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The British Alliance: Still Blaming Their Victims.







 Donald Trump, could not have chosen an Ambassador to the United Nations, more capable of so starkly displaying, the grim attitude of the United States itself, towards the desperate situation of those weaker groups, whom it would be more prepared to see die in misery, than to lend them a helping hand, than that harridan of hate, Nikki Haley.

In Venezuela, where the people have managed to retain control of their oil reserves, the Friends of Israel, in the Western World, whom just happen to control most of the world’s oil production, have deliberately depressed the price of a barrel of oil by half, to destroy the economies of those countries like Venezuela, without concern for the way the people may be affected by their cynical attitude. They are determined to control all of the worlds oil, at any cost, without any sign of concern for the welfare of those whom are caught up in their megalomania.

On the other side of the World, in Palestine, those same grubby cynics, one of whom is not simply a ‘Oil Baron’ but also a Baron of the Realm, who is, with the full support of ‘the friends of Israel’, attempting to steal control of all of Palestine, from the indigenous Peoples, using tactics, which in any normal persons mind,  are totally barbaric, but to Old Nikki, they are simply an example of a country defending its borders from terrorist attack.

While just up the road in Syria, where the Syrian forces are fighting off the paid mercenaries, of those ‘Friends of Israel’ the word from Haley is quite different, that she claims to be the work, of an evil dictator, who must be stopped, at all cost, from treating his people so badly.

The fact that a certain Baron Rothschild, was cynically given Palestine, by a group of British Jews, whom were themselves, not only Lords of the Realm, but also in the employ of Baron Rothschild, one of whom lived in a London Town House called Chatham House. The British government, of the day, would appear to have failed to notice this transaction, or maybe they were deeply involved in the deal, part of which was to bring America into the Great War, to save the Baron’s hide..

Part of the agenda of the inhabitants of Chatham House, was to control the world. It was the headquarters of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which has branch offices in all Western controlled countries. They are the hidden hand of control behind the European Union, which means that when the United Kingdom, carried out a referendum on membership of the EU, it could not have been allowed, by David Cameron alone, without the nod of approval from Chatham House.

In the United States, Chatham House is called the CFR, The Council on Foreign Relations, they are the United States very own Shadow Government. The RIIA, have branches in Canada, Australia, Europe and Africa, a power structure, which with the full control of the Worlds Monetary system, has been ‘allowed’ the take control of the World.

The average man in the street would be amazed at the cross-over between Western Governments and the so-called enemies in the Communist World, all of which was constructed with the ‘Income Tax’ of the Western Working Man, which was used to pay the tax on the money supply, which is an enormous conspiracy, used to defraud, all of those countries with a privately owned Central Bank, with the complicity of those whom using controlled voting systems, place themselves into National Governments.

Why else would Communist Russia, fight alongside their mortal enemies, the Bankers and Industrialists, to defeat Germany, a country which had just decided to close down the private Central Bank, to enable a better future for the working man? Perhaps it was because the very same Baron Rothschild,  was looming behind the Communists and it was perhaps he, who gave the go-ahead to assassinate the Russian Royal Family, who knows where the truth lies in these days of nu-speak?

  Either way, the bile spuming from the mouth of the hagette Haley, in the United Nations, would not be tolerated should she make the slightest criticism of the acts of the murdering swine, whom are quite deliberately and in full knowledge of their impunity from blame, whom are continuing the most horrendous, brutal attacks against unarmed civilians, while hiding behind the excuse of Hamas, a group which was set up by the Israelis, in order to provide just such an excuse.








  The complicity of Hamas, was made clear to all of those with a brain to think, when during the vicious ‘Cast Lead’ atrocity, at the end of two-thousand and eight, against the defenceless people of Gaza, an attack so brutal and cynical, that it required a psychopathic mentality, so corrupt and evil, as to be beyond belief, that it still exists in the mentality of those whom never tire of telling us, how they themselves suffered, in past time, however, during this unforgivable slaughter of the innocent, the leadership of Hamas, was ‘out of town’ lodged in a luxury hotel, in one of the Gulf States, well out of harms way.

Netanyahu’s talk of thousands of rockets from Gaza, scoring hits all over Israel, is an outright lie. The home-made rockets had a very limited range and most of them fell in the desert. There is, as far as I know, not a single example of the death of a family and the destruction of their home, anywhere in Israel, as the result of a direct hit by a rocket, while Gaza lies in ruins and thousands lie dead and buried, as a result of Israeli attempts to drive out, the people of Gaza, leaving the strip and its off-shore oil and gas-fields in the hands of the scourge of the Middle East and their funders in the City of London. 


Holocaust Remembrance Day?

I can think of nothing to add to this short clip, other than to condemn once more those whom carried out such savagery.

It Takes Just A Tiny Taste Of Gaza To Set The Yanks Squealing.

The United States and Canada were the only major Countries which voted against the very limited concession to the Palestinians, which was recently passed at the United Nations.

They are not only in support of the carnage which the blood-thirsty State of Israel has inflicted on to the people of Palestine, they are funding it, with the money, of the now disaster struck, people of New York State.

There are many whom believe that hurricane Sandy was deliberately manoeuvred towards New York in order to create chaos. Whether this be true or not, the US Government is certainly making a meal out of helping those whom have lost everything, to get back on their feet. I have even heard it suggested that the Electricity sub-stations were targeted to increase the suffering of the storm victims.

