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Trump Standing Firm On Climate Change?

You can find long discussions all over the Web about Man Made Climate Change. Our politicians, apparently believe every word of it. Donald Trump has expressed his view, that it is a scam and he has announced his intention of refusing to accept the final destruction of United States Industry, in support of this false claim.

Despite ample evidence of a fifty percent increase in vegetation across the planet, during the past decades, as a result of the slight increase in Carbon Dioxide, the United Nations scientists believe that this increase in vegetation is of no importance and can be safely ignored in favour of restricting the use of oil and coal, using a Carbon Tax as the means of so doing, thus ‘saving the planet.’

The truth of the matter is that our selected leaders are working to an agenda, which is designed to destroy European countries, which is why the ‘new’ economies are not being Carbon restricted.

None of our ‘leaders’ believe the rubbish they preach. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the British Socialist Party, has a Climatologist brother, who has assured him that reducing Carbon Dioxide will not help to cool the planet, it is actually getting colder on its own. Jeremy fully understands that his brother knows best and yet he maintains his support for carrying out Carbon restrictions which will be a total disaster for the United Kingdom’s industry. He is a traitor.

UK: In The Grip Of The Big Freeze And The Big Lie.

George Osborne, the Eton Boy, is warning the British people that they can expect the austerity measures to continue until at least Twenty Eighteen. He is also now under pressure to solve the problem of the abnormally early arrival of a glacial Winter, by adding a Carbon Tax, to the already impossible burden of debt, which is bearing down on the shoulders of the tax-payer.

Osborne and his Eton chum, millionaire Dave Cameron, the Jewish Prime Minister of the UK, is constantly blaming the Jewish leader of the Socialist Party, Ed Milliband, for the sorry state in which the previous Socialist administration, had left the country, which had resulted in the need for such drastic measures, in order to “kick-start” the economy.

Boy George, the Jewish Finance Minister, should understand, that the highly unreliable “kick starter” was phased out many years ago. The solution involved quite a small investment in a device which is often referred to as the “starter” or more correctly, The Starting Motor.

Should any of the so-called politicians in the UK, have the slightest intention of “starting” the economy, instead of paying every penny of Income Tax, plus all of the money which is leached from pensions, health and education funds, in order to extract enough money from the pockets of the people, to ensure that the Eton Boy has enough funds to pay for the Champagne of his Public School banking pals, they would instead, use the money economised, to invest in that Starting Motor, by perhaps setting up a few job opportunities for the down-trodden British workers.

The Labour Party, under Blair and Brown, with the full support of the Conservatives, took all of the necessary steps which created the so-called “debt” in the UK.  It is all being blamed on the spend, spend, spend attitude of the people in the glory years when they were given access to cheap credit and an endless number of Credit Cards.

This is all just Chaff, to cover the reality of the gradual decrease in the funds which were available to pay the illegal interest on the British Currency, which while it is in circulation, carries a debt of interest to the Bank of England, which is a private bank, it was never Nationalised.

The slump in taxes, which were needed to finance this interest, declined, due to the fact that there was a shortfall of taxes, as a result of the transfer of British industry, to what have become known as the BRIC countries, creating not only unemployment but also this strange bird which is called a service economy.

Perhaps Osborne and Cameron believe that the British, whom despite being “Dumbed Down,” have failed to notice that all Western countries, from Ireland all the way down to New Zealand, are being put through the same austerity measures, Blair and Brown can hardly be blamed for all of that. This is all being done to order. There is no debt, that is a fraud and no attempts are being made to generate a recovery. Our rulers can afford to allow Europe to wallow in poverty. They have billions of customers for their wares in China, India and other Asian countries. Europe is finished, along with the US.

While being forced to pay an illegal debt to the bankers, the British are being prepared to pay another illegal tax, which they are being told will stop floods and snow and hail and rain and heat and cold. Yes, the full control of the weather can now be accomplished simply by paying Carbon Tax into the private Swiss bank of a chappie called Rothschild.

At the same time the European Union, which of course was designed to provide a European Market, which would shelter us from goods which were manufactured by slaves in the Orient, by restricting the free access of foreign products into the Zone, has been a miserable failure. Free Trade has destroyed tariffs and restrictions and has dealt a death-blow to Europe.

