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The British Government, Along With The Globalist Media And The EU Fight The Brexiteers.

The entire British Media, has presented a “No Deal” Brexit as being catastrophic, for the future of the United Kingdom, while at the same time allowing very little discussion about the merit of a “No Deal” exit.

They have instead firmly planted the idea of a second referendum, under terms which allows no choice for the Brexiteers, based on the trick question, which only allows a vote on a deal which is worse than remain or remain.

This is not Democracy, this is tyranny. For months, even though there has been no open decision to hold a second referendum, the mere fact that organisations like Sky News and the BBC have been pushing the idea of a second referendum and have allowed politician after politician to announce to the British public that the trick question, which offers only a possibility to “remain” will be on the ballot papers, is evidence enough that instructions have gone out to present a united front to deny the British their Brexit.

The attitude of Adam Boulton, the man from Sky News, is disgraceful, he is presenting his own point of view, while attempting to shout down the views of his invited guests. I have never before seen a professional journalist actually dismiss the views of a guest, in an attempt to prove himself to be holding the only correct point of view.

Perhaps Sky News, should present nothing but their fake reports, for example from the coast of Libya, about rescuing migrants, whom were actually brought out to rendezvous with the rescuers or Stuart Ramsay and the fake news he presents from the Middle East and now Venezuela. Sky News are a good example as to why they, along with much of the rest of the mainstream should be shut down, for the huge quantity of Fake News, which they have been presenting for decades, particularly about events in the Middle East and Israel.

They, as bastions of the establishment, have nothing to fear, while I am quite sure it will be those like me – who dare to suggest that the real “fake news” is a central part of the “style” of the mainstream – whom will be attacked for telling the truth. While the “fake claim”, which Theresa May constantly repeats the lie, that she is “determined to give the British people the Brexit for which they voted”, knowing it to be a total lie,  which she has never been forced to explain, exactly how that promise can be true, in view of the contents her shady deal, which denies any choice at all for the majority whom voted to leave the EU.


The Whole Wide World Watches As The British Destroy Their Democracy.


In recent times I have been warned by various on-line giants, that they would be closing me down if I transgressed one more time, by using certain terms, which in their opinion were too controversial, a claim which frequently referred to the use of the word Jew.

In the main these threats came from those on-line organisations which are actually owned by Jews. Should these “Jews” be innocent of all the allegations which have been laid against them, I would have no problem with accepting these warnings and I would make every effort to be more even-handed in my references to these innocent Jews..

However it has become clear that they are themselves not being even-handed in the use of their ability to censor out, mainly those things which refer to the actions of Jews, while they are totally unconcerned about the publishing of total lies which support, what certain people refer to as Jew issues, like the Israeli barbarity in Palestine for example.

This on-line censorship is not uniquely against popular sites like Infowars and Alex Jones, even minnows, the likes this site, are affected, while the full-time liars, whom refer to themselves as the “mainstream” which are in fact no such thing, as they too are controlled by Jews, including most of the printed press and therefore should the on-line boys be allowed to continue to censor me, while there is nobody with the power to “de-platform” the BBC or Sky News when they are caught broadcasting outright lies, is a state of affairs which stinks of corruption and this Jew power, over the virtual entirety of the News media, needs looking into, instead of which the politicians are using this private control of the media as a covert system of censorship, which is denying us all our “freedom of speech”..

In the States everything which Donald Trump has claimed about “Fake News” from the likes of CNN, has been endorsed by the release of the Mueller report which has laid bare the lies and the deception of the US citizens, by this joke of a media, which it has recently been claimed, by the Courts, that according to law, they are not obliged to report the truth, which suggests, quite clearly that only “opposition journalists” are being censored.

My posts are based mainly on the reports of News outlets, which are freely available by satellite or online. I try to present my own opinion of what is presented, mainly on Sky News or RT, I rarely watch anything else. I do not present a long list of links to other sites because I feel that to do so would in some way influence those whom are quite capable of finding their own way, to a site, which would perhaps support or deny what I have written.

In the above episode of “CrossTalk” I was both surprised and happy to hear a form of support for a view which I have held and written about for some time, that of a collusion between all Political Parties in the UK House of Commons to scupper “Brexit”

I have gone even further than that, by suggesting that the collusion goes all the way through the controlled media, where there has been no serious discussion about a “No Deal” Brexit, which was clearly the only deal which would deliver a clean break for the Brexiteers.

