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The Dumbing Down Of Europe: To Suit The Incoming Africans Perhaps?


The Boers, in South Africa, have never carried out any wholesale massacres against the Black immigrants, whom flooded into the ‘White’ country of South Africa. On the other hand, having managed to steal the State,  from the hands of those whom built it, the Blacks are now planning to massacre the remaining Whites, without a word of objection from those controlled politicians in Europe and the United States, whom are, even now,  attempting to flood Europe and the USA, with hundreds of thousands of these,  potentially, murdering bastards.

In the United States, the most aggressive members of society are to be found in Black dominated areas such as Chicago and Baltimore, so to suggest that the Blacks coming in fresh from their ‘necklace’ type adventures in Africa, will be any less violent, is simply spitting in the face of experience.

Are Europeans now so thick and stupid that they cannot see what lies in store for them, with a pincer movement of belligerent Blacks, and Muslims, whom have been forced to flee their homelands, which have been laid to waste by NATO, preparing to ambush them?

Am I personally expected to accept, verbal abuse from Blacks and Muslims about ‘White Privilege’ and other such slurs about my Race, without the right of reply, using the same Racially biased language? Why is White criticism of others, only permitted using heavily censored phrases? Blacks and Muslims have free rein, to use the foulest of language to criticise me, while I am expected to feel guilty of some alleged crime against them. As a White person, who has no debt whatsoever, which was generated as a result of slavery, which was a rich mans affair, why am I,  as a poor White man in the street, who has never set foot in a ‘Black’ nation, expected to bale out the rich slave traders, whom are now rich bankers, whom own most of the wealth of the world, why not go after them for reparations?

The real Racists on this planet, at this moment, are Blacks and Jews. The Jews are carrying out a genocide in Gaza, while the Blacks are doing the same thing in Zimbabwe and South Africa, all without criticism. Russia Today is still pushing the nasty Nazi tale, full in the face of the evidence,  that the Bolsheviks were an integral part of the scheme to destroy Germany and to extend Communist control into Eastern Europe, during which they slaughtered millions and yet they are never criticised, because as Jews, they have a ‘get-out-of-gaol’ card up their sleeve.

The character in the above clip, talks absolute nonsense, while the guy standing in for George Galloway, laps up every word. There is of course another side to this tale.

Judging by the fact that Europe is now a completely controlled Bolshevik construct, crouching behind a facade of Democracy, it would appear that Hitler spoke the truth. Sadly he is no longer around, to help dig us out of the mess in which we now find ourselves.

One thing is clear, we have no Democracy, we are in the hands of groups of ‘selected’ puppets, pretending to be in charge, whom since the early years of the 20th Century, have been working towards our eventual destruction. We have been manipulated into war after war, through the use of organs of propaganda, which despite rules controlling the construction of monopolies, the ‘media’ has been allowed to fall into the hands of the very people whom initiated two World Wars, to suit their own agenda.

White people, whom have been forced to take part in these campaigns, are now being lashed by the controlled media, for their alleged ‘supremacy’ while those whom actually claim to be the ‘real supreme’ human beings, are doing all the finger pointing, without a word of criticism from our representatives in Government. Is it possible that they are unaware of what is being said of White People?

Are they unaware that there is a Genocide taking place in Gaza, Syria, Yemen and Iraq, which they are describing as an altruistic effort to bring Democracy into the Middle East? An offer which has already cost millions of the lives, into which, they claim to be bringing a better form of Government, which will, no doubt, benefit the few whom are still alive to take advantage of this wonderful gift, when the war ends.

What was done to Russia, China and Germany, by the Bolsheviks, is exactly what is in store for us. The White Christian Peoples, whom have been and still are the target of the Bolsheviks, are under attack from all sides. To pretend that what is happening in Europe is a good thing, and not simply a means of generating future violence, is to be little more than an idiot, who believes history to have stopped.

Russia is once again being presented as the ‘bad boy’ and the ‘good guy’ at the same time, when in fact it has so many skeletons of its own in the cupboard of history, that they are obliged to allow the likes of the above ‘Sputnik’ program, to continue to present all of the old lies about Fascism and Communism, without once having portrayed the reality of either.

