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The Questions Dutifully Avoided By The Controlled Media.

For more than half a century we have been obliged to honour the deaths of people, whose deaths appear, according to all the available evidence, did not happen. These cynical lies kicked off when it was announced that more Jews had died in concentration camps, during World War Two, than the entire Jew population of Central Europe at the time, a claim, which also allowed the same number, of still living Jews, to claim money from Germany, as lucky survivors, after the war was over.

The media, which is wholly controlled, has been used to impress this deceitful rubbish, without any form of investigation, into the minds of children, in school classrooms, across Europe, as part of their education.

The same media, which stubbornly refuses to allow any dissenting voice, an arena, in which to present another point of view, has been using the same tactic, to cover up the reality of dozens of so-called hoaxes or false flag attacks, in recent times, which the agenda demands be accepted as reality, whether those attacks be carried out by “terrorists” whom the media has failed to “out” as being agents of NATO, fully funded by those whom control the media, or indeed so-called “mass shootings” in “gun free zone” schools and colleges, which are steadily increasing, despite a mounting dossier of ignored evidence, that the “real killers” are being shielded by those intent on disarming the American People.

Even when a blatant lie is staring you in the face, you can run into the brick wall of “media truth” which invariably supports the lie, simply because to admit to that lie would call into question a barrage of other lies, with which we have all been contaminated. I will give you a recent example. In 1986, along with millions of viewers across the world, I watched the launch of the space shuttle Challenger, which dramatically exploded in flight. Seven astronauts, tragically lost their lives, or did they?

The truth of the above video evidence, is absolutely conclusive, so why are we reduced to speculating, about the chances of six living people, including two whom claim to be twins of the dead astronauts, having the same names, a huge resemblance to the astronauts and incredibly the same birth date?

Where is the Free Press? Who organises a media, which apparently lacks any reporter, with enough curiosity to even mention, never mind report the above evidence of disinformation, coming from NASA?

I recently posted a tale about the Parklands school shooting, in which I suggested that “if” anybody had actually died during the attack, they were killed by the State Police. I asked the simple question, who had actually seen the accused boy Cruz, with a gun in his hand, in order to give a good enough description of him, to enable a cop, claiming to have heard his description on the radio to pick the boy up miles from the scene and arrest him? The obvious answer to the above is nobody had seen Cruz with a gun. He was a Patsy.I posted a small clip on youtube, to which I added part of the post, on my blog. YouTube blocked the clip, not because of the clip itself but because of the tags and description. My question still holds good, there has been no explanation offered as to who or whom supplied this description, to the Police and everybody knows that, so why has there been no outcry about this enormous deception?

The twenty-five year old son of an FBI man, is being given air-time to present a load of rubbish about filming himself, while cowering in a closet, during the attack, at a school, of which he was never a pupil, and he is being allowed to get away with it. Even while still in the closet he already knew the identity ofthe killer. 



Along with many others, I try my best to steer clear of this kind of event, having long experience of the difficulty of even asking an obvious question. The above clip about the Challenger crew and the truthfulness or otherwise of the Space Program, has been an ongoing debate for years. I asked on a few occasions, the question, “Why did none of the astronauts bother to film the rotation of the Earth?” Science has been in search of evidence of this rotation for centuries and yet several voyages to the Moon did not include orders to photograph never mind film the Earth.

One would have thought, that having failed to so do during the first moon landing, scientists would have screamed at NASA to make sure that they did so during at least one of the following five missions to the Moon. Sadly science was apparently totally uninterested. The response to my question was to be instantly labelled as a “Flatty,” by yet another group, sadly lacking in curiosity, the “Globalists”.

We are now faced with a grim reality, those by whom we have been denied the truth about all of the above and much more besides, are now clamping down on the Interweb of which they have also managed to take control. The reaction of our elected leaders has been to demonstrate, quite openly that they are one and all in the pockets of a certain group of people and that they will force whatever they are ordered too, onto their People.

In the United Kingdom, the people are desperately trying to escape from a grouping, called the European Union – which was constructed by those whom have benefitted from the inevitable end result of Capitalism, which is in fact Communism – an attempt which has been thwarted by a group of Judges, three of whom are part of a wholly owned and controlled Judicial system, along with all of the main Political Parties, in Parliament, which are working in tandem to undo the decision of the People.

