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Once In Royal David’s City And All That Pap.

While the British are worrying about the expense of Christmas, debating as to whether they should heat their homes or buy a joint of ham, to enjoy after they have scoffed the turkey and Christmas pudding, they might spend a moment or two, considering the plight, which the cynical use of their taxes, has inflicted onto the people of Syria.

When their freely elected leaders, for whom they voted, not to bring peace to the world but to improve their standard of living, at all cost, have finished celebrating Hanukkah, perhaps as a gesture of peace and goodwill, they might withdraw the band of thugs, whom they have armed and financed, in a deliberate effort to destroy Syria, as they have already destroyed Iraq and Libya.

That the British Public appear to have so little understanding of the misery and death for which they are responsible, is a measure of their total acceptance of the exploits of their criminal leaders, whom are no more than the visible face of an International Criminal Organisation, which is holding us all to ransom.

Syria is heading into oblivion, while creepy little characters like Cameron and Hague, exhibit a total disdain for their plight. It has been reported by the Mob controlled United Nations, that there will be very soon, people dying of starvation, in this once thriving country.

It will very soon become clear as to where the thoughts of the British lie, when the Christmas Sales Season kicks off on Boxing Day.  Avarice rules these days and there is little time left over to worry about the fate of others.

The British can rest assured that they will be allowed to fight and scream for the right to buy the slave made crap in the sales, safe in the knowledge that they are considered to be, no threat to the mob.

The British surrendered their dignity and freedom, long, long ago, to those whom call themselves, Earls, Dukes, Lords, Squires or Princes. These people are their “Betters” and the British know their place.

The British simply cannot understand, that these “Toffs,” are no more than Pirates, Godfathers, Drug Barons or Blackmailers, they retain a childish belief that their rulers come from somewhere over the rainbow, to take care of them.

These people have become so servile to the Rich, that they still hold the belief that an order from a “Toff” is as significant as an order from God.

It is difficult to control the cynicism, which is provoked by the attitudes of those whom fail to look into the antics of their politicians.  The vast majority of the Public, not only in the UK or USA but across the world, share the views of their leaders and they never question their beliefs.

Can they have failed to notice, that whenever there is an event, such as the killing of Osama Bin Laden, that the entire membership of governments, apparently accept that a team of US Seals, captured and killed Bin Laden and dumped his body at sea.

Nobody stepped out of line. That is the power of the force, which has us by the genitals. No sensible person could possibly believe that nonsense and yet our politicians and mainstream media, swallowed it,  hook, line and sinker.

Why is there such a desire to go along with whatever is presented, without question? Who is giving the order, that on all of the questionable events, which have occurred in recent times, that there must be a united response and no difficult, questions asked?

Is this to be the future means of ridding the world of all the “pretend” villains, with whom we have been presented, as a means of stripping us of our Rights, to simply claim to have disposed of them secretly, so that we can stop worrying and go back to sleep?

Sandy Hook is another of these strange events. All of the alleged deaths, were of children of families, whom have been filmed at various other questionable attacks, as extras, in “Drills.”

The class, which was the main target of the “attack,” was being taught by a teacher whom had never been on the payroll and many of the children had never been on the school register.

No evidence has yet been presented, in support of the claims which have been made. However, as with 911, 7-7, Boston and Bin Laden, all of the evidence has now been destroyed. The Sandy Hook school has been demolished.


Who actually believes this tosh? It is simply not possible for any intelligent person,  to be not just a little bit disturbed and uneasy about some of these events. Yet even the rebels, such as Ron Paul and George Galloway, go along with it all, does that mean that they are convinced, frightened or simply part of the game?

Obama knew that the hired thugs in Syria had carried out a Sarin attack, just as he knew that an attack was likely on the US Embassy in Benghazi, which involved an arms shipment for those same thugs in Syria, however, who cares?  Nobody, it seems.

We were set-up to be robbed by the Bankers. In the UK, it was a joint operation. Gordon Brown organised the theft, set-up the bail-out, which is simply code for give the Bankers billions of Dollars or Pounds, then goes off to work for the thieves at the IMF and leaves the rest of us to die of cold or starvation, while Cameron questions nothing, he simply orders everyone to pay up. He of course blames Brown for the problem, forgetting to mention that the “problem,” was world-wide.

The British would do well to ponder the fact that they have always been under the heel of Royal Families. They should question their acceptance of the power which is wielded by these “Royals.” Their “Democratically” elected leaders are still controlled  by these folk, however hard they try to present an image of an independent force.

The first duty of a newly elected Prime Minister, is to search the acceptance of the Queen. Of course this is all just a silly ritual, is it not? We all know or should know, that the Prime Minister is selected long before he is ever voted into office.

The British people have never had Democracy. There is nobody living in the UK, who was alive, during a time when a political party, other than Labour or Conservative was in power. It has already been decided, what the result of the next election will be.

It may well involve Ukip.  It most certainly will not involve enough Single Issue, independent members to make a change possible. The British have been conditioned to believe that a Political Party is the only way forward. All Political Parties are controlled. The top boys are always working for the man.

This is evident and yet too complicated to explain to those whom believe that warmongers make good rulers.  During the last twelve years, the British have stood by watching millions of people, go to the slaughter, at the hands of British thugs, along with, what is called a coalition, this adds a sort of justification to the killings.

British people understand that occasionally, as in WW2, they must be lied into a war of conquest.  Millions will die but of course, they asked for it.  The British, for their part, will, for the following seventy or so years, refuse to face up to the fact that they are War Criminals. Back in the day they cheered the Thousand Bomber Raids over Germany, which were deliberately targeting women and children.

