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The Entire Western Establishment Is Apparently Onboard For The Latest Middle East War Crime.


The Entire Western Establishment Is Apparently Onboard For The Latest Middle East War Crime.

The excuse being used by the controlled puppets in the United States, to kick off the illegal bombing of Syria, is based on an excuse often used by any bully on the block, the well-worn, meaningless claim,  “You called me a name, didn’t yeah mate?” I have personally been confronted by bullies making such a claim and the only possible response being, “what did I call you?” The normal reply being, ‘that doesn’t matter.’

I refuse to believe that any of the Western politicians, posturing in the United Nations about the ‘evident truthfulness’ of a ridiculously badly contrived video clip, made by the ‘Worlds number one enemy’ ISIS, were not simply taking part in a plot, which had been prepared well in advance.

The British were right in the thick of it, adding fuel to a fire lacking in warmth, by elevating the lies to an even higher level, by claiming the attack on Idlib, had been carried out for ‘several hours.’ There will, as usual, be no evidence in support of any these claims. The British are, as usual, doing Israel’s work.

For months, we have been exposed to attack after attack, in Europe and like the recent attack in London, those whom presented the clip of the ‘incident’ in Idlib, claimed responsibility for those attacks, as they did for attacks in Paris, Nice and many other places.

The British are now demonstrating, that they and the USA and NATO are actually a part of ISIS, there can be absolutely no doubt about it. Immediately after spurious claims made by this group of murderers, the illegal bombing of Syria by USA missiles, based on evidence, far less convincing than were the claims made against Saddam Hussein, were launched an act which immediately,  facilitated a further advance of the, so-called ‘deadliest enemy of the entire world’ against the Assad regime,  which has struggled valiantly, to free thousands of civilians, trapped in Aleppo from the grip of these thugs.




Listening to Donald Trump, cynically whining about events in Syria, blubbering about babies being injured and killed, even as in nearby Mosul, American bombers, have in recent days, slaughtered an unknown number of women and children, during the relentless terror bombing of a city packed, with women and children, is enough to turn the stomach of a strong man. He is either stupid or both or more probably, controlled, having sacked, in advance, of this criminal act, Steve Bannon, a man whom was wholly opposed to regime change in Syria. It all begins to look like belligerent business as usual for the United States. This, I suppose is what Trump calls ‘Making America Great Again.’

In a tale which I posted yesterday, I mentioned the words of a host on LBC Radio, urging action against Syria, based on an unsupported video clip, action which he told us, should have been taken against Assad long ago. Are we now to believe, that this was not an excuse in advance, for the illegal, American bombing of Syria, which has taken place overnight?

The same host has been involved in several questionable debates in recent times, he, along with other hosts on LBC, quite deliberately refused to so much as take a glance at the anomalies in the recent ‘attack’ on Westminster Bridge, demonstrating that LBC has a fear of the truth.

There can be no problem about simply asking questions about the strange difference in various versions of that event, for example, I was curious to know why, with a hospital no more than a few yards from the scene of the event, the injured, on Gurney and many other witnesses, were herded into the Marriott Hotel. The avoidance of any such questions, invites justifiable cries of Hoax, surrounding such events.

More interestingly, why, in view of claims made by ISIS/Daech, that they had been responsible for the attack in London, are the British now supporting attacks against those whom are fighting against ISIS in Syria? Does it not simply add fuel to the fire of claims, that what took place in London, was a farce aimed at influencing support for action in Syria by NATO, where the British and their allies can pretend, as usual, to be fighting ISIS?

The advances made by ISIS, immediately following the illegal American raid, was exactly the same response as had been made after a similar raid, which killed dozens of Syrian soldiers, by ‘accident,’ facilitating the ISIS advance against Assad’s Arab Army, clearly demonstrating that NATO is ISIS/Daech.

All of those whom support the American action are already War Criminals. Saudi Arabia, Israel, France, Britain and many others, whom by not urging caution, are exposing their complicity in the current aggression against Syria, in a war which was generated by the British, under the control of declared Jew, David Cameron, a war which has already been responsible for the current immigrant crisis across Europe.