Meanwhile, in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, the people voted, in massive numbers for their current President, Donald Trump,  ever since his election, the controlled media, both Political Parties, in Congress and the Senate, along with a wholly controlled Judicial system have united to thwart every effort, made by Donald Trump, to carry out the promises, which he made to the electorate, by whom he was elected. In view of all this, who can honestly claim there to be any such thing as Democracy?

We are living in a dream world and there are desperate attempts being made to close down our access to the truth. I chose, a long time ago, to be a provocateur. In past times it was more concerned with workers rights than with Politics, a subject to which I have never been drawn, apart from how various groups affected my personal life.

At this time, I can and often do, kick off totally intolerant reactions, from those whom claim themselves to be tolerant, every time I open my mouth. For example, have the streets of our towns and cities, become so saturated with “trans people,” that along with others, I now have to be very careful about calling a man a man in case he only looks like one, just as I am often called Madame, because of the length of my hair? In view of the  response to the views I express it would appear so.

I have only come across one example of a “tranny” who was quite obviously a bearded man dressed like a transvestite, in the garb of the least intelligent variety of womanhood, including a sixties style mini-skirt. I did not have to bother about asking him which toilet he chose because here in France toilets are all unisex.

In the company of a genuine White woman, who made the remark, that in response to a tap on her shoulder, in a bar, on turning around, she was confronted, by an enormous, ugly Black man, who frightened her. The response of others in our company, was one of surprise that she had even noticed that he was Black.

She would have been just as startled had the Ugly Black been an Ugly White but of course the reaction, had she not said he was Black, would not have been to ask his colour or Race and accepted without problem, by those believing him to be White.

I initiated an irritated response by covering my face and asking the woman who had criticised the remark of my friend, to guess what colour I was. I created another ridiculous response from another “Liberal” woman, by making a remark about the streets being thronged with immigrants, who responded in the same critical manner claiming that she had not noticed.

Good friends of mine, from past times, when I was involved in the News ‘Industry,’ even those whom regularly dreamt up misleading headlines, for an innocuous tale, simply to add spice, will not even bother to take a look at relative evidence of past claims, which were made and used in order to justify the ongoing War Crimes in the Middle East. They choose instead to swallow their own poison. This is the House of Cards problem, if the wrong card is pulled out, for example the Hitler card, the whole thing will unravel.

The Iron Fist Of The British Dictatorship, Thumps And Smears The Young Rebels.

Mark Rowley, the top counter-terrorist cop in the United Kingdom, suggests that the children of ‘terrorists’ should be treated as are those of paedophiles, by being removed from the family home, to save them from being ‘radicalised’ or abused, by their parents.

Would Rowley extend this treatment to the family of the British Military men, whom were caught planting bombs in Basra or indeed convicted of murdering a wounded man in Afghanistan, or would he have special dispensations in mind for these, cynical official terrorists?

National Action, the group which now finds itself in the Rowley cross-hairs, is described as Neo-Nazi, Fascist, Extreme Right Wing, White Supremacist, Terrorist, Nationalist and in the process of planning terrorist attacks, should be put on the list of banned organisations. I think he managed to tick all the boxes in that tirade.

The same form of organisation exists all across Europe, It is called Génération Identitaire, it is now ubiquitous, with a huge membership. The way ITN News presented the young lads of National Action, who are preparing themselves for a possible confrontation, with some of the returning Daech Jihadists, whom have been trained and armed to kill, by the British Government, to undermine a democratically elected President in Syria, using whatever means come to hand, a British Government which can simply ban the Opposition to their own brutal control, while at the same time denying their own people in Britain their Democracy.


Rowley went on to claim, that four recent Extreme Right, terrorist attacks had been prevented by the alert forces of Law and Order and that the next time we might not be so lucky, we all know the mantra, the terrorists only needs to get it right once and all that nonsense; the implication being, that it was National Action which had been intent on carrying out these attacks.