Instead of facing up to this new reality, that the EU does not work and will never work, we are being forced into an even tighter corner by bought and paid for politicians, whom claim to have the best interests of the people at heart. Europe is quite obviously a failure, from which the Peoples of Europe seek an exit. It is being being forced on to us by those whom have been seeking this outcome for the past hundred years and they are not kindly people, during those one hundred years they have carried out the slaughter of many millions of people.

It cannot have passed, unnoticed by the British, that winters are not warmer than in past years. Many must have already decided that those whom speak of a mini Ice-Age, are more likely to be telling the truth, rather than the proven liars whom are presenting the Global Warming/Climate Change tale.

There is a photograph on-line, of a house in Gloucestershire, which has been flooded so many times in the past, that the owners have raised the house on stilts. These floods have nothing to do with climate change, the River Severn has always flooded. As have most rivers in Europe, so why are we being deluged with howls of Climate Change and fear mongering? Could it have anything to do with the Free Press? Most of the Free Press is of course in the hands of Jewish companies, whom are in turn owned by Jewish bankers, whom are in turn owned by the Mystery Men.

Do not under any circumstances take my word for anything, with a computer it is possible to check for yourselves. Speaking for myself, I was amazed at just how many lies have lain dormant in my head for years, I am still in the process of digging them all out. It will soon become clear that we are in fact totally controlled by lies and have been forever. No matter where you look you will find them. Believe me just a little bit, if you are seriously seeking a solution to our current monetary problems, which like the weather come in cycles, forget your received opinion and take a look at Adolf Hitler, he once saved us from the Russian invasion and he could, even in death, save us from our current problems.

New York! New York! Look Out! Here Comes The Flood.

Here in Nîmes, back in nineteen-eighty-seven, of the last century, there was an absolutely catastrophic flood. The entire town was devastated. Bodies washed from their graves, causing problems to count those whom had been killed in the inundation. Thousands upon thousands of homes, cars, buses, all washed away. This was of course happening while the earth was still warming up. Of course back then, it was just the weather.

In fact this is an area which is quite frequently flooded, sometimes severely flooded, however, there has been no flood around here in recent times which compares to the flood of nineteen-fifty-two.

Attached to the outside wall of many local Town Hall’s, can be seen a marker, where the water levels of each flood is registered. I have not yet seen one with a greater depth than that which was achieved in past years.

I quite often have a river passing through my garden after a brief shower, believe me, when it rains down here, it rains.

We also have two mythical winds, the Mistral and the Tramontane, both of which blow through these parts, with gusts of seventy to eighty miles an hour. Occasionally you might hear someone remark “Oh la la, ça souffle.” I have never seen the Mayor, on TV claiming to have never seen such a storm in all of his life. I can only assume that five feet of water in New York is deeper than five feet around here or anywhere else, which is hit by hurricanes every year. Where people regularly lose everything they own.

The response to this event, has submerged the rest of the News on Sky for the past two days. I have been astounded by the number people whom are presenting this as Global Warming/Climate Change proof. This idea has now become a religion. There is no more proof behind the claims that either one or the other is caused by Carbon Dioxide emissions, than there would be had they chosen to blame it onto the smell of coffee in the morning.

Despite the fact that the whole premise for this idea has been shown to be a lie, that is, that Carbon levels rise before a warming period, when in fact the rise comes after a warming period. Al Gore was a liar, he presented, deliberately, the graph, upside down.

Even so, it has become clear to one and all, that in fact the world is cooling and has been since nineteen-ninety-five or so. Yet the call continues for restrictions on private transport to cut down Carbon emissions, which would suggest that Carbon, not only heats the planet but cools it at the same time.

The spokespeople in New York, spoke of both Global Warming and Climate Change as if they are interchangeable terms. The only thing that does not change is the fact that whether the climate changes or warms up, it can only be bad. We must all be very afraid of the weather.

Let me just sum up what I am getting at. If in past years, we have experienced more severe weather, colder, deeper, hotter and wetter, than now,  how can we all still be here and still driving our cars?

We hear that the North Polar Region’s ice-cap has melted to a surface area not seen since some date in past years but we do not hear that sea ice in the Polar Region in two thousand and eleven broke all records for its coverage and longevity. The last record was set in two thousand and ten.

I can not figure out, despite reading a lot of articles about the “weather” how anyone who could not tell me last night, when I checked the weather for today, that it would be raining, yet they insist that if I do not stop driving my car immediately, there is going to be disastrous weather in the future which will destroy us all.