Should the British people believe themselves to be some sort of ‘Power for Good’ they will soon find that they are responsible for setting up World War Three, in much the same manner as did their favourite son, Churchill, deliberately kick off World War Two.


“Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it.” – Winston Churchill (November 1936 to US-General Robert E. Wood)



“It was not the political doctrine of Hitler, which hurled us into this war, the reason was his success in the building of a new economy. The roots of the war were envy, greed and fear of losing markets.” (Major General J.F.C Fuller, historian, England.)



Such is the level of guilt surrounding events in Europe, during the past one hundred years, that steps, unprecedented in world history, have been taken, to force down our throats, a myth designed to conceal the identity of the real guilty parties involved in these contrived wars.

Those guilty people, whom have been the major winners, in every sense, as a result of two World Wars, are now waiting, with bated breath, for the final destruction of all obstacles in their path towards a total domination of the Middle East.

The member countries of NATO, have been telling us for years, that ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, have been responsible for dozens of lethal attacks across the world, from the United States to the UK, France, Belgium and Spain. We have been presented with images of men having their head cut off on film. We have heard tales of crucifixion and mass slaughters, all carried out be these demons. We can all now rest assured that ‘we’ have been paying for all this killing and mayhem. ISIS Works For Us..






There can be no doubt, the evidence is already being gathered, clearly showing the delivery of arms, dropped from the sky, for the ISIS men, whom have all come from Iraq, where the ‘humanitarian’ forces of NATO, have been cynically destroying Mosul, as a means of generating the plausibility of the current situation, however many casualties are inflicted along the way. All of this ignored by the ‘warmongers’ on British News outlets. They are all under control.

Sky News recently sent a team to Iraq to lull the British into a dream state, suggesting that everything was going well in Mosul, why the Iraqi victims were being offered cheap mobile telephones, on market stalls, hopefully with a connection to the next world, as most of the relatives, of the survivors, were already dead.

I wonder if the oh so sympathetic Donald Trump, was shown photos of the little Iraqi child whom was blinded and riddled with shrapnel, having been crushed as her home fell on her and her family, killing them all apart from her? Sadly these hypocrites, use their false sympathy as an excuse to continue their slaughters.

Hidden behind the American attacks, so say, in response to a chemical attack in Idlib, the American aircraft have continued attacks against Syrian Army positions, allowing the advance of the International Terrorists, ISIS/Daech, into areas from which they have previously been driven. What more do you need to know?

Fake News Man Seeks ‘Truthful’ Support From The Merchants of Fake News.


Should a journalist do, as did Kevin McGuire, an associate editor? of the Daily Mirror, on a British Radio program, call a member and by inference, the entire Ukip political party, a pack of liars, having used his position as a member of the ‘Fake News Community’ to sow the seeds of hate against Ukip, one would imagine that he would at least be asked to justify his claim.

Unfortunately he was not,  as he was speaking on LBC, a rabidly anti Trump and Ukip, purveyor of disinformation, whom steadfastly continue to present as ‘truth’ even those exposed ‘fake’ tales, which were used against Ukip in the ‘Brexit’ Referendum.

McGuire, as have his compatriots in the USA, has continued his resistance to a Democratic decision of the People, as does the entire British Press, Radio and Television media, by continually ‘talking down’ the Brexit decision. I have just heard a host on LBC, ask the question, ‘What does it matter if we tell the truth or not?’

LBC went on to hold a discussion, with a group of journalists, whom were totally opposed to Trump, they were claiming that to deny what the media reports, is a conspiracy theory. They have presented a photograph which appeared in the Guardian, which allegedly proved that Trump’s claim of massive crowds at his inauguration was a lie, without showing the evidence, as if an unverified photo, was proof enough of something. It has yet to be shown that the two photos of Trumps inauguration were taken at a comparative moment. It was a ‘fake’ discussion.

Below is a short video claiming the CNN photo to be fake and after that, a photo from Getty Images, of the event. Then the proof of yet another batch of lies from O’Brien, about the Muslims cheering as the Towers Came Down on 911 and the handicapped reporter claims. All of which took me about ten minutes to track down and upload. Are there no rules about the extent of the lies which can be freely broadcasted by LBC and do they never research their subjects?













