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Assad Hits The Headlines Again.



The Western powers simply refuse to leave Bashar al Assad in peace. Today the airwaves have been loaded with unsupported claims that Assad had ordered the torture and execution of thirteen thousand people, all of them innocent of course, in prisons all over Syria.

Boris Johnson was shocked at the reports, forgetting to mention that they were only substantiated by the word of enemies of Assad, without any hard evidence in support. There were immediate cries from the British, that Assad must go he must have no place in any future regime. Many people felt the same way about Tony Blair, when the death toll in Iraq reached one-hundred-thousand, he was however re-elected twice.

As these admonishment against Assad were taking place, a British Court was hearing an appeal by a British uniformed murderer, whom had callously shot dead an Afghani Freedom Fighter, whom was lying injured on the ground. He was originally found guilty of the crime, because he did not have a leg to stand on, as the entire incident had been filmed, but of course nobody felt that he should have been gaoled for this ‘petty’ offence. His lawyer is now going along the stress and anxiety route, to gain his freedom.

The British have very little of which to be proud, with regard to their treatment of prisoners. They were recently in Court, defending themselves against their atrocities in Kenya, where they engaged in castration and testicle crushing and other delightful little stunts, including the shooting of blanks towards the heads of terrified prisoners.

Assad could learn a few tricks from the boys from Britain. In Northern Ireland the British behaviour was little different from that of military Dictatorships in South America, nobody knows how many judicial killings were carried by the British. Any number of people simply disappeared and the Loyalists, the British proxy killers took the blame, to exonerate the B Specials and MI6.

Here is an extract from a report of British torture and murder through starvation and hypothermia, in prison camps in Germany after World War Two, you know the one called the ‘just’ war to save us from the nasty people.


“Despite the six years of bitter fighting which lay behind him, James Morgan-Jones, a major in the Royal Artillery, could not have been more specific about the spectacle in front of him. “It was,” he reported, “one of the most disgusting sights of my life.”

Curled up on a bed in a hospital in Rotenburg, near Bremen, was a cadaverous shadow of a human being. “The man literally had no flesh on him, his state of emaciation was incredible,” wrote Morgan-Jones. This man had weighed a little over six stones (38kg) on admission five weeks earlier, and “was still a figure which may well have been one of the Belsen inmates”. At the base of his spine “was a huge festering sore”, and he was clearly terrified of returning to the prison where he had been brought so close to death. “If ever a man showed fear – he did,” Morgan-Jones declared.

Adolf Galla, 36, a dental technician, was not alone. A few beds away lay Robert Buttlar, 27, a journalist, who had been admitted after swallowing a spoon handle in a suicide attempt at the same prison. He too was emaciated and four of his toes had been lost to frostbite.

The previous month, January 1947, two other inmates, Walter Bergmann, 20, and Franz Osterreicher, 38, had died of malnutrition within hours of arriving at the hospital. Over the previous 13 months, Major Morgan-Jones learned, 45 inmates of this prison, including several women, had been dumped at Rotenburg. Each was severely starved, frostbitten, and caked in dirt. Some had been beaten or whipped.” (extract from a Guardian report on the treatment of British prisoners.)


The British were complicit in the murder of thousands of Cossacks, whom had fought alongside Hitler, whom had surrendered to the British, expecting to be treated as ordinary Prisoners of War. Big mistake, you get no mercy from the British whom immediately handed them over to Stalin. They were shot out of hand having been brutally tortured by the Bolshevik Jew Commissars.

The same British stood idly by as the Jew Eisenhower calmly starved one and a half million of his German Prisoners of War to Death, in his Rhine Meadow Death Camps. A crime which has never been reported by the very same media, which Donald Trump was today accusing of mis-reporting certain events.

When you add all of that, to the fact that everything the Press of the day, including the BBC, told the British people about the reasons for the Second World War, against Germany, were a croque of manure, as were the reasons for destroying Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Syria, crimes which the British and their accomplices, have justified, on every occasion, using exactly the same excuse of the Brutal Dictator, and the British people eagerly swallow it.

All The Signs Of A False Flag British Atrocity.

Anybody whom watches his harrowing documentary, without coming to the conclusion that the British Establishment is rotten to its core, has no understanding of humanitarianism nor justice, despite the claims of the current Foreign Minister.

These men were not mistakenly found guilty of a crime which they did not commit, they were deliberately framed by the Police and the Establishment. They were not the only victims of this form of injustice.

There was never any real investigation of the bombings in Guildford and Birmingham neither before or after the innocent people were released.

Why did the investigations not pick up from where they had left off? The guilty were still out there, so why was there no attempt to track them down?