Just as I find it difficult to believe, that teams of men, travelled all the way to the Moon and while there, they found ample time to swan around playing golf and careering around in a Dune Buggy, yet not one of them found enough time to take a series of photographs of the Earth, which would have been a wonderful resource for children in school, never mind the benefit of a short film, of the Earth, actually rotating, I find it even more  difficult to swallow the tale that Finance Ministers of all political persuasions, are not fully aware that the Central Banking system, is a criminal enterprise, which they all, without exception, allow to continue, to the detriment of ‘We The People’ that is even less believable. They know all about it and allow it to continue.

The last European leader, with the courage to stand up and refuse to allow this massive crime to continue, was Adolf Hitler, who was attacked for his trouble and Germany destroyed, by the likes of the British Socialists and Conservatives, whom formed a ‘Coalition’ to put an end to Hitler’s aim of freedom from the Usury of Jew Bankers, thus ensuring that it would continue. The British Government is nothing more than a branch of the Mob.

Sky Continues The Call To War Against Muslims.

The question which needs asking in the Leveson Enquiry, is that of whom is actually in control of the Murdoch Press and in particular the continuing disinformation which is being presented by Sky News, to the British public, as they eat their kippers at breakfast.

Since those heady days when two million protesters took to the streets in an attempt to stop the warmongering, Socialist Government from destroying Iraq, killing at least one million innocent people and stealing the oil reserves for the Queen and her friends at BP, the British have shown a diminishing interest in the bloody exploits of the democratically elected band of murderers whom carry out the orders of the Central Bankers in the name of the British People.

They are apparently so “dumbed down” that it has become necessary to make allowances for their lack of ability to recognise the wholesale lies and deception, which has become an every-day feature on Sky News and the BBC.

It has become more and more apparent that the UK Media is under the control of a hidden hand, which forbids any form of genuine reporting of events in the Maghreb and the Middle East.

In the UK, even as the screw is being tightened, as the people watch the wealth which they generate, being stolen, from under their noses and paid to the banks which hold the British “Debt,”  as Democracy has clearly become no more than a useful word, with which to justify wholesale murder and theft, Sky News, which is the equivalent of the “Sun” newspaper, has carried out no serious investigation into the destruction of British jobs, which have all been exported to those countries which are exempt from Carbon Tax and other controls. The last act of Gordon Brown was to close a British factory in the north of England and to pay the owners to re-establish the factory in India, where they could pollute to their heart’s content, claiming he was saving the world in the process.

Sky News has spent months deceiving the British Peoples about the continuing Genocide against the Muslim World. Saddam Hussein was a thorn in the side of those shadowy people whom have control of all major industries, oil reserves, food production and even the water reserves of the world. He was manipulated into a corner by the “Coalition of the Guilty” by whom he was armed to the teeth and coaxed into committing various acts, such as actually taking back Kuwait, which had always been a part of Iraq, having had the nod from “Poppy Bush” that the move would be tolerated by the US.

This was exactly the same ploy as was used to encourage Hitler to take back the “Free City of Danzig” in order to protect ethnic Germans, whom were being tortured and killed under orders from the City of London, by the Polish government. One grim secret which has been kept under wraps by the UK is the fact that Hitler refused to take the bait, in the end he was forced to retaliate when the Poles attacked Germany. Rest assured the process never changes and Sky News and the BBC are the means used to cover up the behaviour of the City of London.

All of the claims, which were made about the behaviour of the Iraqi troops, during the invasion of Kuwait, were shown to be absolute nonsense. These lies, such as the throwing of new-born babies from incubators and the use of Black and Decker portable planing machines, to strip skin from the arms of prisoners, were presented as truth to the British people and even after it was exposed as a total fabrication, which was generated to demonize Saddam Hussein, the British were never informed.

The same process was used against Gadaffi and is even now being continued against Assad in Syria. Assad is being described as a cold-blooded, serial killer of his own people, without a shred of real evidence to support these claims, which as in the case of Kuwait, are being concocted by the Western puppets in the so-called Free Syrian Army, or whatever friendly sounding title which the likes of Stuart Ramsey and other British agents use to justify the continuing genocide.