The Mayor or Governor of New York or New York State, Cuomo, assured us all that the fact that there had been a storm a couple of years ago and now the worst storm that the planet had ever seen and thanks to the gargantuan efforts of the firemen  and other organisations, thousands of lives had been saved, that this was a sure sign that Global Warming was taking place and that a similar event could be expected every year. Why should that be so?

Nîmes has not experienced a similar event in the last twenty-five years and Anduze in the past sixty years. The UK had similar floods in nineteen-fifty-two which have never been repeated, though other areas have been flooded, which is all part of normal weather patterns.

In due of the fact that Carbon increases after a warm period and it has, in the past, been at far higher levels than it is today, would it not be more prudent to increase Carbon Dioxide, which would in fact be beneficial for the planet, rather than reducing it which, in terms of it being a Greenhouse Gas, would tend to cool the planet, thus thrusting us into a far more severe Ice Age, than the mini Ice-Age which is almost upon us? Or are we to believe that paying a Carbon Tax will automatically, by the grace of God, give us an unchanging weather pattern?

Having grown tired of Sky and its lengthy propaganda report, I turned to the Alternative News.  There were several Occupy type events taking place in Canada. The first was the Global Warmers, assuring us that this Hurricane was a sign from above, that would be our last chance to take action before disaster struck.

This was the Sustainable Development group, whom believe that it is possible to force everyone onto Solar Energy, and restrict the use of private transport and accepts the lie of Peak Oil as Gospel truth. This is despite the fact that Solar Panels and Windmills are being quietly dropped as a solution to electricity needs.

In another post I explained how close to where I live, a Solar Farm is being installed. It will serve a village of five hundred people. Twenty-five thousand panels are needed. This will supply electricity when the sun shines. It has been cloudy for several days now. When the changeover is made, the village will be on restricted supplies quite quickly.

The next group of protesters assured us that this Hurricane was not natural, it had been deliberately generated by HAARP and it could in no way be blamed on Climate Change.

Next stop Infowars. The guest was the “Godfather” of HAARP, Nick Begich. I once watched a documentary about HAARP, where they explained, with the use of a carefully constructed model, how a vibration, generated by HAARP or GWEN, could cause an earthquake, they duly sent a pulse through a loudspeaker, which caused the part of the model which represented a slab of rock to slide, which was an earthquake.

I could have saved them the time and trouble, in my  workshop, when I use the column drill, all of my pots of paint fall of the shelf. Without causing an earthquake of course.

Anyway, Begich gave us a lecture about all sorts of wonders which are available to the Pentagon. It appears they can change the weather at the flick of a switch, make it rain, snow or control the Slip Stream, whenever they want. So can other people. So one is left with the impression of men in white coats, whom like Danny Kaye, clicking his fingers in “The Court Jester” battle away on  computer keyboards, with cries of “Take that,” in an effort to outwit the other, while the rest of us wonder why the rain comes down and then goes back up again.

Quite frankly I am fed up with all of the unsubstantiated claims coming from people like Begich. Control of the weather is only of use, if  you are the only one with the capability. Except of course if you intend to use uniquely against your own people or a more primitive people.

The notion that it would be used to stoke up support for Obama in the upcoming election seems a little bit ludicrous, when one has been told by one and all that the election result has already been decided.

I would have thought that this ability would be far better used to create warmth on the planet, which would give them their excuse to inflict us with Carbon Tax. It would appear however, that their capability is in fact restricted to things which may or may not have been carried out, like diverting storms. It is all a bit like Uri Geller, it all happens just as the camera runs out of film.

I am beginning to believe that since nineteen ninety-six, when it became clear that the Earth was cooling, thus throwing a spanner into the warming works, they have been making use of a very primitive tool to heat the Earth, that is vapour trails, which resemble clouds, which is in fact the most efficacious Greenhouse Gas of all. Yet despite their efforts the Earth continues to cool. I also believe that vapour trails contain noxious substances which are harmful for us and the planet.

The Destructive Power Of Free Trade, The Modern Form Of Slavery.

 This is a re-issue of a post, which I first published back in January 2012. Not much has changed in the meantime, but Trump and Brexit and with an upsurge in support for Marine Le Pen in France and various European ‘people first’  groups across the EU, are holding out a slim hope of change.’


Back in the day, long, long ago, the people of the Western World, actually made things to sell. This will seem strange to the younger people whom may happen to read this article. They will probably have trouble digging out anything which has been ‘Made In Their Country.’

