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The Sacking Of The European Union Begins.

The above photograph is of Catherine Ashton, whom has never been elected to any office, whom is now dictating European foreign policy. She is at the moment advising as to how the current talks with Iran, a country which she and her unelected controllers, refer to as undemocratic, should be conducted. She is in receipt of an overblown salary, particularly in view of the fact that she can express no personal opinion, she is simply a mouth-piece, for those whom by she was selected and she has no visible aptitude for the job, which she pretends to execute.

Investors in Cypriot banks, have been warned that they are about to be robbed, in order to repay a non-existent debt, which was manufactured out of a form of money-mist, which floats around in the depths of the Central Banks.

6.7 per-cent of investors savings are to be stolen, to pay the usury on a loan which was taken out to pay the usury on the usury, which had come due on previous loans, which is to be paid to the same money-lenders as were bailed out, using tax-payers money in order, we were promised, to protect the financial system from collapse.  It would now appear that either the system was not capable of operating without support from the Public, or it was all just an enormous scam, to rob us all.

That being so, it is now time for the Public to demand complete control of the system, for the benefit of those whom are paying the bills and not those whom are receiving the bonus.

Those Governments, which are prepared to operate within the Central Banking system, are obliged to lie to and deceive their respective electorate, as to the huge sums of money, which are already being surreptitiously paid into the coffers of private Central Banks.

All Political Parties are taking part in this Grand Deception and theft, which is in fact, little more than Protection Money, which is being handed over to the “Mob.”

The “Deficit,” is no more than the interest which is owed on loans, which were no more than a piece of paper, marked with a certain sum of “money,” which carries a debt of interest, which will never be repaid.

In order to repay interest on a loan, it becomes necessary to start  asset stripping a country, in order to find the extra money to pay the debt. This is euphemistically referred to as “Privatisation.”  You do not need to be too smart, to understand that with such a system, eventually, everything will end up in the same hands.

This has already become a reality as far as Water, Food, Energy and Oil are concerned. Despite the evidence of the failure of all of these “Privatised” industries, which has meant massive increases in overall costs, plus the disgusting change in the regulations, which has allowed food to be traded on the Stock Exchanges and Futures Markets, along with oil, where these commodities are now making more money for traders than they do for producers.

School children are being brain-washed, with the lie that we are witnessing some form of climatic disaster, which is of course not being caused by those whom would rape the earth in search of profits and wealth, no, it is due to those families whom have a motor-car.

In Europe, those whom control events, from the depths of some dung-heap, are viciously restricting the production of electricity, through the expedient of a ban on coal-fired power stations, because of Carbon Dioxide emissions, which they are educating children to believe are a danger to the health of the planet, when in fact the opposite is true.

Carbon Dioxide is essential for plant growth, which is essential for the production of Oxygen. Warmth increases the production of Carbon, this has been proven, the extra Carbon appears after the warmth and not before, as our children are being educated to believe.

One of the most important, current threats to the well-being of the planet, is the cold and deliberate, world-wide attempt to contaminate underground water supplies, with the toxic chemicals which are being used to flush out Shale Gas.

At a time when the world is awash with oil and Peak Oil has been exposed for the rubbish which it is, there are plans to use Fracking, to extract a small amount of gas, which will be of no more than a short-term benefit, all across the world.

Even in Ireland,  the drinking water supply in the West has already been poisoned. In France there is an ongoing battle, to protect the Natural Beauty of the country-side and the livelihoods of those whom choose to live there. All of these threats to the Natural Habitat coming from those hypocrites, whom tell us they are interested in Sustainable Development.

I listened to a “militant” protesting against G20 policy, laughingly explain, when asked if he would be hurling Petrol Bombs at the Police,  that his bombs would be made with Biofuel. Such are the delusions of the young.

William Hague has this morning assured the British people, that he, along with David Cameron, should they feel it to be necessary, will supply arms to the British trained Mercenaries, whom are carrying out a continuing campaign of destruction and death in Syria. They will unilaterally, without the authority of the UN or EU, supply the thugs, whom he pretends, speak for the people of Syria, with whatever may be necessary, to carry out the aims of those, for whom he speaks.

In this manner the British people will have paid for the destruction and contamination, with Depleted Uranium, of yet another Middle Eastern Country, presumably in the name of saving the planet.

Dermot Murnaghan, a journalist, whom is allegedly working for the “British Free Press,” failed, once again, to ask of Hague, why he did not consider disarming his thugs, a policy which the arming of, had already cost thousands of lives and was responsible for a massive refugee problem.