As with the claims which were made against Hitler and the German people, a minimum amount of research will reveal that it was a load of nonsense and will send the controlled governments of the “Coalition of the Guilty” into a tail-spin in their efforts to impose long gaol sentences onto those whom question the establishment version of war-time events. The real victims of the Second World War were the German People, just as were the Iraqi and Libyans in recent times.

Hess, Hitler’s second in command, was sent to the UK, to find out, face to face, why the British were declaring war on Germany, having encouraged the seizure of Danzig. He was arrested and spent the rest of his life in captivity, even though he could not be held responsible for any of the events which occurred during the war. He was finally murdered, to shut him up and to prevent the barbarism of the City of London from being exposed.

Sky News and the BBC repeat monotonously, the mantra against the Muslim people. The nonsense of Muslim terrorism and the serious threat to us all if it is not destroyed. Why are there no similar reports about the insidious destruction of the world by the hidden enemy?  Why, for example can the controlled press, write with impunity, tales of Muslim behaviour, while just the mention of the word “Jew” will invite a torrent of criticism?

Should an objective observer investigate current world events, with access to whichever documents which he may need, it would soon become clear that without the controlled Press and the dissemination of absolute lies in  the name of truth, the real guilty party’s would be the UK, US, Israel and the rest of the dog pack which operates under the title of NATO.

It is an accepted fact that those whom control the money can control the world.  With the fortune, which has been extracted from the working man, by the Central Banking System, these bankers have been given control of phenomenal amounts of money, which has made it possible for them to bring a country to its knees, through the use of an illegal debt,  created by Compound Interest and to privatize all of the needs of life into their claws. This has been carried with the assistance of controlled politicians and of course the controlled media.

The wholesale slaughter of the Muslim people is intended to bring them to heel. The use of Compound Interest is illegal under Islamic Law. Islamic States are not choked with debt, as is the West. This must change, the Central Bankers could not give a damn how many people die in the process. These people must be given Democracy. The fact that all that this Democracy delivers, to the average Muslim, is the total destruction of their country, as in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and the imposition of a Central Bank and the passing of control of  available resources into the hands of the same Central Bankers and the imposition of Neo-Colonial Military Bases.

Every one of these invaded States has been contaminated with Depleted Uranium. This is in fact a form of Nuclear War. The Press has been mainly silent on this matter. This contamination is itself a War Crime. These weapons are being used against civilians.

If every claim made against Saddam or Gadaffi were true, they would be a drop in the ocean when compared with the crimes of the West. This Western Alliance of controlled European Governments and the Central Bankers has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people during the past hundred years and their blood-lust has not yet been satiated.

They are not in the process of setting up a better world for all of humanity, they are in fact putting in place a world tyranny, which under their control will commence the slaughter of billions, of what they refer to as “Useless Eaters.” This is their stated aim. The survivors will be servants of this bunch of demons and they will be forced to live like caged battery chickens, in “Human Habitation Zones” as laid out in Agenda 21 and other documents.

To rely on the likes of Sky News or the BBC to warn the people of the oncoming catastrophic downfall of humanity, is a waste of time. The BBC in particular, has been lying to the British people since is inception in the 1920s of the last century. With control of printed media as well as the television News, Rupert Murdoch, in particular, has played a major role in this deception in more recent times. There is little point in expecting any change in this policy, despite the problems which Murdoch appears to be involved in at the moment.

One only had to listen to the mealy-mouthed Stuart Ramsey, whom it was reporting from Bahrain, during the Formula One Race, to understand more fully the duplicity and lies of Sky News. The fact that the National Union of Journalists has taken no firm action against this form of propaganda is reprehensible. Journalism as a profession has become a disgrace, they are no longer, if they ever were, concerned with truth and justice, they are now merely tools of the Bankers or too worried about their salary to speak out.