Once upon a time, in Europe, we made Radios, Cars, Washing Machines, Motor-Bikes, Televisions and a whole range of other things. The people of Europe had the skills to make these products and for a period,  after the Second World War, Europe enjoyed more or less full employment.

Then came The Common Market.  This was an agreement on trade amongst the members of this small group of countries.

Those countries which were not members, were warned that should they remain on the outside, they would not have access to the new trading group.

The Common Market became the European Economic Community, then simply the European Community, in fact for a while, in some places to this day, people are not sure what it is called, in my neck of the woods it is referred to as Europe. All of this fiddling with the name was to avoid using the word UNION, because of course it was not a UNION.

Things progressed for a while in a reasonable manner. Smaller countries like Ireland, Portugal and Greece, now called the PIGs,  were bought over with financial aid from the deep coffers of the European Commission in Brussels,  which had sprung up, unelected, out of nowhere. At the time it was an opinionated character called  Jacques Delors, whom held the reins of power and he it was whom sprinkled around the cash bait.

As the Community enlarged, European countries on the outside, began to notice that major international companies, such as Toyota and IBM, were opening manufacturing plants in member states of the EC, in order to gain access to Members markets. If it was made in Europe it could be sold in Europe.

The UK for example, which had lost its way in the Motor Industry, benefited from the arrival of Honda and Datsun whom along with Ford dominated car production in the UK. The same thing happened to electronics, old names such as Pye and Murphy vanished to be replaced by Japanese manufacturers.

Ireland gained advantage from the burgeoning computer industry, apparently because they could speak English, which made things easier for the Americans.

Things rolled along quite nicely for a while, the Common Market, EEC, EC quite suddenly became the EU. Then we began to hear talk of Free Trade.

This was of course a device to help all those under-developed countries, which had been suffering from trade tariffs, which made it impossible for the poor souls to sell us their produce, so we must do away with these barriers which restricted fair trade.

Then up pops that other word Globalisation. Another nice word, it means, sharing, yes that’s right, sharing our wealth in order to bring a better standard of living to poorer countries. What a laudable idea.

Hot on the heels of Globalisation, we have Global Warming. Now what can this mean? Well it means we will have to close all of our factories in Europe, to cut down on Carbon Dioxide emissions because it has been decided that Carbon Dioxide is killing the planet. Well of course we must do something about that, mustn’t we?

So what do we do? Well we pay the factory owners to move out of Europe to China. Yes you did hear correctly, we ‘pay’ factory owners to export their factories overseas. Wait, there is more, our leaders then guarantee, to pay any loss of profits incurred by the factory owners over a ten year period, as a result of this relocation overseas.

I have never managed to find any logic in this exercise. Right off the beam,  we were presented with a load of Cock and Bull, about Carbon emissions. On arriving overseas, these same factories can emit the same and more Carbon Dioxide as they produced in Europe because there are no restrictions on Carbon Emissions over there.

In the meantime, over here, there are no jobs and no factories and no skilled workers. But of course we have Free Trade.  So where does that leave the people of Europe and the UNION?

Well to put it simply, unless we can come up with a whole range of useful gadgets, which cannot be manufactured overseas, ensuring the jobs of European workers, we will have to compete with the slaves in China and India.

On top of that any salary will soon be losing fifty per cent of its worth, through Value Added Tax and Carbon Tax alone. On top of that there is still Income Tax and Duty on Petrol and Cigarettes and Alcohol. Then of course we have Local Taxes, in France Tax d’Habitation and Tax Fonciére, Tax on TV, and various other bits and pieces, finally ending up with the Death Tax.

To wind up this article, because it does upset me to just think about all of this criminality. All of it is based on lies and deceit. It is a means of keeping the people in misery and preventing them from progressing to a higher and better form of life. Greedy people with a lust for power are keeping us in the Dark Ages. So let us take a look at where we now find ourselves.

Now that our Traitorous leaders, without our permission, have chosen to sign Free Trade Treaties, the end result will be the inevitable loss of all good quality European Industry to China or India, where the cheap labour lives.

Should we wish to compete, we will be obliged to work for less money that is obvious, our leaders are already explaining this in subtle ways.

The very reason for the European Union no longer exists. Free Trade makes a so called Trading Block obsolete. Have you all failed to notice, everything is made in China. It is not manufactured in Europe in Chinese factories, as were Japanese cars, back in the day, it is all imported from China directly into Europe.

