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Stuart Ramsey Presents, “The ISIS Bullshit.”

Sky News-poodle, Stuart Ramsey, the man who was in at the beginning of the propaganda against Bashar al Assad, having already brought to our TV screens, ridiculous images of the Taliban whipping women, and then an interview with the trainer of a groups of fragile, namby-pamby, teenagers, in clean white robes, whom were alleged to be pitiless killers, now brings us a tale from an ISIS “Whistle Blower,” telling us a nonsense about young girls, trained by ISIS, to bring Guerilla Warfare to the streets of the UK.


This short clip from Brother Nathaniel, reinforces what I have already postulated about the origins and purpose of all of the so-called “terrorist” groups, that of wringing Greater Israel out of the remnants of the massacred Muslim States in the region.