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Three Cheers For Judicial Murder In Boston.


Is this what has become of the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free? Two young lads being hunted down by a pack of wolves and shot out of hand, one dying the other injured, all based on nothing more than a photograph.

As is the way with “Patsies,” these two young lads were known to the police, otherwise how could they be found so easily? They were no different from any of the other spectators at the Boston Marathon, whom could be seen quite clearly, by the dozen, with similar “back-packs,” any number of whom should have been checked out but only the “Patsies,” were hunted down.

War Criminal Tony Blair’s government carried out the same form of murder, without so much as a photograph as an excuse, when the young lads whom had been selected as the guilty, failed to be where they should have been, when the bombs exploded on 7-7 in London’s Underground Railway.

The young lad in custody, has already been denied his Rights, in order to give the FBI enough time to drug him to his eyeballs, so that he will be unaware of what is real and what is false. He will be lucky if he still knows who he is, when they have finished with him.

The good people of the USA, were cheering in the streets, when it was announced that the boys had been dealt with. Like the majority of those in London, after it was announced that the guilty boys had been blown to pieces by their own bombs, they accepted the word of a Police Chief, whom accidentally disclosed that he was aware of the identities of the “Patsies,” long before the dust had settled and an investigation had begun.

Just when things could get no worse for alleged bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, it turns out that he is in a Jew-ish Hospital. His condition is already getting worse and we are being prepared for his death. Apparently he and his dead brother were kept busy dodging the Police drill, which was taking place at the scene of the bombing, while they “peppered” the area with bombs. 

The Police story is changing by the minute, they are now claiming that the brothers had made a clean get-a-way, but “Blew their own cover,” by inexplicably hi-jacking a car, when they already had a car and as if to shout  out ‘”Here we are,” they then shot a Cop.

There has been no explanation as to how “sniffer dogs” and their handlers failed to detect any of these multiple bombs, despite spending hours checking the area, which they now claim to have been brimming with bombs.

The Police are going to have a hard time convincing the doubtful, that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was any more than a child.  He is now lying in a Jew-ish hospital, riddled with bullets, which were meant to shut him up.

The mainstream media has already made up its mind, they have no doubts about the guilt of these two lads, just as they have never mentioned or questioned, the mountain of doubts which surrounded the 7-7 bombing in London.   They have never spoken to the families of the four youngsters whom were murdered, whom were themselves threatened by the Security Forces and told to keep their mouths shut.

Because of the absence of a quick trip to Pakistan, which is the usual excuse used to incriminate alleged terrorists, we are being prepared for the new form of training in terrorist tactics, which is being called “Self Radicalisation” through the medium of the Internet.

These refugees from Chechnya, apparently made a visit to their homeland to see their mother, that is now being presented as the moment when they may have been influenced, despite the fact that the rebels in Chechnya are controlled by the CIA, just as were Al Qaeda, to fight the Russians.

Make what you will of this photo and video, both of the boys appear to have been naked, so there is a connection of sorts between the first photo (above) and this short clip.

The BBC Today programme this morning, had a guest whom advised us to disregard all of the “so-called evidence, which was to be found on Social Network sites, as only the police had the expertise to pinpoint the real perpetrators of the bombings, ie; the “Patsies,” whom they could only have picked out had they known whom they were seeking.

The presenter, while interviewing a Russian spokesman, completely ignored a comment which the Russian made, stating that the terrorists in Chechnya were funded and controlled by the CIA. That is what is called good reporting.