They trot out their hate of the old enemy at any opportunity. They fail to notice that what they accuse of others, is now happening to them, yet they believe it to be some form of accident, with no intent involved. What stupidity. Next step, they will be asked to volunteer for execution. Euthanasia is already on the menu.

Who Paid The Boston Marathon Cast Of Injured Spectators?

By the grace of God, not one member of the Security Service, the Police Force nor indeed any of the other organisations, whom were well documented in the photographic evidence, standing in the vicinity of the bombs, which exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, were injured by the blast.

By another act of God, it turned out that the poor soul, whom had his legs blown off, had forgotten that they had been blown off some time back when he was in the Army, he could not account for the strange coloured blood with which he was splattered. I understand he makes a good living, decorating the scene of Black Op “Drill” sets. There was indeed a “Drill” taking place.

As with Sandy Hook, it is unlikely that we will ever know for certain, whether anybody was genuinely killed at Boston and we will certainly not be getting an adequate explanation as to what the hell was going on.

The area around the sites of the explosions was stuffed with shifty looking characters, all with their back packs and all in a position where they could have dropped their bag. Indeed there was photographic evidence of at least two men whom left the scene, in haste, minus their back-packs. The selected culprits, on the other hand, still had their packs in place, as they left the scene.

Why then were two young brothers, hunted down like dogs, without a shred of evidence to support the idea that they may have been involved? Without any evidence whatsoever, the surviving boy has been charged with the offence of murder and the use of weapons of mass destruction, a pressure cooker.

It all seems to hang on a call from Vladimir Putin, whom knows full well that the CIA is paying the terrorists in Chechnya, warning the FBI, that these boys may pose a threat to the USA, having spent some time in Chechnya visiting their parents. Does that make sense to you? Would Putin have given a toss whether these boys should be sent from Chechnya to bite the hand that feeds the terrorists whom are giving him hell??

The boys were in turn contacted by the FBI after the bombings and informed that they were suspects, which must surely  rate as one of the most unlikely of events, should they have been the real culprits;  the police would have taken care of business in the usual manner, surround the house and set-up a siege, why was this format not carried out on this occasion?

In France in the recent past, another “Patsy,” was taken care of by the Forces of Law and Order, in a hail of bullets. He too was guilty of nothing and because of his death, no evidence has ever been presented in a Court of Law.  Such is the state of justice in the free and democratic West. The victim was never actually placed at the scenes of the crimes which he was alleged to have committed.

For the 7-7 production in London, the streets were full of the same brand of “Spooks,” as was Boston. It was they whom redirected the London Bus off of its normal route and into Tavistock Square, where a bunch of passengers leapt off of the bus, moments before it exploded and were shortly after photographed in their role as injured victims, in the “Drill” which was taking place.

The normal routine is to kill the “Patsies.” They must never be allowed their day in Court. In fact it has already been suggested that the best thing for the boy in custody would be a Plea Bargain. He has been charged with a Capital Offence, so to avoid death, he must plead guilty to a lesser crime. This is what passes for justice in the USA.

There is a law in the US forbidding the Army to take part in the policing of the people. Well anyone whom caught a glimpse of the new Department of Homeland Security Agents, whom were unleashed against a couple of unarmed men, could be forgiven if they suffered a spasm of fear at the sight of them, it is quite clear that they are a form of Military, cynically designed to get around Posse Comitatus.

In truth America is cooked.  The Israeli Prime Minister, averred, on film, “Don’t  worry about the Americans, we control them, they will do as they’re told.”  There was no outcry of protestation from the American Government, so presumably they agreed with the remark.

All of America’s Top Cops go to Israel for training. Two Jew-ish “doctors” arrived from Palestine, to take care of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, does that mean that the US can not cope with an injured man, or could there just possibly be a more sinister reason?

America is now in a similar position to that of Russia, just before the Revolution, while the rest of us are back in the grip of the bloodthirsty vermin, whom took control of most of the Western World, leading up to World War Two.

Whatever the aims of the Bombs in Boston, it seems just a little slipshod, to allow the faking of injuries to take place in an area which had more cameras pointed at it than Princess Diana on her wedding day. It is already becoming clear that there were no injured people in Boston, any more than there were dead children at Sandy Hook. It was a televised hoax, with the catch that we must be careful because in the middle of it all there was talk of a dead child and nobody wants to add to the distress of the parents, should it be true.

It turns out that most of the families, which claimed to have lost children in the so-called Sandy Hook massacre, were newcomers to the town and they would appear to be mainly of Jew-ish origins and members of an organisation which provides “casualties” for “Drills”.  For example, there is no trace of a Miss Soto in school records, so how she could have been shot dead along with most of her class is a mystery. She was however spotted in another role during the Gifford piece of theatre in Arizona.

For any official group to allow the continuation of a drill in the middle of an area where there were seriously injured people, whom could not be distinguished from stooges, is deplorable and yet that appears to be what happened, because it is beyond doubt that there were actually false victims scattered all over the place, just as there were many decoys, with back-packs, waiting to trap the “Patsies.”

After events like the plane hitting the Pentagon, the FBI quite calmly confiscated all of the Closed Circuit Film evidence of the event and have continued to deny the public access, claiming National Security or some such nonsense, at Boston this has proved impossible and it has laid bare the savagery of the State Machine, it remains to be seen what the reaction of the public will be to the cold-blooded murder of one young man and the treatment which was given to his brother.

Here is a bit of a hint about past Government Lies.