This is of course a forbidden question, which would have been included on the list, which would have been given to the News Editor, in advance of Willy’s acceptance of the interview.

What is happening in Syria, where Hague and his chums, have quite deliberately provoked a massacre, with the help of the BBC and Sky News, both of whom have been covering up the reality, by refusing to report the elections which Assad held in Syria, in  response to the demonstrations in the streets, at the beginning of the fraud, which was called the Arab Spring, in which sixty-five per-cent of the electorate expressed their view.

International serial killer, Barak Obama, is now crawling from under his rock, with promises of Drones and other methods of murder, in order to speed up events, in Syria, which are apparently leading us on to the “Big One,” an attack against Iran, in the manner in which one of his predecessors, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whom along with Morgenthau, whipped up the Governments of Europe, into a War Fever, which destroyed, what General Patton described as, the most civilised people in Europe, the Germans and which willingly passed Eastern Europe into the grip of the most vicious tyrant of the Century, Uncle Joe Stalin,

This decision which led to the slaughter of millions, including those whom were deliberately delivered to Uncle Joe, the Cossacks and Hungarians and others whom had fought with Hitler, in the full knowledge that they would be murdered, shows clearly, the cynical attitude of the West.

Roosevelt was also responsible for goading the Japanese into an attack on Pearl Harbour, which, as did Hitler’s retaliation against Poland, create an excuse for Mass Murder, making sure that the war was indeed a World War.  All of this to cover-up the total failure of his “New Deal” to solve the Depression in the US. He could, of course, have made use of the methods of Hitler and the National Socialists.

All of this cruel and depraved activity, which is being carried out by the likes of NATO and which is being ignored by the UN, which when it suits, does not need any form of justification, despite being in contradiction of UN regulations, which forbid an attack against a member state.  This slaughter is clearly not to the benefit of the people of Syria any more than were previous attacks against Iraq or Libya.  This is simple aggression, which is inexcusable.

Civilised people should not be paying those whom will accept money to kill innocent people, including children. For countries, such as the UK and France to be covering up atrocities, which are quite clearly being carried out by those whom they are financing, is an aberration and an insult to those by whom they were put in power. Hague is nothing more than a mealy mouthed thug.

Let’s Hear It For The Neo National Zionists.

The amount of debt, which is owed, across the world, is incalculable. It runs into trillions of trillions of dollars. All of this debt, carries a rate of interest.  Part of the Greek debt carries an interest rate above thirty per cent.

Interest at one per cent, on one billion dollars, is ten million dollars, which is added to the debt twice annually, increasing the debt by over twenty million dollars a year, simply in interest.

My mathematical skill is stretched to the limit, dealing with a billion, for the interest on a trillion, my primitive calculation must be multiplied by one thousand. That is twenty million times one thousand, which gives, I believe, a total of twenty billion dollars. That is at an interest rate of one per cent. Do you begin to get the picture?

Multiplying that by the fourteen trillion dollars, which is the American, supposed debt, will deliver a figure of three hundred billion dollars or more, a year, at just one per cent interest.

Whether my calculation is correct or not, is of no importance. You can do your own calculations, all I am attempting to do is to give an idea of the credibility or otherwise of the debt.

Just a rudimentary calculation of the European debt, where we are told, Italy alone owes more than one trillion dollars, will make it clear, that Italy will never be in a position to pay, an estimated one hundred billion dollars annually in interest payments alone.

Now let us, as laymen, ask the simple question, if the combined debt of Italy and the US, is fifteen trillion dollars, from where did this money appear?

The International Monetary Fund, is funded by us, as is the World Bank. All of the major banks, are bankrupt. So where is the source of the quadrillions of dollars of debt, which is swilling around the world?

Based on my child-like calculation, using a base rate of one per cent, calculate the interest payable on one quadrillion of dollars, that is one thousand times one trillion.

It will soon become clear, no austerity measure in the world, will free up enough money, to simply pay the interest on this debt. The interest payable on such a debt is more than the combined annual value of all of our labour combined.

This amount of money, is not as they say, to be found under the cushion on the sofa. The US sells bonds on the open market, whom had the necessary, to invest fourteen trillion dollars in US Bonds? Never mind the quadrillions of derivatives and credit default swaps, et al.