Who gains from all this? Well the Multi-National Companies of course whom were subsidised by us to move out.

European Politicians talk of “Green Industries” what does that mean? What “Green” things can we make that the Chinese will not make. I, personally represent a vestige of European Industry, and I have people who will secretly take a photo of my things, from every angle, to send off to China for cheap copies. That is the real meaning of Free Trade and Globalisation.

The next step will be the closure of the remaining industry,whether Japanese or local, to set up in China, in order to be able to compete with companies which are already established there. Big Name Japanese products, such as Rockefeller’s Sony are are already made in China.

You do not need to be very smart to understand that this cannot be allowed to continue, things can only get worse. The Bankers financed China. They have now managed to group all manufacturing into Asia, where the workers teem around like ants.

Through the use of puppet politicians, they have managed to chain us together with United Nations Treaties, as if the UN has some sort of power over us, it does not. It is simply another device, which was set up by the bankers after the Second World War,  in the same way as was The League of Nations after the First World War. After the up-coming Third World War, they will be setting up The One World Government.

Their minions have just signed ACTA into law, yet another International Treaty, to stop us from freely using the Internet? The Internet will soon be for the private use of the big Corporations and Banking transactions, which we will all soon be obliged to use, to buy and sell, as the Bankers are, even now doing away with cash.

Industry is not coming back to the US or Europe, that is, not until they have decimated European man and brought in a new slave population. The people of the Western World have been duped into submission by bought and paid for traitorous politicians.

There are three imperatives for Europe. Firstly dismantle the EU. Secondly dismantle NATO and thirdly dismantle the UN, all of these bodies are controlled by the Bankers. None of them work for you. Eventually they will turn on you. It is NATO which is killing us already with Chem-Trails. When called upon to do so, they will send Foreign Troops into your country to kill you.

These people are ruthless. Do not be fooled into believing that they will not do to you, what they have already done in Russia and China, where millions were slaughtered. Be Warned.

Are the Elite Having a Family Bust-Up?

There are a number of strange goings on, that do not make a lot of sense. Are a few of the Elite family members having their knuckles rapped, or are we being prepared for the next round in the destruction of life as we have known it?

Since the day that Strauss-Kahn was allowed to fall into his own excrement, nothing appears to be going to plan for the controllers. We are now witnessing an attack on Strauss-Kahn’s Bilderberg colleague, Rupert Murdoch.

The UK Press, has given both recent Governments, Labour and Conservative, as good as one hundred per-cent support for their illegal wars and for the illegal bail-out, which was given to the bankers.

It is well-known that the News Media, in all of its forms has been losing the tussle with on-line hacks, whom we hope are presenting an honest view of the continuing crisis, which is raging across the globe.

So why, in the middle of an illegal war against Libya, which the Elite deliberately provoked. With insurrections building up in Greece, Spain and Italy and the ongoing revolutions across North Africa and the Middle East, are the Elite giving the nod to an attack against the Murdoch Empire?

A half-hearted attack was made on Press TV, by William Hague and Ofcom, over an interview with a journalist, which he initially claimed he was forced to make, against his will. He later admitted that he had in fact consented to the interview and yet Ofcom, the media regulators, apparently not convinced by this admission are carrying on with the case against Press TV, or are they?

We have the word of the man, who has been described as more Muslim than the Arabs, by one of his callers, George Galloway, that the viewing figures to Press TV are growing at an exponentially increasing rate. This is because, according to George, we are getting the truth from Press TV and of course that is  what we want but are we getting it?

George Galloway has a colourful past in politics and yet despite his loquacious abilities, he never managed to ask a pertinent question, of any Minister in Parliament, concerning the Bank of England, for example. He in fact avoids like the plague any mention of the Monetary System. To broach the subject with George leads to accusations of anti-Semitism. He claimed that he was not sure of the Religion of some of the Bankers, yet he suggested that to speak of such things may be anti-Semitic, so let’s not go there.

This is rubbish, I am sure George Galloway is fully aware that these people are not real Jews, nor are they Semitic, they are simply converts to Judaism as is Blair to Catholicism. I could make any statement I like about the Vatican Bank and how it is run without fear of prosecution, until mention is made to the fact that is under the control of Jews. Which is a subject which should be clarified to Catholics but is in fact never mentioned.