I have never been convinced by the two chums George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn, both of whom while presenting themselves as being Friends of Palestine, in other ways take part in actions which just a smidgen of research, into the files of the Fabian Society, of which they are members, would show them to be completely on the wrong side of History, or maybe for them, it is the right side to be on.

Galloway for example, in front of a bunch of University students explained how he had been well looked after by the Jew community in South Africa; to convince the students that he was in no way anti-Semitic, during the time he had spent in South Africa fighting against apartheid, thus expressing what a thoroughly good guy he was.

He did however, on another occasion, in a most disgusting manner shout down a White South African, who truthfully explained how he is now condemned to live in a shanty town, under a Jew controlled government, by asking him if he had preferred living under the Boers and finally abused the caller by referring to him as a “Nazi murderer” before cutting him off.





Corbyn for his part is described as a “Friend of Hamas” which he must know is wholly controlled by Israel, how could he have failed to notice that the entire leadership of Hamas was safely out of harms way, in the Gulf States, during the 2008-9 massacres in Gaza, which the Israelis claimed to be a response to Hamas rockets?

Theresa May allowed six-hundred-thousand immigrants to enter the UK in 2016 and three-hundred-thousand the following year, a feat which pleased Jeremy Corbyn and his chums, as this is the policy which he endorses, that of there being no such thing as too many immigrants apart of course, from the White ones.

Corbyn is currently being presented, along with Galloway as being against Israel but not against Jews in general, which is disingenuous, I believe that they both fully support the Jews and are nothing more than controlled opposition, otherwise why would they remain as members of the group which set up the International Socialists with funds from the City of London, or are we expected to believe that they are both unaware of this well-known fact?



Whichever Democracy Suits The Moment.

There is a huge argument going on about the “attack” in a mosque in New Zealand, suggesting that the Web Giants Facebook and YouTube should have put algorithms in place to instantly ban any disagreeable images from the public, would this, I wonder, include hiding those vile and disgusting images of those Israeli scum-bags giving each other high-fives as they knee-cap a child in Gaza?

The Jew Prime Minister in New Zealand is taking extraordinary measures to make sure that every copy of this “film” is erased and in an effort to encourage the feeble-minded to obey, she is even threatening a young lad who made a copy of the film when it was freely available on Facebook, with a sentence of ten years in prison for sharing this copy with a friend.

From what I can deduce from the comments of those whom have seen the film, it is a total fake. The claims of “survivors” of the attack are so far removed from the events shown in the film, that the survivors are either total liars or the film was not coordinated with the evidence which would be presented by these “survivors”, both cannot be true.

Most of the commenters were amused by the fact that the shell casings from the various guns used in the attack simply melted away into thin air, never landing on the pavement, suggesting that the images had been “photo-shopped” onto a background with which they were in no way connected. There was no sign of any men hiding under cars nor indeed of the attacker shooting through windows, as claimed by various “witnesses” all of which would suggest that the Jew Prime Minister of New Zealand is complicit in a farce, which may well have actually cost fifty lives, the responsibility for which is being placed on a “Patsy” who recently spent some time in Israel, so to avoid any suggestion that there was any Israeli connection to the event the Goy Tarrant will remain out of sight and unavailable for questioning.

There is a lot of chit-chat doing the rounds, suggesting that dozens of rich Jews have been snapping up land in New Zealand and the South American region of Argentina, Patagonia, to find shelter from the coming Armageddon in the Northern Hemisphere when the Third World Atomic War kicks off leaving all the Jews in Israel to roast along with the remaining Goy and all those troublesome Muslims.

Talking about the interference of Jews in New Zealand, much as there was a lot of loose talk about Jew involvement in 911, in Europe “our own” politics, are also under the same control, the Friends of Israel in the House of Commons, of whom there are many, have been busily destroying the decision of the British to make a sharp exit from the prison of the European Union – which is of course itself a Jew construct – it is now it is being suggested that the “Brexit Problem” should be solved through the ruse of forcing a second referendum, with a choice of Remain this way or Remain that way, which will be the only choice available on the ballot paper. This is a deal contrived by a one time employee of the Bank of Rothschild, Theresa May, to trick those stupid British into accepting the way of the Jews as the way of the future.