There is a far more serious situation building up, particularly in the United Kingdom, which those like McGuire and LBC, refuse to address. They are constantly referring to Ukip, using the ‘fake’ image of Hitler, which the British Press, quite deliberately disseminated, when it was necessary to justify the unnecessary war against Germany, by shifting the left-wing National Socialists to the ‘extreme right,’ which signals to the sheeple in the UK,  that a vote for Ukip, will mean a gas chamber will coming soon to a town near you. This is a totally misleading approach which cannot be justified.

Trump has promised to build a wall on the Mexican border, to prevent the invasion of the United States, by the overflow of the uncontrolled birth-rate in Mexico. What on earth is wrong with that? There are already millions of illegal Mexican immigrants in the United States.

Illegal means, forbidden by law or unconstitutional, take your pick. Whatever those Mexican people may be doing in the United States, they are Mexican and it is the duty of the Mexican government to look after their welfare and should these illegals be in need, the USA should demand cash from Mexico to look after those needs.

To allow millions of Mexicans, to create the very same problem, in the States, which they have already created in Mexico, is a stupidity. There is not even a ‘cap’ placed on the number of children for whom they may legally receive benefits.

There are thousands of British people, whom have chosen to retire in France. Their pension is paid from the UK. Imagine the uproar, should these White British people, choose to do exactly what the recent immigrants are doing, by demanding food, shelter, health care and a pension from the French government.

Another ‘fake’ by lying tale, which has never been discussed by any ‘free’ journalist, working in the UK, is that of the British genocide against the Irish. They continue the outright lie, that five million Irish people, starved to death as a direct result of a potato blight, denying the reality that unknown numbers were transported to far away lands as ‘slaves’ or indeed ‘indentured servant’ a term which is a euphemism for slaves.

The British, at all of their various social levels, continually blame the slaughter on the potato blight, as if nothing else would grow in Ireland. When in reality the British continually stole millions of tons of Irish produce, at gunpoint, as the Irish were dying of starvation in front of them and as did the Bolshevik Jews in Ukraine, they shot children attempting to steal some wheat to eat.

As justification for this Holocaust, the absent British Landlords calculated that to provide the Irish peasants – whom were allowed just enough land to grow potatoes and carrots to keep them alive- enough land to grow wheat and other grains to replace the failing potato crop, would require more land than was available in Ireland. The idea of feeding the Irish with the food which was being exported to England, was never even considered.

Their calculation explained to the profit conscious gentry, that it was cheaper to export the Irish people, rather than feed them, because of the restriction placed on production, by the available land necessary to so do.

The British would refer to what I have just expressed as ‘fake news’ because unlike the Jews, whom have constructed, even in Ireland, a ‘holocaust’ museum, to bolster their own claims, can you imagine that, in a country where it is illegal to deny the claims of the Jews and where the Irish Holocaust is itself denied?

The same Jews whom had already taken control of England, from where they despatched Cromwell’s New Model Army, which they had funded to murder the King of England, into Ireland to continue the land theft and repression of the Irish people, still maintained control during the Irish Holocaust.

All of that is part of the occult history of the English people, whom are seriously blind to the reality of their past crimes against humanity.

However I digressed from my support for Trump and Brexit, to suggest that the important thing in my support for the people of Ireland, is the British calculation of the amount of land necessary to feed the British and Irish people, at a time when there would have been more land available for agriculture and far fewer people to feed.

Bearing that in mind, why having managed to reduce the White Christian population of The British Isles, to maintain a sustainable level of food production, with regard to the land available, is the Jew controlled government in The City of London, propagating daily, rhetoric suggesting that Britain should open its doors to allow an unsustainable level of immigration, even as they are attempting to declench an international war, which has already destroyed the land available to millions of Muslims in the Middle East?

While Africa is already starving and there is already the threat of ‘Water Wars’ which have been engineered through the medium of allowing control of resources, into the hands of those whom do not have our best interest in mind, water which will soon, like the food from Ireland, be sold into the hands of the highest bidder. The evil destruction of Gadaffi’s Man Made River project, by NATO, has purposely, aggravated the problem of water and food production for Africa.