I would suggest that it was because like the attacks in Dublin around the same period, they were carried out by the SAS. This was the finding of a long enquiry into the Dublin bombings and it has become clear that they were still at it in Iraq, where they were caught red-handed.

This lack of investigation into a serious act of violence is the trade mark of Government involvement. It was evident in the 7-7 bombing, where four young lads were blamed for a crime which they could not possibly have committed and no further investigation was conducted, in order to find others whom may have been involved.

In the case of the Birmingham Six, they were beaten to a pulp by the humanitarian British. They were in fact so badly beaten, that the British Justice system, was obliged to delay their appearance in Court, in order to allow the evidence of their torture, at the hands of the British Bobby, to heal, in order to conceal the brutality of the system from the public.

This is the same system which was used against German Officers at Nuremberg, in order to force them to sign false confessions, which led on to their lynching. It is still being employed in Guantanamo Bay, where innocent men are being water boarded, in order to force them to confess,to events, which in some cases, occurred after their arrest.

I no longer believe  the adage that you cannot blame the entire British Police Force because of the behaviour of “One Bad Apple.”  They are a pack of mad dogs. These upholders of the law, were even prepared to cavalry charge a bunch of kids, protesting about education; after night had fallen of course.

While the victims of the brutal British system are still suffering, no action has been taken against the torturers themselves, or the higher authority, whom picked on the first possible group of men, on which to hang the blame for their own murderous attack in Birmingham. As they did with the McGuire family.

Zionist controlled Governments are forever coming up against the same problem. They need an excuse, in order to demonise their selected target. In the case of the Birmingham Six, it was the IRA. At the time, the IRA was minuscule. They did not have the means to carry out enough serious attacks, to justify the acts of the British, so the British carried out the bombings for them. The British were, in effect, the IRA.

The Zionists in the US are faced with the same problem, the Muslims are peaceful people, they have never posed a threat to anyone in the US. So the FBI is forced to groom young boys, provide the means needed to carry out an attack and then they arrest the boys at the last-minute, claiming to have averted an attack. This has been the procedure used in every single so-called act of terror in the US since 911.

The British Zionists, were caught red-handed doing the same thing in Basra, where men disguised as Arabs, shot dead a policeman at a check-point. The men were locked in a Police Station, the British sent tanks to liberate them and have never addressed the question of what the SAS were doing planting bombs, which were designed to spark off inter-communal war in Iraq.

Seems Like Business As Usual.

The atrocities, which we are being led to believe, were carried out by Gadaffi’s forces, men being badly treated while under arrest, allegations of torture, carried out under the watchful eyes of the CIA and MI6 operatives and so on, seem to be pretty much par for the course, in the world of military and security operatives.

Yet we are expected to be appalled at whatever Gadaffi may have inflicted on his prisoners, which is, of course, far more serious than the treatment which  the hotel worker who was beaten to a pulp by “Our Boys” in Basra suffered, or indeed the treatment of uncharged prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

Are the British any less guilty of brutally treating prisoners, should their torture be carried out for them by Gadaffi or indeed by other willing thugs in Poland or other Eastern European countries?

The British in particular, are responsible for the atrocious treatment of prisoners. There is even now, a case going through the High Courts, in which Kenyans, who were mistreated by the British in Kenya in the 1950s, are claiming damages. The torture extended to the castration of young men.

In the 1970s they were found guilty of torturing prisoners in Northern Ireland. One man was thrown to his death from the upstairs window of a Police Station.

British brutality was legendary throughout Africa and India, as was the slaughter of Aborigines in Australia.

The sanctimonious State of Israel, has the right to torture prisoners written into its Constitution. Lord knows what barbaric acts are carried out against prisoners in their hands, as they of course consider the rest of us to be no more than animals.

The treatment of prisoners in Afghanistan, at the Bagram base, under the auspices of the Danish Special Elite forces, is being exposed and of course being denied. Well they would, wouldn’t they.

Dutch forces were ordered to stand down to allow the kidnapping of large numbers of males at Srebrenica. Evidence has since emerged that NATO was using mercenaries, fighting under the CIA Al Qaeda banner, in  much the same way as they are now operating in Libya and it may well have been these paid thugs whom carried out the massacre.

All in all, it is the grossest hypocrisy for Western Governments to accuse anyone of the mistreatment of prisoners. Indeed, four hundred people have been killed, while in the hands of the British Police, in the past ten years, while in the US, the Police ritually execute hundreds of people, either by shooting them in the back while spread-eagled on the ground, or with Tasers, which have proved fatal in hundreds of cases.

So please spare us the Saddam Hussein like accusations, against Gadaffi, he is in fact no worse than any of the butchers of NATO who are levelling the vitriol, in order to find justification for the thousands of deaths for which they are responsible.