The answer is quite simple, The Federal Reserve. The Fed, which is owned by eleven banking families, dreams up the money, out of nowhere, Lends it to the Government, at interest and then buys it back, passing yet more funny money to the Government.

This is called “monetizing” the debt. They have in effect created two debts out of one. This is needless to say, illegal. The money with which they buy the Bonds, is paid back to them as interest on the National Debt.

This is the kind of scam, of which the Mafia can only dream. Yet in front of our eyes, our politicians are allowing it to continue. We are expected to be debt slaves to a group of criminals.

This kind of money, which we are expected to repay, does not exist. The combined total of everything of value in the world, including the Mona Lisa, would not even approach the sums involved.

So it becomes clear, that this debt was generated through the  illegal use of Fiat currency. That is, generating imaginary money, to deliberately create debt.

No country, has as yet, defaulted on interest payments. So how come banks need bailing out. Most of the biggest banks are owned by the same banking families as the Central Banks.

So ask yourself the simple question, if every country in Europe, is on the slippery slope towards disaster, while the bankers are calling for more bailouts and National Governments are so cash strapped that all they can afford is war, from where will be found the funds to pay this interest to the Central Bankers? More importantly, what are they doing with the money?

The answer is quite simple, the same Banking Families, will create the necessary funds from nowhere, adding to the credit debt and we the people will be forced to accept poisoned loans, on which we will have to pay interest, when we are already unable to pay the interest on the existing debt.

When the UK and France, recently attacked Libya, from where did they find funds? Do you know how NATO is funded and by whom it is controlled? What is the necessity of the war in Afghanistan. No trace of Al Qaeda training camps, let alone Osama Bin Laden was ever discovered.

The destruction of Libya and Iraq, were banking wars. They were carried out under the orders of the Elite. It is well-known that NATO is nothing more than the enforcer for the multi-nationals and the bankers. So why not ask them to pay for the upkeep of the troops and pay the hospital bills for the wounded?

The problem of this alleged debt, is turning into a ridiculous argument along the lines of World Trade Centre Seven. You do not need a brain, to understand that a steel framed building could not collapse into its own footprint, leaving not one enormously thick steel beam standing. It is impossible.

It is equally impossible for a debt, more valuable than all the available funds in the world to buy, to exist.  If we are being told it exists, it is quite obviously a fraud. Why are we being expected to pay a fraudulent debt?

Too big to fail, does not mean too big to prosecute. Goldman Sachs, can be placed right at the heart of the Greek debt. Why are they being allowed to announce record profits, pay themselves record bonuses and yet avoid prosecution for theft and fraud?

The bailout money could be better used setting up our own banking system, allowing the private bankers to pretend to pay their own debts, and allow them compete against a properly run banking system, not the criminal activity which they have imposed on us for centuries.

Cameron and Hague, along with Sarkozy, are all tainted, in one way or another, yet are pushing for an attack on Iran. This is based on the same form of Intelligence as was the illegal attack on Iraq.

Iran, like Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi, operate with a banking system which is in favour of the people and the country. They do not impose interest on loans. Usury is illegal. That is why they must be destroyed. As will Syria, which employs the same banking system.

There is one simple rule of thumb concerning debt and Fiat currency. Because of the existence of Compound Interest, it is impossible to pay off a debt. At the moment that the loan is accepted, you no longer have enough money to repay it. There is never enough money available to pay a loan.

Should you borrow one hundred Euros from me, at a rate of ten per cent per day, the following day you will owe me one hundred and ten Euros. From where will you find the ten Euros of interest? Should you put the very one hundred Euro note into my hand, you will still owe ten Euros. Twenty four hours later you will owe me eleven and so on.

This is the way the bankers have trapped Greece. They cannot pay the interest on existing debt, so they are increasing the debt in order to pay that  existing debt. This, quite obviously will not work. That is why they are expected to hand over the roads, water supply, power stations, anything of value, to the bankers, in return for nothing.

Iraq now has a Rothschild Central Bank. The first announcement of the NTC in Libya was the opening of a Rothschild Central Bank and an invitation to BP, which is owned by Rothschild, to pump oil. The next step will be to pass the water reserves to Israel, which is Rothschild’s Kingdom on earth.

The next step in this catalogue of criminality, will be for the bankers to tell us, that the only way to save ourselves is to allow them, to take total control of our affairs. Our puppet politicians will jump at the offer. They are the Neo National Zionists, after all.

For the good of the New World Order, we must all be debt slaves. We have in fact, always been slaves, we have simply pretended to be free.