His remark about unspecified foiled attacks, took me all the way back to the halcyon days of New Labour, when the then head of the Met, Ian Blair told us that four Muslim terrorist plots had recently been prevented by Scotland Yard, followed a few hours later by John Reid MP, who claimed six threats had been prevented all of them were then ‘trumped’ by Gordon Brown who raised the stakes to ten. We now have a full house of terrorists all jumbled together, god knows how many threats will have to be avoided in the future, there is even a resurgent IRA mixed in with the ‘Home Grown’ Muslims, Returning Jihadists, Extreme Right Wingers and the Good Old Boys from Derry the most persistent freedom fighters of them all, The Irish Republican Army.

He forgot to mention that serving members of the British Military, have been proud members of National Action, until the City of London cast a baleful eye over the group, which may have strayed into anti-Jew pastures, at which point the Military Men faced a Court Martial and National Action was declared to be illegal, having had the necessary key words used to smear them, ie. Fascist, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacists, in the Government’s description of the group. They are now apparently considered to be a threat to the very existence of the greatest criminal organisation in the history of the modern world.

They would be ‘The Central Bankers’ squatting in the City of London, whom very nearly lost their illegally gained power, over us all, when the most famous man in the world, Adolf Hitler, along with the finest Military Machine that the world has ever seen, took them on, by bravely closing the Central Bank in Germany and printing his own money. Which is why the very meaning of words, have been changed, to conceal the actions of the Fascists and the National Socialists, behind a wall of crap, built around the simple method, which could and should be used to solve the problem of deficits and debt, just in case someone else has the same idea.

Remarkably, there is no mention of any intent to do anything to anybody in the doctrine of Fascism, it is in the main, simply an economic system, without any hidden threats of murder and mayhem, that is all bullshit to take our eye off the ball.

The war against Hitler and Germany cost millions of lives as are the current slaughters in the Middle East, which are also being carried out at the bidding of ‘The City’ to extend their holdings in the region.

Yet while a few Englishmen, could face up to ten years in gaol, for simply being a member of a group of young lads, whom have never been convicted of any crime other than, perhaps something they said, may have made a Jew cry or for being a member of a group which in Democratic “Great” Britain, has been declared to be illegal and all of the membership smeared with lies, while the City of London and the Houses of Parliament, are crammed to the rafters with murderers and War Criminals, against whom, no action has been taken. National Action simply needed a more cool-headed leadership, that way, like the politicians and bankers, they could get away with anything and be well paid for their trouble.

Even as the current bunch of War Criminals are lying through their teeth, with the eager complicity of the Media, about what is really going on in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen, those same traitors are seeking any excuse to avoid doing for what the people Britain clearly voted, Brexit. Those in the House whom are standing in the way of Brexit should be sacked on the spot and forbidden to ever stand for election in the future, they are the servants and not the masters. They are all under orders from the city to deny the British their Rights.

The countries in the Middle East, which have been under relentless attack, have one thing in common, they have control of their own resources and banking system. In Libya, the first act of the British was to install a Rothschild Central Bank and to take the Libyan Gold Reserves to a ‘safe place’ after which British Petroleum and Total took control of the oilfields. That is called liberation.




Goldman Sachs Takes Control Of “The Bank” And Why Not? They Part Own It.

The British Government is trying to curb the Loan Sharks, whom are taking advantage of Hard Times for the poor, whom often need to take out  short-term loans, which are referred to as “Pay Day Loans” which are supposedly paid off when the borrower receives their next pay packet.

However when repay day arrives, many people find it impossible to pay-up and ask for a “Roll-Over” which means paying only the interest on the loan, plus a charge for not paying on time. The charge and the debt are combined with the interest for the extra time and are added to the original sum borrowed, which results very quickly in a debt which becomes, for the poor, impossible to repay, as the resulting interest payments can amount to several thousand per cent per annum.

This practice, on the part of the “Loan Sharks” is quite obviously in need of stringent controls, otherwise it will end in tears for thousands of families, when the Bailiffs knock on the door of the home, which they intend to seize, in lieu of the debt.

This situation could well be described as a Microcosm of the Macrocosm, of the continuing theft, which the Worlds Governments resolutely ignores in the Banking System, by which the entire world will soon be controlled.

I should imagine that my more astute readers will have already guessed to where I am headed, with this brief discourse on the activities of purveyors of Compound Interest loaded bailouts or loans, whichever term suits the occasion.