So where is Press TV on these subjects? Do they pay no attention to the utterances of Galloway? Are they aware that on at least two occasions in recent weeks, Galloway has invited an expert from Chatham House, to give expert opinions on subjects in the News?

Are they unaware that Chatham House is a nom d’plume for The Royal Institute for International Affairs, which is the Head Office for the CFR? Surely Iran understands, more than most, that experts from this quarter are mouthing the words of the Committee of 300, whom are intent, so we are told, on invading Iran, for humanitarian”  reasons?

Press TV has completely ignored anything of value which Gadaffi has done for his people. They have presented a completely biased picture of events in Libya, despite the fact that NATO claims exactly the same reality exists in Iran as that in Libya. Galloway refers to NATO’s intervention in Libya as “humanitarian” because Gadaffi was killing hundreds of civilians. In fact filmed evidence shows yellow hatted mercenaries, running around killing, indiscriminately, people in the streets of Benghazi. Why would Gadaffi deliberately create problems for himself in this manner? This quite clearly “terrorism” instigated by the Western powers and Israel, to generate an excuse to invade and destroy Gadaffi, not because he is a monster but because he will not play ball.

Little has been said of the brutal treatment of Black Libyans. These poor unfortunates have had their throats cut, heads severed from their bodies and have been hanged in large numbers, by the “Rebels” whom are in the pay of NATO.

Press TV’s star front-man Galloway, claims that he has no love of Gadaffi, because he is a Dictator. George of course abhors Dictators and yet despite a lot of research I have never found evidence of his claims to have explained his connection with Saddam Hussein and his two sons.

George must also be aware of claims that Hamas was set-up by Israel. This claim was made by Ron Paul in the “House,” in Washington. It was of course not picked up by the Media. Nor was it picked up by Galloway. Should this prove to be true, it is of enormous interest to the people of Gaza and it would go a long way to explaining the firing of rockets into Israel, at the precise moment the Jews have a need of such an event.

George was questioned about his reasons for visiting Saddam Hussein, during his questioning before the US Senate, he avoided the answer by referring Rumsfeld’s visits to Iraq, which involved the sale of arms.

This question is constantly being asked of George and he claims to be tired of explaining it. I can find no reference to his explanation, which is no problem to me, no explanation from George will alter my own private opinion of him, which I have explained many times, to the point of boredom and will not go into it again.

I have a naturally suspicious mind and I am constantly reminded that it was the Elite who financed the Ayatollahs during their sojourn in Paris, waiting for the West to get rid of the Shah, making way for Khomeini. I hope I am wrong. I hope that Iran is not just a distraction.

So where in the middle of all this confusion is the strong leadership, from the Elite, whom I am assured never get things wrong. Everything goes according to plan. They have been working towards this moment for the last hundred years. They own the world. They even own the water we drink. While we were sleeping they came and took it all away.

Rothschild is still calling for his Carbon Tax. They are already starting to limit our access to water and food. Europe has virtually no industry left. Without tariffs on imported goods the West cannot compete with the slave pay rates in Asia, anything we can make they can make cheaper.

So have the Elite Families stage-managed these events in order to conceal what is actually taking place behind the scenes, for example in the UK, where the entire country is occupied with tales of Bilderberger Murdoch’s phone hacking scandal. It has hi-jacked Parliament and is getting blanket news coverage on TV and Radio. It has now led to the resignation of the UK’s top policeman Sir Paul Stephenson, that man of integrity, who condoned a cavalry charge against protesting school children.

On the basis that nothing happens unless the Globalists are in accordance, what is the plan? Commentators are talking of “Melt-Down.”

The UN, through its Globalist/Banker controllers, already has control of food and water. Word has leaked out that tests are about to take place in the US which could involve huge disruptions to the Electricity Grid. Hospitals are being warned that due to these tests, medical apparatus could burn out in the middle of an operation.

Warnings are also being made that any equipment which relies on accurate time, could shut down, as electrically operated clocks will not be functioning properly.

This would appear to be a power grab, if you’ll excuse the pun, which could  have disastrous results. During this sort of test, which is set to run for twelve months, people will  accept as normal, power rationing, as did the British during the Miners strike in the 1970’s. The only difference being, in the case of the US, which is already under siege, it may never come back.

So we must wait and see if this is all happening out of control, due to differences within the Elite families, or whether it is indeed the opening shot in the “endgame.”