Over in France another employee of the Bank of Rothschild Emmanuel Macron has justified the use of “live rounds” being used against unruly Gilets jaunes on the streets of France, in keeping with Jew tactics in Palestine where these things have been in place since 1948 without any form of condemnation from Europe’s controlled politicians.

Just as British Politicians refuse to point out that they are offering no choice to those whom oppose their desire to remain in the EU, there is also no mention of the fact that the Jews forced their way into Palestine and aggressively forced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to flee their homes into refugee camps, where they are still trapped, while Jews swarmed into Palestine and claimed that the land was theirs by right, even as Jeremy Corbyn a member of the Jew construction the Fabian Society, is proposing an Open Door policy for immigration into the United Kingdom, a policy which has already allowed five British Cities, including London to fall into immigrant hands, with a Muslim Mayor, of course, there are now five Muslim Mayors in UK Cities.

Why, one might ask? do the British not understand that very soon, as was done in Israel and South Africa, the immigrants whether Jews or Blacks, both of whom slaughtered their way to the top and to this day both groups are stealing more and more of the land of the indigenous people “because they now have a majority”, which apparently counts in a way that a Brexit majority does not.

In the United States, which is under total Jew control, the most vociferous calls for an Open Door immigration policy are coming from Jews whom gloat about their success in transforming the White majority into the status of a minority in the land they created. Even dedicated morons cannot have failed to notice that the same process is taking place all over the White World, while in Israel it has been announced that any Black immigrant approaching Israel’s border will be shot.

Nigel Farage: May’s Brexit Is A Stitch-Up






The Remarkable Success Of The Criminal European Union.


The people of the United Kingdom have found themselves trapped in a vast prison called the European Union. This is the gaol in which they were condemned to serve a life-sentence without any possibility of parole. Those whom control this prison have already issued instructions to the Prison Governor that he must open the prison gates to allow entry to criminals from all corners of the world, despite ongoing violence inside the prison walls as a result of overcrowding.

This situation is as a result of allowing the European prison to fall into private hands much as has the Government itself, which is now a wholly owned Corporation, which controls all sides of the”House”. A similar situation exists all across the European Union, which was surreptitiously constructed by a group of bankers with the assistance of bought and paid for politicians like Winston Churchill and members of the Fabian Society which covertly organised Britain’s incarceration.

The aims of this European Union have been achieved with total success. Everything of any value, in all member states, electricity production, docks, airports, water supply and everything else has been ruthlessly asset-stripped into the hands of those whom have already bought monopoly control of all of the media and even public spaces within European cities, in a criminal operation using a ploy called “privatisation” as the means.

Behind all of these schemes, the political minions of this Mafia, ordered the Peoples of the Western world to pay off a huge fake, deliberately invented “State” debt, which was forced onto us all by seriously criminal bankers, which was to pay for the “excesses” of the Private banking system, which claimed to have a debt, which was itself a deliberate deception, which was used to destroy and rob even relatively poor countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland, all of which was part of the agenda to destroy White People.

Indeed even our monetary system has been privatised into the hands of these thieves, a fact which our “leaders” refuse to admit and yet they were prepared to plunge us all into austerity measures to save the “too big to fail” trillionaire bankers, while whole countries were ruined. Our politicians in Europe gave every assistance to this Crime of the Century even as they paid European Industry to relocate in Asia, “to reduce Europe’s carbon footprint” which was a mere excuse to de-industrialise Europe.

There is currently blatant collaboration in the UK Parliament between all Parties, to thwart the majority vote, of the people, to leave the European Union. A group of High Court Judges three of whom just happened to be Jews, decided that Parliament should have the last word on whether Britain did or did not leave the European Union.

The main aim of all Parties in the UK, during the past months has been to avoid “crashing out” without a deal. Nobody knows what the problem would be if that was the outcome apart from the fact that this is the only realistic way out of the EU for the British voter, any future possibilities, whether good or bad, which may or may not occur are mere conjecture.

