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The Iron Fist Of The British Dictatorship, Thumps And Smears The Young Rebels.

Mark Rowley, the top counter-terrorist cop in the United Kingdom, suggests that the children of ‘terrorists’ should be treated as are those of paedophiles, by being removed from the family home, to save them from being ‘radicalised’ or abused, by their parents.

Would Rowley extend this treatment to the family of the British Military men, whom were caught planting bombs in Basra or indeed convicted of murdering a wounded man in Afghanistan, or would he have special dispensations in mind for these, cynical official terrorists?

National Action, the group which now finds itself in the Rowley cross-hairs, is described as Neo-Nazi, Fascist, Extreme Right Wing, White Supremacist, Terrorist, Nationalist and in the process of planning terrorist attacks, should be put on the list of banned organisations. I think he managed to tick all the boxes in that tirade.

The same form of organisation exists all across Europe, It is called Génération Identitaire, it is now ubiquitous, with a huge membership. The way ITN News presented the young lads of National Action, who are preparing themselves for a possible confrontation, with some of the returning Daech Jihadists, whom have been trained and armed to kill, by the British Government, to undermine a democratically elected President in Syria, using whatever means come to hand, a British Government which can simply ban the Opposition to their own brutal control, while at the same time denying their own people in Britain their Democracy.


Rowley went on to claim, that four recent Extreme Right, terrorist attacks had been prevented by the alert forces of Law and Order and that the next time we might not be so lucky, we all know the mantra, the terrorists only needs to get it right once and all that nonsense; the implication being, that it was National Action which had been intent on carrying out these attacks.

His remark about unspecified foiled attacks, took me all the way back to the halcyon days of New Labour, when the then head of the Met, Ian Blair told us that four Muslim terrorist plots had recently been prevented by Scotland Yard, followed a few hours later by John Reid MP, who claimed six threats had been prevented all of them were then ‘trumped’ by Gordon Brown who raised the stakes to ten. We now have a full house of terrorists all jumbled together, god knows how many threats will have to be avoided in the future, there is even a resurgent IRA mixed in with the ‘Home Grown’ Muslims, Returning Jihadists, Extreme Right Wingers and the Good Old Boys from Derry the most persistent freedom fighters of them all, The Irish Republican Army.

He forgot to mention that serving members of the British Military, have been proud members of National Action, until the City of London cast a baleful eye over the group, which may have strayed into anti-Jew pastures, at which point the Military Men faced a Court Martial and National Action was declared to be illegal, having had the necessary key words used to smear them, ie. Fascist, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacists, in the Government’s description of the group. They are now apparently considered to be a threat to the very existence of the greatest criminal organisation in the history of the modern world.

They would be ‘The Central Bankers’ squatting in the City of London, whom very nearly lost their illegally gained power, over us all, when the most famous man in the world, Adolf Hitler, along with the finest Military Machine that the world has ever seen, took them on, by bravely closing the Central Bank in Germany and printing his own money. Which is why the very meaning of words, have been changed, to conceal the actions of the Fascists and the National Socialists, behind a wall of crap, built around the simple method, which could and should be used to solve the problem of deficits and debt, just in case someone else has the same idea.

Remarkably, there is no mention of any intent to do anything to anybody in the doctrine of Fascism, it is in the main, simply an economic system, without any hidden threats of murder and mayhem, that is all bullshit to take our eye off the ball.

The war against Hitler and Germany cost millions of lives as are the current slaughters in the Middle East, which are also being carried out at the bidding of ‘The City’ to extend their holdings in the region.

Yet while a few Englishmen, could face up to ten years in gaol, for simply being a member of a group of young lads, whom have never been convicted of any crime other than, perhaps something they said, may have made a Jew cry or for being a member of a group which in Democratic “Great” Britain, has been declared to be illegal and all of the membership smeared with lies, while the City of London and the Houses of Parliament, are crammed to the rafters with murderers and War Criminals, against whom, no action has been taken. National Action simply needed a more cool-headed leadership, that way, like the politicians and bankers, they could get away with anything and be well paid for their trouble.