In California, where there has been the worst drought in living memory, despite stringent restrictions on the use of water, Nestlé’s were allowed to continue to pump billions of gallons of fresh drinking water to bottle and sell.

That is an illustration of the grim near future for us all. We have already been warned that very soon we will be forced to justify our right to remain alive. The ‘Death Panel’ is already on the books. The moment we are unable to pay for what we consume, we are done for, there will be no place on earth for ‘useless eaters.’


How I Came To Love The Führer.

During my formative years, along with all my chums, I was presented with  images of the Second World War, which convinced me that the German people, spent most of their time screaming,  Achtung! Achtung! Achtung! Wieder tun, und Sie werden erschossen!

Despite this bombardment of my mind, of which I was, of course, totally unaware, I was touched by Marlon Brando in the Young Lions, probably because it was the first time I had ever experienced a sympathetic presentation of a German,  and I have had a lifelong admiration for Field Marshall Rommel,   other than that I just accepted everything with which I was presented, without question.

Nowadays, what remains, as a result of this insidious propaganda,  is a totally conditioned, gullible generation of self-righteous parrots, most of whom have never taken the trouble to check out the voracity of their strongly held “opinions” despite, Twitter and Facebook and what is more frightening is the fact that should those beliefs be challenged, they respond in anger, as if there is no other side to the tale.

I sat through films, such as “The Longest Day”, watching John Wayne winning the war with those adorable Yankee boys, – he did it from a stretcher – with the accompaniment of triumphal music but  what was never made clear, was the fact that the “Allies” were in the process of destroying, French towns, willy-nilly by the score and killing French people, without a qualm.

The Allies had already bombarded Le Havre and other towns in Northern France, in readiness for Wayne and Co. on which they dropped half a million tons of bombs;  throughout the war, Germany dropped a mere fifty thousand tons on the UK.

At Le Havre, at least five thousand French people were killed and the town itself reduced to rubble. The Allies later claimed that they believed that the towns-folk had been evacuated.  The British Military, when they later took Le Havre, were aghast at what they found, saying that they would have had no trouble “liberating” the town without need of the bombardment.

Bombing devastation in Le Havre, France (photo by permission of Le Havre, Archives municipales, fonds Fernez)


The Allies, particularly the American, are detested in the North of France, where more French people were killed and women raped by them, than had been by the Germans. Much of the Allied invasion of France,  would qualify as a War Crime, had it been carried out by the Germans. There have never been any accusations of the systematic rape of women, made against the German occupiers, similar to the violent attacks and rapes which were common practice amongst the Allies.

What has  never been made clear to those whom now celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory, is the fact that they accept the enormous cost of lives during the fire bombing of Germany, an act of incredible horror, which had young children, trapped in tar,  melting from the heat, on the roads,  being burned to death. An act of such blood-curdling  depravity, as to astonish those whom look on in wonder at the cold-blooded celebrations, which lend a sheen of glamour to such a bloodbath.

These realities of war, along with the undignified task, which was waiting  up the road, for those heroes, of  D-Day modelled by Hanks and Wayne, were the desperate vestiges of the German Army, mostly children and old men, prepared to die, to save their country from the wrath of the Jews.

This forlorn rag-tag army of the doomed,  almost whipped Henry Fonda at the Battle of the Bulge,” before being sentenced to death in Eisenhower, the Swedish Jew’s Rhine Meadow Death Camps, where one and a half million, prisoners, were left to die, in the cold of winter, amidst their own excrement, without food or water or shelter.

In keeping with “Allied” justice, the only Western General with “true grit” Gen George Patton, was himself murdered, for daring to treat German prisoners of war, as human beings, not to mention his desire,to keep driving straight on to Russia, where he could deal with the Bolshevik Jews in their lair.

That is how events were taking place on the Western Front , at the behest  of International Jewry,  which had declared war on Germany in 1933, followed by a total blockade against the National Socialists, who were attempting to resurrect Germany,  from the ruins of the Weimar Republic, which had been installed at the end of the Great War, to make sure that the threat of German competition against British Industry was destroyed.