All of the other possibilities would involve an ongoing commitment to the Union, which is of course the aim of the Fabian Society members and and their Banker friends whom are involved in the discussions, after all the Fabian Society with the assistance of Rockefeller and Churchill constructed the toxic and destructive European Union, which has proven to be nothing more than the naked, brutal Bolshevik system which murdered sixty-five-million people in Russia and many millions more in Eastern Europe and then raped and murdered twenty-million souls in Germany. These are the folk whom would Rule Our World.

More specifically, the designs of the Anglo-American Establishment – which it shared with its collaborators in the Fabian Society – entailed the division of the world into four or five economic blocs dominated by an Anglo-American alliance and controlled by international organisations run by economic “experts” churned out by the academic institutions (the London School of Economics, Harvard University, etc.) bankrolled by the same financial interests. 

In particular, plans for a “Gold Reserve Bank of the United States of Europe” were presented by Frank Vanderlip of the Rockefeller-controlled National City Bank of New York (“Vanderlip Gives Details Of Plan For World Bank,” NYT, 13 Nov 1921). The Rockefellers were among the main financial supporters of the Fabian Society and its various internationalist projects.” Carroll Quigley-The Anglo-American Establishment.

In the United States, millions of people are pouring over the open Mexican border, looking for a free life in America. Common sense suggests that this is a finite situation, at some point the border will have to be closed, even the mighty United States, which already has a debt of two-hundred trillion dollars will reach bursting point which will obviously be a totally destructive disaster, despite which politicians are calling for a continuation of this stupidity.

In Europe the situation is similar. The European Union is calling for the importation of two-hundred-and-fifty-million Blacks from Africa, I am quite sure you do not need me to explain what a bloody crazy notion this is and neither do those politicians whom are considering this stupidity.

In Ireland the sodomite Taoiseach is proposing to invite a million Blacks into Ireland, which has a population of four million This is an agenda of destruction and it is the stated aim of the European Union Founders. Wake Up Europe.


Official Fake News And Fake Semitism Meets Fake Racism.

Jeremy Hunt stood in front of an audience, with the presence of many international television crews and dozens of reporters whom stood listening to him as he delivered an absolute load of lies about recent and current events. He, along with the “journalists” whom were recording his words, could not have been unaware, that Crimea had “voted” to leave a Ukraine which had just suffered a coup d’etat funded with five billion American dollars, which “installed” a regime of puppets under the control of the USA, in which they refused to live, preferring instead, through a democratic vote to link up with Russia.

These top class, informed professional journalists, must also be aware that not one of the British claims about barrel bombs and chemical attacks in Syria, were ever proven to have been carried out by Bashar al Assad “against his own people” a favourite claim of the British. While they continue to prevent any questioning of the Skripals, whom they still maintain to have been poisoned by a deadly nerve gas in Salisbury, by the Russians, from which they quickly recovered,

None of these journalists will question any of these lies, which are in fact the Official Fake News of the day. This form of Black Propaganda has been the preferred weapon of the British for centuries. The propaganda against Germany was of such monumental proportions and of such depths of disgusting malice and hatred, that those involved still live in fear of the truth of those lies becoming public knowledge.

The events on 911 have now become another fear for those whom planned that event many decades before it took place. In fact the catalogue of lies behind which these animals are skulking is like a list of the top one hundred most barbaric crimes in recorded history.

While Hollywood never tires of making unsubstantiated claims about the Germans, in their “Block-Buster” films, the Russians, while celebrating the siege of Leningrad against the Germans, forget to mention the lost generation of White Russian Christians, whom were butchered, by the million, by the Jew Cheka under the orders of a Jew regime. Most of the Cheka killer were Jews of American origin.

So you see they are amongst us. I wonder how many of those killers were allowed back into the USA after they had done their job in Russia, unlike Shemima Begum, the “Muslim” girl who joined the Jew controlled ISIS, who has had her British Citizenship withdrawn. The SAS men caught planting bombs in Basra were dutifully broken out of an Iraqi gaol by British military and repatriated back to Britain, talk about equality under British Law”.The same SAS were renowned for their bomb planting capabilities in Dublin and Belfast in the 1970’s and the 1980’s.