They made no outcry against the one man Presidential  election in Yemen nor of the British controlled Muslim Brotherhood taking control of Egypt. The destruction of Libya is still being presented as a great victory for the Libyan people, while no mention is being made of the continuing murders of Black people and other dissenters.

Journalists apparently have little of value to say of the continuing plundering of the World by the private International Monetary Fund. No questions are being raised as to how countries such as Greece will manage to repay future debts, having already handed over all of their resources to the Bankers, including some of  Greece itself. Journalists surely are a part of the machine of terror which has been unleashed against an unsuspecting people.

The Muslim people, whom are in fact guilty of nothing of any importance, have become the whipping boys of a campaign to create racial hatred and possible Civil unrest, which will lead on to the imposition of Martial Law across the “Free World” to save us all from what? From the people whom are telling that they will save us? I certainly do not want the likes of Little Willie Hague saving me.

Because of Western induced slaughter across the Muslim World, which is ongoing, millions of Muslims have been given refugee status in Western countries. In fact they have been strategically placed to create tension with indigenous populations.

The Press machine, including the likes of Alex Jones and the alternative media are giving air-time to those whom would talk up this state of affairs as a form of infiltration, designed to start the take-over of Western States by Islam and the installation of Sharia Law.

No mention is made of the fact that they will be hard pressed to prise this control from the grasp of the Jewish interests which currently own it lock-stock and barrel.

In a world which is under a sentence of death, non-conformists are the main threat. Muslims do not conform to ideas such as the New-Age Religion with which Christianity will be swamped, under the direction of Jew, Mikhail Gorbachev. Islam is still growing fast, unlike other religions which are on the point of collapse. In a world with a radically reduced population, the controllers will not want any loose cannons left standing, as it would not be too difficult to overcome a small number of controllers.

 Western interests have used the lie of International Muslim Terrorism as an excuse to take control of the oil resources of the Middle East and the Maghreb and the as yet untapped riches of Afghanistan. This sacking of the planet will never end until the banking system and control of money is put back where it belongs, under the control of the people.

Reserve Your Ticket For The End Of The World Show.

We are trapped in a hiatus, unsure of the nature of oncoming events, however of one thing we can be sure, the future is not likely to be kind to us.

The Media, which in the main is in the hands of the Money Lenders, feeds us a daily dose of such blatant hypocrisy and disinformation that it demonstrates, more clearly than any other single device, the total stupidity and ignorance of the “People.

This being the case, waiting for the “People” to wake up is a futile exercise. The “People” have submitted to every indignity to which they have been subjected.

The evidence of the Shadow Government has never been so clearly demonstrated as by the current candidates for the Republican nomination in the upcoming Presidential election in the US. Who can believe that any one of the leading contenders will be endowed with one ounce of real power should they be elected. Why should they receive one ounce of power, when between them they do not possess an ounce of credence?

Events in Syria have stalled the progress towards a Third World War, which the same Shadow Government will use to impose a One World Government, which will mark the success of all sorts of predictions from the Talmud and other Zionist documents.

Persia, one of the oldest civilisations, has been selected as the symbolic Biblical “Last Battle” opponent which will end with the complete domination of the Human Race, by that other band of blood-thirsty savages from the Middle East the Jews.

The controlled British Government, has been apoplectic in its attempts to force the agenda of the City of London Money Lenders, down the throats of the world community, in an effort to speed up the progression to war.

A spokesman for the Cameron Government, called Malcolm Rifkind, whom I believe was a member of the Thatcher administration, screeched his bile at a spokesman from the Russian Government, declaring that Russia had blood on its hands, by denying the necessary assistance to the people of Homs, whom were being killed by the Syrian Army.

This from a Government which has so recently, completely destroyed  the city of Sirte in Libya, without the slightest regard for the thousands of civilians whom were killed in the process. They now want to bring this form of assistance to Syria?

So while waiting for Syria to fall, which will lead to a possible skirmish with the Russians and maybe Hezbollah in Lebanon and which will most certainly announce to Iran that they are next in line and they may take the view that an instant attack, before they are disabled by massive air-strikes, would be the best policy, the Money Lender controlled Governments of the Democratic “Free West” are getting agitated.