Germany, under the heel of the Bolsheviks, was then transformed and  became Sodom and Gomorrah, which is where we, find ourselves right now, in the reincarnation of the Berlin of Christopher Isherwood, amidst the sort perversions, which were so offensive to Adolf Hitler.

On the Eastern Front, where the Germans were left to fight alone, having been stabbed in the back by the gaggle of Jews, whom were put in place to solve the little difficulty of Chamberlains treaty with Hitler, which was called “appeasement” but which was in fact a well composed peace treaty with Germany, which made any war with The National Socialists, unnecessary. Chamberlain “died” shortly after he was forced out of power.

At this point, in order to discover any truth about the fashion in which Germany fought the war, we must sort out exactly of what the Germans were accused.  It would be prudent, would it not, to ignore any behaviour, which was common practice amongst the Allies, whom decided, for themselves, that only the Germans’, could be accused of War Crimes.  So what does that leave?

Well, according to the Jews, the Greatest Crime in History, and it  was the charge, levelled against Hitler,  the so-called holocaust. Unfortunately, this “huge crime” left very little trace of its passing. In fact it left no trace whatsoever, that is the tragedy of the whole affair.

Many Germans were hanged, after being tortured, of course, which involved having their testicles crushed and other little party tricks which it is not necessary to explain here, forcing confessions out of men whom had no idea of what they were being accused.

Most of the current propaganda is to be found in Wikipedia, where you will be informed that Hitler, wanted to murder anybody and everybody, of  whom he disapproved, this presents a slight problem. I searched for evidence that he had carried out a genocide against homosexuals, for example.

What you find is that Hitler set about dismantling the sordid Academies for Homosexuals, which had been installed by Jews, to encourage an invasion of homosexuals, Rent Boys and mother and daughter pairs of prostitutes, to ply their trade on the street of Berlin.  Jews have now introduced the rest of us to the same delicacies  in recent times and there are many who disapprove, as did Hitler, there is however, no evidence that he ever killed any of these people.

Well let us accept, that there is no real evidence that Hitler killed  homosexuals or Gypsies, he did however, continue for a while, the practice which had sprung up in the US,  of the euthanising of seriously mentally handicapped people.  A practice which continued in several European countries into the 1970’s and much later in the United States.

One of the crimes of which the Germans were accused and for which many were executed, by the Nuremberg Military Tribunal,  was the Katyn Forest massacre, where thousands of Polish Military were tortured, murdered and buried. This was a pack of lies, which was finally exposed when the Russians admitted that Stalin had been responsible.

Stalin was also responsible for the transformation of an air-raid shelter at the Auschwitz work camp, in an attempt to make it look like a Gas Chamber.  Those whom carried out this task, were obliged to “invent” the appearance of a Gas Chamber, because nobody had ever or have ever, seen a real Gas Chamber.

Stalin’s boy’s did not even have the advantage of the Hollywood version, which suggested that it was installed in the shower rooms, so they invented the hole in the ceiling method, and a couple of Jew brothers, told the world how Germans in gas masks, dropped pellets of Zyklon B on top of the victims inside. I think we can safely put that rubbish into the folder marked bull-shit.

The incongruity of the war is that Hitler was a Catholic, he had served at Mass as a child. He possessed a sense of honour and fair play. He was fighting against Satanists from Hell. He had watched the Jews in Russia annihilate 65 million Christians. He knew what was in store for Germany if the Jews returned to power.

It was the supreme example of the Soldiers of Light, fighting a Holy War against the Dark Forces of Evil, who came with overpowering Battalions of stooges and whom finally claimed the glory of victory and hanged all of the honest men to shut them up.

They have continued to smear the children of these heroes for seventy years.  Denying the German people the simple right, to honour the brave men who gave their lives for us all.

When the darkness descended on Germany from the East, it was truly hell on earth.  The Commissars gave their Mongolian savages the right to rape at will any female between eight and eighty.  They made a super-human effort to not only rape, the entire female population of Germany but to brutally torture and crucify many of their victims.