The claims which were laid at the door of Muslims, around about five minutes after the attack on 911, were based on nothing in the way of evidence and yet, even as nobody knew how to pronounce or spell Al Qaeda nor indeed Usama or Osama bin Laden, wild claims were quickly despatched all around the world as definite proof of their guilt. It was a completely different tale when all of the evidence suddenly pointed towards Israel and certain rich Jews in the United States, was it not? Say no more that load of truth went under lock and key without so much as the slightest trace of an investigation.

Even as the British Foreign Secretary, stands in front of the Worlds Press and without a care lies through his teeth, the British people whom are currently in the process of agreeing with the withdrawal of the citizenship of Shemima Begum, because she has been “brain-washed” by ISIS and could pose a future threat, they quietly absorb the conditioning of Jeremy Hunt, who is deliberately misleading his own people while cynically and hypocritically complaining of others doing the same thing. Current events have demonstrated dramatically how little trust can be placed in the claims made against modern leaders like Gadaffi, Assad or Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction.

Just as these claims of anti-Semitism cannot be made against the “real” anti-Semitic Israeli Jews, whom are slaughtering the “Real Semitic” Peoples in Palestine, to simply call them such a thing puts those whom dare to make such an “attack” against European non-Semitic Jews, under fear of having their career destroyed. In this screwed up world the cruelty against Semites by Jews does not even count as being anti-Semitic. However in the other hand when Jeremy Corbyn claims to stand against anti-Semitism wherever it may be found, he is being truthful, because he supports the Semites in Palestine against the European non-Semitic Jews in Israel. An American non-Semitic Jew has recently suggested that the time is right to solve the problem of Gaza by driving the Semitic people out, once and for all. Not much discussion about that in the UK Parliament or the US Congress, while all of those crack reporters failed to spot this example of Jew scummery.



The time wasted on this nonsense about Jews and their oh so thin skin is incredible, the only thing which comes close to it is the cries about White Racism, which is used to beat up White men on a daily basis, with the aid of these Ashkenazi Kids whom give a helping hand and a platform to whining of women, of all’ tinges’ and Blacks from various hunting packs around inner cities, all of them intent on beating up Whitey of whom they are all jealous.

Just recently a bunch of White Catholic Boys, whom were, while waiting for a bus home from the “March for Life” rally, found themselves surrounded by a “professional” Red Indian Liar, beating a tambourine and a bunch of foul-mouthed Black Welfare receivers, screeching out their bile against the hand that was feeding them,  accused of racism by Sitting Bull and of insulting this Indian Brave and were duly drenched by a torrent of hate from the Jew media, until clearer heads took a closer look at all the evidence, which showed the Blacks mouthing their hate filled crap in faces of the boys, whom stood quietly watching the madness by which they were surrounded, as Sitting Bull taunted one boy by banging his tambourine right in his face.




As soon as the boys were cleared of what they were accused, no further action was taken against the Red Indian, who is now a “Native American Hero” decorated for bravery, for daringly taunting a group of White schoolboys, while the foul-mouthed Black dick-heads went home to their Welfare funded homes, stepping over White Native American Veterans whom were sleeping in the gutter on the way. That’s Life in modern America.

Meanwhile a Black Butt Stabber called Jussie Smellitt, claimed to have been attacked by two White men wearing MAGA caps, whom beat him to a pulp, and then put a noose around his neck, sprayed him with bleach and left him to die on the pavement in the 45° below freezing Chicago winter temperature. The press went ballistic, screeching out a torrent of hate against Whitey and the KKK and Nazis and Fascism and Trumps base-ball cap was a dangerous symbol for the madmen whom will destroy life as we know it and it must be banned immediately and all that guff.

Of course it turned out to be a complete load of tosh, the so-called aggressors were his two “Gay” Black Nigerian “friends” whom appeared with him in the television spectacular about gay people, whom were paid for their role in the farce. When it was exposed for the fraud which it was, television pundits expressed horror about the police being forced, by this dick-head Smellitt, to waste time investigating a false case of White racism against Blacks when they could have been investigating a real one. The truth of course being that most racist attacks in the USA are Black on White, the same figures are to be found in Europe. We await events in Chicago we can only hope that this evil little shit gets a long sentence and that he gets the Sid Vicious treatment while he’s inside.

Brexit: Can The British Public Be Trusted To Vote Or Should They Simply Do As They Are Told?