The economies of every Western Country, have been destroyed by design. All talk of a recovery is a nonsense. Every austerity measure is another nail in the coffin. Most of the unemployed people in the West, will probably never work again. In China and India alone there are two billion people, whom are prepared to work for a pittance. These poor people will be used by the Money Lenders until they have served their purpose and they will then be culled.

The talk in the UK is of Climate Change Ministers, whatever that means, Green Jobs and still more Free Trade agreements. In the US things are becoming so grim that soon cannibalism will be the order of the day.

Under the noses of the people, even the food which they produce, which they naively believe is to feed them, will soon turn out to be a false belief, your Government has signed UN Treaties, under which control of all food has been passed to the UN, which is of course controlled by the Money Lenders.

As the current situation develops, which will involve the break-down of the financial system, all food will be sequestered by the UN and rationed out, country by country, according to population. The aim of this is to encourage the murder of the old and infirm whom will be considered not worth feeding.

This was all in the planning before World War 2. Stalin, the Butcher, was on his way to Europe, at the behest of the Jewish families, whom had control of both World Wars and the Russian Revolution, to over-run Europe, which was pre-occupied with the City of London provoked war against Germany. Hitler became aware of the up-coming Russian attack and averted it.

Germany paid a high price, every major city in Germany was destroyed and millions of people murdered by the “Allies” in the name humanitarianism no doubt. For the second time in a generation, Germany was dismantled and the Money Lenders installed themselves in  power.

These were the same Money Lenders whom had organised the Treaty of Versailles which forced Germany to pay reparations to all other countries which had fought against them during the Great War. It also allowed the carve-up of the Ottoman Empire, which deliberately caused the current chaos in the Middle East. The object then was to destroy the Islamic World and it is still the aim of the Money Lenders.

Stalin was given control of Eastern Europe and part of Germany. This decision was the root cause of the continuing conflicts in the Balkans and it created misery for millions of people in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, whom received no form of humanitarian assistance from the controlled West, during their struggles against the Soviets.

The same families of Money Lenders, have now carved the rest of Europe into Zones. Details can be found in the Lisbon Treaty. The usual system has been employed, part of the UK is to be mixed with parts of France and Holland, while parts of France will be attached to Spain etc. The Rulers of these Zones will be selected by the hidden hand of the Money Lenders, in  much the same way as are the leaders of the UN and EU. It has been decided that we are now Post Democratic.

So here we are. The hiatus. What next?  For most of us the future looks bleak. We are already being poisoned by our food. Be sure, Monsanto is a Biological Warfare Company. Who in their right mind would allow a chemical warfare company to take control of our food? Sadly, the  answer is a simple one, those whom would have us dead.

The air that we breathe is contaminated with Depleted Uranium, from warfare and with fallout from Fukushima, which has been quietly taken off the Front Page.

Most young men are partially sterile, while many older men completely so. IVF treatment will soon be the most common method of producing babies. Abortion has already become a major form of birth control.

IVF provides the perfect means to manipulate the genes of the unborn, in order to produce whatever breed of unquestioning slave of which the One World Government has need.

So what has brought us to this end? Sadly it is the age-old story of greed and corruption. Through lack of education, we have allowed our Democracy into the hands of Professional Politicians. There should be no such thing. The only quality in the hands of Politicians is the Art of Lying and the facility to accept a back-hander. They possess no other qualification.

Political Parties should be avoided like the plague. In the Maghreb and the Middle East, the Money Lenders have already financed those whom are destined to gain power. It will be a Bankers Democracy, based on debt, which will take root, be sure of that.

We also deny the evidence of our own eyes. It must be clear to anyone with a brain, that the extortionate amount of our money, which our elected Governments allows to be passed into the hands of Bankers, many of whom appear to be Jews, is criminal. Hundreds of billions of Dollars, of our money, is being paid in interest, in return for nothing.