This presents a good contrast with the Hollywood idea of the invasion in Normandy, where it would never have allowed  characters, portrayed as stalwart heroes, by the likes of John Wayne, Tom Hanks or any of the other misguided GI’s who won the war, to be exposed  as having raped young children and old women to death. The Allies retained their allure of honour and chivalry, with a Hershey bar in every pocket to tempt French women.  Despite this, at least a dozen GI’s were hanged for rape and murder in France, most of them Black.

What the Bolshevik Russians ordered their Forces to inflict on to the Germans, was so demonic as to astound belief.  The very idea that the folk,  whom have been involved in an interminable number of ceremonies in recent months, including the Jews with their “last remaining example of a gas chamber door,” in remembrance of their brave exploits during the war, actually fought that war alongside this Jew Bolshevik filth, to destroy what General  Patton described as the finest people in Europe, is a sad and shameful perversion of good and evil.

None of this has been explained to the good folk of Western Europe. They have no idea what the Bolsheviks carried out behind the Iron Curtain. They have retained the Hollywood version which presents, to this day, the Germans as murderous barbarians.

Every day, I awake,  I listen to the News and I can be sure that within minutes there will be a disparaging remark about Hitler. Occasionally, after a Hitler quip on Sky News, I might receive an Email with a link to some evil act from the past which is blamed on Hitler or is indeed compared to some thing he is alleged to have done. The average man in the street, has come to believe that alleged to have, means guilty of, should it refer to Hitler.  There is nobody else in history whom has been castigated in such a manner.

What have they all got to fear from Hitler?




Run For Your Life! The British Are Coming To Save You!

immigrants coming to europe

Immigration is a difficult subject. There are however,  very strict rules, which apply only to certain kinds of immigration.

South Africa is a good case of  ‘immigration hypocrisy’ and what is more most of us grew up with a totally warped view of the reality of events in South Africa.

When the Boers arrived, by boat, in South Africa some three-hundred and fifty years ago, they found an empty country. there were no towns, no factories, no castles, simply wide open empty spaces.

They looked at the soil and found it to be rich and fertile, and would produce ample food for those whom descended from their wooden ships, after a long voyage in search of a place of security.

They looked after their own needs, they asked nothing of the country in which they found themselves, they worked hard and built a civilisation worthy of respect.

The indigenous people on the other hand, had made no use of the available land and the arrival of the immigrants posed no problem for them, there was plenty of land available for everybody.

They could, had they so chosen, have learned from the newcomers and imitated their way of life, constructing farms to plant crops and raise animals, they chose, however, to look to the newcomers for a form of social assistance or  hand-out, in the form of work.

They thus became immigrants into the new townships of the Boers and they of course came from nothing, in search of a better life,  simply because as a people they had constructed nothing of any social value for themselves. Had they so chosen, they could quite simply have continued with their traditional style of ife.

The descendants of these same Black immigrants, have now managed to steal all of the wonders which were constructed by the Boers, who are now condemned to conform to strict, rigid laws, which ensure that Blacks control everything of any importance and they have seen  several thousands of the Boer farmers, slaughtered in vicious attacks, murders which included babies and young children.

The Black Bolsheviks whom initiated the taking of South Africa were controlled by a Communist Jew, Joe Slovo, from Lithuania, who collaborated with the likes of the now Sainted, mass murderer, Nelson Mandela, who was the leader of a particularly brutal group, which until recent times, still executed those out of favour with “The Necklace.” Mandela was found guilty, in a fair and open trial, of involvement in the murder of up to five hundred people.  He was a violent, nasty, piece of crap, whom is now adored by the massed ranks of the brain-dead.

The African National Congress, whatever that means, is controlled from the City of London, by those whom have taken control of all of the vast resources, ownership of which they have been eagerly seeking since the days of Rothschild’s agent,  Cecil Rhodes and his sacking of the wealth of Africa, who initiated the attacks on the Boers.

During the aggressive attacks against the Boers, the British introduced the world to the idea of Concentration Camps, in which they starved thousands of Boers to death,  Boers whom were guilty of no crime other than that of being a thorn in the side of the City of London’s rich and greedy.