Even as the current bunch of War Criminals are lying through their teeth, with the eager complicity of the Media, about what is really going on in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen, those same traitors are seeking any excuse to avoid doing for what the people Britain clearly voted, Brexit. Those in the House whom are standing in the way of Brexit should be sacked on the spot and forbidden to ever stand for election in the future, they are the servants and not the masters. They are all under orders from the city to deny the British their Rights.

The countries in the Middle East, which have been under relentless attack, have one thing in common, they have control of their own resources and banking system. In Libya, the first act of the British was to install a Rothschild Central Bank and to take the Libyan Gold Reserves to a ‘safe place’ after which British Petroleum and Total took control of the oilfields. That is called liberation.




Not Much Sign Of That Much Revered Democracy These Days.



Britain needs to make up its mind, as to whether it wants Democracy or not. A Referendum of the people decided that the majority wanted to leave the European Union. There is nothing difficult about leaving the EU, it makes no difference how many times, deceitful politicians tell the people, that it is a complicated business, when it is in fact the most simple of all things.

Members of Parliament, in Constituencies which voted to leave the EU are blocking progress in the debates, demanding the right to agree or refuse, the terms which the Brexit team manage to screw out of the EU Commission, leaving the door open, for the Commission to be as tough as possible, knowing that the ‘majority’ in the House of Commons, which want to Remain, will use that as an excuse to delay the will of the people, to the point where they can force another Referendum, which will be rigged. Be sure of it, it will be rigged.

Members of the European Parliament, are in exactly the same situation as are the Members of Parliament back in their home country. They are a shining example of the situation of all of the Democracies across Europe, they receive their orders from the Commission, which is itself a mere Front for the real power, behind the curtain.

There are show elections, which are good enough for the Herd, while in reality, all of the instructions are written in London and Washington, by teams, controlled by various groups like the Fabian Society, the Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House.

When a referendum result goes the right way, with however small a majority, nobody gives a toss about those whom said no. These debates only crop up when things do not go to order for our puppets and  those whom pull their strings.

I am waiting to hear the question asked of a Remainer, in the UK Referendum debate, what margin of victory would be necessary, for the acceptance of a ‘Yes’ vote, and should it fall below the mark, would it be necessary for a third referendum and so on?

A referendum, held on a simple majority vote is a one-off poll, otherwise things can go on forever. When the British were duped into voting for the ‘Common Market’ why did ‘Parliament’ not call for a second referendum before signing the UK into the Constitution of Europe, which they now call the Treaty of Lisbon, which is jam-packed with traps for the future, which will the be forced on to the British people, who will not be allowed any choice?

Nobody in the British Government has actually read the Treaty of Lisbon, which like its sister Treaties Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, have never been explained to the Peoples of Europe, a task which should have been mandatory for British and other European Politicians. That is their job.

To have signed these massive tomes, without reading them is deplorable. Nobody knows what can suddenly be sprung on to us in the future. This is the proof positive that our politicians are not ‘our’ politicians, they simply rubber stamp orders from Brussels.

When Donald Trump refused to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership and the 2030 Paris agreement, he was scoffed at and called an idiot who would do nothing to save the planet and all that rubbish, when in fact, Trump said that to sign the Treaty would destroy American industry and the same thing goes for Europe. That is why nobody questioned Trumps decision, by asking him to explain why it would destroy American industry, simply because they did not want you to hear his reasons. There have been no such discussions about these Treaties, politicians do not involve themselves in any of that, they simply take orders.

One of Trumps reasons was because he felt that to allow Chinese and other Asian Countries to continue business as usual, while the rest of us would be expected to reduce their use of oil and coal and run their industries on renewable energy, would reduce their output to the level of manufacturing nothing but hand-made products. That is not the sort of message the ‘destroyers’ of the West want us to hear.

There has just been an election in the United States, where Russia has been blamed for Hillary Clintons defeat in last years Presidential election. This election, in Alabama, was a complete fraud, there were eight thousand dead voters, supporting  the Democrats and an alleged ninety-five percent turnout of Democratic voters, which has never been heard of anywhere on earth.