As for the victims themselves? Well allow them to see what has been inflicted on to the Vietnamese, the Iraqis, the Libyans, the Afghans, the Serbians, all, in their name and with their money and guns of GI Joe.  Let them thank God that they did not have to cope with US made White Phosphorus raining down from the skies along with the rain.

While they debate whether Sandy was worse than Katrina, the people of Gaza are asking if “Pillar of Cloud” was better or worse than “Cast Lead.” Do you begin to get the picture? While you are asking where are the Emergency Services, the blockade and destruction of Gaza goes inexorably onward, towards total annihilation and all with your money, does that not make you proud?

Just remember, even in the darkest hour, there is something for which to be grateful.




Gaza And The Struggle With The Mainstream Media.

Press TV can no longer be described as a “News Channel,” now, that for most people, it has been relegated to the status of “Alternative News,” on-line. However it is still doing its utmost to present us with an honest view of current events.

Last evening, on their excellent, News Analysis programme, they had a group discussing events in Palestine. Just to set the scene for those whom may be reading this: It has been accepted that the current hostilities were kicked off by the murder of a young lad, playing football in the street with friends, whom was shot dead, from an Israeli aircraft.  This was followed by the murder of a Hamas official, whom died with an agreement from Israel in his hand, accepting a ceasefire, by a missile which struck his car, killing him and a child.

To all parties, apart from Western Politicians and the Mainstream Media, it is as clear as day that ever since nineteen-forty-eight, Israel has been conducting a genocide against the Palestinian Peoples.

Last evening, the invited commentators were agreed, on this brief presentation of events, apart from one guest, a familiar figure on Press TV, the rabid supporter of Zionism and all of the excesses of the Israeli regime, Charlie Wolf.

Wolf is the commentator, whom during Cast Lead, suggested that Hamas fighters, were standing in front of Journalists, with guns pointing at their heads, forcing them to report only News  which suited, what Wolf refers to as, a terrorist government.

He repeatedly claimed that Hamas had rockets hidden in Mosques, Schools, Homes and even in UN premises, which provided Israel with an excuse to destroy…well anything.

Wolf is a long time friend of George Galloway, whom is no friend of the media in the UK, where he is considered to be corrupt. Galloway, has recently used the status, with which he has been endowed, through his connection with Press TV, where he has two weekly programmes, Comment and The Real Deal, to present himself as the Muslims man, in a recent election in a Muslim packed area of the UK, in which he was elected.

Galloway denied that the Rothschild Family played any part in the content of the Balfour Agreement, which paved the way to the Zionist takeover of Palestine, in reply to a comment from a caller. That simply is not true, they were heavily involved. Callers are never given the opportunity to reply to Galloway’s declarations, that is apart from those whom are preening him.

Galloway also painted a false view of Gadaffi in Libya, a man whom was a supporter of Palestine and whom helped many other countries in Africa with funds, which did not carry a debt of compound interest from the Rothschild controlled IMF. Everything else which we think we know about Gadaffi, came through the Mainstream Media, so why was Galloway so keen to justify the attack on Gadaffi by suggesting that even if the attack was wrong, Gadaffi deserved it?

We have become used to the idea that it is not what the mainstream media reports which counts, it is what they do not report. The same holds true for the Alternative Media, which is just as suspect as is any other source of information.

So why did Galloway, whom was a YouTube superstar, thanks to his obsequious greeting of Saddam Hussein, having watched the invasion and destruction of Iraq, which was justified through the use of lies and deception, not stand up and declare himself to be totally opposed to an attack on Libya based on what the Mainstream Media and the Zionist controlled British Government, with the aid of the Zionist controlled French Government, chose to tell us about Gadaffi?

Now that there is yet another murderous attack taking place against Palestine, which the Zionist controlled media is telling us is in response to the launching of Hamas rockets, which Shimon Peres, the Butcher of Palestine, claims are deliberately aimed at innocent Khazar children, why is there no discussion of the role of Hamas in these operations. It can not have been unnoticed by many supporters of Palestine, that the election of Hamas has cost them dearly.

The Murdoch Press, through the mouth of its Khazar owner, asked the question, why was the Jewish controlled Press not giving Israel greater support? Well he may well have been caught out by this announcement of the control of the Press but to suggest that they are not giving Israel their total support is ridiculous.

Palestine knows exactly what to expect from the Press, however there has never been any real discussion, not by Galloway or the media, about the claim which was made by Ron Paul, that Hamas was set-up by Israel.  The policy of Divide and Rule, is the ploy most used by the Zionists. Wherever you look in the world you will find the tragic results of this scheme. The most recent being Sudan.

One need only glance at the fashion in which Palestine was carved up to realise that it was done with an eye to the future. A future which is now staring us in the face.

When the Zionists carried out 911 and then proceeded to demonise the Muslim world, as in past times they had demonised the German people, while carving up Germany, they were preparing the excuse for the attacks which followed against the entire Muslim world.

Are we to believe that any sixteen year old boy, appears to be able to find his way to Al Qaeda, yet the most powerful, security forces in the world have never found any trace of them. They are not looking for them because they know exactly where they are, in the pocket of the Zionists.

The strangest of all the strange behaviour of Galloway, was his statement, on one of his Real Deal programmes: When you need an expert, you go to where the experts are to be found. His source was Chatham House, The Zionist Headquarters in the City of London and the Head Office of the CFR, RIIA, and the various other constructs across the world, all of which are controlled by the banking elite and whose declared objective is to take control of all of the worlds resources.