The Boers themselves are now a minority in the land they built and into which they allowed Black Africans to work. Do these Blacks, in any sort of altruistic, humane manner put in place laws which protect the rights of this minority? Do they F***!!!!

Is there a lesson to be learned in all this, you might ask. Well let us consider that possibility.

To start with I am obliged to choose my words very carefully, just in case I step on a “liberals” we should all be treated in the same generous manner, toe.

Well the notion of how we should treat others applies only to those of European origin, we are always on the rack, accused of all sorts of crimes against other Peoples.

Speaking for myself, I can claim that on the contrary, other people are guilty of all sorts of crimes against my people, including slavery. We of course, choose not to emphasise this reality, choosing instead to get on with life.

In the above clip, those folk, are not the Indigenous people of Jamaica or Trinidad, they like the Irish were taken there and forced to work.  They have been independent for years, yet they have not created a heaven on earth, in which they supposedly lived until the White Man turned up and spoiled their paradise, they have achieved virtually nothing apart from a high rate of murder, rape and drug abuse.

Since coming to the UK, where we were told that they were necessary to run the newly created Health Service, many of them have never worked. They have contributed very little to the UK economy and more importantly, they have never integrated.

They have on the other hand gained many bonuses in the form of laws guaranteeing them a place at the front of the queue, along with the Gays, Women and others whom claim discrimination, when looking for a job.

They have also brought with them their propensity for rape and murder, as did their counter-parts in other countries, like the USA, where they are responsible for the vast majority of rapes and murders. Plus virtually all of the inter-racial crime. These are official FBI figures.

It has become virtually illegal to discuss these figures, it is against the law to disclose the colour of a criminal, particularly if it is a Black on White race crime, while it is of course, acceptable to inform everybody should it be the opposite.  To simply mention the possibility of Black on White crime is to invite cries of Racism.

I present this in response to the White Genocide which is even now taking place in South Africa, a situation which remains unreported in the same mainstream media, which encouraged all sorts of sanctions against the Afrikaners,  who had in fact invited the Blacks into their civilisation, until the day arrived that they came to understand that there was a hidden programme being covertly put in place, by Jewish Communists.

Finally, the Boers lost everything which they had worked for during three-hundred and fifty years and now find themselves in serious danger of being expelled from Africa for being White.

I mentioned this reality of events in South Africa to a Liberal friend of mine. She found it impossible to accept that any group of White people could have prior right to land in Africa, which to her was a BLACK continent.

To suggest that it was not,  was a form of Racism. Like all of her type, when asked what was the default position of Europe, she received that to be a loaded question.  She felt that the doors of Europe should be opened to one and all. She was not prepared to put any limit on numbers.

Well I have bad news for those like her, who have in fact spent many years of their lives in receipt of various handouts from the State,  there are now millions of other immigrants, intent on doing the same thing, They are banging on the doors of Europe and there would appear to be no way of cutting off the flow of these millions, whom are taking to high seas and rail-roads towards us.

When one adds into this mix,  the fact that it would appear to be the same hidden hand,  which has given us a White Genocide in South Africa, which has set out to inflict the same fate on us, by sending its agents into the very States which they have recently desecrated, with money in their pockets to hand over to selected groups of those willing to kick off a massive movement of people into Europe.  Enough cash appears to have changed hands to pay for the trip,  and quite suddenly, from numerous places, at the very same moment,  it all kicks off.

It should be understood that if the alarm bells are not ringing out loud and clear, you are either stupid or a Kamikaze altruist.

The above clip is a tiny sample of the hate speech used against White people, so bearing in mind that there are nearly 60 Muslim countries on the planet, why do Muslims not go to one of them, where I am sure they will be provided with a home, free education facilities, free health service, family allowance  and all of the other benefits which we disgusting White folk provide.

The same applies to Blacks, they apparently have a whole Continent reserved for them, so where is the problem?  I would advise you however, that in Africa should you as a Black take the risk of accepting this offer, to be wary because they kill immigrants, claiming them to be taking their jobs. I kid you not.