This money has been used by these bankers, many of whom are Jews, to take control of the world. The US, UK and France, have long been controlled by these bankers, and it is a certainty that every war which has been fought since Napoleonic times was in the interest of these bankers. Just as the current hostilities, which are being presented as humanitarian acts, are a means of destroying a far superior, more egalitarian monetary system, in  order to install, their preferred debt based system.

You may have noticed that I refer to only some of these bankers being Jewish. I stress this because to claim that the Jews have complete control of the Central Banking System, World Wide, which is being used to enslave us all, is considered to be anti-Semitic. In response to this I will state that I do not personally know of any Central Banking Family, which is Semitic. There may well be some. The best known such as Rothschild and Rockefeller are not Semitic, they are Caucasian, they are Khazar Jews, whom have no link whatsoever with Palestine. Neither, I might add do I know of any Central Banking Families which are not Khazar Jews.

The upcoming Olympic Games, which is being organised by a self-confessed Zionist, Sebastian Coe, has chosen a logo for the Games, making use of stylised numbers, which can be quite easily manipulated to read ZION. Thus introducing an element of Politics into an event which should remain apolitical. The British Government had no say in the matter, the decision was taken in “The City.”

Until we are prepared to face up to what is going on, we will change nothing. Speaking for myself, I do not want to be placed into the hands of unelected bankers, whom do not have my best interests at heart.These are the same bankers whom took control of Russia and slaughtered Sixty-Five Million people, without compunction. Are we to stand back and wait for them to bring the same thing to Western Europe?

We are on the cusp of something enormous, which is why nothing is being done. Governments are not even making a token effort at producing jobs for the unemployed.  They are one after the other asking for loans which will involve the privatisation of anything of value which remains in the hands of the people.

A country of four hundred million people, such as the US, cannot function without an industrial base. That base was quite deliberately uprooted and transplanted over-seas. It is not coming back.

So what is the future for the US? Quite simply, oblivion. There is no other solution. They will descend to the level of any other Third World country and they will be quietly euthanized through the medium of poisoned GMO food, dozens of toxic chemicals with which the water supply has been laced and no doubt many from an over-dose of prescription drugs and the rest as a result of vaccine poisoning.

The industrious Chinese would probably be partial to a chunk of the US as an annex to their own overcrowded country. They hold so much US debt they are entitled to quite a big chunk. Most of the US is already under Moneylender control, through their Front Company at the UN, no doubt in readiness for a new style  race of Serfs.

The position of Europe is no better than that of the US. Ireland had a few years of relative freedom after they gained independence from the British, only to be forced back into the dungeon by Bilderberg controlled politicians. The Irish are not alone, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Belgium and soon France, are all in the same position. There is now no good reason to continue the idea of a European Union, it is a total failure and not worth the exorbitant cost.

There is a simple solution to most of these problems, that is the total abolition of the system of Central Banking. The issuance of credit which does not impose debt, would go a long way towards the invigoration of industry, it would put a sparkle into the idea of buying a home, where one would pay a reasonable charge on the loan and then repay the asking price for the property and not three or four times the asking price when interest is added.

It goes without saying that this is out of the question. Our puppet politicians will not even countenance discussion of the idea. They are one and all in the power of the Banking Families.

All in all our professional politicians have not served us well. They have in fact not served us at all. Listening to the pap which seeps out of the mouths of the likes of Newt Gingrich, a Presidential hopeful, calling for murder, one should not be surprised at the mentality of the folk by whom he is controlled.

Much the same can be said of the slime ball William Hague, how anybody in the UK could cast a vote in favour of this cold-blooded slaughterer of innocent men, women and children is unfathomable.

Hague has found his true vocation as the War Lord for the Money Lenders War Machine. The way things are going he will be kept busy spreading his lies and deceit to mask the atrocities which the UK continue to carry out.

So here we are, in the waiting room for hell. The Money Lenders way out of this form of log jam, is to organise a war, which will force people to accept whatever restrictions which are deemed necessary. The way out, is for The People to stand up and speak out.  When the missiles start to fly in their direction they may wish they had.

The first step should be to force a vote on Europe. Once out of that mess, get rid of the false debt, which our politicians have allowed to be laid at our door. Then never again vote for a Political Party.