprove of European Laws which may not correspond with their protocols in the TPP treaty. Both of these treaties, I can assure you are not being discussed by any elected politicians, they are in the hands of those whom from behind the curtain, rule Europe. Whether in or out of the Union. TTIP, when signed, will render the European Union obsolete, whatever the result of any in/out referendum in the UK. Keep your eye on the ball!

The glaring omission from all discussion about the mass immigration which is about to destroy Europe, is the complete lack of reference to Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the man whom was responsible for the outline of the program of the European Union, designed to destroy the White Race through the medium of the mass immigration of Black, Brown and Yellow people, into Europe. A process which would be used to breed the White European out of existence. How can this be possible? A direct threat made against Europe, without a word of it being mentioned on the Media?

The people of Europe are engaged, unknowingly, in open warfare with the declared intentions of an un-elected bunch of Zionist/Jew characters, alongside whom Coudenhove-Kalergi worked, a group which includes Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Blair and by those whom now control the European Union. Know your enemy.

This advice is now coming home in Belgium, where the list of 22,000 Daech, files which were handed over to Stuart Ramsey, the Sky News Agent, have been used to prove a connection between a man, shot and wounded today, in Belgium, was on that list,  Which means that all of Daech members, on the list, according to Sam Kiley, the balding Sky Agent, are themselves in danger of execution by Daech, to shut them up. How handy is that for the security forces?  They can now kill at will, all and anyone on the list  with a perfect excuse. I could suggest that, know your friend,  would be more applicable in this case.  But then I don’t believe a word of what has been claimed about this list.

Sir, Sir, Can I Lick Your Boots Sir?

Boris JohnsonSS

So ‘Love Rat’ Boris Johnson, does not agree with the way Trade Unions run their voting systems. He thinks that a result should not be decided if less than fifty per cent of the electorate bother to turn out.  Well I suggest he keeps his Toffs views to himself and hoofs off back Bunkerton Castle with the rest of Lord Snooty’s Pals.

Parliament has never insisted on a minimum turnout for elections. It has always been a first past the post affair, whatever the turnout. He might check the turnout for his own election.  Only this week William Haig insisted, that the Conservative Party would be directed to vote no, in any referendum on voting change.

They are not going to offer the British public the opportunity to vote, on what they described as the greatest political deception of all time, the Lisbon Treaty.  Apparently once the thing has been signed, that is the end of it, history is over, once in never out. What a statement coming from a British Government. Of course it is not over. Of course he could hold a referendum, if he wanted too that is.

He has taken care of all the so-called Tory Euro Sceptics. In fact there never were any. They are a party of traitors, like the traitors they replace.

And so, Boris, in the middle of all this, You, made no comment, when a tiny number of Lib Dem voters decided the make-up of the government, despite the fact that the electorate had made it clear that they did not want a coalition, which is why the Lib Dem vote dropped, despite the guff from the polls.

The fact of the matter is Boris, people in general are brassed off with posh pratts like you, mouthing off about things, when the chain is falling off your bike. But at least you got rid of the Congestion Charge.  Yeh! Right you did.  Good on yeh Boris! Leave the Unions alone. We the people need them more than ever, while your chums in Downing Street are busy robbing the people to pay a non-existent debt.

Note: I thought this post might be worth re-reading in the run-up to the Election in London.