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Sorry, We Were Only Trying To Help.

Israel is today, destroying yet another piece of Palestine with bulldozers, with heavily armed men providing cover. This is in fact an armed invasion of Palestine. Not content with that, they have launched yet another bombing campaign against Gaza, having lost their bottle in Syria, now that the Syrian’s can fight back.

In Yemen, where millions are facing a brutal death from disease and starvation, Israel’s ally, Saudi Arabia, is continuing its relentless slaughter of the innocent. While in Syria, covert agents of the United States, while still claiming to be in Syria, simply to deal with their own paid terrorists, ISIS, they are actually looting historic sites, around Aleppo, just as they did in Iraq, during that illegal war.

Israel and the United States are still attempting to generate an excuse to destroy Iran, under orders, which were passed through the sweep-head Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, right in front of the couldn’t care less United Nations General Assembly.

Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, all of which were the recipients of Humanitarian Assistance from the British, French and American, both from paid Mercenaries on the ground, whom played the role of “Freedom Fighters”, while NATO fighter bombers, gave them air cover, which in all three countries went disastrously “wrong”, accidentally killing hundreds of thousands of the innocent they had come to “save” while at the same time destroying as much of the infrastructure, of all those countries, as possible, to render all three countries to a level of abject poverty, which totally by accident, created the excuse to swamp Europe with Muslim refugees, which was all planned way back in the days following the declaration of the Zionists ambition to take control of the World by stealth.

Africa has long been the target of the Globalists, having remained a vast primitive, unexploited land, where the Natives, whom for millennia, had lived the fear-filled life of the “hunter-gatherer” a way of life which left many of them exposed to the other kind of “hunter-gatherer” called cannibals, by whom they were gathered and eaten, which left the people exposed to the more advanced savages from the Middle East, by whom they were rounded up and used as slaves.

As a result of the interference of the French, British and Americans and of course let us not forget the brave efforts of the Jews to seize and destroy South Africa, there are now millions of the promised Blacks, being paid to come to Europe, in order to play the role of the “inseminators” of all those White women, whom have rejected the idea of having White babies, whom are apparently overjoyed at the prospect of marrying a Black man, according to all the current advertising posters around where I live, even though I have not set eyes on a Black man for months.

I am assured that advertising works, otherwise who would pay a fortune for it. So would it come as any surprise to find that stupid women, whom have already destroyed the children of an entire generation, by feeding them some of the crap which is advertised on radio, television, in the Cinema and in the printed media and of course all across Facebook and other online advertising outlets, which has encouraged them to feed their children on fast-food, which has lead to a generation of obesity, which will ensure that those now extremely fat women, will find that very few White men will be attracted to them, so they will do exactly as the bill-boards encourages them to do, find a partner amongst the hundreds of thousand of young Black men whom are being paid to come to Europe having been told that millions of White women are waiting to be screwed by them.

While all of the above appears to be going to plan, politicians across the World would appear to have failed to spot what is happening in front of their eyes. Do they seriously expect us to believe, that all of the above illegal wars and the massive destruction, of an entire region, has all happened by accident, without them understanding what is going on? Have they never heard of the Greater Israel Project? Which means they believe that just by sheer accident, Israel now finds that all of the lands of which they have need, to bring this desire to fruition, have been demolished and made ready for the construction of the Jew State of Palestine, which will be the centre of the Globalists dream of World Domination? If our politicians are that stupid it is about time we elected people with a touch of courage and at least half a brain.


The Insulting Claims Of The British War Machine.

The sanctimonious people of Europe, who spend their days blaming others for their problems, are fiddling as Europe sinks into the Dark Ages.

An artist or should I say cartoonist, working for the Daily Mail has today presented a graphic, stating quite clearly that in the terms of his editor, Assad and Russia are involved in some sort of campaign to wipe out the Syrian people, while those kindly men, who decapitate and bury alive those Muslims or Christians of whom they disapprove, are huddled down with those poor people whom they are trying to save, as the bombs drop all around.




Everything in the image is propaganda, these folk never produce evidence of their claims. The last thing Russia would do would be to help Assad wipe out his own people.

These same humanitarian filth are in exactly the same position in Iraq, where the falling bombs and illegal armaments, which rain down, though resembling the scenes in Syria, are of course not at all the same thing, as the bombs are British, French and American, which means the bombs are to save the people of Iraq.


Not too far away in Libya, the same gang is huddled down under a sustained attack, from the British, French and American bombs, where as is the case in Iraq, it is to save the Libyan people?

In Yemen, where British bombs are being used to carpet bomb the poorest State in the Middle East, thank God it is those gentle people from Saudi Arabia who are bombing to save the Yemeni people.

In Afgha……………………… I think you get the picture by now, it’s an hypocritical attack against the Russians and Assad, by the greatest war criminals in history, while those Europeans are failing to understand that they are not even allowed to remark that it may all be illegal and only Russia and Assad are in reality,  guiltless, even as the resulting refugee crisis is being paid for by a Jew, George Soros, with the declared aim of destroying Europe. Other Jews are of course totally innocent.