How can it be that the British Government has become aware of the High Street Loan Sharks and the deleterious effect they are having on the poorest and neediest, while they have apparently failed to cotton on to the fact that the much-lauded International Monetary Fund, is playing the same game, with those poorer countries, which find themselves unable to make the repayments of the interest on loans, which have, through the use of the same Compound Interest, ballooned out of control.

Take the case of Greece for example, a country which was “eased” into a monumental debt, by characters from the same Goldman Sachs, which has just taken control of “The Bank” in London, a debt which is being used to force a “Fire Sale” of all and everything, including the very land itself, which remains in the hands of the Greek people.

The bailiffs of these Money Sharks, which are jokingly called Central Banks, which gives the impression that they are publicly owned, when in fact they are all privately owned, have been knocking on the doors of governments across Europe, in search of their interest payments, which are falling behind due to the shortfall in Income Tax, all of which, in the twenty-seven countries of the EU, whether in the Euro-zone or not,  is paid directly into the coffers of private bankers.

The shortfall is being made up through “Austerity Measures” which means other forms of tax, such as VAT and Duty on cigarettes and petrol, instead of being used to finance Health and Education and other Social needs, is being diverted into the same overflowing coffers of the richest people on the planet.

These same loan sharks are now cheering because there is an upturn in the price of homes. Why is that something to cheer about? For the average man in the street, this hike in price, will make it even more difficult to repay a house mortgage, during his working life. A loan which will be made by a Banking system, which itself receives funding from the Central Banks, at a tiny rate of Interest, which can then be loaned to borrowers at extortionate rates. A mortgage holder, will, as they say, be attempting to buy a house for himself and two houses for the bankers.

Influential Bankers, such as the head of The Bundesbank in Germany, Jens Weidmann, worked in past years, for the privately owned Bank of France and the International Monetary Fund which is said to be French controlled, simply because it has been fronted by Dominique Strauss-Khan and Christine Lagarde in recent times, it is however owned by the same Rothschild family which controls not only the Bank of France and the IMF but also Goldman Sachs.

Mark Carney a Goldman Sachs trainee, has now taken control of The Bank of England, which  is alleged to be owned jointly by The Queen of England and the Rothschild family, while the Public is told that it has been Nationalised. This is a straightforward lie, as the accounts are cut in two, one half being for public consumption and the other half is kept secret for the eyes of the two shareholders, yes, that is right, there are now shareholders in Nationalised Companies.  So the British taxpayer can rest assured that all of the austerity payments, which should not even exist, should the bank be publicly owned, are being paid to the richest man in the world and the Royal Family.

So it is in fact a misnomer, to suggest that Goldman Sachs, which on paper is the most successful bank in the world, has taken control of various Central Banks in France, Italy, Greece etc. because Goldman Sachs, like the Rockefeller family, are simply agents of the Rothschild’s.

The crash of 2008 was a deliberately controlled event, which has been used to take control of hundreds of small banks which were refused short-term loans by the Multi-National Banks in order to destroy them, making them available to be scooped up and melded with the huge banking monopolies.

The money, with which to carry out this fraud was the “Bailouts” and “Quantitative Easing” which passed huge, unimaginable sums of money directly into the hands of bankers, money, which belonged to US as in We The People, which the bankers used  for their own personal gain, by ordering, through the International Monetary Fund, the sale of all Nationalised Industries, into private hands, which was as if we had given them our money, with which to buy our property.

To make sure that this theft was properly carried out, various employees and ex-employees, of the Central Banking families, have been placed across the world, either as unelected Political appointees, as in Greece and Italy, or as the visible head of invisible controllers of Institutes such as the European Central Bank.

Of course what it was necessary to carry out surreptitiously in Europe, the British Government, knowing full well that it was all a little bit beyond the comprehension of its electorate, simply announced that it was handing control of the entire British economy in to the hands of the Private Bankers and that was the end of it. No fuss, no bother, a simple coup d’etat, and job done. In comes the Goldman Sachs man, Carney, whom is described as a “Rock Star” or indeed “Superman.” These were of course the words of the Banker controlled Mainstream Media. No matter, one way or the other, Great Britain has been sold off. The Euro-Zone is on its way down the same tube.