Several European Countries are already way beyond recuperation, Belgium and Sweden amongst them. In France and the UK there are already several cities with a majority of immigrants, with many no-go areas already in place. Jews have actually set-up their own private Police Force to protect them from racial attacks. How long can it be before such things come to a town near you?

There is a world-wide push to reduce all of us, apart from the top small percentage, to the same level of existence. There will be no more than a minimum of resources available for the rest of us, including health care, water, power, food etc. There will be no private transport only Community Transport.  Community is a word which will become very familiar to you, in the coming years.

In the United States it is “job done” and there is a push on to bring the same immigration catastrophe to Europe as that achieved by Mexicans into the US.  There has been virtually no resistance whatsoever to this aim, which has now become unstoppable.

In France, should you claim that the French are in danger of being swamped out of existence  by the higher birthrate of immigrant families, you are ridiculed, however, I listened in amazement to a Sky News reporter interviewing two families on their way, not to safety but to Germany, the richest country in Europe. One family consisted of Mother and Father and six children the other of Mother and Father and nine children.

To me that means that neither of those two Father’s will ever find a job which will pay them more than they will receive in Social Security payments. They will both be given, in benefits, and free lodgings, more than I have ever earned as a salary in my life. Is there a Muslim country on earth which would treat them in such a manner, or indeed, so treat one of us?

David Cameron, during his recent trip to Lebanon, apparently failed to notice that refugees are helped with food and as much care as possible, while waiting to return home.  Turkey is not in the process of assimilating all of the refugees on their territory, nor are Jordan or Lebanon. Israel refuses, out of hand, to help Muslims, they are simply waiting like vultures to steal whatever they can.

So why is the White Man expected to do more than anyone else? Why are we feeling obliged to do more than any one else? Why is nothing said about Saudi Arabia, who are passing the bullets and bombs to ISIS/Daech and are never put under pressure to help?

Both the Conservative and Socialist Parties in the UK consider themselves to be Friends of Israel.  So it should come as no surprise to find that they are in the process of doing the Jews work.  They are quite patently not putting Britain first, which the British thought they were elected to so do.

The Members of the British Parliament,  in the main, all pretended to have been fooled by the false claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction and voted in favour of an illegal attack on Iraq.  That is of course,  after having armed Saddam Hussein and actually encouraged him to go to war against Iran, for the sake of Israel, a savage state which is still howling for the destruction of Iran..

They had already pretended to accept the pap and rubbish about 911, Osama Bin Laden and terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. Camps which, like Bin Laden, were never found but of course the ‘coalition,’ continued the destruction of Afghanistan anyway.  It is, after all, a resource rich State of value to the Rothschild mining businesses.

In Afghanistan they,  along with the Americans have been arming and pretending to fight the Taliban, for years in a serious attempt to empty it of interfering habitants.

Then came Libya, where the greatest water reserves in Africa and the Middle East had been tapped by Gadaffi. Not to sell at high prices but to water the desert and to grow food for Africa. Gadaffi was a good man as was his family, with high ideals for the benefit of others. He had to go, if for no better reason than to steal the water for Nestlès.

Now there is an old saying, ‘to find the truth, follow the money.’  Well we do not need to be too smart to do that in this case.  No country has expended more energy into the continuance of the illegal wars in the Middle East than have the British.

Not a word of truth has been spoken by the controlled British media to the people of the UK about any of the recent illegal massacres in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia or indeed ex Yugoslavia.

As is usual the British were in the vanguard of all of these slaughters and destruction of other peoples homelands.  They are still calling for more of the bombing, which was nothing less than calamitous for Iraq and Libya, yet they want to do it again to Syria.  Are the British sick or what?

 What force could possibly have been exerted, to keep the British in a situation, where for the last hundred years or more they have been involved in a non-stop killing spree?

In that time period they managed a World  War or two, the destruction of Palestine, a crack at the Chinese,  the Koreans,  the Boers, even a quick devastation of the Irish, against whom they have guarded a particular hatred.

There are many more campaigns against men with spears in Africa and forays into the Middle East.  One could say that the British were the main instrument, used by the Money sick,  to prepare the planet for the final installation of the most diabolical regime it has ever seen.