The Democrat won with a one percent majority, there has been no call for a rerun and a recount is impossible as the ‘democratic’ election rules allows the destruction of the voting records once the result has been announced. That is Democracy in action. Is this the way they would like things to work in the Middle East?

Let that be a warning to the Brits, there has been no recorded example of a second Referendum, which returned the same result as did the first. In many cases the people are not even given the opportunity to vote a second time, the puppets simply ignore the result of the first referendum, change a few words and as with the European Constitution, which was refused by everyone whom had a chance to vote, change the name, call it a treaty, which can be signed without the acceptance of the people and Bob’s your uncle!

Ever since the election of Trump, both of the American Political Parties, have been obsessed with digging up dirt on Trump, to kick him out of office, while over there in Britain they are all trying hard to find a way of getting around a referendum result, even as the European Union is threatening to punish Poland and Hungary, should they refuse to accept thousands of Blacks and Muslims into their countries, while Jews in Israel build walls to enclose the people they call ‘animals’ locked up in Gaza, even as the same Jews find time to attack Trump for building a wall on the Mexican border.

The United Nations, which was constructed by Zionists, in the interests of Zionists, has suggested that Iran may be breaking the rules over the number of missiles they are manufacturing, having found them to be in order with the International Atomic Energy Agency restrictions on atomic bombs. Strange as it may sound, they have never questioned the number of Atomic Bombs and missiles in the arsenal of the Zionist State of Israel, which has never even been inspected.

The very fact that all the hypocrites and liars in NATO, and the rest of the world, shout and bawl at North Korea and Iran about Nuclear weapons, while they steadfastly remain silent about Israel, which sits right in the middle of all the countries which have been destroyed, for even a false claim that they possessed such weapons, displays the total control of these scum whom were supposedly elected Democratically.

What sort of mindless fools would be prepared to describe themselves as ‘Friends’ of those whom slaughter at will, the innocent Palestinians, using the most trivial of excuses, while pointing the finger at Jeremy Corbyn, who dared to share a discussion with Hamas? In this weeks Prime Ministers Question Time, Corbyn attacked Theresa May with an almost identical question, which he had demanded of the previous female Prime Minister back in 1990, not much changes in Politics.




The British Need To Stand Up And Shout Out Before They Lose What’s Left Of Their Democracy.


The British Need To Stand Up And Shout Out, Before They Lose What’s Left Of Their Democracy.

Europe and the United States of America are being run by mass murderers. They have no soul and they care not a toss about how many people they murder. They watched the cream of British youth walk into a hail of gunfire, during a British war in 1914-18, without batting an eyelid. They calmly bombed the German people killing millions of them in a second British inspired war.

Yesterday, in the British Parliament, the hypocrites, who have destroyed the Middle East, murdering millions of people and driving millions more out of their homes, were pointing fingers at Russia and Vladimir Putin, whom has brought their trail of destruction to a full stop in Syria, calling him a War Criminal.

While still presenting themselves as ‘liberators’ with the ‘good’ intention of saving the Syrian people, not from the real enemies of Syria, the British and NATO, but from the man the British refuse to allow to be present in any Syrian election, their beloved President Bashar al Assad, because the British know, just as they knew with Muammar Gadaffi in Libya, he would win a landslide victory in any free election.

There were the usual cries of Heyar! Heyar! from the Tory Toffs, as the lying allegations were being leveled at the Russians for their alleged ‘War Crimes,’ committed during their attacks against the British armed and trained terrorists in Aleppo and a massive support for more British interventions.

I was struck by the similarity of the claims being made by the murderous British, against Russia, with those made by Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump, who had been caught, on film, talking ‘dirty’ about women.

Trump put Clinton down in an instant, by comparing of what he was being accused, with the diabolical behaviour of her rapist, drug dealing, husband, Slick Willy, who robbed even the suffering people of Haiti of public donations, after their country had been destroyed by an earthquake.



Trumps response to Clinton’s continued attacks about his Tax affairs and remarks he had made about a fat women and allegations about his past business dealings, introduced the American public, to the reality of what has been controlling them and the White House for generations, during which time the USA has been nothing more that the killing machine for the City of London and the White House was no more than a Bordello for sexual deviants.




The British have never been given such a dose of truth about their own leaders. Where is Jeremy Corbyn? Well where do you expect? Continuing the same dreary agenda as the rest of them. Corbyn knows full well that he should be supporting the choice of the People, who voted in huge numbers for ‘Brexit’ he is instead keeping his mouth shut because he is ‘himself,’ not in favour of ‘Brexit.’

However, as will all of the rest of the Criminals in Parliament, should he win his place in Parliament with a smaller share of the vote, than the combined vote of the other candidates, in an election, he will eagerly claim his right to the Seat. That is the measure of the sincerity of those whom are now claiming the ‘Brexit’ majority to have been not significant enough.

In the previous referendum in 1975 there was a 65% turn-out of folk whom voted to join the EU, which was fine. Now however a 75% turn-out, in the recent referendum, is not good enough and is not really representative of the true feelings of the British, 16 year olds and those foreigners living in the UK should have been allowed to vote. Such is the difference between doing what you are told and not what you want to do.

The gutter news on European rolling news channels, has chosen to completely ignore the ‘outing’ of Slick Willy’ as a rapist, even with four of his victims, on television, explaining what he had done to them. They also chose to enforce a clampdown on the truth of Hillary Clinton, who laughed about her success in getting a child rapist, a three month sentence, through the use of a technicality, while one and all news outlets are still claiming her to be the best candidate for the Presidency.

That is the measure of the efficacy of controlled media lies. Full in the face of the condemnation of Blair and his team of murderers, by the Chilcot Inquiry, Cameron and Sarkozy, did to Libya exactly what had been done to Iraq, installed a ‘No Fly Zone’ which to the average Joe in the street, means you do not allow aeroplanes to fly, it does not mean, completely destroy the infrastructure of a country. So why no media criticism?

Yesterday in Parliament, the spokesman for the War Ministry, was proposing a similar murderous, imposition of a ‘No Fly Zone’ in Syria, where the Russians were fighting to save the civilians, trapped in East Aleppo, from British armed and trained terrorists, whom are as savage as the Cheka and under the control of Commissars.

The British claim there to be at least three distinct groups of terrorists, all mixed up, operating in the area, so the Russian are bound to be killing some of the ‘good ones’ so they must stop fighting allowing the ‘good terrorists’ to carry on the bombardment of west Aleppo. Have you ever heard such a load of crap in your life? Where is the Free Press?

All of the above is sadly, good enough for the British. They are so stupid that they have yet to spot the connection between all of their Governments illegal wars in the Middle East and the current immigration problem in Europe.

This would be the same British, who are even now arming ‘Freedom Fighters’ in Syria’, while worrying about an upsurge of ‘Freedom Fighting’ in Ireland, which is called terrorism. Such is the depth of British hypocrisy.

Right now, the British have told their Government that they want to leave the European Union. ALL that needs to be done is to say ‘we are out’ end of story. Britain will then be in the same position as are hundreds of other countries who buy and sell with Europe. Where is the problem?

Are the British people going to have illegal tariffs placed against their exports to Europe? Of course not, all this talk of how to retain the right to sell to the EU is nothing more than time-wasting, while they scratch around looking for an excuse to get their own way.

The same International controlled Media, which is feeding the world pap and hypocrisy about Trump in the USA is controlling the debate about War and Brexit in Europe.







There is graphic evidence, that Africans are being paid to migrate to Europe and that they are being ‘picked up’ by boats waiting off the coast of Libya, while Sky News tells us they are poor refugees, who just like that, all decided to come to Europe, paying the trip with more than a thousand dollars, which they had apparently, put aside for a rainy day. Give me a break.

For this thousand dollars all they get is a short four kilometre trip in a rubber boat to the waiting, rescue ship, off the coast of Libya. Ho! Ho! Ho!

The Media feeds you a diet of lies and deception. The same folk own all of the World’s major Newspapers, Film Studios, Advertising Agencies and Television News, which is why we are presented with a united front of propaganda and lies. Don’t worry,  Russia Today is no better. They all have things to cover up.